Re: US military marriage Nathanson Goldenberg in 1944 Cairo #records

Sherri Bobish


I assume that you've seen the record of the marriage of Nathan Nathanson & Eva Goldenberg
in the Ancestry database U.S., Consular Reports of Marriages, 1910-1949.  There are two pages with a lot of information.


Sherri Bobish

U.S., Consular Reports of Marriages, 191b0-1949

Re: Why would a husband take his wife's surname? #lithuania #unitedkingdom #general

Herman Salmenson

I believe that when a man married into a prominent family for example a famous rabbinical family, the husband if he was a rabbi, would take on the father-in-laws surname so that he could continue the dynasty.
Herman Salmenson

Re: Why would a husband take his wife's surname? #lithuania #unitedkingdom #general


Family lore has my ggfather (Przeworski) taking his wife's surname (Roth) due to the children being teased being called 'Sewer'.  (NYC, about 1900)
John Segedy, NH

Re: Deciphering Gravestone #translation


Hi Lee, 

I'd like to add another detail which is important when reading Yiddish in general and transliteration of names (persons or places) in Yiddish. 

The letter aleph renders in many cases the voyel o. So you read Koshkin in English and the Yiddish transliteration is Koshkin as well, and not Kashkin. 

Best regards  

Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet, Israel 

Re: Looking for ZELTZER in Podolia or Kishinev #ukraine #bessarabia


Hi Sam,
My husband’s maternal grandmother was Gita ZELTZER (1901-2005) from Bessarabia. The daughter of Haim Hersh ZELTZER (1858-1939) and Keila SHTERN (1860-1942) and a sibling to Tuba,  Beila, Yosel, Lia, Rivka, Foitsa and Natan ZELTZER.

Let me know if you find a connection.

LANDSMAN from Gomel, Mogilev, Belarus;
SHEININ from Gomel, Mogilev, Belarus, Kyiv, Russia;
PRITIKIN from Oster, Ukraine;
KRONFELD from Bessarabia;
DOROGOYER from Bessarabia.

Re: Why would a husband take his wife's surname? #lithuania #unitedkingdom #general

Christine Hills

It doubt if this is the reason in this instance, but I know two men (unrelated), who in the last century took their wife's name at marriage because they were in business partnership with the wife's father and it was of benefit to have the same name, for financial and inheritance reasons. Both were in U.K.
Christine Hills  Dublin, Ireland (Previously London, England)

Re: Why would a husband take his wife's surname? #lithuania #unitedkingdom #general


One reason I can think of for the husband to take his wife's last name in the UK is because Fletcher may have made it easier when dealing with other people or the authorities, compared to the foreign Lazarus. Considering common intolerance to strangers/immigrants/Jews, using a less "foreign" name might have helped.
In my family I have the opposite reason for choosing a wife's last name.  I have a cousin in Israel who's last name was originally Cohen. He adopted his wife's last name so he could have a less common name and less confusion when dealing with officials.  His first name is pretty common Israeli name and Cohen is the most common last name for Jews in Israel. Think of being named John Smith and having to explain to the police each time that you are not the John Smith they are looking for.

Dan Efrat
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA (originally from Israel)

Re: Ancestral town of Lyantskoran/Zarechanka #ukraine


My great-grandmother, Esther Schwartz (married name Litt) was from there. Her parents were Isaac & Lena (born Polack). I'd also be interested in any resources. 

Eric Fink
Researching SCHWARTZ & POLACK from Zarechanka

Re: Deciphering Gravestone #translation

Valentin Lupu

Both are abbreviations of:
- our teacher, the Rabbi מורנו הרב
- ritual slaughterer and inspector שוחט ובודק

Valentin Lupu

Surnames Rzezak, Pakentreger, Iglicka/Iglicki from Lodz or Zdunska Wola, Poland #names #poland

Sharon E Siegel

If anyone is researching Surnames Rzezak, Pakentreger, Iglicka/Iglicki from Lodz or Zdunska Wola, Poland  #names #poland # rabbi Shlomo (Szlama) Iglicki of Lodz (most of whom died in the Holocaust or experienced the horrible conditions on the run, later in Siberian river logging camp, and diseases and losses after taking a boat to Russian work farms, maybe we can compare research.

This has been a very powerful undertaking in the discoveries made of details left out by my husband's mom and dad in telling portions of their Holocaust survival and immigration by Marine Perch to NY in 1946.  I just know we have relatives out there, but do not have names and locations.
Sharon E. Siegel 
Port Jervis, NY USA

Re: Ukraine Group - Town of Tulchin, Sirota Family #ukraine


found some folks in 4 different places, 1875 census, 1921 pogrom list (possible relatives that didn't emigrate), and 1897 Odessa census (perhaps some relatives moved from Tulchin to Odessa), 

1875 census:
226-80-1169 1875
Itsko-Leyb s.o. Khaim
sons: Yudko, Ios, Duvid
shtetl Gorishkovka
226-80-1167a 1875 district 9
Sirota Moshko-Azril s.o. Aron-Shmul - 48 y.o
son: Alter - 10 y.o.
registered at Novograd-Volynskiy, Volyn governorate
226-80-1167b 1875 district 3
Sirota Shaya-Leyb - 41 y.o.
Leyzor - 7 y.o.
Yankel - 5 y.o.
Abrum - 2 y.o.
registered at shtetl Markovka (?), Yampol district, Podolia governorate

The following 2 people had families in Odessa, as noted in the 1897 census (let me know if you need details on their families, age, etc):
  • Sirota Srul-Duvid s.o. Noekh from Kuna, Gaysin district, Podolia  (~30 mi E of Tulchin)
  • Syrota Noikh s.o. Khaim from Kublich, Gaysin district, Podolia (~50 mi E of Tulchin)
from a 1921 document titled 
"Tulchin Jewish Public Committee for Aid to the affected by the Pogroms
Registration book of the population affected by the pogroms in the city of Tulchin"
Sirota Iosif s.o. Itsko-Leyb
Sirota Itsko s.o. Yudka
Sirota Moshe s.o. Gul.
Sirota Motel s.o Iosif
Sirota Nakhman s.o. Aron
Sirota Feyga d.o Iosif
Sirota Khuma d.o Yankel
Sirota Isrul s.o Pinkus
Sirota Luzer s.o. Zus
Sirota Moyshe s.o. Itsko
Sirota Khaim s.o. Igif.?
Sirota Hana d.o. Aizik
Sirota Ester d.o. Luzer
Sirota Brukha d.o. Gershko
Sirota Vitya d.o. Itsko
Sirota Perlya

Mike Vayser

Re: Request for Information - Black family, Manchester 1940s - 1970s Inbox #unitedkingdom #general

Rodney Eisfelder

Gertrude Parkin adopted the surname Black in January 1958, at which time she was living at 5 Rugby Street, Cheetham.


Perhaps someone can find out who else was living at that address in 1958...

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Slutsk Records #belarus #records

Gerald and Margaret

Why dont you contact The Together Plan, a charity based in London and Belarus, which helps the remaining Jews in the country become self-sufficient.  One of their projects is to undertake genealogical research.  Their huge advantage is they speak the local language and Russian, plus know the ways of the local bureaucracy.


Margaret Levin , London UK

Deciphering Gravestone #translation

Lee Jaffe

I'd appreciate some help deciphering a couple words on my great-grandfather's gravestone.  What I've made out so far is:

Here Lies
Our Beloved Father
xxx Rav Ari Leib son of
Shalom HaCohen xxx
Died 11 MarHeshvon 5683
(2 Nov 1922)

What I'm having trouble with are the 
first word on the third line:  מוה
last word on the fourth line: שוב (acronym?)
Not even sure I'm reading the letters correctly.

I've tried everything I could think of but haven't found anything that made sense.


Lee Jaffe
Koshkin, Joroff, Weinblatt, Schwartz, Jaffe

Why would a husband take his wife's surname? #lithuania #unitedkingdom #general

Denise Fletcher

It seems that one of my grandfather's sisters, Leah Fleiser / Fleser, married a Samuel Lazarus.  As far as we know, Leah was born in Prienai, Lithuania in 1879, and Samuel was born in 1868.  We don't know where or when they got married. 

Leah had siblings who left Prienai around the turn of the 20th century for the UK, where the name was anglicised to Fletcher.  She, possibly already married to Samuel, followed suit at around the same time.

Leah and Samuel lived in Cardiff from at least 1912, and for some reason, Samuel apparently took Fletcher as his surname.  All 3 of his sons had Lazarus as their middle name, though, and on HIS tombstone, his given names are Samuel Eliezer, in other words, Samuel Lazarus, but his surname is Fletcher.

Can anyone shed any light on why this might have happened? 

Please reply directly to me at dfletcheroz@...

Many thanks in anticipation!
Denise Fletcher, Sydney Australia

Re: Charge for JewishGen? We Disagree! #JewishGenUpdates

Relly coleman

I appreciate JewishGen being free for all.  I use it often and sent my donation to support your work.
While Amazon Smile is a nice addition, at a rate of 0.5% per purchase, one would have to spend $20,000 to equal a $100 donation. 
Relly Coleman

Re: Dwore SILBERGLATT #usa


Myer Liss and Dora were reported as having moved West in 1923.  I located them in Los Angeles in the census of 1930 and 1940.  She is not difficult to identify in the census because she was born in England. 

David Rosen

"Dora and Meyer are in the US census for both 1910 and 1920 in Springfield MA.   (Indexed on Ancestry as Si?s in 1920 and Liss in 1920).  No children in either year.
Myer is in the Boston City directory for Boston in 1906 on Cunard St., This is the street where Dora lives on the marriage record. He  Is in subsequent Boston City directories for 1907 & 8. He Is absent in1909.
Myer is in Springfield MA City directories 1909 - 1922. In the 1923 directory it says "rem. west", i.e removed/moved West."

On 12/22/2020 10:27 PM, Mike Coleman via wrote:



Does anyone recognise this lady?

She arrived at New York on 13 Jun 1892, single, apparently alone and allegedly aged 16, having sailed from Hamburg on the "Rugia".
Her native country was Russia and her last residence Plock.

We believe that, as "Dora Davis", she was married to Harry Fox in Boston on 26 Jul 1896 by D. Rosenthal, Minister of the Cong(regation?) of Wilno.
Her age was given as 20, her place of birth as Russia and her parents named as David and Fanny.

She was subsequently, as Dora Fox nee Davis, married to Myer Liss in Boston on 19 Dec 1905.
This time her age was given as 24, her place of birth as England and her parents named as David Davis and Fanny Rosenthal.

Any and all information, and suggestions, gratefully received.

Mike Coleman

Ukraine Group - Town of Tulchin, Sirota Family #ukraine

Please advise re: best ways, if any, to research vital records for the town.  Our family left there circa 1896.


David Lerner


Re: Request for Information - Black family, Manchester 1940s - 1970s Inbox #unitedkingdom #general

Sherri Bobish


I did a search in the Ancestry database: England & Wales, National Probate Calendar.
I searched for surname BLACK, passing on between 1970 -1980 in Salford.   I got two hits.  I would assume Gertrude's name would be in the probate record, as you said she received a considerable legacy.

6 Radford St, Salford  (Note: name of street hard to read though)
died November 22, 1972
probate London July 20th
53350  (pounds)

39 Murray St., Salford
died August 12, 1979
Administration Manchester 11 September
10821 (pounds)

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Information sought on GIMPEL Leopold & Janette #germany

Sherri Bobish


975 N. Delaware St., the address they went to in 1951 was The Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation.  IHC  moved to the suburb of Meridian Hills.

As an aside (have nothing to do with the Gimpel family) 975 N. Delaware St. was later used by Jim Jones.

Leopold & Janete naturalized in the 1950's in NY. 

Janete passed on in California in 1994.  Her death cert should list the informant's name, and may possibly be a child or other relative.

Below is a record of Janete GIMPEL in the
U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007

It contains her parents names.

Name:Janete Gimpel[Janetta Gimpel][Janete Scheineeld]Gender:Female
Birth Date:14 May 1909
Birth Place:Boryslan, Poland[Boryslan|]Death Date:19 May 1994
Claim Date:15 May 1968
Father:Markus ScheineeldMother:Genia SigulimCitizenship or Alien Status:U.S. citizen.Type of Claim:Evidence other than birth record submitted; U.S. citizen or alien allowed to work.Notes:14 May 1993: Name listed as JANETE GIMPEL; 24 Sep 1976: Name listed as JANETTA GIMPEL

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish