Re: Seeking Immigration Record for Lazarus and Leah MARKS between 1866 and 1868 #records #usa

Diane Jacobs

Have you been creative in your searches
on all databases in with different surnames like Markus, Markovsky
Mardonsky, Markunsky, Etc. Etc.

You may get lucky also with the passenger manifests using the search engine at

Good luck.
Diane Jacobs
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Subject: [] Seeking Immigration Record for Lazarus and Leah MARKS between 1866 and 1868 #usa #records

I am looking for the arrival records for Lesser (Lazarus) MARKS and his wife Leah Kreinzohn Marks. They also brought with them their daughters Rose and Dora. They were living in Manhattan in 1868 in September when my mother's paternal grandfather Harris MARKS was born. The youngest daughter was born in the old country in 1866. I have been looking for 34 years. I have tried FamilySearch,, MyHeritage, Steve Morse One Step Page. I have never found anything nor do I know where they came from. I have never found a naturalization record either. Lazarus and his son Harris were Furriers in Manhattan.  
Michelle Sandler,  Westminster California

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Does anyone know this town? #records

Carol Hoffman

It could be Jurbarkas (Yurberg in Yiddish)? It is in Lithuania, and rec ords of Jews in that town can be searched on the ALD All Lithuania Database

Latvia Database / Christine Usdin Clarification #latvia #records

Marion Werle

The Latvia database's Christine Usdin vital records collection is based entirely on the translations of the late Christine Usdin. There is no need to access Christine's original webpages, which contain the same data.. The ONLY thing that has changed is that the links in our database to the original Russian records on the Latvian Archives website, known as "Raduraksti," no longer work, due to a complete redesign/replacement of the website. There are NO links on Christine's old website.
FamilySearch has since filmed these records. We will be working to correct the database links in the near future, pointing to FamilySearch, whose links are more stable. In the meantime, we will be posting the slides presented at the Latvia Research Division meeting last week, which describe a workaround for finding the original vital records. The workaround will also apply to the 1897 census records from the All Russian Census Latvia database, not all of which have yet been filmed by FamilySearch. #Latvia #records

Marion Werle, Co-director, Latvia Research Division

Re: LIVERPOOL HOPE PLACE SYNAGOGUE Book re 1836 to 1930. #unitedkingdom #records

Richard Gilbert


I would still recommend that you contact the Jewish Historical Society of England's branch in Liverpool.  They should be able to point you in the right direction.  This is available for free through the JCR-UK database but is slightly earlier than what you're looking for.
This was written by Melvyn Goodman -  I'm sure he was a past president of the JHSE of Liverpool.

Kind regards
Richard Gilbert
Hertfordshire, England

Re: Zweinache. Austria

Susie Adani

The one in the Ukraine seems just in the right area because my Grandfather's sister wrote she was from Bucovina which is in that area. Thanks so much!!! I searched the databases in Jewishgen but maybe I forgot to switch to the search by Soundex. I really appreciate it!!

Re: Does anyone know this town? #records

Deborah Blinder

Looks to me like Yurbrek, Russia. I searched for that in the JewishGen Communities Database using "sounds like" matching and came up with only one result: Jurbarkas, Lithuania ( modern name), which was Jurbarkas, Russian Empire when she was born. Other names listed for this town are Jurbarkas [Lith], Yurburg [Yid, Rus], Georgenburg [Ger], Jurbarka [Latv], Jurbork [Pol], Jurgenburg, Jurborg, Jurburg, Yorburg, Yorvorig, Yurbarkas. Note that all those initial J's would be pronounced in English as Y.
Deborah Blankenberg (JewishGen ID #613395)
Lodi, CA
Researching BLOCH/BLOCK (Germany to New York, Colombia and Missouri), BLINDER (Kishinev to New York via Poland? and Paris), KUSHER/KUSZER (Lodz vicinity to New York via Paris), GOLDSCHMIDT (Germany)

Re: August 18: #holocaust Genealogy Coffee Break #holocaust #events #announcements

Relly coleman

This event does not appear on the website calendar or mentioned on FB page.

