Re: Aleph Yud - what does it mean? #Sub-Carpathia #Help

Daniel Gleek

In the UK, “AY” refers to “Adath Yisroel” – arguably the frummest ‘sect’ of Judaism.
Daniel Gleek in London


Daniel GLEEK in London
Searching for: GLEEK/GLICK (Beisagola, Lithuania), ISOWITSKY/KUPCHIK (Dotchener, Poltava & Vorontzowka),
GLIKMAN/GLUCKMAN, WEITZENSANG & LIDRAL/LEDDA (Warsaw,Poland), MARCUS (Varniai, Lithuania) etc.

Re: Aleph Yud - what does it mean? #Sub-Carpathia #Help

Ury Link

We can not know why it is written,the letters Alef-YUd (א״י) is it on a document or is it perhaps on a Tombstone ? 
If it is on a stone then I can find a lot of abbrivations for this letter combination Alef-Yud.
Please let me know what it is' then i can give you a good answer.

Ury Link

Re: Can anyone tell me how long has the name Neta ( נֶטַע ) has been in use?

Ury Link

The famine name Neta came out from the German names Ageneta or Agnes.
In the 17 century we can find it in the book "Beit Shemuel" about jewish names, 
Alexander Beider in his book" Ashkenazic Given Names" write that this name was find in 1347 in Frankfurt 
and after this time also in 1546 in Prague and in more towns in Europe.
My conclusion is , that famine name Neta was very old and where  used from the middle ages in Jewish families.

Best regards

Ury Link

Re: Aleph Yud - what does it mean? #Sub-Carpathia #Help

Moe Neuer

If it's referring to origin/nationality, the most likely answer is Eretz Yisroel, meaning land of Israel. That abbreviation has a long history, and is still used today, like U.K. for United Kingdom.
Moishe Neuer

Re: SIG group mailings

Dick Plotz

But it's a little more complicated than that. The JewishGen home page
has a new design. In order to find information about the SIGs or your
subscriptions, click on any of the headings except "Home" or "Blog",
and you will see the familiar headings of the old home page.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 4:44 PM Chuck Weinstein <Chuck1@...> wrote:

The SIGs are still where they have been all along - accessible via the JewishGen home page.

German SIG #Germany REIS in Niederstetten #Germany

Eva Lawrence

REIS in Niederstetten

There is a story in Bruno Stern's memoir, " Meine Jugenderinnerungen"
that Frau Voegele REIS, geb. LEHMANN, my 4x great-grandmother, died
of shock on 5 March 1848, on seeing the "Schlosskanzlei" in flames.

I've not been able to determine whether this was in fact simply the
office of the local ruler's agent or whether it was part of a local
castle, and if so, what the castle was called.

I wonder whether anyone can help me on the question?

Eva Lawrence, St Alban, UK eva.lawrence@...

Re: Aleph Yud - what does it mean? #Sub-Carpathia #Help

Dahn Cukier

We would have to see the document. If it was issued by the
Palestine Mandate government, then like the money of the
time, it may mean Eretz Yisroel. Many Jews saw the area as
Land of Israel, and aleph-yod was added to show that.

You can see examples of notes and coins at


On Saturday, October 26, 2019, 4:18:48 PM GMT+3, <amielm@...> wrote:

Good day. In the 1932 census in Tzfat, my great-grandmother's country of birth and nationality is described in Hebrew letters as "Aleph Yud". Could someone shed a light as to what it means? I guess it's an acronym, but I cannot find its meaning.
Thank you,
Amiel Moskona

Linda Kelley

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Re: Aleph Yud - what does it mean? #Sub-Carpathia #Help

Odeda Zlotnick

Adat is written with an Ayn, not an Alef.

Re: Aleph Yud - what does it mean? #Sub-Carpathia #Help

martin weiss

א"י = ארץ ישראל.

