Re: Could Abramowitz and Abramsohn be fro mthe same family? #names


The suffix "-wittch/vitz/witz" in Russian is the equivalent of "-son/sohn" in English/German.
BTW, German was widely used in Riga, Latvia - at least during the 2nd half of the 19th century.
Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rassein), Lithuania

City of Sharagrov #russia

Steven Lotkin

On my grandfathers' naturalization document (Harry Katchuren) , info has my grandmother (Rose Koff/Katchuren) listed born in Sharagrov, Russia.
Could some one help and help me in whether this city is located in Bessarabia, Moldova or in Ukraine.
The spelling could be different from the actual spelling.

Thank you for your kind assistance & research
Steve Lotkin

Re: how to find my ancestors #romania

Vivian Kahn

Felso Viso, now Viseu de Sus, Romania, was in Maramaros, Hungary, close to Sziget. You can find lots of records in the JewishGen Hungary Database.

Vivian Kahn, Director
JewishGen Hungarian SIG
Researching families including:
BERKOVICS/BERKOWITZ/ROTH/GROSZ. Avas Ujvaros, Hungary/Orasu Nou, Romania
KAHAN/JOSIPOVITS/DUB, Sziget, Kabolacsarda, Nagyvarad, Hungary/Sighet, Ciarda, Oradea, Romania
KOHN/Zbegnyo/ Zbehnov, Tarnoka/Trnavka, Slovakia; Cleveland  LEFKOVITS/Kolbasa/Brezina, Slovakia
MOSKOVITS/Honkocz, Szobranc, Osztro, Kassa, Hungary/Chonkovce, Sobrance, Ostrov, Kosice, Slov., Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
ELOVITS/Hornya, Hungary/Horna, Slovakia
NEUMANN/Szeretva, Kereszt, Nagymihaly, Miskolc, Hung./Sobrance, Kristy, Stretavka, Michalovce, Slov. 
POLACSEK/Hunfalu, Hungary/Huncovce, Slovakia
SPITZ/Nikolsburg/Mikulov, Prosnitz/Prostejov, Moravia/Czech Republic; Kismarton/Eisenstadt, Hungary/Austria; Hunfalu,Hungary//Huncovce, Slovakia

What extent are the birth and marriage records for mid-1800s Vlina incomplete? #lithuania

Bathsheba Froyse

I thought that having clear details of ancestor names and birth years would make it easy to search for mid-1800s birth and marriage records in Vilna area. I have been looking for Solomon Price (son of Saul), born 1841, and his wife Esther, also born in 1841.My searching for online databases have come up with nought and I am wondering if this could be due to the fact that the records currently available are only the tip of the iceberg - e.g., much not yet available, lost or destroyed. Maybe I need to be more patience until additional records become available?
Thanks again,
Bathsheba Froyse

Re: Formal name change in NYC #usa #names

Alan Reische

As Barbara said, you may have to rely on inference. My great grandparents emigrated as 'Lische' in 1880 but began using 'Reische' not long after arrival. There's no explanation for the change, although one can speculate the family was modifying the surname to identify with the German and not the Galician communities. My own father was born as 'Emanuel Gerson' in 1905 but by 1910, he was listed in the census as 'Merrill G." and went by that name the rest of his life. I was able to identify his grandfather's affiliation through the tombstone script and the burial society for the plot where he was interred.
Alan Reische
Manchester NH

Anyone familiar with Zembrzyce, Poland? Surname: GOLDFINGER LEIBNER #poland


Is anyone familiar with a shtetl or region that would be referred to as Zembrzyce? Or other names that would be used for this town?
Anyone else have this town in listed in family records?

It is appearing as a modern name in Poland today, but I'm having troubling finding any info on the historical Jewish population. JewGen has nothing. Gesher Galicia has this link but with very little data. and the Virtual Shtetl has very little.
The town consistently appears in my research documents and I'd be very appreciative if anyone has experience on the best place to look for records and info.

Thank you kindly,
Theresa Koenigsknecht

Re: Need help translating Polish phrase #poland #translation

Kris Murawski

Hi Allan, as a followup on my earlier post, here is the full original recording of the message you refer to. It is an air raid announcement read on the radio during the siege of Warsaw in September 1939. It reads Uwaga, uwaga, nadchodzi (Attention, attention, it is coming) followed by a string of coded numero-alphabetic information. That coded informstion was evidently of military nature and could provide information about the number of enemy planes or their location/direction.
Herre is the recording:
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North Carolina

Re: Help with translation on headstone plus connecting another #translation

Susan Watchman

What cemetary are these from? Such common names and name combinations - have my own Goldbergs to xontend with, including seemingly unrelated Goldbergs marrying each other.
Susan Watchman
Phoenix, Az

Re: Does anyone recognize the "D" word birthplace in this 1860 NY census? #records


Since no one has said it yet, I will: it would be good to have a larger view of the page. It would give more handwriting to compare and maybe other clues.
Can we assume that Maria and Charles Benjamin are a couple? In that case the two towns might be near each other, or maybe not, melting pot and all that.

Robert Roth
Kingston, NY

Re: Does anyone recognize the "D" word birthplace in this 1860 NY census? #records

Paul Chirlin

Derbak, the K matches the K as a final letter on Frederick on the previous page. 

