Hebrew Translation Schreiber #translation

David Buford

Could someone help translate the Hebrew
Linda Gold Buford

                      Kobryn, Belarus Belarus - KAMENETZKI - KAMIENKA
                      Russia - SALIMAN, SCHREIBER, SEGAL, WALDMANN
                      Israel - PALTER

ViewMate Translation Request-Hebrew to English #translation


Hi Everyone:

I have posted the Ketubah of my Grandmother and Grandfather for which I need a translation.  It is on ViewMate at the following address:  Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.  ViewMate ID 98709

Thank you very much.

Jay Filan

Borzna Family Lists from 1888 Are Translated #ukraine #translation

Beth Galleto

Dear fellow researchers,

Tax censuses (family lists) from the Borzna uezd (district) in 1888 have now been translated and transcribed as part of the Chernigov Gubernia Document Translation Project.

The lists include 384 numbered families made up of 2,169 individuals. Among these families there are 272 surnames. I have extracted these surnames and attached the list to this email. The original pages can be seen online on the FamilySearch website in FHL film 1409779, item 3. This 1888 list is of particular interest because it can be compared to the family list for Borzna from 1882, which was translated earlier.

The person who composed this list in 1888 sometimes included details showing how particular families are related to each other. I also noticed that some surnames, such as VISHNEVSKY, DONDYSH, KHAIKIN, and ZHUTOVSKY (and others) have several family groups. If these are your names, from the former Chernigov area, this may be just what you are looking for.

So far this project has translated tax censuses from six Chernigov uezds in 1882, and from nine uezds in 1888. Data from most of these lists can be accessed through the JewishGen search page. I believe that data from all the translations has been uploaded except for the most recent: Konotop 1888, Sosnitsa 1888, and this one from Borzna 1888.

Search for your surnames of interest from the lists that have been uploaded by entering each name in the JewishGen Unified Search. When the results page appears, click on those listed for the heading "Ukraine Revision Lists". (The tax censuses or family lists are not actually revision lists, but they are similar enough to be categorized under this heading.)  

Those who donate $100 or more to the Chernigov Gubernia Document Translation Project on the JewishGen website are eligible to view the completed spreadsheets before they are uploaded to the website. Please contact me with proof of your donation if you want to see any of the finished spreadsheets. All donations of any size are appreciated and will continue to advance the project. You can donate through the following link:

Next to be translated will be tax censuses from the Kozelets uezd in 1888. Our translator lives in Ukraine, and although Russian rockets have landed in her town, she bravely continues her work for us.

Best wishes,

Beth Galleto,
Project Leader


ViewMate translation request - Tombstone -Hebrew #translation

Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot

I've posted a tombstone in Hebrew for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation

Raffi Jesin

I came across an addendum to a census entry for my great great grandfather's brother, Chil Szaja Sztjanbaum. I think it has something to do with his marriage, but was looking for help, as it is in Polish. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
raphael Jesin

Re: Need Announcement from #records #usa


Your search for Borrok from 1947 in New York did not return any matches

Your search for "Daniel Franzblau" from 1947 in New York did not return any matches

Your search for Betty Borrok from 1947 in New York did not return any matches

Your search for Bettie Borrok from 1947 in New York did not return any matches

T Donow
Florida USA




Name that surname #names


I am once again calling on the wisdom of this group.  I am researching a woman named Chana who married Aron Weitman in Ostrog in 1894 and came to the US.  The only mentions of her maiden name are on her death certificate and on the birth certificates of her children in Philadelphia.  This is the collection of names;  Harliel, Albin, Orbin, Harbin.  She supposedly had a brother named Abraham in Chicago, but I can't find him. I have tried all of those names on JewishGen and have pored through the Yiddish necrology list of the Ostrog yizkor book without seeing anything that jumped out.  Of course I tried G as well.But I easily could have missed it.

Does anybody have an idea what this name might be?

Thanks in advance.
Carol Isenberg Clingan
Dedham MA

Re: Need Announcement from #records #usa


A subscription to is not the only way to get this article or any other article. This newspaper and most others have been microfilmed. Your local library can identify which institution has this title for this period and order it via Inter-library Loan (ILL). A librarian can easily show you how to use a microfilm or fiche reader. Sometimes all you need to do is tell the library which article you need and they will obtain a photocopy or scan for you, especially since you have all the necessary 'facts of publication.' Additionally, many libraries have amassed collections of birth, marriage, and obituary articles or indices from publications in their geographical region. Again, look on that library's website or ask them. All libraries have multiple ways to communicate: Email, telephone, Contact us forms, and USPS mail.

