Re: Lichtenstein family from Slovakia, Austria now called LANE living in Chicago area #austria-czech #general #slovakia #usa

Judith Berlowitz

Hi Gary,
This family is on Geni.  See Peter's profile here, with the managers of his information.  They should be able to help you.

I have L's in my tree:  my 3g aunt, Sarah Alexander, married Avraham L. of Bydgoszcz, Poland.  They settled in Wisconsin.
Best of luck,

Judith Berlowitz

Re: How to Log into on Demand Sessions #general #jgs-iajgs

Nancy Reicher

Sign into Iajgs 2020. Then go to Attendee Service Center under that tab ic on Demand Sessions Click on it. The one above it is the Live sessions  entry that yu clicked to get to DOJR.

Re: Simonia card? #yiddish #translation

Sherri Bobish

I wonder if it was a card that had to be purchased by the person in The U.S. and shown by the person in Europe to get the money transfer?
"In 1923, HIAS established the HIAS Immigrant Bank at 425 Lafayette Street in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. The bank was licensed by the State of New York.[22] Its sole purpose was to facilitate remittance or money transfers to and from immigrants’ families abroad, which was then a service not offered by most U.S. banks"

As far as I know, "credit cards" in the 1920's and later were limited to metal tags issued by specific companies, and the metal "card" could only be used at that company.  In the 1950's / 1960's my mom had an Abraham & Strauss department store "credit card."  It was a small metal tag that she kept on her key ring. It could only be used at that one store.


Sherri Bobish


Citizenship #general #usa


My late mother came to the US in 1913 from what is now Biarosa, Belarus at the tender age of 6 months.  The only naturalization information that I can find is for my Grandmother dated 1945, but nothing for my Grandfather.  She married my father, a natural born citizen, in the 1930's.  Can I conclude that she was not a citizen?  Were the laws different then?

Re: Russian Website Jewish Roots #russia #general

Marina Plotkin

Link to the Russian website or
A lot of information/links, but all in Russian you will need Google translate

Re: Lost Grandmother with family name of J(Y)erukamovitz #names #unitedkingdom


The -ovich ending (-ович  in Cyrilic) could also be Serbian, Belerusan or Ukranian.  It also could be Polish or Croatian spelled -owitz or 
-ović respectively.

The -ovich ending is more commonly used as a patronimic name like Boris Vladimirovich Kuznetsov (Boris son of Vlademir from the family Kuznetsov)

trying to contact family of Rabbi Moshkovitz from the International center of Shotz #israel

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the family of Rabbi Moshe Aryeh (Leibel)
Moshkovitz who is Rebbe of the International Center of Shotz in

Neil Rosenstein

Yitzhak ben Moshe Rumsch (Isaac Rumsch) #lithuania

Susan Sorkenn

I'm researching the connection between Yitzhak ben Moshe Rumsch, or Isaac ben Moshe Rumsch (1822-94) and my Weinstein family from Vilna.  Rumsch was born in Zezemer, Vilna gubernia and went to Vilna to study in yeshivas at the age of 9. He later studied secular subjects and wrote the definitive translation of "Robinson Crusoe" from German into Hebrew.  He was a teacher and author ( He was an uncle of my grandmother, Fannie Weinstein, granddaughter of Reb Yossel Weinstein, a rosh yeshiva, and Zelda Weinstein, commission merchant for officials and nobles.  Was Rumsch the original family name?  I was told it was Romm.  Reb Yossel was "adopted" by a childless Weinstein relative to avoid conscription. Zelda was born in C. 1810-12 and lived until before WWI, when a grandson from the U.S. , Morris Blate, visited her in Vilna. She was still clear-headed and dressed meticulously. Is there anyone who can lead me to more information?  I cannot find information about the Weinsteins in Vilna, although they were a wealthy and prominent family.

Susan Sorkenn

Re: Russian Website Jewish Roots #russia #general


Re: Russian Website Jewish Roots #russia #general


Re: Translation of Hebrew Text (written in Germany in 1735) Please #translation

Justin Levy

I think it's going take me a long time to learn the complexities of Hebrew.

Is it possible that נוספיף is simply a spelling mistake or an archaic spelling and the text should have read נוסף על ? What I find particularly confusing is that a google search throws up a few examples of the word with the incorrect spelling. But then one finds many examples of incorrectly spelt English words on the internet. 

Anyway, below is another snippet from the statues. This statue is in Yiddish and includes a couple of examples of a final ף and ן with elaborate flourishes. 


Re: How to Log into on Demand Sessions #general #jgs-iajgs


Re: Brick wall in western Massachusetts: looking for FRIEDSON, FRIDZON, AISENBERG and SAMURIN #usa #belarus #latinamerica


This brick wall may connect to the brick wall i am trying to break down. If you would like to contact me I would be willing to share what I can.  The next two weeks are really busy but if you want to connect and follow up further later, we can.  
Best, Sue D

Re: U.S. Appeals Court Rules Spanish Museum May Keep Nazi Looted Art #announcements #holocaust

Sarah L Meyer

She voluntarily traded it, it was not stolen.
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Chevras HaMaggidim - Pressburg 5666 (1906) #rabbinic #austria-czech #photographs

joseph just

The link to your photo doesn't seem to  work.

Katzenellenbogen / Ariogala #rabbinic #lithuania

Jeremy Lichtman

One of my ancestors appears to have been a signatory of the 1764 and 1785 Poll Tax records for Ariogala.

He signed the 1785 record as:

Chackiel Yankielowicz - "thus sayeth R'Yekhezkel (Ezekiel), son of the high rabbi, R'Yakov (Jacob) (father deceased)."

The community of Ariogala was run from Kedainiai at that point in history, and the rabbinic offices were largely run by the Katzenellenbogen family (at least two of whom were also rabbis of Ariogala for periods of time).

I'm wondering if it is possible that the "high rabbi" Jacob could be referring to Rabbi Jacob Katzenellenbogen of Kedainiai (and later Altona). The only child I've seen listed anywhere is Rabbi Joel Katzenellenbogen, who took over in Kedainiai after his father moved to Altona.

Could Chackiel (Ezekiel) be another son, named after R' Jacob's father? Chackiel's oldest son, in turn, was named Jankiel (Jacob).

Does anyone know of any original sources I could check?

Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada (formerly of Cape Town)

Re: Seeking addition information on Seide faimily from Obonick, Prussia #poland #germany


Well, it seems that you are looking for Obornik. In Obornik Administrative District along with Rogasen, Murowana Goslin and Ryczywol in Prussia. 

And, if you have his Unit or Regiment in the Civil War that would also be important in this discussion. At least the State where he enlisted.

Re: Since changing to the "Daily Summary" setting for receiving posts, I can no longer see how to reply or... #general

Stephen Weinstein

In the "Daily Summary", click where the subject of the message is shown in blue. 

The message will then open in a new window.

Under the body, before the replies, you will see "Reply" and "Like".  Click on whichever you like.

See screen captures below.  Where you click is underlined in blue in the first one and circled in red in the second one.

Re: How do I access the actual image at the Lithuanian historical archive #lithuania

Stephen Weinstein

The numbers following LVIA are Fond, Aprakst. [List], and Lieta [Item].

Re: Seeking recommendation for organizing a directory of townspeople (residents, survivors and victims #poland #names

Adam Cherson

Dear Avigdor Ben-Dov,

I started a Kehilalinks site for Dieveniskes several years ago and dealt with what you describe by creating a community wide family tree, which is just another database format, one that allows many variables and facts to be attached to any profile. As for the mention of unknown offspring (whether speculated or derived from a numerical accounting in a source) there is no reason not to include both so long as you clearly indicate the basis for the inclusion. For example, using a Levine surnamed family, you could establish a convention within your database that all children who are derived from a source (making sure to include the source in the profile) but whose names are unknown will be called UnknownM Levine or UnknownF Levine or simply Unknown Levine (if no gender is known). Conversely, if the offspring are based on statistical averaging you might use PlaceholderM Levine, PlaceholderF Levine, or simply Placeholder Levine.

Best Wishes,
Adam Cherson

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