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Re: Aleph Yud - what does it mean? #Sub-Carpathia #Help

Rose Feldman

You are all right in that you have to know what the original document is about. In this case, it is a list of residents in Safed, and it refers to Eretz Israel

Rose Feldman
Israel Genealogy Research Association
Winner of 2017 IAJGS Award for Volunteer of the Year

Help us index more records at

Keep up to date on archives, databases and genealogy in general and Jewish and Israeli roots in particular with

Rose Feldman
Israel Genealogy Research Association
Winner of 2017 IAJGS Award for Volunteer of the Year



Dear researchers for families from Kremenchug, Poltava, interested to know if anyone has discovered sources of name lists dated 1800+
After years of searching for my paternal grandparents origins , I need some “new clues”.
Simon Bernstein was born in 1870 to Israel Zvi and Cissie( surname unknown) in Kremenchug.
As far as I know I am the sole representative remaining of this family.
My grandfather arrived in Leeds UK married to Chana née Likhtmakher (Lightman) in 1890.

Re: Immigration to Brazil


Hello Mirta
Here is the link to the Jewish Association of Pelotas (need translation). Maybe they can help you.

Best regards
José Marcos Thalenberg, from São Paulo, Brazil.

Re: Immigration to Brazil


The link:

Re: SIG emails

Geraldine Courtney

On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 08:35 AM, <bcloncar@...> wrote:
Please send out a "test message"
Thank You,

 I have had a similar problem to those described  here.

My usual 'traffic' from SIGs has reduced dramatically but I have been able to find a way into the system and can see I am still subscribed as before. However, since this new website was introduced I have sent at least two, possibly three, requests for help to the very address Dick Plotz gives above: support@... and never heard a thing! 

I have though realised that a totally new password for this mains@... site is required, and that my original password for the general JewishGen site remains as before. 

I think a 'test' would serve its purpose, but suspect that some of the explanatory notes intended to help us all navigate our way around this new group still needs simplification. 

Geri Courtney UK

Re: SIG group mailings

Jeffrey Herrmann

There is something seriously wrong with the SIGs since the new website was introduced, and I’m sorry, but being told over and over that nothing has changed simply isn’t acceptable.

To see if it is true that there hasn’t been much activity in the SIGs, I clicked on the GermanSIG link and then clicked on the GermanSIG news archive link.  It shows the last posting as “ 08/05/2019  IAJGS Conference in Cleveland Activity Summary”   Seriously ???  Nothing since 5 August ???   If there have been messages in the last two and a half months, where can I find them?

Next, I clicked on the DNASIG.  It takes you to a page that does not even pretend to have a link to archived news items.  If news items from the DNASIG can be retrieved, where are they hidden?  I’d like to know whether I have missed some or whether there haven’t been any for several weeks.  Why is that so difficult?

Jeffrey Herrmann

Re: Immigration to Brazil

Luiz Lilienthal

I suggest you to get in touch with the "Sociedade Israelita de Pelotas"
(, they might have at least some
information you are looking for.

Good luck!

Latvia SIG #Latvia Receiving e-mails #Latvia

Jo Ann Goldwater

Have there been any messages posted to Latvia SIG. I have not received
any since the reorganization of the General discussion group. I have
also not received any >from Litvack SIG or Courland SIG. Can someone
tell me what to do? Thanks.

Jo Ann Goldwater

MODERATOR NOTE: Thanks, Jo Ann. Yours is the first message that has come
in to the Latvia list for posting since 4 October. That was the date of
the last post to the Courland list, too. LitvakSIG has not had any
messages to post for about a week.

Ordinarily, we would refer questions like this to the Support Desk,
support@..., but since your question provided an opportunity
to answer a question that has been on a lot of people's minds, we are
taking this opportunity to post it. Please do not reply to the list,
as extended discussion of it is not genealogy and will not be posted.

Re: Can anyone tell me how long has the name Neta ( נֶטַע ) has been in use?


Hi Harvey, 
The answer to your question is both yes and no. 
The spelling of both names Neta and Nota (both נטע) suggests they relate to a planting or seedling. The strange thing is that in the common combination of men's names Natan Nota (נתן נטע) the name Nota is probably a colloquial/shorthand nickname for Natan and doesn't have to do with Neta or planting despite the spelling. 

Binyamin Kerman