P. Weinthal
Massachusetts, USA

Re: Gravestone Translation #translation


Good morning,

Here lies or here is buried (two letter abbreviation on top)

An important woman

Bracha daughter of reb Avraham Chaim

Passed 15 Heshvan 5686

May her memory be gathered in eternal life (last line) abbreviation

Malka Chosnek




Re: Viewmate Translation - Latvian or Russian #translation

Arlene Beare

It is Latvian

Name Levin
Nochim son of Kalman
Born 13 Jul 1895 ?Turpak  (not sure of place of birth)
Place of origin of family Borisov Minsk gubernia
Occupation Shoemaker-uppers
Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvian and Estonia Research Division

Re: tracing a German listed in the Kindertransport #germany

Eva Lawrence

To find Hans Meyer's whereabouts in England after his arrival, I suggest you contact World Jewish Relief,  which holds  the records of such refugees from Germany coming to England. Also look for him on the Red Cross WW2 internment website, and for his alien registration  card, which is available on It is also possible that he joined the army, so British military records might help.    
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Re: Gravestone Translation #translation


Here is buried 

An important woman
Brachah daughter of Reb Avraham Chaim
died on the 15th of Cheshvan, 5686

May his /her soul be bound in the bundle of life

(abbreviation of a quote from the Prophets Samuel / Shmuel A, 25: 29, that is traditionally engraved on Jewish tombstones)

Shimon Sporn of Beit Shemesh, Israel

Researcher # 57380

Perl, Margolies, Itzkowitz, Lehrer families from Kisvarda, Fenyeslitke, Ustilug,

Leher- Rozenberg families of Hrubieszów Galicia Edmondton, London

Sporn families of Marosorozfalu, Rusii Munti, Saszreghin, Kajla, Besztercze-Naszod


Abraham & Stuhlman families from Pecsetszeg & Kozarvar

Re: Gravestone Translation #translation


"Here lies an esteemed woman, Bracha, the daughter of Avraham Chaim, died the 15th of Cheshvan 5686" (November 2, 1925)
Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rassein), Lithuania

Re: Zabarskys in Bessarabia/Moldava #bessarabia


Hi- There are the well known Zabarskas who became Zabarskys/Zabars who emigrated to Philadelphia and to NY (Zabar's Deli) from Ostropol. Deborah G. Glassman has done extensive research on her family and has published a family tree. Members of the Sabarski/Sabarsky family emigrated from Kotelinka, Polona Khmelnystskyi, Ukraine to Philadelphia and Essex, MA. They became Zabarskys and Zabars. 

Growing up I was told my grandfather came from outside of Kiev. His naturalization paperwork (along with his brother's and sister's) were more specific. 

Nancy Kleinrok

Re: Zabarskys in Bessarabia/Moldava #bessarabia

EA Wurster

If you or a close relative has DNA-tested, I can provide you with a name to see if their match leads to more information. The individual has a grandmother Sabarsky/Zabarski born in 1878. She immigrated to Philadelphia around the turn of the 20th century. I'll double-check the information I have, which is written down, but not in records as far as I have found so far. 

Thank you,
Ed Wurster
Voorhees, NJ
Leider | Leader | Samowitz

Re: tracing a German listed in the Kindertransport #germany

Abuwasta Abuwasta

From my own experience many of the KT children left the UK after war and there were several reunions of them in the last few decades. Alas, not all the Kinder showed

up or joined the KT association. I would recommend checking this website and also join and ask in the

Facebook group  "Jewish Genealogy in Berlin".

Good Lick

Jacob Rosen


Gravestone Translation #translation


Please translate the Hebrew into English on the photo of my grandmother’s gravestone posted below. Thanks in advance for your help. #translation

Sandy Schepis
Westchester County, New York

Re: Anatmalyed, Alegin, Romania ?? #romania

Stephen Silberman

Thanks for your help Theo.   As a matter of fact I just realized that this was a case of an error by whoever indexed this document.

On the document it says:
Unaturalized Citizen

Somehow they misread Unaturalized Citizen into Anatmalyed, Alegin and sending me on this wild goose chase!
If you look at the document you can see how they did it!
here is a link to the document:

I'll stick to Romania.....   my grandfather died way before my birth and my father insisted he was from Romania despite census data to the contrary so I'm all in on Romania.   I'll probably never know the town.

Stephen Silberman

Re: information on Rabbi Dov Ber Burstein, Chief Rabbi of Botosani Romania in the 1940s #romania #rabbinic

Aline Petzold

On Sun, May 1, 2022 at 03:13 PM, <dasw5@...> wrote:
Thanks very much for this! I now have all the information I wanted!
Aline Petzold St. Paul; MN USA
דוב בער בורשטיין

Re: Translation Request #translation

Frank Szmulowicz

The record is definitely in Polish. Headings are cut off.
10   ? 1885 Kolomyja
402 (address?)
May 14, 1885 Kolomyja
116 ?
female (/ in that column means female)
? Freida Henia Beiser?, unmarried, in Kolymyja, 
"? Joel Raiser Kolomyja

Moses Mensz, that is, Moses Mensch, shames in Kolomyja
Simon Grinblatt, shames in Kolomyja

Chaja Rosenberg

Frank Szmulowicz

2901 - 2920 of 671970