Re: Date of Birth input into databases #advice

Flavio Baran

Others may have more precise help for you, but I can suggest a great resource: The Jewish Genealogy Society Of Great Britain has tons of materials on immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Nancy S
Maryland, USA

Re: Date of Birth input into databases #advice

Flavio Baran

I am not sure that my earlier email went through to you. I have two suggestions:
1, your relatives may not have changed their names until they arrived here. So there may be some records under their original name.
2 A great resource is the jewish genealogy society of great britain. 

Nancy S
Maryland USA

ORENSTEIN - Opole Lubelskie

nigel wilson

Chaim Leib ORENSTEIN b. 1879 had 2 siblings that I am aware of -  Chil Michel 1872 and Chana 1877 - Chaim Leib went to the UK  (have family tree) but nothing is known about Chil Michel and Chana - their parents were Szmul Gersz and Serla nee Szer.

If anyone has information pls. contact me.

Thank you.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

Re: ViewMate translation request - Hebrew


The word is "napach" and it means tinsmith, someone who works with metal (sheet metal worker)
Yehuda Berman

Re: Date of Birth input into databases #advice


You can try to do just that but also remember that sometimes births may not have been registered with authorities until several years later.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset NJ

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I am new to this group and apologise if this has already been discussed.
My grandfather left Lithuania in the 1890's and changed his name when he got to England,and would never reveal his original name.
We have ,however,a date of birth for him.My question is-"Is there any way of accessing the Jewish Gen databases or any other database using the DOB as
the input?".Since there cannot be a great number of births amongst the Jewish community at the time on any particular date, we may possibly be able to
recognise and follow up details from other things we knew about him.Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated.
Diane Jacobs

Looking for Relatives of Jacob Rubin from Newark NJ #advice #archives #obituaries


I am working on a research project to find any living relatives of Jacob Rubin.  Jacob was in the real estate business in Newark, NJ.  His wife's name is Fannie Runistky/Bunitisky.  I have all pertinent census records 1910-1940. I know they had a son Abe born on July 3 1895 in New Jersey and he married his wife Bella/Belle Illion/Illionitsky in NYC in Feb 1918. They had one child Carol Rubin born in New Jersey in 1924. I cannot locate anything past the 1940 census on her.  Jacob also had a daughter Ida Rubin who was born on June 3 1893. I found both Abe and Ida's birth information on  I have the SSN death index for one Ida Rubin Koplowitz.who is the same Ida based on her birth information.  She died in 1981 in Florida. She did reside in West Orange NJ.  We are looking to see if she had any children

If anyone has any ideas or knows of the family please let me know  

Elissa Boyet 
Charlotte NC

Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Division of Volhynia between the wars #Ukraine

Marilyn Levinson

Dear Researchers

When I posted my question about the inter-war boundaries of Volhynia, I
received many emails asking me for further information if I found it. I received an excellent email with an
explanation and map, that I think goes a long way to
explaining the boundaries. The site referenced in the email is: I hope
this link helps clarify some of the complexities of this geographical

Marilyn Levinson
Spring Lake NC

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Re: Looking for Relatives of Jacob Rubin from Newark NJ #advice #archives #obituaries

Merrill Paletz

Please write me privately about this. I have availability to look at the NJ State Library for death certificates (which are not on  line sometimes Have you checked Reclaim the Records.  I know they have alot of information that one used to have to go look at hard copies.  You may have to get a Florida death certificate but i do not know if they will just send to immediate relatives.  Let me know if you have tried all this

Paneveyzys. Lithuania.

Trying to find out what happened to my family who I think lived in Panevyzys , Lithuania at the start of WWII.
The family name was Bigeris or Birgeras or Birger. My  grandfather's name was Yitzchak Leib and my grandmother's
name was Golda Ella (Maiden name Gofman or Hoffman}.
They had 4 children Natan, Israel, Muscia and Sonia.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gordon Berger

Re: Seeking descendants of Lodz industrialist Markus SILBERSTEIN (1833-1899) #advice




Can't help you with Silberstein, but I do have Poznanski from Lodz. My aunt was a Poznanski from there

who became Posner  / Pozner in NYC.   Shall we discuss further.


Diane Jacobs

Somerset, NJ



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Subject: [] Seeking descendants of Lodz industrialist Markus SILBERSTEIN (1833-1899) #advice


Dear group


I am trying to identify and then get in touch with the descendants of the well known Lodz industrialist Markus SILBERSTEIN (1833-1899).  Would anyone in the group be able to please recommend any resources or approaches? 


I have contacted a JewishGen researcher via the Family Tree of Jewish People (FTJP) and done some internet searching but have not been able to identify any contemporary pathway to connect with anyone – I’ve only been able to find historical information.


The parents of Markus were Joachim SILBERSTEIN/ZYLBERSZTEJN and Adela GLIKSMAN.  Their siblings also married - Ruchla ZYLBERSZTEJN (the sister of Joachim) married Dawid GLIKSMAN (the brother of Adela).  I am a descendant of that other marriage and so the four grandparents of Markus SILBERSTEIN are also my direct ancestors.


As Markus SILBERSTEIN and his wife Teresa COHN were a wealthy well-known family, and as there seems to be information and photos of them and their children which are find-able on the internet, I am (optimistically) hoping that there are some descendants living who may be in possession of family archives in which there may be some photos of the parents or even grandparents of Markus and maybe even some other family photos that include his aunt (my gggm) Ruchla.


Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


Kind regards


Alan Glixman

Sydney, Australia

Researching: In Plock (LICHTENSTEIN, POZNANSKI); in Praszka (HEYMAN, KON); in Pabianice (GLIKSMAN, SZTYLLER)

Diane Jacobs

Re: who are or where is Bialostoker #Poland

Sally Bruckheimer

Bialystok is the city, but he may not have lived right in the city.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: ViewMate translation request - Yiddish

משה פלבר

In your digest of today Nov.4th number 6a asks for a translation of w mariage certificate
Howeve, it appears in English and Hebrew.
so to  what language are they asking for a atranslation?

Moshe Felber

Re: ViewMate translation request - Hebrew



Hello Gary,


Tax of 100 was collected

District of Jerusalem 1932


Col 1 – Haim

Col 2 – Avraham Eliezer Riteshtein

Col 3 – Poland

Col 4 – Merchant

Col 5 – Eliezer Baldadi


                Benzion Zilberman

                Esther Rachel

Col 6 – Haifa

Col 7- Jewish

Col 8 – Clerk


Col 9 – 31

Col 10- Elimelech Eldadi

             25 years

            Ada Zilberman

Signed in Jerusalem Nov. 21, 1932


Shalom, Malka



Re: who are or where is Bialostoker #Poland

Sharlene Kranz

A Bialistoker is someone from the city of Bialystok, in northern Poland.

Re: Need Help Locating Marriage Certificate in Maryland

Madeleine Sann

Sad to say, but I have gotten numerous New York City marriage certificates and the lengthier affidavits from the early 20th century and have yet to see a town of birth, only a country, often wrong, from personal knowledge. The same gap with naturalization papers, social security applications (a bit later), and many death certificates. I hope you find your documents but they may be unhelpful in terms of birthplace. If anyone has suggestions for documents that are more likely to show place of birth, I’d love to know what they are.

Re: Date of Birth input into databases #advice

Russ Maurer

Yes, this is easy to do using either the LitvakSIG "All Lithuania Database" ( or the JewishGen Lithuania Database (, which searches the ALD and other records. Dates of birth in ALD birth records are formatted as DD/MM/YYYY; single-digit months and days are generally recorded without leading zeros. Dates of birth sometimes are found in other kinds of records such as census, marriage, or death records and there may be differences in the format, such as the use of hyphens instead of slashes, the presence of leading zeros, or the use of alpha months in place of numerical. It is important to recognize that "/" and "-" are not permissible in the search input and must be replaced by spaces.

Thus, for example, to search for a birthday of March 9, 1875, input "any field" "contains" "9 3 1875" and, to make sure you haven't missed anything, also try the following variations:
09 3 1875
09 03 1875
9 03 1875
9 mar 1875
09 mar 1875

The ALD contains over 244,000 birth records. Good luck!

Russ Maurer, Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG

JRI Poland #Poland ViewMate translation request - Yiddish on back of photo #Poland


Dear friends,
I'm hoping somebody can help me translate a Yiddish note on the back of a
postcard. It is on ViewMate at the following address:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you so much.
Sheree Roth
Palo Alto, CA

Lithuania SIG #Lithuania ViewMate: Translation from LITHUANIAN request #Lithuania

Ilan Ganot

Dear LitvakSig members,
I have just received >from the Lithuanian Historical Archives in Vilna
documents concerning my family.

I kindly request your support in translating relevant part of the
following documents, recently uploaded to the ViewMate:

(page heading and Line 797 only)

(page heading and Line 552 only)

(handwritten text & original stamps)

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Researching: ITING, TUCH, KURS >from Mazeikiai and Zidikai

Lithuania SIG #Lithuania "The Lost Names of Lithuania" #Lithuania

Merle Kastner

Pointed out to us by Judy Clare:

"The Lost Names of Lithuania"

Merle Kastner
JGS of Montreal

Re: Need Help Locating Marriage Certificate in Maryland

Lewis, Megan

Dear Ellen,

Do you mean Elkton, MD in Cecil County?  

In Maryland, marriage records are held by the clerk for the county's circuit court.  Information for Cecil County is at

Elkton was known as an East Coast "Graetna Green" for eloping couples because it has been well connected by roads since Colonial times, is the Cecil County seat and is where MD, PA and DE meet, making it also convenient to NJ.


Megan, native Marylander

Megan Lewis  Reference Librarian  202.314.7860
National Institute for Holocaust Documentation