Re: Kaschan: Where is this Hungarian / Romanian town? #hungary #romania

Judy Floam

There is a city that was in Hungary in the 19th century – Kassa, Kaschau, Kosice.   (My grandmother was from there.)    It’s now in eastern Slovakia.  But I don’t think it has anything to do with Romania.


Judy Floam


Re: Koloniya Galoche, Odes'Ka Oblast', Ukraine Information Wanted #bessarabia #ukraine

Yefim Kogan


yes, I know a bit about that place.  It is not a town,  but an agricultural colony, which were established in 19 century in Bessarabia, Podolia, other gubernias of Russian empire.
Koloniya - is colony, and might be Galoche or Goloche or today is Halochi.  (Halochi, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, 67930).  It used to be in Balta uezd, Podolia gubernia before 1917.

I am not an expert in Jewish Agricultural colonies,  but when I did a "second" reading recently on Bendery Birth records, which is in Bessarabia,  I found that 3 babies where born to fathers - colonists registered in Goloche colony, Balta uezd.  These records are going to be available at the end of the year.

I decided to check if there are any existing records with the places Goloche or Galoche and found about 65 such records, including birth, marriage, death records.

I hope this helps.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

Re: Newbie looking for a Jewish ancestor in a non Jewish family #unitedkingdom

Susan J. Gordon

If you haven't been to the Jewish Museum of London, it's worth a visit or (nowadays) a look at the website. Over the years, I've been there several times, and have found that most staff members are quite helpful. Good luck!

Susan J. Gordon
New York

Re: Who Filled Out a NYC Marriage License in the 1920s #records #usa

Michele Lock

I just checked the marriage certificates for 5 siblings of my grandfather, all who came to the US between 1910 and 1925. The names of their mother was the following - 
Minnie Cohan
Miriam Colon
Mary Collins
Mary Collen
Mary Lock

Only the 2nd one was accurate. I think the variety was a function of the siblings 'Americanizing' their mother's given name and the clerk mis-hearing the name by the siblings who spoke with accents, 
I have a great uncle here in the US who gave his mother's name as Ida Abrams on his marriage certificate. I found the original Russian/Hebrew marriage record for this woman, and her real name was Chaje Rabinowitch.
I have a great great grandmother who did come to this country, and she herself used the given names Minnie, Mollie, Mamie and Minnie in census records. Her Yiddish name was Michle. Her gravestone says Mollie. Her New York death certificate says Mamie. In a similar vein, a great grandmother of mine herself used the names Ruth, Sarah, Fannie and Louise Leapman in this country (!!!). Her children simply have 'Mother Leapman' on her gravestone. Find-a-grave lists her name as 'Unknown Leapman'. Her Yiddish name was Rochel Frieda, which is on her gravestone in Hebrew letters.
What I have found is that for women's given names in this country, there is a wide variety and it's not really clear to say which is correct or incorrect. I myself have had a difficult time explaining this to a second cousin who has a large family tree on Ancestry. 

Michele Lock

Lock/Lak/Lok and Kalon in Zagare/Joniskis, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Minsk gub., Belarus

Re: Birth and Marriage Certificates Wurzburg Germany #records #germany

Andreas Schwab

On Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 09:03 AM, Andreas Schwab wrote:
Correction: Würzburg State Archive: poststelle@...

Andrea Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Polish Jews in the Red Army during WW2 #poland

David Ellis

Hi there, 
Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of more information on Polish Jews who fought for the Red Army/ Polish Armed Forces fighting with the Red Army during WW2.
My Grandfather was a Polish Jew from Dobromil. He joined the Red Army in June 1941 and then (I believe) retreats east to Kharkov in the USSR after the Red Army are defeated by the Nazis in 1941.
In Jan 1944, he then rejoins the Red Army in Moscow (the Polish Armed forces/ the People's Army of Poland in the Soviet Union) and finishes his duty in October 1945 in Germany.
I'm very keen to understand more about Polish Jews who did similar if anyone knows of any accounts?
Best, David Ellis

Re: Koloniya Galoche, Odes'Ka Oblast', Ukraine Information Wanted #bessarabia #ukraine

Alan Shuchat

A few years ago, I translated the 1875 revision list of males registered in the colony of Chornoy-Goloche, Chorna volost, Balta uezd, and living in the city of Balta. The translation hasn't been posted to JewishGen yet, but I see that there are several listings for Ulyanitskiy and will send them to you.

There is a KehilaLinks page for Goloche but it has no information, at .

There is a Wikipedia page for Galoche in Russian at
You can translate into English, easiest with Google Chrome, and see that Galoche now belongs to the Okny rayon of Odessa oblast. In the 2001 census it had only 3 people. You can find it on Google Maps under the name Halochi.
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

SHUKHAT (Talnoe, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Odessa, Balta (Abazovka), Pogrebishche)
VINOKUR (Talnoe), KURIS (Mogilev-Podolskiy, Ataki, Berdichev)
ZILBERMAN (Soroki, Kremenets), BIRNBAUM (Kamenets-Podolskiy)
KITAIGORODSKI (Zvenigorodka)

Re: Who Filled Out a NYC Marriage License in the 1920s #records #usa


I believe that the city clerk filled out the application with the couple giving the information but in at least three cases I know of, the name of the mother is incorrect.  In two cases the groom gave their step-mother's name because they had been raised by her.
My father who left home very young and married late in life, used the clerk's first name because he could not remember his mother's name; therefore, I know that the clerk's name was Margaret.
Georgia Haken
ROSENBLATT, Wehrda, Germany, Savannah, Georgia.

Re: Research individuals in France #france



As excited as I felt on seeing (and translating) this post, it is probably not my great-uncle.  The occupation is very different, I know for certain that he was born in 1878 or 1879 (from two different sources), and this man was naturalized in 1927, by which time my relative had returned to the USSR.  And I'm pretty sure he never became a French citizen.

I think the best bet would be to find a record of his marriage, which could have been in France.  Also, he may have had a daughter named Lidia born in 1912.

Many thanks,

Ellen Morosoff Pemrick 
Saratoga County, NY


Re: Research individuals in France #france



On the Website of the archives départementales Meurthe-et-Moselle you can look at the censuslists (recensements de population).


Corinne Iten

Re: Koloniya Galoche, Odes'Ka Oblast', Ukraine Information Wanted #bessarabia #ukraine


Goloche was an agricultural Jewish colony in Balta Uyezd of Podolskaya guberniya , current 
You can find documents related to it in DAHMO - Khmelnitsky archive.
Some of them have been already digitized by Alex Krakovsky, for example 1875 male census for Balta uyezd have been digitized, and Goloche should be there.
If you are interested I have a list heads of families from Goloche as of the middle 1850th.. and you can contact me about it.

Constantine Reif

Re: Birth and Marriage Certificates Wurzburg Germany #records #germany

Andreas Schwab

Are you looking for Lower Franconia in General or for the city of Würzburg in particular?
For the city of Würzburg:
For records between 1811 and 1875 (marriages until 1919), contact the Würzburg State Archive:
For records after 1875 and older than 110 years (birth), 80 years (marriage) and 30 years (death), contact the Würzburg City Archives stadtarchiv@...
For later records, you must be a direct descendant of the person you are looking for. Contact the Würzburg Civil Record Office at standesamt@... or request a document online at
The birth records between 1876 and 1945 were destroyed by fire during the war, except for the boroughs that were merged later. 
The following web page (in German) gives general instructions for genealogical research for the city of Würzburg:

Andrea Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Re: Kaschan: Where is this Hungarian / Romanian town? #hungary #romania

András Alvincz

Alvincz András
Suche Stadt:Kaschan Ungarn-Rumänien

Halló Steve!
Wenn Kassa-Oderberg Bahn erwänt wird (führt westlich von Kassa nach Silesien)Stadtnahme Kashan -(ausgesprochen,-nehme an,  oder geschrieben?)ist Kassa, Kosice, Kaschau (Deutsch) liegt von Sátoraljaujhely westlich 40 km, so können  rumänische, ukrainische Städte nicht  in frage kommen die östlich von Sátoraljaujhely liegen.Es hat eine Bedautung die Bahn erwähnt gahabt haben.(war eine grosse sache die mit der stadt Kassa  erähnenswert gewesen war.(Kassa war Ausgangstation)

Schőne Grüsse. Alvincz András

Re: Who Filled Out a NYC Marriage License in the 1920s #records #usa

David Gordon

I can't speak for NYC, but my great-grandfather was a rabbi in Washington DC from the turn of the century until the mid-1930s and over the last few decades I have been returning original licenses and marriage certificates to families from a collection that he kept and that I inherited.  In most cases, he filled out the license (and the certificate) himself.  Where the handwriting is not familiar I have no way to be certain but suspect that it was a clerk of the court where the application for the license would have been filed.  Keep in mind that although the groom may have provided information on an application (either in writing or orally), the license itself is not likely to have been in his hand.  My two cents.  Good luck.

David Gordon
Chicago, IL
GORDON, Butrimonys; HORWITZ, Lapichi & Smolevichi 

Re: Kaschan: Where is this Hungarian / Romanian town? #hungary #romania


where did you see this name Kaschan? is it maybe Kaczwan? if yes then it is probably a small Polish town very close to Slovakia
one of grandfathers is written that was born there - is probably that town
Joseph Kauftheil

Re: Kaschan: Where is this Hungarian / Romanian town? #hungary #romania


Dear  All,                                                                                                                        25th November 2020

I did suggest the same as Mr Miller--Kassa,  as  Kosiche has many names, many pronunciation, 

I visited Kassa  more then once as I had 'next of kin's' living there--family Dr Beran. Dr.Madar

At the same time--I leave the 'door' open to Mezokoszony ---Koszony-- and other similar towns, villages 

Like, when I 'hear' ' read'  documentation referring to 'Keresztire--  its correct name is BODROGKERESZTUR--where the famous Reb Shaye Kerestire--resided.

Many 'Hamlets'  became villages, and towns--Like : Liszka, and  Olaszi  presently called Olaszliszka  etc.

Or 'BERCEL'  very often means  TISZABERCEL

Kind regards
Veronika Pachtinger--London UK.

Re: Ancestry Library Edition Extended Through March 31, 2021 For Remote Access #announcements #general #records #usa

Harold Love

The Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh has made it available to members and I have been using throughout the pandemic as well as several newspaper archives (not
Harold Love
Pittsburgh, PA

Arugos HaBosem- Rabbi Moshe Grunwald #rabbinic #hungary #ukraine

Marcia Heller

Looking for Grunwald relatives of Arugas HaBosem who have had DNA testing or willing to have paid DNA testing
Contact marciaheller@...

Marcia Heller

Re: Family research Chernogubovskiy Russia Odessa #russia #names


Nukhim was born in 1888, had 3 siblings born in 1890's - Bentsion, Khasya (1897-died at 9 months), Gersh (died at 13 months)
Father - Movsha-Mordukh s.o. Izrail-Leyb married at least 3 times:
2nd time after Nukhim's birth
3rd time in early 1905 to a woman with last name Idel (most likely Malka-Tsyril d.o. Yankel-Leyb)
Movsha-Mordukh's sister Tsivya married in 1890's to ?
Movsha-Mordukh's brother Khaim married in early 1904 to a woman with the last name to Kerpel (Mintsya, Rukhlya, or Sara)

There is a page of people with this last name on Yad Vashem, all mostly from, what is currently, central Belarus:

Mike Vayser

Re: Naturalizations France #france

David Choukroun

Dear Daniella, 

As far I as I know, you can ask the Archives for a reproduction (Scan or copies) as indicated here (so you need to open one account) :My account - Online catalogue ( 
There is a menu -- "reproduction request" (I must write that I never tried it)

You need first to go from the decree number to the exact reference of the box containing the file.  That can be easy or painful path
For that you can follow the SIV guidelines

I have no clue if they are really answering in a timely manner (they have probably tons of requests) and in any case all is closed those days in France for the Naturalisation files for 2 reasons : 
1/ Covid-19 of course
2/ They are moving the full "Naturalisation files" archives from one location to another one -- all the requests are rejected for the time being

To give you ideas, without Covid, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get access to a file (or at least a timeslot at a specific place (30Km from Paris)) to catch it). Then you can go on site and run the copies/scan yourself
With the Covid, I am afraid this is going to take months :(

I hope all will be back to normal early 2021

Stay safe !