view mate translation from german to english #translation

Chana Stein

I would like to request a translation of a letter from german to english. It is a letter written to my father's cousin when he came to America in 1939 and might have information about the family left in Czechoslovakia. It is on ViewMate at the following address:
Please respond using the form provided on the ViewMate image page. 
Thank you very much,

Chana Altman Stein

Re: The ancestry of Sarah nee MENDES (b 1791) wife of David JUDA RODRIGUES #unitedkingdom #germany #sephardic

David Ziants

Am replying to my own posting

I am wondering to myself, whether there is a repository of Hamburg ketubot somewhere, from that period (17th,18th and 19th century). When I tried searching online "Ketubot" and "Hamburg", the results seem to be vendors who sell these (I hope reproductions) for the artistic side and style, but in most cases, no reference to the names of the couple.

David  Ziants
PS Note that when I posted, there was no approved hashtag for #holland or #netherlands. Otherwise, I would have added one of these as well.

Re: Paul STRANSKY Vienna to Paris #austria-czech #france

Daniela Torsh

Thanks Bernard for this answer to my question. Is there a central database I can search to see whether Paul STRANSKY was in a French camp before 1940 when he joined the French Army?
I did find the entry for him in the Ministry list thanks. I made a mistake and didn't realise that Laval was a town not a person. Now I am clear about that. after training where did he go? How can i find that out? You suggest he was sent to Africa to fight. A lot of Australians were there and of course so were the Czechs and the Poles. They defeated Rommel at Tobruk a famous 
Allied victory.
David Choukron kindly offered to write to the Bureau Etrangeres for me so I hope I will find out more from that enquiry. He has also kindly offered to apply for the naturalisation file which i hope will tell me more.
I have been in touch with Patrice Paul's younger son as well as his older brother Michel-Frederic and even Jan,  Michel's son- all three are in Paris.

Best wishes
Daniela Torsh

Family Stories -- Portland, Oregon #announcements #usa

Linda Kelley

Portland, OR, USA KehilaLinks page is under construction! If your relatives lived in Portland, Oregon, USA from 1850 to 1950, we need your family story for Portland's KehilaLinks page. [So far we have Abrahamson and Menasch.] Please contact Linda Wolfe Kelley at lkelley49@.... Thank you!

Linda Kelley

Re: Gravestone translation needed from Hebrew for Nathan Fisher (1868-1912) #russia #translation

Neil Kominsky

Natan is correct, but the second name is Nota.
Neil Kominsky

New Gesher Galicia Webinar: Roots, Resilience, Renewal: Photographs and Stories of Jewish Life in Poland: 1975-1983 / 2013-2019 by Chuck Fishman #photographs #announcements #galicia #poland

Steven Turner

Dear Friends,

Gesher Galicia is proud to offer our members a presentation on the
work of he internationally renowned photographer, Chuck Fishman.

In his 40-year career, freelance photographer Chuck Fishman has
focused on social, political and ethnographic issues with a strong
humanistic concern. His work has been extensively published,
exhibited, and collected worldwide, and has earned him prestigious
World Press Photo Foundation medals four times.

His photographs have appeared on the covers of Time, Life, Fortune,
Newsweek, The London Sunday Times, The Economist and numerous others,
and have been selected for publication in the American Photography and
Communication Arts juried annuals.

Chuck’s work is included in the collections of the Smithsonian
National Portrait Gallery; the United Nations; POLIN: The Museum of
the History of Polish Jews; The Center for Creative Photography;
University of Arizona; Stanford University; The Studio Museum in
Harlem; Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University and the New York Public
Library to name a few, as well as private and corporate collections.

Fishman’s work on Jewish life in Poland, spanning over 40 years, is
the subject of a one-man exhibition of silver gelatin prints which
first opened at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw in 2018.
That exhibition moved to the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow  before
being shown in the United States at colleges and universities in 2019.

This presentation is recorded and on our Members Portal for members to
view at their convenience.

Please make sure you are logged into Gesher Galicia before clicking the link.

Please be sure to view the introductory page to see a special offer
for Chuck Fishman prints just for Gesher Galicia members.

