Re: Druya, Belarus Lipschutz-Padua connection? #belarus

Gerald and Margaret

I suggest you contact The Together Plan, a charity based in London UK and Belarus.. One project is to do genealogical research on an individual basis.  They have the huge advantage of speaking all relevant languages, as well as being v experienced in the local bureaucracy !!  
I'm sure you will get a positive Response from this charity which is helping Jews still living in Belarus to understand how to earn some money.

Best wishes,

Margaret Levin London UK

Re: Photograph needed of headstone in Bloemfontein, South Africa #photographs #southafrica


There are a couple of hundred photos of tombstones in the Jewish section of the Bloemfontein Memoriam cemetery at

but I don't know if the set of photos is exhaustive in covering all the graves.  This web site also has photos of other Jewish cemeteries, synagogues and other institutions, organised geographically.  Photos of tombstones in various other Jewish cemeteries are on the web site of the Genealogical Society of SA, also organised geographically by cemetery and alphabetically within each cemetery.  Photos of tombstones in Cape Town Jewish cemeteries are accessible at the cemetery maintenance board web site.

Bramie Lenhoff
Newark, DE, USA

Translation of Gravestone written in Hebrew #translation

Richard Oppenheimer

I would appreciate if someone can translate the inscriptions on these two gravestones. Thank you.

Richard Oppenheimer
Venice, Florida, USA

Re: Translation of Polish birth certificate. #translation #poland

Mike Coleman

You could also try posting on the Genealogical Translations FB site.


Mike Coleman,  London U.K.

Re: Congregation Anshe Motele, Chicago #belarus #rabbinic #usa


Have you tried the Chicago Jewish Historical Society or the information desk at Asher Library at Spertus Institute? 

I looked in my copy of H.L. Meites's History of the Jews of Chicago and in Bea Kraus and Norman Schwartz's book on Lawndale-area shuls and found nothing. (I do realize that Anshe Motele is currently on the North Side, but a lot of congregations moved across the city, and I thought it might have West-Side roots.)

Sorry I struck out, and good luck.
Joe Kraus

Re: importing/transferring/sharing historical records between services? #general


Just as an example - On Ancestry I had an occasion where someone put on their tree that a relative of mine was theirs, it was in the wrong order and so it changed my relatives relations to me on thrulines. This proves to be frustrating at times,.so I don't think it's a good idea. You can make your own tree work in different ways and they is a way on ancestry that you can write private notes for your own research purposes, if this helps.

Mandy Molava 
Researching Russia Brest Belarus and Galacia. 

Re: Photograph needed of headstone, East Ham Cemetery, London, UK #photographs #unitedkingdom


Good afternoon 

Did you know there was a website also for this ? It's called findagrave you can join free and then request someone take a photo. It might already be uploaded on the site by others who might not be related, but who have taken photos of nearby graves to their loved ones etc or to help others.
Good luck

Mandy Molava 
Researching Russia Belarus Brest Galacia 

Re: Mukachevo area births, 1871-1880 #records


Hi, I could not translate the site.  Could you let me know how to do it?
Also, our Haberman relative came from Minsk.
Thanks, Rita Haberman 

Re: Cemetery Briceni/ Brichany #bessarabia

R Jaffer

To see a complete description of the Briceni cemetery project:
1. Click on the RESEARCH tab on the JewishGen home page
4. In the blue box on the left click CEMETERIES and select CEMETERY PROJECTS
5. Scroll down to Brichany and hover over the blue circle with the letter "i", this will answer your question
6. If you click on the magnifying glass, you will see the list
7. If you click on the image of an open book, you will see images of the cemetery and a full description of the project to obtain what you see in JOWBR

Roberta Jaffer

Re: Would a later born child have the same name as an earlier deceased child? #names

Martyn Woolf

Not second marriages; just a child born after an earlier sibling had died.  Perhaps named after a grand-parent whose name the parents wanted to preserve in the family.


Martyn Woolf



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Re: Digitalize version of Biriceni /Brichany synagogue records #bessarabia

R Jaffer

No synagogue records for Briceni have been found nor are any of the synagogues still standing. The last of the able-bodied returnees after the Shoa eventually paid to have the Great Synagogue bulldozed before they permanently abandoned the town to live elsewhere. Only those too sick or too old to leave remained.

Roberta Jaffer
Briceni Yizkor Book Translation Coordinator

Re: Viewmate translation from Russian requested #translation

Larry Gaum

What a beautiful job of translation Michael. Mazel Tov. You not only provided a valuable service to the person that asked for the translation, but also to myself and many others who used your work as a learning session. Most valuable.
Thank you very much
Larry Gaum
Volunteer for the Yizkor publishing project

Re: Cemetery Briceni/ Brichany #bessarabia

Sherri Bobish


Search at JOWBR:
A search for town name Briceni finds many records of people buried in the town, and also people who were from Briceni and are buried in other places.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Would a later born child have the same name as an earlier deceased child? #names

Jill Whitehead

I cannot match the example of five times for giving subsequent children the same name, but again using my Edinburgh Browns, there were three Rachel Leahs in a row. This seemed to be more likely in first cousin and double first cousin marriages, where it does appear that children were less likely to survive in their early years. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Congregation Anshe Motele, Chicago #belarus #rabbinic #usa

Sherri Bobish


One way to search for other KAPLANs from Motol is to go to and search the Ellis Island Database for surname KAPLAN and town name Motol.  I got 2 hits:
Kaplan, Leie, arriving 1905
Kaplan, Piukus, arriving 1906
Looking at the manifests at the above site should help you figure out if they are connected to your KAPLANS in Chicago.

