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Peter Strauss <pfs126@...>

My mistake, Joseph.  The second email does bring up the correct one.
Sorry about that.
And also sorry that I can't begin to make out that handwriting.
Good luck!
Peter Strauss

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks #poland

Bruce Drake

“When the month of Elul arrives, you immediately sense the special atmosphere that has enveloped the town, the atmosphere of the approaching Yamim Noraim, or Days of Awe.”
So begins “On the Holidays,” a chapter from the Yizkor book of Golub-Dobrzyn, Poland, It seems appropriate for this first week of September when hearts and minds of Jews around the world turn to the upcoming High Holy Days. This account traces the change of mood that comes upon the town and how the sense of Judgment Day “places its mark upon every single person.” It moves through the prayers of Rosh Hashana to the solemnity of Yom Kippur. And when the fast day is over, the mood begins to change. “It is as if even the street looks different: the light of a full moon casts a glow over it, chasing the shadows away, as if it wishes to announce a renewed life.” Finally, there is Simchat Torah. The writer of this excerpt tells us: “Anyone who has not seen Simchat Torah being celebrated in the town has never seen true joy.”

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Re: What was Ginsburg & Klausner, S Fallsburg, NY (Catskills) not listed as hotel #usa


Hi. I'm a member of the Local History of Sullivan County, NY group on Facebook, so I put the question to them. The only suggestion that came back was that Ginsburg & Klausner were real estate agents, as there are apparently a lot of transactions for them on Google. Hope that helps!

April French
London, UK
ZEIKOWITZ: Nemerov/Nemeroff, Podlia Gubernia, Russia (now Nemyriv, Vinnytsia, Ukraine)
ORENTLICH (ORENDLICH, ORENDLICHMAN, ORENDLICHMANN): Mariiampil/Mariyampil, Ukraine (formerly Marynopil, Russia) 
JACKSIER/JACKSON (DZIEKSIER, DZECKCIER, ZECHEIER, JEKSIN, SECHZIN): Strusow, Austria (now Strusiv, Ukraine) & Iwanowka (aka Janow), Austria (now Dolyna, Ukraine)

Re: Polish town Cewck or Cewek #poland


Maybe Cewice

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 9/3/2020 11:34 PM, jef barnett via wrote:

On a ship’s manifest the city of birth was noted as Cewck ( could be Cewek) Poland . Any ideas what the town this was referring to? I expected the birth town to be Rozan so it might be very close 
Jef Barnett

Finding siblings of Harry Schwartz in Brooklyn?? #bessarabia #usa


Trying to find the siblings of Harry SCHWARTZ (1887 in Zanekhov, Ukraine).  May have lived in Mogilev-Podolsky.


His parents were Joseph SCHWARTZ (1885-1941) and Belen (Bela) PILDERWEIS SCHWARTZ (1867-1954). Both immigrated to USA and lived in the Bronx, NY. Joseph immigrated in 1909.  According to the census there were several siblings:

Clara who married Isidor ROITER

Abraham (immigrated in 1908)





Joseph and Bela divorced at some point, although both are buried at United Hebrew Cemetery on Staten Island, NY.  Original name might have been Schwartzman.


We believe that Abraham and other siblings lived in Brooklyn from at least 1940 on.  Harry and Abraham were both furrier operators.


Any help with an impossible search on this surname would be appreciated.


Paula Schwartz



Mogilev Podolski, Ukraine (Schwartz, Schwartzman)

Wysoker Surname #names #poland

Philip Freidenreich

My maternal grandfather was Aron Eliyahu Wysoker, but he was born in Wysokie Litovsk in 1891.  I've always understood that families never took the surname of the town in which they lived.  His father was HaRav Yakov Meir HaKohen and his mother was Bryna.  According to family lore, his father was the official Rabbi of Wysokie Litovsk in the late 1800s.  My grandfather served in either Pilsudski's Legion or in the Russian army in 1918-1919. He was not an officer.  Because his two siblings who came to the US in 1920-1921, one male and one unmarried female, also bore the surname Wysoker, it seems unlikely that he changed his surname to try to hide the fact that he was Jewish.  So I am trying to figure out the inconsistency between the general rule and the surname.
Philip Freidenreich
JewishGen Researcher #1797
Yardley, PA
Researching WYSOKER, FRAJDENRAJCH, HOROWICZ (from Mieleyczyce) 

Re: Looking for info about Russian emigres who returned to fight for the Bolsheviks in 1917 #records #russia #canada #usa


A fascinating story.  I am not an expert in this area but I have to think records from the Red Army at that time were (a) not so good (b) hard to find. and (c) still secret, so I don't like your chances; but will be hopeful to see what you may turn up.
Robert Roth
Kingston NY

Re: Ancestry's Drastic Changes Dash Hopes of Finding Connections #dna


I thought i was the only one fighting for the loss of the 6-7.9 cM. i complained the day the notice came out and shared with some others. Many were thankful and a few tried to tell me it was just noise. I know it is not because i have a line on my non-Jewish side that i can trace back 10 generations. One day I saw a surname in a distant match and she had a larger tree. i could follow her tree to meet exactly where they were supposed to....6th cousins.  I was stunned because originally i understood that these results were unreliable.  

Fast forward. I had made a couple more matches similarly but my Jewish lines were harder to prove due to paper trails before North America being harder to document. But wait there is more. We all know that Jewish Genealogy is a special search requiring a some basic understandings of endogamy, name changes, migration patterns, geographical name changes, generic terms like 'Russia' Or 'Austria' which could mean Belarus or Hungary.  

Because i have both adoption in one generation and an NPE at the next, I do not have the luxury of starting with the myself and going backwards. Most genealogist presume that inductive reasoning is the principal method of searching. This technique worked fine on other lines because i had data to fill in.  On my Jewish line i had nothing.  I could not use inductive reasoning.  I had to find clues and even that was not good enough.  Yes I had experience in breaking down other really tough walls in my other research but still i had the luxury of moving up the tree. 

So for those of us who have missing parents or grandparents identities through the holocaust, NPE's or adoption, this methodology will not work. You may get lucky and have a breakthrough but it will not be because you had information available to you about missing tree members. 

In these cases we have to parachute into the top of the tree and start climbing our way down. if the top of the tree is shaved off, we are stuck in limbo.  But after reading the support of people who wrote in, it is not just people with my issues but there is a broader range of researchers who realize the additional information that is stored in the distant past. 

I know not everyone agrees. I have had people who told me that this was 'just noise'.  Noise may be at the 1 to 2% level and it is a nice buzz word but i once thought that there was little reliability at this level and through evidence I found on my own, I have changed my position. I was wrong. In the last few weeks when my wrists got sore and my eyes blurred while i spent hours per day documenting as many distant matches as i physically could, I learned something I have not been able to find in my closer matches. I was able to separate my great grandparents and figure out that my Great Grandmother was Litvak and my Great Grandfather was Galician. That was a huge breakthrough and i could color code it.

Secondly i was able to find an entire line that could be documented to a closer cousin hence strengthen the jump to my tree.  I am still breaking down the wall and i know if i still had the 6 to 7.9 cM i would have a better chance at resolution. DNA has helped me determine a surname I am seeking. I was looking for the wrong name in the wrong place for years before DNA.  Closer DNA matches allowed this discovery. 

I am in support of all those who want to have the DNA reinstated.  I believe it was the contract we agreed upon for submitting DNA though they say these agreements can be changed on their part at any time. A one way street. It can't hurt those who do not care so it is a non issue. Maybe there could be an opportunity for those who do not care for it to have an off button so their 6-8 cM matches are not downloaded to their account. I would not have an issue with that. 

I hope we can fight to get the information back. You made some difference because they did delay the deletion by at least four weeks at one point. It was not adequate for me to cover all the areas i was trying to save.

No voice is acceptance. One voice is heard, many voices are answered. (one way or another).

Susan Gardner

Re: Paul STRANSKY Vienna to Paris #austria-czech #france

David Choukroun

On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 05:05 PM, Daniela Torsh wrote:
Dear Daniela, 
I have made a small mistake, the date of the decree is 8 October 1946 - not 13.

please find below the decree number 51755 x 38   (the last digits stand for 1938)

last step is to request to the (French) Archives Nationales the physical access to the file

David Choukroun



Re: Photo for language identification #photographs #translation


Not to beat a dead horse :~), but I have some thoughts on other people's replies ....