You must be a member of Gesher Galicia to be able to access the
webinars and other resources in the Members Portal. Please click on
the link below to join or renew your membership to be able to view
this presentation.

If you are unable to access the Members Portal, send your inquiries
to: membership@....

Please email Gesher Galicia at info@... with any
questions or comments.

Gesher Galicia wishes all our North American friends a very happy and
safe Labor Day weekend.

Dr. Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia

Re: I Want My Trees To Outlive Me #general

Susan stone

What would be the best way to preserve all of the data in print that would be efficient and clear, but not as a book? Something serviceable, but not necessarily smooth and pretty!  (This foregoing is another thing that has keep me up at night!) Any advice from you or anyone else on this question would be welcome.  

Re electronic genealogies, I believe that Family Search would be the best bet for attempting to preserve genealogies digitally because of its institutional affiliation with the Mormon church.  The Church has been, and I think is likely to continue to be a more stable entity than any online company--commercial companies come and go, but major religions tend to stick around longer.   Also, because of genealogy's central role in Mormonism the motivation for making sure the data is protected and continues to be available and accessible is greater than that of commercial enterprises.

Erika...Everything you said is what I am thinking about...a book is static.  But it's better than nothing to give to relatives.  AND..what a conundrum about printing portions for each part of my tree!  I have famiy tree but I think I will add it to Family Search.  Here's something I never thought I would have to say..."I hope the Mormons are around a long, long time!".

Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

Re: Brothers WEINER marry sisters HYMAN in Philly; Seeking Details. #romania

The Becker's Email

Here is the link to Isaac's naturalization papers:

Harry married Tillie Hymovitz on 1 Aug. 1907  in Philadelphia.  Here's the link to the marriage records.   There are 3 images and you will have to advance the frame.

I think Isaac and Pauline may have married before arriving in Philadelphia.  The 1910 census has that they have been married 11 years which puts the marriage c. 1899.  

Also note that dates of birth are inconsistent.  Different documents have different dates.

Johanna Becker

Re: My uncle Mendel Wolf BLAU & Mordka BLAU from Kolbuszowa #galicia

Barbara L. Kornblau


You may want to check out our "Kolbuszowa Region Research Group (KRRG)" on Facebook at One of our members might have more information for you

Barbara Kornblau
Co-administrator of the Facebook group
Blitzers, Siegel, and Allweiss from Kobuszowa....

Locating derivative citizenship record of minor whose parent naturalized in 1905. #records


I found on Ancestry a copy of my great-grandfather's (Isaak Sand) naturalization records from the District Court of the United States for the Eastern District of New York, dated December 1,1905. Attached to the court records is a slip of paper with the names of three of his 10 children who filed a derivative application for their own certificate of citizenship in 1946 and 1947. One of the applicants was my grandmother, Esther Sand Frank, who was born in Lodz, Poland and was a minor child when her father was naturalized in1905. The derivative application is dated June 24, 1946 with a file no. 0300 - 121726.

I would like to obtain my grandmother's records. I am not sure if I am applying for her C-file or if she would have one. Where I should apply? Do I need to file an genealogical index request with USCIS as the original naturalization was over 100 years ago (but it was before 1906 ) or can I file a FOIA request since my grandmother's derivative application was made in 1946?  Also I am not sure if it is pertinent, but in 1913 my great grandfather applied for and received a passport for himself and his "minor child", Esther Sand (she was 20 years old at the time). I have a record of them returning from Europe about a month after the passport was issued. Both were listed on the manifest as US citizens.  I have already checked on Ancestry, the "Subject Index to Correspondence and Case Files of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1903-1952. NARA microfilm publication T458" and found nothing. Thank you for your help.

Elaine Zimmer

Re: Naturalizations France #france

Bernard Flam

From Paris to Tsuri,
WWII started 1939, September 2nd.
Phoney war ended in May 1940 when Hitler invaded Belgium, Nederlands then France (Blitzkrieg, May 10th - June 14th).
On June 14th, Nazis entered Paris.
This was an end to the Republican and democratic state and Petain obtained full power from Parliament.
As soon as July 22nd, an antisemitic law had been passed to "de-naturalize" foreign Jews who had been naturalized by 1927 law.
This law gave an easy access to French citizenship, a way to repopulate France after WWI : 1.5 millions KIA, some millions of wounded and disabled persons.

