"Warsaw, in the Povenkovsky fifth precinct"#warsaw

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Hi all:
The following is taken from a death registration:
"It took place in Warsaw, in the Povenkovsky fifth precinct, in the office of an official of the civil status of non-Christian confessions on March 11 (24), 1916."
I would appreciate help in clarifying  "Povenkovsky".
I have not come across that location name before. 

Many thanks in advance.


Jacqueline GRUSZECKI
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
From Warszawa, and possibly Kotłówka, Zelechow

Need assistance in obtaining copies of 1913 and 1920's birth certificate Bodrogkerestur, Hungary #hungary #records

Awesome Properties

Dear fellow members,
I Need assistance in obtaining copies of 1913 and 1920's birth certificate in Bodrogkerestur, Zemplen county Hungary .Is there anywhere to order copy of  records online? If  not , can you suggest a local  researcher that can get them for me?
Thank you for your kind assistance,
R. Malik

Seeking grandfather's family name #lithuania #unitedkingdom #southafrica


My grandfather's application for naturalisation at the Cape Colony, South Africa, in 1899 gives his name as Harris Arnott, his birthplace as "Kurshan, Government of Kovno, Russia" (which is Kursenai, Kaunas, Lithuania), his age next birthday as 36 (which means he was born in 1863 or 1864) and that he had resided in the Colony for 4 years. Arnott is most unlikely to be the name with which he was born, but searches in JewishGen for similar names have failed to find anything.
Arnott was probably a name he adopted or was given to him on his arrival in the United Kingdom between 1881 and 1891. I assume his arrival in the UK between these dates because in the Scottish census of 5 April 1891 he appears under the name of Harris Arnott, born in Russia, as a boarder in a Glasgow household, but he is not listed in the previous census of 1881.
In 1892 in Glasgow he married my grandmother, who according to family tradition came from Bialystok, Poland. The marriage register gives his father's name and occupation as Aaron Arnott, Teacher of Hebrew, and his mother's name as Annie Arnott (maiden name Lipschitz). Unlike my grandmother's parents, they are not described as deceased at this date. The marriage authorisation from the synagogue yields no further information.
On his tombstone in South Africa, my grandfather's father's name is given in Hebrew as "Aharon". Searches for Hebrew Teachers in Kursenai, with first name Aaron or the like, have been fruitless. Can anyone suggest how I might find the family name?
Harold Luntz AO
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Descendants of Twins #general

Shelly Crane

Hello,  You may find this answers some of your questions:

Best regards

Shelly Levin
Genetic Counselor
Northern California

New collection on the Routes to Roots Foundation website. #announcements

Stanley Diamond

Miriam Weiner has done it again! The new Images and Surname Databases
on the Routes to Roots website  RTRFoundation-News: Announcements
provide all genealogists with a highly visual opportunity to dig deeper into our
collective past.

Users will love being able to search for their specific family names in the many
documents that Miriam has lovingly collected and transcribed over her career
as a private researcher. And her efforts to put the collections into context
provide a memoir-like quality to the descriptions that are highly readable and
For readers who are fairly new to genealogical research, it is important to keep
in mind that the documents and photos in the Routes to Roots collection are not
items randomly downloaded from the Internet.  They reflect years of research
on the ground in Eastern Europe, items collected one by one that together make
a remarkable group of resources that might well have something for many of us.
Mazel Tov, Miriam and thank you for your decades of research and all you have
done to utilize it in ways that have been of benefit to us all.
Stanley Diamond, Executive Director
Robinn Magid, Assistant Director

ViewMate translation request #translation #poland

sharon stern

I would love if someone could translate the following death and marriage certificates. The first two are known family members. I am trying to figure out if the second two are, also. Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. 

ViewMate - Image 89194 - Translation - Polish - Poland - Lodz - Sztern - 1929 (

ViewMate - Image 89195 - Translation - Polish - Poland - Lodz - Sztern - 1921 (

ViewMate - Image 89196 - Translation - Polish - Poland - Lasman (

ViewMate - Image 89197 - Translation - Polish - Poland - Sztern (

Thank you in advance!

Sharon L Stern
Seminole, Florida

SZTERN - Lodz, Poland
LASMAN - Lodz, Poland
LEVINE/LEWIN - Poland, Lithuania (?)

Re: JewishGen Education offers Brand New Class - Fresh Start - January 3 - 24 2021 #education #general

Nancy Holden

Fresh Start is a new look at starting or returning to your Jewish family searches. This class was mistakenly priced at #150 for three weeks. However it is a beta class and we are discounting the price to $60. for the three weeks.

We are looking forward to a great start to the 2021 research year.

If you have questions, please contact

For more information on the class details
To register

Nancy Holden
Director of Education

Re: Slutsk Records #belarus #records


you should be able to see these records from the main Slutsk page by click on the first Search button "the JewishGen Belarus Database for Slutsk."   From there you need to click on the button next to "Belarus Revision Lists".

Mike Vayser

Re: Help = Ancestry DNA .. is it worth looking below 2nd Cousin if no proof in trees or known relatives? #dna

Adam Turner

I heartily endorse all of Adam Goodheart's technique here and will add a few bits to it:

  • The technique only gets more powerful the more cousins you know of who have tested. On the side of my family I have researched the most extensively (3000+ known cousins out to about the fifth-cousin level) there are at least sixty people who have tested on AncestryDNA. When you have a color-coded group that large, the best new leads become really obvious - if a new, unknown match only matches 3 cousins out of the 60, that's not necessarily very promising. But if they match 25 out of those 60, while not having a similarly strong pattern of matches to other sides of my family? Then we're in business.  
  • For reasons I don't fully understand, on AncestryDNA the Ashkenazi endogamy seems to play much less of a role in clouding the matches of people who are only part-Jewish. I am 100% Jewish, and have a handful of matches over 100 cM  that appear to be purely artifacts of endogamy, not true cousins. But at least at this level, people I collaborate with who are only 25% Jewish seem to have much more reliable matches. If AncestryDNA says that one of their matches is 117 cM and has some meaningful amount of Jewish ethnicity, that person is almost always going to be a real cousin of theirs. So I use the ethnicity estimate as another piece of the technique: someone who is only part-Jewish, but nonetheless has a promising-looking matching pattern to one of my color-coded groups, is a potentially very strong lead - potentially, an even better lead than someone 100% Jewish with a similar matching pattern. (There are a couple of women in my matches who are probably about 1/8 Jewish, and who I have been itching to hear back from: each of them only has about 7 shared matches with me, but all of those 7 people are known cousins on one side of my family!)
  • You can really supercharge the technique if you can convince your cousins who have tested to share your matches with you. Normally, you can't see if that promising-looking lead with a 77 cM match to you also has a 99 cM match to another of your cousins who has tested. But you can if they've let you view their matches! The more sets of cousins' DNA results you can study, the better a look you'll have at who might be descended from a ggg-uncle you didn't know about before.
Adam Turner

Searching for information about Uri Pearlman from Minsk #belarus

Moe D

Hi there hope all is well I wanted to know if you have any information regarding my great grandfather Uri perlman from minsk died 1962 have no Information other than that his parents were elyakum getzil and tzipora perlman if you have any info please let me know greatly appreciated 

Mo (Moshe) Dinkel 

Re: Two New SURNAME DATABASES to Check Out! #announcements #records

Phyllis Berenson

   As JewishGen Director of Ukraine Research, I too was fortunate to be given a preview tour of Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation greatly enhanced website.  There is so much that is new and easily accessible -- including links to scans of some original records.  After my tour, I searched for particular information and found some helpful data.
  There is no other source where one can find which archives have particular records for a town.  I have used this feature regularly for years. And it's so impressive that Miriam continues to update it.
Mazel tov, Miriam -- and may you have many more years of updating !
Phyllis Gold Berenson
Director of Ukraine Research for JewishGen

Re: Help = Ancestry DNA .. is it worth looking below 2nd Cousin if no proof in trees or known relatives? #dna


To answer some questions I received privately.  

It sometimes take months for someone to reply.  Some never do.

I have an extensive tree.  I know the names of all my g g grandparents.  I have identified many (most) of my g grandparents' siblings.; for 5/8 I am confident I have the names of all siblings.  Thus I sometimes recognize the names of many potential matches.  Through names or common matches I can usually tell which branch (at the g grandparent level) they are on.  When i don't recognize the name I try to find the match on social media to see who their relatives are or where they are from.  When i contact the match I tell them how I think we are related and often ask if so-and-so was their parent or grandparent.

Finally, most branches of my tree spent time in Fall River, MA, so I ask if they have any ties to southeastern MA or Rhode Island.  

Chuck Reback
Spartanburg, SC

Re: Descendants of Twins #general

sharon yampell

My paternal grandmother was one of two sets of twins born to her mother…she and her younger sister both lost their twin sisters as toddlers.  My grandmother did not have any twins nor did her younger sister.  My great aunt had no grandchildren and as one of the two grandchildren my grandmother had who had children, neither I nor my first cousin had twins…


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, New Jersey


From: Sherri Bobish
Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2020 2:21 PM
To: main@...
Subject: Re: [] Descendants of Twins #general


I agree with Malka about the lack of statistical measurement of twins.  As a practical example, in the 1910's in NYC my late Uncle Irving was born a twin.  The two boys' birth certificates give no indication of whether they were fraternal or identical.  My Uncle's twin passed on in very early childhood.

Past records may be too imprecise to use for study, but I would think going forward data would be recorded and studied accurately.


Sherri Bobish


Re: Dwore SILBERGLATT #usa

Sherri Bobish


Have you seen Dora LISS'  U.S. passport application in 1920?

There is a photo of Dora on the 2nd page of the application:


Sherri Bobish

Naturalization Papers #records

Rebecca Racer

Hi Everyone
has anyone had success ordering a certified copy of a naturalization certificate from USCIS (or INS)? Looking through their website, NARA will not certify a certificate from USCIS and NARA may not have certificates after a certain date. Needing this for dual citizenship.

Rebecca Racer

Re: Warsaw Records circa 1920-1922 #poland

Sherri Bobish


You can search his name in old digitized Warsaw directories at:
If you find his name it may list his occupation and address.


Sherri Bobish

Hungarian Census Records Account #announcements #hungary

Vivian Kahn

I am pleased to announce that you can now make donations directly to the Hungarian Census Records Account to support the acquisition of additional census records held in Hungarian archives.  Go to the JewishGenerosity page at:
and scroll down to Hungarian Census Records.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to help cover the cost of the obtaining the vast collection of 18th and 19th century census records from Budapest and other communities in Pest-Pilis-Solt megye.  With your help there will be lots more to come!

Best wishes to all for a safe, healthy, and happy 2021.

Vivian Kahn
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

Re: Descendants of Twins #general

Sherri Bobish

I agree with Malka about the lack of statistical measurement of twins.  As a practical example, in the 1910's in NYC my late Uncle Irving was born a twin.  The two boys' birth certificates give no indication of whether they were fraternal or identical.  My Uncle's twin passed on in very early childhood.

Past records may be too imprecise to use for study, but I would think going forward data would be recorded and studied accurately.


Sherri Bobish

Help reading occupation on Passenger Log #records #unitedkingdom #usa


Hello. I am hoping someone might be able to help me figure out the occupation of my great grandfather, Henry Weingarden. I can not read the handwriting and would be grateful if someone could! I am also having a hard time with the address of Max Lazarus, the home where they visited when they arrived in New York. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

Deborah Moscou Annex

Re: Descendants of Twins #general


My father, who was born in Krynki, Poland in 1898, was one of identical twins but his twin died of (probably) typhus within his first year of life but there are no other twins in our extended family in his or my generation nor had there been any reference to any other set of twins in his previous generation, so, i would guess, you don't need to expect twins in your generation unless by accident...
Murray Stollman
St Pete Beach, FL