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The headers are explained on the Wikipedia page:

Mike Vayser

Re: Origin of girl's name "Seiva" #names #romania #yiddish

Nevet Basker

I haven't seen "Seiva," but here's a person in my tree (Galicia, 1800s) named "Schewa" whose Hebrew name was Batsheva.

--Nevet Basker (Bellevue, WA)
Researching: Zolkiew, Brody, Uhnow, Rawa Ruska, and vicinity
Names (spellings vary): Basechis, Laubfeld, Klughaupt, Lieberman

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #ukraine

Bruce Drake

Almost every Jewish community had a mikveh, where Jews went for the ritual bath to cleanse themselves of deeds from the past. Unmarried women went to the mikveh prior to their wedding, and married ones did so after their monthly cycle. The function of immersion in the mikveh was also required for conversion to Judaism.
This week’s excerpt about the rituals of the mikveh —from the Yizkor book of Mikulince (Mikulintsy)in Ukraine — is part of a longer piece titled “Yosha the Sexton.” It is Yosha who takes the author there when he was a young boy. “Naked bodies of grown men shocked me at first,” he recalls, providing a vivid description of the experience. For a bride going to the mikveh, “an appointment had to be made in advance with the female bathhouse attendant and the matter was kept secret.”
Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD
Towns: Kovel, Wojnilow

75th Anniversary of the Repatriation of Far East Prisoners of War #announcements #records #unitedkingdom

Jan Meisels Allen

During World War ll over 190,000 British and Commonwealth troops were taken prisoner by the Imperial Japanese Army. Many were held captive in the Far East and conditions were brutally harsh, including carrying out slave labor.

They suffered from malnutrition,  and diseases such as cholera, dysentery and malaria.


The75th anniversary of the return of first prisoners of war was October 7th, when the SS Corfu docked in Southampton, England. This marked the first of the return of 40,000 former Far East prisoners. 

There is a new website, commemorating the return of these first prisoners of war.


Between 1942 and 1945 over 60,000 British, Commonwealth and Dutch prisoners were forced to work on the Thailand Burma “death railway” railway, enduring the most brutal and harsh conditions imaginable,

including long hours of intense heavy labor with minimal food and water, which led to over 16,000 of them perishing.


FEPOW 75 includes interviews with survivors, artwork created in the camps by POWs, stories, and links to resources. It is not a website where researchers can enter a person's name to find out if they were held prisoner.


If you enjoy bagpipes there is a two minute video on the site, where “Flowers O the Forest” is performed by Corporal Christopher Watt of The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland


Thank you to Gail Dever and her blog, Genealogy à la carte for informing us about this website.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee







Re: Explanation/translation of name recorded in Polish #poland #translation

Harry Auerbach

Vel is the polish equivalent of "aka", or "also known as."
Harry Auerbach

Tsarist Russian internal passports #russia #ukraine

Michael Sharp

Does anyone know of any databases of internal passports and travel permits for Tsarist Russia? Birth records prove that my grandfather's family came from the Chernigov oblast in what is now northern Ukraine, but my father said that they came from Odessa. Ideally I would like to trace the family's journey out of Russia - maybe they first travelled south to the port of Odessa, but I don't know

Michael Sharp, Manchester, England

Re: Ukraine and Belarus births and marriages - what is best approach to find records? #ukraine #belarus

Beverly Bienstock Margolies

Years ago I ordered Pryluki records to find my grandfather, David Binstock, POLTAVA 1898 birth record.    I ordered from Utah LDS,  to a nearby Family History Center. There is one in Emerson, NJ.   They are probably still closed due to Covid, but the online search and research is available on their site.

Unfortunately, I did not find his record, but I kept the images in case anyone else could use Poltava records for 1898

Good Luck,
Beverly Bienstock Margolies
New Jersey

Re: Find immigration manifest and naturalization papers? #records #usa


I am working on a reply to this original post, since I have several unresolved questions about these El Paso cards.  For the moment, I'm not convinced all these cards are indexing the El Paso manifest cards or sheets.  Many of those listed in said index have easily-found passenger lists and manifests, but not always for the dates or places shown on the El Paso index.  Others cannot be found on any manifest online (like Jacob Brostoff).  These cards index something somewhere, just have to figure out what.

Marian Smith

Nathan and Anna COHEN from New York Image Looking for Family #usa


I found this photograph of Nathan and Anna COHEN in the photos of my Ellis family from Kishinev.  I would love to find its rightful family, but there are many couples with those names in 1910-1920 NYC.  Perhaps someone reading this will recognize them and give them a home.
Thank you,
Marlise Gross
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Harold B Krom Z"L #lithuania

Anderson Jill <jill.anderson@...>

From: Jill Anderson <ja324435@...>
Subject: Harold B Krom Z"L
Date: 9 October 2020 at 12:30:40 BST

The Board of LitvakSIG would like to express its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Harold Krom. He was a major contributor, supporter and lifetime member of LitvakSIG.  

May his memory be for a blessing.

Jill Anderson
President, LitvakSIG

Re: File of Berdychev surnames 1897 census #ukraine

Bella Tseytlin

Re: Where can I find the birth certificate of someone who was born in a DP camp (Benzheim)? #records #holocaust


Although my recent experience is not for birth records but for evidence that my mother was in Kosciuszk(ow) dp camp, near Iserlohn. I was advised by the Iserlohn archives that because the camp was in the British Zone to try the British Archives. As it appears that the  Benzheim camp was in the American zone maybe that will point you in the right direction.
Hope that this helps.
Noreen Thorne (England)

Re: Ukraine and Belarus births and marriages - what is best approach to find records? #ukraine #belarus


Hi Alan
I was able to find my great grandparent's marriage records at the Grodno Archive in Belarus. They were married in Lida, Belarus.
Some information was on the Jewishgen site and then, with the help of a Russian friend, I contacted the archivist at Grodno who sent me documents (all in Russian).
Ukraine I don't know about - I am searching information about my other great grandfather Moses Cohen from Wladimeretz, Wohelin, Russia (now Ukraine) - so I will follow what other replies you get with interest

good luck

Nicholas Boyarsky

Re: Explanation/translation of name recorded in Polish #poland #translation



"Vel" in Latin means "either...or"

Think of it as AKA.

Izrael used LEWIN and WARSZAWSKI interchangeably. Maybe his family was originally from Warsaw and used WARSZAWSKI (a Toponym) before adopting LEWIN as the family proper surname. But both names were used and accepted to identify this family.

Judy Golan
JRI-Poland Kielce/Sandomierz/Radom Areas Coordinator

ARKHANGELSK labor camp records WWII - Abram JAKUBOWICZ #russia #poland



My grandfather was recruited to the Polish army in 1939 fell for the Red Army and was sent to Arkhangelsk.
Is there a way to find records from there regarding him?

Best regards,
Aviv Yahav

Russian military records for missing/fallen soldiers - Szmujlo-Mowsza FRYDMAN #russia



I have tried to find his record on the memorial book without success

He fought in the great Patriotic War  - recruited in 1941 around Mordovsky District.
His last letter was from Voronezh area.

Can you please advise what databases or insititions should I contact to expand my search?

Thanks in advance,
Aviv Yahav

Re: "Wer einmal War" #austria-czech #general

Johann Hammer

Hello Barbara,

Elisabeth Hock, probably born in Prague, year of birth and death unknown (her brother David Nehemias Hock was born around 1798),
daughter of Nehemias Salomon Heck and Eva (Hindl) Bumslau.

Kind regards,
Johann Hammer

Re: File of Berdychev surnames 1897 census #ukraine

Anita Hasson

Dear Paul,

Glad for you, for finding the file of interest.
Trying to find my file of interest ( the Surname Kagan in Berdichev cenzus - in "Delo" ("case") 6 ) - I get nowhere.
Could you please explain me, what did I do wrong?

Anita Hasson (Kagan),
Tel-Aviv, Israel.

File: DAKO 384-15-6. 1897. Census letters, Berdychiv, 3 census precinct, 2 counting precinct.pdf

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Re: Where can I find the birth certificate of someone who was born in a DP camp (Benzheim)? #records #holocaust

David Lewin

At 18:02 08/10/2020, Lewis, Megan wrote:
The DP camp records in the Arolsen Archives contain some birth certificates or other documentation of births.  If you do not find these documents on the Arolsen Archive's website I suggest your cousins submit a research request to them or the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I agree with the suggestion that they contact the registry offices in Benzheim.

Best wishes,

Megan Lewis

Google insists that the location is named benSheim

David Lewin

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation

Josh Poritz

Hi all,
I have posted three pages from Grodno revision lists of 1834 and 1850 on ViewMate and am looking for translation of the entries on these pages that pertain to the DZIVETETSKY or KHAZANOVITZ families:
I think there's only one such entry per page, hence three entries in all.
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much!
Josh Poritz
New York, NY