Is it on today august 18 at 3:30pm?  


Re: North Adams, Massachusetts - early Jewish settlers #usa

Stewart Levy


Stewart Levy


4215 Wendell Drive # 204

Atlanta, GA 30336


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Re: How do I access the actual image at the Lithuanian historical archive #lithuania

Peggy Mosinger Freedman

The Vilnius State Historical Archives participated in the Archives Portal Europe project.  I thought that they had put some documents online, but when I checked before responding, I only found catalogue information, I could not find digitized documents. Carol Hoffman's information is more current than my information.

The Archives Portal Europe project is vast, and requires working in a variety of languages.  If someone else finds
links to actual documents, I hope that they will share the information.  I found a catalog listing for one interesting file, but I do not know if LitvakSIG has already indexed it.
The file is Vilniaus rabinų mokykla (Виленское раввинское училище) (Villnius School of Rabbis).

The link to the Archives Portal Europe listing for the Lithuanian State Historical Archives is:

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA USA

Re: Klauznikaite- Lithuanian Jew emigrated to Detroit #usa

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

Klauznik, Klauznikiene, and Klauznikaite  are all the same name.    Lithuanian has suffixes that denote the sex and marital status of the name bearer.

as (us): suffix used to denote a male.

iene, aite: suffixes used to denote a married woman or widow.

aite (-utė-iūtė or -ytė): suffix used to denote an unmarried woman 

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

On Aug 17, 2020, at 7:07 PM, Jbaltmanas@... wrote:
Hello there! I am so excited I found this group. Thanks for adding me. I can use any help or advice! 
My great great grandparents through my father were Jozelis Klauznik and Golda Klauznikiene [maiden name Volfsonas]. 
They had four children that I know of. One of them was a Jewish bride that a Jew in Detroit purchased and married. They had children, and he had a successful construction business here in Detroit. They sent letters and photographs for a long time back and forth before they married. I don’t know her first name, but her maiden name was Klauznikaite. My grandfather’s second wife destroyed all the documents before they could be photocopied so I’m kind of on my own now.
•I am guessing she finally moved to Detroit sometime around 1920-1940. 
•Does anyone know a Jewish construction company that was popular at the time?
•Does anyone know how to track Jewish brides? 
•Does anyone know of a way to track my relative? I’m very experienced with genealogy searches and have looked everywhere online, but I don’t know if someone else has a recommendation.

This is my great grandmother, Feige. I am looking for her sister. 

Re: Klauznikaite- Lithuanian Jew emigrated to Detroit #usa

Sherri Bobish

A search for Klauznik at which is a site of old digitized newspapers, found a 1917 NY Times article which listed names of people in the U.S. being sought by relatives in Russia.  On this list is Miss Etta Klauznik of Detroit.

Sherri Bobish

Does anyone know this town? #records

Marilyn Glass

Reply to Joni Levinson’s message:


I believe it’s Philadelphia.


Take care,


Marilyn Platnick Glass

Toronto, Canada

Re: Records for Werner and Eisenhandler families for Nowe Miasto and Ulanov #poland #ukraine


Thank you for this information - it is good to know that I can cut down the research a bit! Please can you tell me how I can obtain official records for Ulanow, dating back to the 1860s and up to WW2? If I could have a contact email address, that would be most helpful.
Best regards,
Maggie Jacobs

Re: Records for Werner and Eisenhandler families for Nowe Miasto and Ulanov #poland #ukraine


Please excuse me for not replying sooner but I haven't had an internet connection over the last few days.
I haven't come across the Metzger family while researching our Eisenhandler and Werner connections.
I am particularly interested in Tobias Eisenhandler, born 1865 - I think in Nowe Miasto, but I have no birth record to
officialize this. I know nothing definite about his parents. He married Lea Werner, who was born in Ulanow in 1867. Once again, I have no birth certificate or marriage certificate. They had five children, all of whom used the surname Werner (common at that time, I am told). The first three children were born in Nowe Miasto between 1890 and 1898. The fourth was born in Ulanow and the fifth in Vienna. Tobias and Lea were divorced on 24/12/1918 in Ulanow. She died in Paris in 1938.
Tobias married twice more, first to Lotti Reinisch on 3/5/1920 in Ulanow and they were divorced on 15/7/1920 in Ulanow. He later married Frieda Zahler, born on 18/2/1895 in Poland. Tobias and Frieda had a daughter Rosa in 1926. All three of them perished in Treblinka in August 1942.
i don't know whether any of the above appear in your family tree.
Good luck with your research,
Maggie Jacobs