Paul Chirlin

translation on ViewMate #yiddish #translation #poland

David Buford

Please help translate this short letter. Any information I can find out about my father's family and the place he was from will be helpful. Trying to piece things together.
Thanks in advance.
Linda Gold Buford

                      Kobryn, Belarus Belarus - KAMENETZKI - KAMIENKA
                      Russia - SALIMAN, SCHREIBER, SEGAL, WALDMANN
                      Israel - PALTER

Re: Need help translating Polish phrase #poland #translation

Kris Murawski

This is an air raid announcement read by the radio in September 1939 in Warsaw. The announcement was „Uwaga, uwaga, nadchodzi” followed by symbols consisting of letters and numbs, like, e.g., Uwaga, uwaga nadchodzi, W-H-7 (or similar). Attention, attention, it is coming, W-H-7.  People didn’t kno meanings of those symbols. They assumed they referred perhaps to he number of approaching enemy arcraft or their location.
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North CarolinaPeople

Serpukhov, Russia Relatives #russia


My great aunt, Lena Ratner Fellman, listed her home as Serpukhov, Russia on her U.S. naturatlization form.   I've seen Serpukhov is not far outside of Moscow but I have found no records for Serpukhov.  I am looking for relatives of the Ratner family or any other people from this town.  My grandfather was Moshe(Morris) Ratner.  His father was David Ratner and his mother was either Tillie Epstein or Sarah Levin.  Morris's siblings were Lube(Lena), Zivia(Cecelia), Elia(Ellis) and Sarah.  Has anyone heard of this town?  Are there other names for this town?  Thank you for any help.
Laura Steele

Re: Russian Translation help needed for Information on back of photo #translation


Art photography of Rembrandt in Kyiv
Lvovskaya street, building #15
Taking orders and any kind of increase
The negatives are kept.

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: Need help translating Polish phrase #poland #translation

Frank Szmulowicz

What year is this phrase from? 1939?

One of the words is "nadchodzi" , which means "comes near" or "approaches," apparently as an invasion.
voo-ha (whatever it is, it would be spelled wócha in Polish) doesn't ring a bell. Perhaps, the original recording would be better.

Frank Szmulowicz

Re: Emigration channels of Polish workers in 1930 #lodz #poland #france

Bernard Flam

Hi from ... Paris,
Dear Dominique,
More than 1.5 million of French soldiers had been killed during WWI, two or three times more men were no able to work and we can add the civil victims.
At end of 20's, France's economy was still unable to recover its level of 1913.
So France voted 1927 law to facilitate naturalization (which was already not so bad due to "droit du sol", the right to be French only by being born in France.
State to state agreements were also made with Spain, Italy and Poland to facilitate immigration of workers and their families.
If we consider Poland, it's ca 900.000 persons who came : an official institution was set with a place of entry in Thionville (east of France, close to steel and coal mines). 
I attach a document on "Société Générale d'Immigration" and the sole known picture of Thionville center.
Plus a picture of new migrants with identity on plate to make their papers.
Most of non-jewish workers were sent to mines in North and East of France.
Most of Jewish persons (with generally few abilities to work in mines...), ca 30.000 to 40.000 persons established in Paris and suburbs.
They get their earnings in traditionnal jobs : tailors, furers, shoemakers, etc..
May I add than after some strikes in mines in early 30's, France expelled with full trains hundreds of Polish workers with families back to Poland.
Here at Medem Center, we are direct descendants of these Jewish migrants who were militants of Bund.
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring of France (Bund, SKIF, Workers Circle)

Re: Seek Translation of five matsevot Adutiskis Lithuania on ViewMate #lithuania #translation

Yehoshua Sivan

The first one is, as far as I can make out:
האישה הצנועה והחשובה
The modest and notable woman
מרת ביילא בת יהודה לב י
Mrs. Bayla daughter of Yehuda Lev (I'm not sure what the two letters are, after his name)
Fratas / Pratas / Freitas (this could be a Spanish/Portuguese Jewish name.  There were Sephardim who reached E. Europe)
Died [on]
There should be a date of death here, but there isn't !  Very unusual.
Standard abbreviation for "may her soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life".
Yehoshua Sivan

ViewMate translation request - German - PRIEWER wedding act #germany #translation

David Choukroun

Dear all,

I've posted a vital record in German for which I need a translation.

It is on ViewMate at the following addresses (2 pages)

I am interested in all possible details (their jobs, their addresses in Hanover and especially the top left corner note)

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much




Re: Yiddish Translations Request: Text on back of Photo #translation #yiddish


Hi Sharon,

I noticed your name is Fingold and you have ancestors from Ukraine.  My Maiden name is Finegold.  My Grandfather Solomon Finegold was born in Zinkor in about 1881 and came to England in the early 1900's.    He met his wife Fanny Weiner on board the emigration ship and I believe she also came from Ukraine.  They married in the East End of London on 2nd April 1906.  I know nothing of any of their siblings or relatives and wondered if there were any connections with our families.  I would love to see the photos on he reverse of your photos.  Presumably these are the little Carte de visite which measure about 4.5" x 3.5" as the format on the back looks like this type of photograph.

Lesley Edwards
Cheshire, England

Finding my ancestors #lithuania #unitedkingdom



i have recently uncovered, with the wonderful help of a person in Israel, what could be our Jewish ancestors but we need more help.  The family name was Banglovitch but was changed to Bangl and indeed a headstone has been found with that Surname in a cemetery in London.  The full name is Harris Bangl who lived was born and lived in London, it is believed he was a travelling salesman.  He died in 1976. His father was Issac Banglovitch who appeared in the UK 1911 census living in London with his wife Sarah and there was I believe 6 children, one of whom was Harris Banglovitch. They were noted initially to being Russian but that was amended to Vilnius, Lithuania.

Any help in tracing his living relatives would be so appreciated.

Thank you in anticipation.

Best wishes
Julie Park