In fact, about 15.000 Jewish citizens lost their French nationality, from ca 100.000  new Jewish citizens from 1919 to 1939.
Of course, no new naturalizations were given to Jews during this period.
Last but not the least : this de-naturalization applied also to children born in France from these foreign parents. 
But in our nation, from French Revolution, we benefit of "jus solis", you are automatically French when you are born on French soil.
These children had no other nationality than being French : by this de-naturalization, they became stateless !

Paris had been liberated on 1944, ca August 25th.
A law passed on October (France had been fully liberated only during 1945 spring) automatically reestablished  French citizenship to de-naturalized Jews.

For person who had filled a naturalization file before WWII without being accepted, this file is the "basis" of their inquiry after WWII : this is a proof that these files had been kept for some years  (I am sure of that, it had been my father's case and I could copy his documents given in 1939 in his 1948' final file).

I guess that files which hadn't been claimed for a new inquiry after some years, had been destroyed.
In their Finding Aids, National Archives explain there is no list, no index.

You surely know this : in genealogy, there no answer to question you don't ask !
If you give me, by private reply, your father-in-law identity, I could do some searches, I am a full volunteer and I manage the Jewish genealogy workshop of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring of France.

Bernard Flam

Re: Brothers WEINER marry sisters HYMAN in Philly; Seeking Details. #romania

Sherri Bobish


There is a Harry WEINER (wife Tillie, daughter Rose) who naturalized in Philly.  The papers give both Harry and Tillie's towns of birth, and other info.

Here is a link to the nat papers on FamilySearch:


Sherri Bobish

Re: Looking for info about Russian emigres who returned to fight for the Bolsheviks in 1917 #records #russia #canada #usa

Erika Gottfried

You might reach out to Daniel Soyer, an historian who’s written extensively on American Jewish history and Jewish immigration and also did a study on American Jews who visited the Soviet Union in the 20s and 30s ("Back to the Future: American Jews Visit the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s."Jewish Social Studies. Volume 6, Number 3, Spring/Summer 2000, pp. 124-159) to see if he has any suggestions.  He teaches at Fordham University.  Also, there is a discussion list for historians of American Communism
(H-HOAC); perhaps you could place a query there.

Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

Re: Ancestry's Drastic Changes Dash Hopes of Finding Connections #dna

Peter Straus

The GEDmatch website solicits participants from the various DNA search firms.  I have found them quite  useful, both for the tools they offer and as an alternative to subscribing to every DNA search firm.  (My native DNA site is ftDNA.)  I don’t know if GEDmatch offers any solution to the experiences on Ancestry that initiated this thread, but they may if the unprocessed source data can still be accessed.

--peter straus 

   San Francs

Re: Looking for Israeli relatives #israel

Diane Jacobs

When I wanted to find family in Israel,
I asked on the jewishgen 
Discussion group for help finding a person.
With only her name, the I found her and called to tell who was looking for her.
The rest us history and I was able to visit 
the family in Israel and it was a wonderful
Experience. We are still in touch.

Diane Jacobs

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From: Robin Klainbard <rlbvilla@...>
Date: 9/5/20 2:31 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: main@...
Subject: [] Looking for Israeli relatives #israel

I am somewhat baffled on how to proceed with my search for my Israeli relatives. Many years ago I met my cousin Zev Altbaum(Altboim) when he was here in the US (after being injured in '67 war)for some treatment. After my paternal Grandmother died I didn't know how to reach out as she was the contact person. I have through research and recently found photos figured out that his Mother(Rachel Gal Altbaum) was my Great Grandmothers sisters daughter. I have some pictures of Rachel and I believe her Mother. I know there is a family tree on My Heritage for the Gal family in Israel that I think has her info but I can't access it unless I join. I already have annual membership in another genealogical site and really don't wish to pay for another. I see that the owner of the tree is Avi Gal. But I am stuck. Is there any way to get information about Avi Gal so I could email him. I believe the family lived in Petach Tikva. Any suggestions are very appreciated.

Robin Klainbard
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

LOOK-UP? Passaic, NY, USA, GURTMAN, Henry, 1899-1973/Dora, 1899-1958 [POLAND] #usa #poland

Michael McTeer

Looking for possible 1958/1973 obits. Couple had lived in Passaic, New Jersey but are buried in Clifton.

I am trying to confirm if "Henry" GURTMAN, 13 Dec 1899-9 Dec 1973, buried King Solomon Memorial Park, Clifton, Passaic Co., New Jersey along with his wife, Dora, 15 Sep 1899-16 Jan 1958 is a member of the Szymko Szymon GURTMAN, b. 1861 and Sura Zelda BOGOMLNA(?), b. 1866 family that connects to KOPLIWICZ/LENCZNER relatives. Henry would be Chil Idel GURTMAN, b. 13 Dec 1899, Szczekociny, Poland and "Dora" his wife, Drejzla RUBINSKI, b. 15 Feb 1898, Jedrzejow. Chil is listed with his parents, siblings and wife in the "Books of Residents" for Szczekociny along with a son, Menachem GURTMAN, b. 25 Mar 1924. According to the Arolsen Archives, Chil, wife, Dora and son, "Michael" and his wife Amalia survived the war and went to the US (### Sherman St., Passaic St. New Jersey). "Max" GURTMAN has 1930/1940 Census listings at this address. Believe "Max" is probably Henry's brother Mendel, b. 1887, Kiev.

A circ. 1916 Lodz Registration Card for brother, Nojech. 1889, is marked "3 Jan 1921 Ameryki". There are 1921 New York passenger listings for Noach and his wife, Chawa Rywka ERLICHMAN going to her sister, Bessie CAPLON, #### Broadway, Schenectady, New York. It is possible that their parents, Szymon & Sura Zelda were also in the US (buried in Saddle Brook, Bergen Co., New Jersey?).

Chil's sister Rae Ruchla, b. 1892, married "Harry" (Abram Hersz) KOPLOWITZ and immigrated to St. Louis, MO. Harry's mother, Brucha (LENCZNER) KOPLOWICZ was sister to my great grandmother.

Thanks, Michael McTeer, Crowley, TX, USA


Origin of surname: GALATIN #ukraine #names


My father CHARLES GALATIN was born in  in BERESTECHKO in 1907 in what is now Ukraine. I think the family then moved to ROVNO from where they possibly travelled via Odessa to the U.K. in 1911. 
Has anyone any information on our surname? Could it be related to the town of GALATI in Roumania?

Jeff Galatin

Home for Children, Antwerp c. 1947 #general


I have two cousins, since deceased, who traveled to Philadelphia, PA (US) in 1947 to live with my grandparents. They were 13 1/2 and 9 1/2 years old when they arrived in the US.

I have a record that indicates that the younger son moved from Frankfurt to Brussels with his parents in 1939-1942. I don't have evidence that the older brother moved with them, but I also have no reason to doubt it. The boys' parents and older sister were deported from Brussels to Auschwitz in 1942 where they perished.

I have no idea where the two boys spent the war and how they survived. Their ship's register says that their nearest relative or friend in their most recent location was the Home for Children, 22, Lange van Ruysbroekstr., Antwerp.

Can anyone tell me anything about the Home for Children? Is it possible that they were there during the war, safe from deportation? Did the Home open after the war?

I have searched online Arolsen records, Ancestry, FamilySearch, Yad Vashem and Kazerne Dossin.

I welcome any and all information and suggestions.

Leslie Floyd

Re: Photo for language identification #photographs #translation


Dear All                                                                               5th September 2020

PISZTRANG is indeed a Hungarian word--name of a fish

As for the letter ' Z'   -- not crossed,-- to my knowledge it was 'crossed' in the 'old' Hungarian witting but not during my school years in Hungary/Budapest after the war.

Best wishes to All.

Veronika Pachtinger
London UK.

Re: Are the C-Files from the USCIS worth getting? #general

Jan Meisels Allen

The USCIS rates do not increase until October 2nd. Marjorie said the rates increased.That is incorrect as they do not for another several weeks. So if you are planning to order records this is the time to do so.  This was announced last November when they proposed the rate increase and again July 31 when the final rule was published and again last month as a reminder of the October 2 date for increased fees.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records  Access Monitoring Committee