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

Larry Freund

If the death certificate recorded the event as an accident, then there's a chance that the medical examiner was involved and some paperwork may exist in the medical examiner's office providing additional information about the accident (in New York City, it would be the Office of Chief Medical Examiner). 
Larry Freund
New York, NY 

Re: Records for Werner and Eisenhandler families for Nowe Miasto and Ulanov #poland #ukraine


Hi Katie.
i passed on your message to my husband's cousin. He thought it unlikely there was any connection between your Werners and ours. None of the names you mentioned appear in our family tree. We are researching Tobias Eisenhandler, born 1865 in Nowe Miasto (I think, but I haven't managed to trace his birth record). He married Lea Werner, born 1867 in Ulanow. Once again I haven't found the marriage record. They had five children, all of whom took the name Werner (I am told this was not unusual for the time and place).
i hope you manage to advance with your research.
By the way, I have been without Internet for the past few days, which explains why I didn't reply earlier.
Best regards,
Maggie Jacobs

Re: Name changes before emigrating #names #romania

j <antiqco@...>

As far as the spelling variants are not necessarily wrong. You can find different spellings for the same family. My own Scheuer family in official records has several spellings from Scheuer to Scheier, to Sczayer. In American records it is sometimes Schoyer. That's why Jewishgen and other genealogical sites provide soundex searches. 
There are many strange stories about how names got changed. In my own family, I know that his grandfather definitely came to the US, the family here paid his passage, but no one in the family ever saw him here. He changed his name and disappeared, abandoning his wife and child. Sadly, it wasn't that uncommon. In other cases, the person just didn't like their name. My granddad from Lithuania got on the boat as Scharje Nuran and got off the boat as Reuben Neuren. In your case, coming from Lasi, Rumania, you may never be able to figure it out. I think Lasi had the largest Jewish population or the second largest in Rumania. Interesting, my husband's lost grandfather was Davod Marcus married to Yetta Schwartz, all from Lasi.
Janet Marcus

Re: LIVERPOOL HOPE PLACE SYNAGOGUE Book re 1836 to 1930. #unitedkingdom #records

Barry Clarke

Very kind of you, Kathryn, to take the time to look through the book. I have come across a couple of places where it is for sale at a hefty price! Even though the Clarke family is not mentioned, unless it is too long, would you be kind enough to list the contents or otherwise indicate the type of information the book provides. Basically, I am wondering if it would be worth buying a copy for an insight into the life of the local Jewish community in Liverpool at the beginning of the 1900s. Does anyone else who may be reading this thread have a recommendation of a book re Jewish immigrant life in Liverpool this era?

Thank you all,

Barry Clarke
British, living in Sarasota, Florida, researching  STEIGLITZ OR SIMILAR; SZKLARKIEWICZ OR SIMILAR that became CLARKE in London, Dublin, Liverpool, Bulawayo, Cape Town, maybe USA too; BIENSTOCK OR SIMILAR that became BARNETT in Wales; MYERS in Manchester and Cape Town; NEUMARK that became NEWMARK in London and USA; LEVINSON changed to BRAHAM in London. All families originally from Poland.

Re: where is Pitze? #hungary

Steve Stein

You might consider nearby Paszto, Hungary. Less likely, the larger city of Pecs, Hungary.

Steve Stein

Re: records between census years #unitedkingdom #records

Jill Whitehead

If the householder was eligible to vote, they would appear in voters lists. If they owned or rented property they would appear in the property lists on Scotland's People website. My mother's family the Browns lived in this area of Edinburgh. I do suggest looking through Scotlandspeople website for resources. You pay for a block of views/downloads, according to how many you need. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK