Re: How to pay the Ukrainian Archives for research #ukraine

Susan H. Sachs

In addition to which archive (per Mark Friedman's comment) - did the person who sent the notice give his / her name?

Susan Sachs

Re: First name of Zelik #names

Israel P

Zelig is a Yiddish nickname that is formally associated with a number of different Hebrew given names, most commonly Asher and Yehoshua, but also a number of others as listed in Bet Shemuel, which is used for Jewish divorces.

Israel Pickholtz

My genealogy research is electric.
It follows the path of least resistance.

Re: Terkowsky, Russland on 1885 passenger manifest #general


Hallo Lee, 

The one thing that is certain is that Terkowsky was in Poland. Here are some suggestions 
A) Torhovytsia in present-day Ukraine

B) Three villages in Poland with the name Targowisko

Giannis Daropoulos 


Re: Tombstone translation #translation


Thank you for your replies. According to her death certificate she died on Dec 3, 1893. I believe that the year (1891) written on the stone was a mistake. 
Giannis Daropoulos 


Terkowsky, Russland on 1885 passenger manifest #general

Lee Jaffe

I'm hoping someone on this list might recognize the community referred to as Terkowsky, Russland on a 1885 steamship manifest sailing from Hamburg to Hull.  I've located a manifest record which may belong to my great-grandfather Joseph Schwartz:
Josef Schwarzstein. age 18, previous residence Terkowsky, Russland
bound for NYC via Hull via Liverpool
ship: Argo, departed 24 Nov 1885
Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 1.08.32 PM.png 

As this is the first potential clue I've found about where my great-grandfather came from, I am hoping to track down that locality in order to follow up.  However, Terkowsky is not a community listed in JewishGen's Town Finder.  I am pursuing other lines of inquiry – e.g., Town Finder produces 3 names using the "fuzziest" search option which I am looking into via KehilahLinks and other sources.  But I hoped perhaps the community name Terkowsky might ring a bell: there is nothing like the collective knowledge of a large group with hands-on experience in such cases. 

Thank you for whatever help you can provide, 

Lee Jaffe
Schwartz/Schwartzstein/Schwartzman - ?

Re: Searching Maimon #usa


Hi Stuart, 

I do not know if you have seen Benjamin Maimon's obituary

According to this, he had two sons and a daughter. 

From what it appears your aunt  Lillian was not married before she married Benjamin. 
Giannis Daropoulos 


DE BEERl Translation of Genealogy Report from German to English #germany #translation

Hilary Osofsky

I am helping my son-in-law research his de BEER family from Emden, Germany, but am unable to translate the attached report, which was written in German. 

I would greatly appreciate if if someone could translate this into English for me.

Thanks very much.

Hilary Osofsky

Re: Hebrew and Yiddish names #galicia #usa #names #bessarabia


My father and a Pittsburgh rabbi that I know had Jewish names of Ariah Leib (Lion/Lion).  My Jewish name is Yitzhack Isaac.  When my grandfather told me that I thought that he was just translating Yitzhack into English.  Actually Isaac is Yiddish although Yitzhack is more common.  
Bob Malakoff
Pittsburgh, PA

Re: Question about funding Holocaust Documentaries #holocaust

Peter Cherna

Dear Moshe,

Hi from next door (Exton PA)

Using Kickstarter, this film-maker was able to raise about $20000 for a film about his grandmother's journey:

I do not know of institutions that can help, but I would recommend contacting as many of the major well-known institutions as possible. (I know this is not very profound advice.)


Peter Cherna, Exton PA (peter@...)
Researching CSERNA (Budapest, Székesfehérvár), GRUNFELD (Székesfehérvár), BRAUN, REINER (Budapest, Nyíregyháza, Máriapócs), EHRENFELD (Pozsony, Balassagyarmat) BRACK (Ipolykeszi)

Re: Tombstone translation #translation


As you say, this is difficult to read, but here is what I could make out.

Her Hebrew name was Leeba.

Her father's name began with ELI, possibly Elimelech.

Her husband's name was Yosef Geliznik.

The Hebrew date of death looks like the 24th day of the month of Kislev of the year 5655.

This is off by a few weeks from the secular date on the stone, December 3, 1894, which corresponds to the 5th or the 6th of Kislev, 5655.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Ethical Responsibilities of Genealogical Organizations during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic #education #guidelines

Sarah L Meyer

We are not going to travel, and I will not fly until things are clearer.  Also the virtual conferences that I have attended were generally much BETTER for me because I have hearing problems, and there is no problem with curtains and speech from another room.  And yes, my husband and  I just had our first shot of Covid vaccine yesterday.  I am hoping to be able to see our son and two grandchildren by early summer.  It may be fall before we even consider going as far as Chicago to see our daughter.  So my vote, if I have one is for another Virtual conference.

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Tombstone translation #translation

Dubin, David M. MD

Here lies (abbreviation)
our modest mother, Ms Liba
daughter of Mr Elija (?) from Vilna (?) wife of 
Mr Josef Zeleznik, died
on Monday 24 days in the month of 

Kislev in year 654 by the short count (ie 5654)
May her soul be bound in the bonds of everlasting life (abbreviation)
Looking at the secular date of December 3 I am not clear on the Hebrew year. Please let me know date of death and I’ll update my translation of the Hebrew date. Thanks
David Dubin

Avoid a lapse in your Gesher Galicia Membership! Renew now! #announcements #galicia

Steven Turner

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Re: Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus #belarus

Alan Steinfeld

Please not error in my email address.  It is alansteinfeld@...

On Saturday, January 30, 2021, 5:00 PM, Alan Steinfeld via <> wrote:

Has anyone had experience with this group?  
Please respond privately.  
Alan Steinfeld


JGS Cleveland presents Never Give Up - Strategies for Taking your Research to the Next Level and Finding the Previously Unfindable with Marion Werle #jgs-iajgs #education #events


Join the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland ( for our next Zoom meeting and program on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 7-8:30 pm EST:  Never Give Up - Strategies for Taking your Research to the Next Level and Finding the Previously Unfindable with Marion Werle.


Program description:  Marion will provide a collection of tips to maximize your genealogical research. She will present several research problems that required a creative approach to locate elusive people and their documents. She will discuss online search strategies and indexing, names and name variations, the importance of geography, getting the most out of each record, revisiting old research, and the importance of persistence in achieving success.


Speaker:  Marion Werle began family history research 25 years ago, researching family from Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus, who settled in the US, Canada, UK, and Israel. She has been on the boards of the Jewish Genealogical Societies of both Los Angeles and Conejo Valley and is a past president of the Latvia SIG (Special Interest Group) and a co-director of the JewishGen Latvia Research Division. A retired IT professional with master’s degrees in both European History and Library Science from UCLA, she has also completed the Boston University Certificate in Genealogical Research and the ProGen study group.  Marion has written two unpublished family histories and teaches a writing class for JewishGen education.  In addition, she has spoken at several IAJGS conferences as well as Southern California area genealogical societies applying general genealogical methodology standards to Jewish research.


Registration is required and free.  Send an email to rsvp@... with your name, email, and complete mail address by 12 Noon EST on February 10 to receive a Zoom link.  Space is limited and priority will be given to JGS Cleveland members.





Contact: Deborah A. Katz, JD, PhD

Vice President, Programming

Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland

Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus #belarus

Alan Steinfeld

Has anyone had experience with this group?  
Please respond privately.  
Alan Steinfeld


Confusion Over Maiden Names: Was My Maternal Great Aunt "MICHALOWITZ" or "LEVINE/LAURIA" TAUFIELD? #poland #records #usa

Marilyn Robinson

My maternal gr. aunt Esther had a daughter, Gussie S. TUEFELDT 17 July 1891, in Manhattan, NY. Esther's name was listed as Esther Michalowitz TUEFELDT (FamilySearch) on Gussie's birth certificate. On the actual birth record Esther's maiden name was written as MICHALOWITZ (birth record # 7999--child's father was Adolph, barber).

In  Feb. 1895 Esther had a son, Harry (the name appears as Harie TOFELD on the Certif. of Birth, #15412). On this record. Esther's maiden name was listed as Ester LAURIA. I know that my maternal family was Lauria (or some version of this spelling), but became LEVINE in the U.S. (Record is from Manhattan, NY).

I know that Esther's paternal grandfather was Michal LAURIA/LEVINE (from Lodz) & her father was Solomon/Zalman LAURIA/LEVINE, from Warsaw. I assume Solomon's patronym would have been Michalowitz/Michalovich.
Her mother was Rebecca REICHMAN LEVINE. Could the grandfather's first name/father's patronym  have had something to do with Esther using Michalowitz?? Would this have been a common kind of name usage when asked for maiden names? (Note: there may be additional family members that use "Michaelowitz" as their last names--this is some new information that I am working on).

Marilyn Robinson

Searching Maimon #usa

Stuart Kaufer

Looking for surviving relatives of Benjamin Maimon from Philadelphia.  He owned a clothing store there, Benjamin Maimon and Co.   His second wife was my aunt Lillian Goldstein Kaufer Maimon.   I am looking for any pictures or surviving paperwork related to my aunt as I have really no artifacts of hers.  She was my dad's sister and died in 1966 in Chicago where she lived with my GM Fannie after Benjamin died.   Any family photos, information about her first husband (do not know his name even) would be welcome.  As far as I know, she had no children.

Thank you.

Stuart Kaufer

Re: How to pay the Ukrainian Archives for research #ukraine

Mark Friedman

What archive are you dealing with? 

Mark Friedman 

Re: Missing Birth Record #records

Michele Lock

It took some searching, but there are some Philadelphia City birth records online for before 1906, on FamilySearch. They only come up in the catalog collection when you search on Philadelphia City, and not just Philadelphia:

If you still can't find the certificate, there is always contacting the City Vital Records office, and seeing if they have it.

Michele Lock

Lock/Lak/Lok and Kalon in Zagare/Joniskis/Gruzdziai, Lithuania
Trisinsky/Trushinsky/Sturisky and Leybman in Dotnuva, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine/Lewin/Levin in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Vilna gub., Belarus

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