Also, at a search for surname KAPLAN and birthplace Motol got one hit:
The WW1 draft card of Morris KAPLAN, born Motol, living in Chicago.  The draft card, which can be viewed at the above site, will give your more data on Morris.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Would a later born child have the same name as an earlier deceased child? #names


It was even common amongst non-Jewish communities. Vincent Van Gogh was named after a sibling who died before he was born. He had to walk to school every day past the grave bearing his own name - not surprising his emotional state was so poor.

Alan Cohen
London HA6 2Yj

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival Focuses on Jewish Greece January 27-February 6 #holocaust #sephardic #announcements #events

Jan Meisels Allen



The Consulate General of Greece in Los Angeles, the UCLA Stavros Niarchos Foundation Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture, and Los Angeles Greek Film Festival announce a ten-day virtual event, Heritage and Memory: A Focus on Jewish Greece, to be held January 27-February 6 in honor of Greece’s upcoming Presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). On March 1, Greece will assume the Presidency of this intergovernmental organization, which unites governments and experts to promote, advance, and shape Holocaust education, research, and remembrance.


Four prestigious speakers will present views of Greece’s Romaniote and Sephardic communities to an international audience. The Honorable Moses Elisaf, Mayor of Ioannina, and Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos, Museum Director of Kehila Kedosha Janina, the Romaniote synagogue on New York’s Lower East Side, will discuss the history of the Romaniotes, the oldest Jewish community in Europe. The historians Leon Saltiel and Rena Molcho will look at the Jewish cemetery of Thessaloniki, which was destroyed during World War II, and the incorporation of the Holocaust into the Greek collective memory. The award-winning author Rika Benveniste will present her book, Luna: An Essay in Historical Biography, at an open meeting of a Modern Greek Book Club. Responding to the richness of the program, Dr. Sharon Gerstel, Director of the UCLA SNF Center, noted: “This is a critical time to reflect on the history of Greece’s Jewish communities, to reclaim the voices of those who can no longer tell their stories, and to chart a future in which anti-Semitism is no longer a threat to society.” Registration links for individual events can be found at:


Free screenings for eleven films and one extended preview include the feature-length works Cloudy Sunday; The Queen of Rebetiko: My Sweet Canary; and Magic Men, as well as documentaries that look at the Jewish communities of Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Kastoria, Zakynthos, and Rhodes. Several films trace the experience of Jews who were sheltered by Christian Greeks during the Nazi Occupation. The majority of films will be available worldwide for online viewing throughout the entire ten days of the event.


Free tickets for film screenings can be found at

To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Translation of Polish birth certificate. #translation #poland


Hello I wonder if someone could help me with the translation of the following birth certificate?  It is in Polish. I hope you can help me.   George Frankel  San Francisco.   

Re: Looking for a town in Belarus #belarus

Adam Turner

The best-known place that resembles this name is not in Belarus: Ekaterinoslav (now called Dnipro), named for Catherine the Great. It is in central-southern Ukraine and had a very large Jewish population - about 41,000 - by 1900.

Are you sure that your Rose Hollander could not have been born in this Ekaterinoslav? It was not unusual for Jewish families from Belarus, and from other parts of the Russian Empire, to move to the big, growing cities of central Ukraine (Ekaterinoslav, Odessa, Elizabethgrad, etc.) in the late 19th/early 20th centuries. I can tell you for a fact that my gg-grandmother's older sister (born ~1860) moved from the area around Kobrin to Ekaterinoslav, probably around the 1890s, before eventually immigrating with her husband and daughters to Chicago in 1906.

Adam Turner

Congregation Anshe Motele, Chicago #belarus #rabbinic #usa

Adam Turner

Does anyone know anything about the people involved in the early history of Anshe Motele in Chicago? I am researching a KAPLAN family with at least two sons who were connected to this shul:

  • Shachne aka Sam Kaplan (~1877?-1968), the former shamash of this synagogue
  • his older brother Yitzchak aka Isaac Kaplan (1860?-1940), who I think might have served as a cantor at the same synagogue; he appears to be listed in the 1920 census as the nonsensical "Santor - Church" and in the 1910 census as "Janitor - Church".
Their father was a Moshe Chaim Kaplan who probably lived in Motol and may have been born in nearby Yanov (Ivanava). I am trying to find any other siblings in this Kaplan family, particularly those who might have also been in Chicago.

Adam Turner