Re: Seeking descendants of a Dr. Rachkovsky or Rotzkovski or Radkovski (or similar) of Haifa #holocaust

Walla Walla

I found his descendants in Haifa and Raanana. Leave me an email
I will send an address and phone
Ruch Pinchas


Moderator note: please respond privately 

Re: Translation of gravestone in Petah Tikva - Sgula #translation


Just to add that the top line is taken from Proverbs 31:30
David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ

Re: imigration to the UK #unitedkingdom

Jill Whitehead

These records are also available on the FindmyPast website and on Ancestry UK version.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

British citizenship #unitedkingdom #poland

tony allan

My father came to the UK at the age of 16 from Danzig Poland in 1936. Two questions, are there any shipping records? and did you have to become naturalized to get a British passport?

Tony Allan (Golendziner)

Ellis Island 1906-1914 photos in color (CORRECTED!) #usa #photographs


Photographer Augustus Sherman.

Mr. Gints Neiburgs
in Riga, Latvia, EU

Mount Hebron Cemetery - Flushing, NY #photographs #usa

Rebecca Parmet

Is anyone going to Mount Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, NY in the near future? 

I have 2 graves which need to be photographed.  They are right next to one another.

Rebecca Parmet
Havertown, PA




HIRSHMANN/HIRSHMAN (Estonia/Lavtiva/Ukraine)


Re: Translation of gravestone in Petah Tikva - Sgula #translation

Odeda Zlotnick

The Hebrew text gives us no reason to assume the name is Brockheimer and not Bruckheimer.  

Plot 14,  Row 10 -- though the translation won't help anyone who is searching for the physical grave, since the plot and row will be identified in the graveyard by their Hebrew letters. 

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Re: imigration to the UK #unitedkingdom

Odeda Zlotnick

Many children were helped by the Central British Fund.  The records are held by World Jewish Relief, available to descendants:
Documents for grownups can be found there as well.
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Hebrew Reformatory, Plainview NY Early 1900's #usa


Has anyone ever heard of a, "Hebrew Reformatory" in Plainview, NY?  I have notes from a relative who stated that his brother was sent to the reformatory in about 1908 because he stole something from a pushcart.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Robin August, Ph.D.

Re: Translation of gravestone in Petah Tikva - Sgula #translation



A G_d fearing woman will be praised

Here lies or here is buried (abbreviation)

A modest woman and G _d fearing


Sara Brockheimer

Daughter of reb Elchanan Z”L

Passed in good old age

10 Adar B 5752

In the 95 year of her life

May her soul be gathered in eternal life (abbreviation)


Malka Chosnek


Ellis Island 1906-1914 photos in color #latvia


Photographer Augustus Sherman.

Mr. Gints Neiburgs
in Riga, Latvia, EU

JGS Toronto. Free Virtual Meeting. Comparing the Genealogy Giants Sunny Morton. Wednesday, 1 June 2022, 7:00 PM ET. # events #jgs-iajgs #announcements

Jerry Scherer




Comparing the Genealogy Giants,,, and

Speaker: Sunny Morton

Wednesday, 1 June 2022, 7:00 PM. ET.

(please note an earlier start)

Virtual meeting:  Join from home


Virtual doors open at 6:50 PM ET.



The “genealogy giants”, all provide tools and records for researching family trees online. But which should you use? Learn why you should be familiar with all four sites; subscription and free access options; and how they compare for historical record content, family trees, and DNA tools. Get insider tips on each site's best features, and cautions or challenges while working with each. This has been an extremely popular lecture with audiences at RootsTech, RootsTech London, Legacy Tree Genealogists, and elsewhere.


Sunny Morton is an award-winning writer and a globally popular lecturer. She is a long-time Contributing Editor at Family Tree Magazine, Contributing Editor and Content Manager for Your DNA Guide, frequent contributor to the blog at FamilySearch (the world's biggest free genealogy website), and past Editor of Ohio Genealogy News. Known internationally for her astute comparisons of the giant genealogy websites, she is author of How to Find Your Family History in U.S. Church Records, with Harold Henderson, CG, and Story of My Life: A Workbook for Preserving Your Legacynow in its 2nd edition.


To register for the 1 June event , please go

You will then receive an immediate acknowledgement plus the link to access the event on 1 June.


The presentation will be recorded. It will be available to JGS Toronto members in the “Members Only” section of the Society website a few days after the event. It will also be available to non-member registrants for one week after the event in the “Registration” location.


The presentation will be recorded. It will be available to JGS Toronto members in the “Members Only” section of the Society website a few days after the event. It will also be available to non-member registrants for one week after the event in the “Registration” location.


To our guests, consider joining our membership for only $40.00 per year by Clicking Here or consider a donation by Clicking Here to assist us in continuing our mission providing a forum for the exchange of genealogical knowledge and information. (Canadians receive a CRA tax receipt.)




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Jerry Scherer

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JGSLI - The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island (NY) is grateful to JewishGen's volunteers #jgs-iajgs #announcements

John Paul Lowens

Grateful to JewishGen's volunteers and officers for their work on behalf of Jewish genealogy and family history,
The JGS of Long Island, NY has added to our annual donation this year.

We've made special contributions in memory of Stephen (Shlomo) Groll, the father of JewishGen Executive Director Avraham Groll (March 25, 2022) and
JewishGen Director of Communications Nancy Siegel (February 27, 2022). 

As a volunteer moderator of this email group during its early months, I became aware of the professional talent and tireless efforts of our Moderator in Chief, Nancy Siegel whose work shaped the future of JewishGen's email groups.

Like everyone in the Jewish genealogy community, JGSLI members depend on JewishGen in our research. Thanks to all the volunteers who make JewishGen possible.

John Paul Lowens, Treasurer@...
(Retired 22 year moderator of the German Jewish Special Interest Email Discussion Group (GerSIG)

Shapiro/Shapira connection to Baal Shem Tov #rabbinic

Shmuly Noe

I am looking for information on how my great great great grandmother, Bluma Averbuch nee Shapiro (born 10 September 1887 in Mezeritch), daughter of Zev/Willie/Volf and Chana Faigela Shapiro is descended from the Baal Shem Tov? She had a brother called Alexander Chaim Shapiro, died in London in around 1949, who was a Trisker Chossid. 
Anyone who has any further information or links, I would be very gratedful.

Shmuly Noe

JGS of Greater Boston June Zoom Program with Alec Ferretti #announcements #dna #events

Jessie Klein

June 12 1:30-3:30 PM EDT The JGS of Greater Boston presents Alec Ferretti speaking on “Strategies for Analyzing Endogamous DNA.”

Free for JGS of Greater Boston members, $5 for non-members.  Information at

Jessie Klein
JGS of Greater Boston

Translation of gravestone in Petah Tikva - Sgula #translation

Mike Coleman

Could someone (as far as possible) kindly translate into English the inscription on this gravestone.


I believe it to be of Selma Bruckheimer, nee Sonn, the widow of Simon Bruckheimer. indicates the location as Plot ‎יד‎ | Row י | Spot 8 and a translation of the Plot and Row numbers would also be very welcome.


Many thanks,


Mike Coleman   London  U.K.

Recording of Lida/Oshmiany Districts Birds of a Feather session now up at #belarus #lithuania


Thanks so much to all of you who participated in our LitvakSIG Birds
of a Feather session on May 22 for the Lida and Oshmiany Districts.

A recording of the session -- as well as a PDF of the slides and a downloadable
copy of the handout with all the URLs mentioned -- is now available on the
LitvakSIG homepage (, under the heading "Lida and Oshmiany
Virtual Zoom BOF (Birds of a Feather) Program Recording from May 22, 2022"

The link will be up for about 30 days.

Towns in the Lida District are Belitsa, Eisiskes, Lida, Novy Dwor, Orlya,
Ostryna, Radun, Rozhanka, Shchuchin, Vasilishki, Voronova and Zheludok.

Towns in the Oshmiany District are Derevna, Dieveniskes, Golshany, Ivye, Krevo,
Lipnishki, Naliboki, Oshmiany, Smorgon, Soly, Traby, Volozhin, Vishnevo,
Zaskevichi, Zhuprany.

Judy Baston, Coordinator,
LitvakSIG Lida District and Oshmiany District Research Groups

Re: Jewish Summer Camps #usa

Bonnie Gould

My brother attended North Star Camp in Hayward, Wisconsin.  I attended Camp Nokomis (homesick-went home after 2 weeks) also in Wisconsin and like Jenny Schwartzburg who responded above, I spent 3 summers at Harand Camp.  While I don't think Harand was specified "Jewish" because I remember some in my cabin not being Jewish, they did sing the Lord's Prayer at Friday night assembly.  I don't remember if it was called actual "services."

Bonnie Gould
Perlin/ Peker/ Pekier from Belarus
Rabinovitz from Ruzhin, Ukraine
Siegel from Riga, Latvia and Taurage, Lithuania
Hemanow/Heiman from Riga Latvia

Re: Did you go to a Jewish summer camp? #usa

Jennifer Meltzer

I attended Camp Monroe in Monroe NY and Camp Birchwood, West Goshen, CT.  My now adult children attended Camp Sternberg for Girls, Camp Mogen Av for Boys, Camp Dora Golding and Camp Yesharim.  But my favorite camper is my mother, who attended Camp Utopia in 1926.  Ironically, Camp Sternberg is on the grounds of Camp Utopia!

My stepsister's brother-in-law owned Camp Modin in Maine.
Jennifer MELTZER
New York, NY

Researching: FELDMAN - Dvinsk, Latvia
      WEISMAN, KOPILOFF - Latvia
      PEARLMAN, RIFKIN, MELTZER  - Belarus to the Bronx
      BECK - Vilna and Manila, Philippines

JGSGM Kehilalink Workshop Wednesday, June 1 at 11 a.m. at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Paulette Bronstein

Greetings Fellow Researchers,
The Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami will be hosting a KehilaLink Workshop at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation Wednesday, June 1 at 11:00 a.m. for members only.
Membership details can be found at
Please join us if you are visiting or live in the Miami area.
Kindly contact me at jgsgm.president@... if you are interested in attending. You will receive a confirmation of enrollment via email.
Attendance will be limited to 10 members. Personal computers will be needed.
Additional workshops will be scheduled in the future.
With warm regards,
Paulette Bronstein
Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami

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