Pisztráng is indeed Hungarian for "trout".

While it is an unrelated language, Hungarian shares quite a bit of stray vocabulary with its Slavic neighbors. Many of these words are food-related: káposzta (cabbage), kolbász (sausage), cseresznye (sweet cherry), kása (porridge), mák (poppy seed), rák (crab), szalonna (bacon), vacsora (supper).

The crossbar on the Z is simply how that letter is written, I think to differentiate from the number 2.

Given the color photograph, the price has to be in forints, but I haven't been able to find a currency converter for the 1950s-60s. (Circa 1980 you got about 33 forints to the dollar, which would make for some very expensive fish.)

Julia Szent-Györgyi
./\ /\

Re: Paul STRANSKY Vienna to Paris #austria-czech #france

David Choukroun

Dear Daniela, 

a quick look at the "Journal Officiel de la République Française" under is saying that there is a Naturalisation file  (date of the decree 13 october 1946)

a recent update of the online resources is now allowing to search for the decree number.  

with the decree number, you can ask for the File itself (the process is a little bit complicated).

within this file, you may have further information about the move from Vienna to Paris and most of the time after 1936, a picture will be included (not guarantee !) 

David Choukroun



Re: Good news for French research: 1931-1948 naturalization decrees online #announcements #france #records


My grand uncle Simon Taganski survived in Paris.  Some of my uncles visited him when WWII was over.  Would love to know how he survived as well.

Iris Folkson

Re: Polish town Cewck or Cewek #poland

Alexander Sharon

This is most probably place Cewkow (Tsevkuv) in Cieszanow district. There are two entries for this location in JGFF database.
This town had 2,700 residents, including 135 Jewish souls registered during 1921 census

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

Re: Ancestry's Drastic Changes Dash Hopes of Finding Connections #dna

Jill Whitehead

Personally I do not find small segments of any use whatsoever, as they go so far back in time that they are unreliable, and give faulty results. It is the 20cm plus which are the key to finding recent ancestors. Unfortunately Ancestry only records total cm length and not individual chromosome cm length so their data has to be uploaded to Gedmatch or another supplier like  FTDNA, 23andme,MyHeritage to get this information. 

However, I agree 20cm could be seen as a high cut off - I would prefer say 15 cm, but this would need to go hand in hand with Ancestry giving its customers individual chromosome lengths like all the other suppliers.  

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Photo for language identification #photographs #translation

JONES Etienne H.L.F.

Hello Neilan !
By entering the word with its exact spelling in GOOGLE Translation (do you know? always first to try, doesn't always give the solution), it is identified as being Hungarian (Magyar), and indeed also means trout (according to the head these are no herrings !). However, a bit strange anyway because Hungarian differs very widely from Slavic or Latin languages ​​(belongs to Finno-Ugric group of languages, of far-Asian origin). But maybe it is one of those slightly international words borrowed into  traditional Hungarian.
However, I could not find the z with a horizontal line, it is not part of the classic Magyar alphabet, so it is probably not a truel diacritical mark modifying the value of z but a mark of aesthetics (in French, in the  past, we also wrote the capital Z with a horizontal line, so I learned at school !).
If you knew the date of the photo, we could perhaps still confirm the thing with the price : 2000 . . which currency ?
I hope I have not been wrong with my explanations . . 

Kind regards,
Etienne JONES

Re: Postcard or Travel Document - Can you make anything of this? #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

just addition:
it may mean not "8th klass...", but
"8-years ... college",
Josef ASH

Re: Obtaining original records from Kaunas Regional Archives #lithuania #records


I’ve also been trying to contact them without success. The email address must have changed.
Kathryn Berman

Re: Photo for language identification #photographs #translation


This (apparently Hungarian) Wikipedia article (for "trout") has the same basic spelling ("pisztrang" -- with an accent mark over the "a") :áng .

Good Luck.

Ethan Kent
New York, NY.

Re: Photo for language identification #photographs #translation

Rodney Eisfelder

According to google translate,
pisztráng is hungarian for trout. The Polish word is pstrąg

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: What port when leaving Europe #hungary

Peninah Zilberman

Hamburg, Germany was a popular harbour

Fundatia Tarbut Sighet
+40 74 414 5351

21121 - 21140 of 670699