Re: Record of immigration to Israel 1960 #records #israel #hungary

Dahn Cukier

I suggest Ministry of Interior. They can supply a document
of your entry at least.

During this time, I suggest looking for an e-mail address
or call them by phone.

If you get nowhere with a phone call, try again. My experience
is that if the first person does not help,
the next one may.


When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
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On Friday, July 31, 2020, 04:04:32 PM GMT+3, Judith Shamian <shamianjudith@...> wrote:

my parents and I arrived to Israel 1960, legacy.  Can anyone tell me how do I find the records of our arrival including dates and any other relevant information.  We got our exit papers in Hungary, I would also like to get those record.  Any advice on how to find these two immigration documents would be greatly appreciated

Judith shamian grunfeld

Family tree data and Information in Istanbul, Turkey #sephardic


This article below indicates that family tree data appears at .


I am eager to know: Has anyone in Istanbul seen such information at ?

Daniel Kazez
Springfield, Ohio

Re: Jewish soldier in Boer War #general

Michael Hoffman

Go to this website for the United Synagogue Willesden Cemetery there is a talk this coming Monday 3 August 2020 about the Boar War which is about the soldiers that are memorialised on a memorial board located
in the Ohel.

Michael Hoffman


This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #lithuania #ukraine #yizkorbooks

Bruce Drake

In 1827 Nicholas I issued a statute making Jews in Russia liable to personal army service and canceling their prior privilege of providing money ransom instead of conscripts. Conscription often was tied in with the payment of taxes. If a family was late in paying their taxes, a family member could be conscripted. Even after this occurred, they would still owe the full amount of taxes. Prior to 1827, Jews in Russia were forbidden to serve in the military.

Yizkor books are replete with accounts of Jews who left the country to avoid conscription and about those who remained and pursued all sorts of stratagems ranging from disguising their names to finding ways to get rejected for medical and physical reasons.One story in my family said my great-grandfather from Kovel deserted the army where he was a drummer and came to the U.S. Hard to confirm, but I did note that he was assessed a tax by the Kovel County recruit office for 300 rubles the very year he left for America in 1904.

I have previously published a few of these accounts about Jews and Russian conscription, but have come across some new ones worth sharing. One is “The Recruit” from the Yizkor book of Vishnevets (Ukraine) which said that two of different means of avoiding the army included chopping off a thumb or pulling out all of one’s teeth. “Military Conscription is Likan” from the Yizkor book of that Moldavan shtetl said that one of the saddest seasons of the year was Fall which, aside from the foul weather, included the “bitter addition” of the Russian conscription which followed the High Holidays.

Conscription was so dread that there was a saying — Gekrogn a krasne bilet—iz gevezn porkhe-nishmose — which meant “He got a red ticket (draft notice) …”he almost died of fright. Or more simply a way of saying “He got bad news.”


Bruce Drake

Silver Spring, MD

Re: Wood Street Shul Stein family in Chicago. #usa

Bob Silverstein

Try the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois and Chicago Jewish history sites.



Hello Harvey -  Perhaps coincidentally, our family tree shares two family names.  My Romanian-born great-grandfather, Solomon (Shlomo) RABINOWITZ b. 1864 immigrated to the United States circa 1892.  I believe my great-great grandfather, Avram RABINOVCI b. circa 1828, married Ruchel SINGER, b. circa 1827, perhaps in Botosani, Romania.  Per chance, does any of this match anything on your family tree? -  Paul Robinson, Southampton, New York, USA

Re: NYC Municipal Death Records Archive #usa

A. E. Jordan

-----Original Message-----
>>>From: June Genis

>>>I have been unable to get the death certificate for my father who died in Dec 1949.  

You would have no problem request his death certificate from the New York City Department of Health.  A daughter of course has total rights to a parents' certificate.  Assuming you have a different family name than his would will be required to provide proof of the relationship but the Health Department rules permit children to have parents' certificates.  The question of course would be if you are certain he died within the boundaries of New York City. Death certificates are filed where the person died regardless of where they called home. 

Allan Jordan'

Finding a Long Lost Cousin - Unraveling a Clue #general

Carl Kaplan

In searching for a long-lost cousin, I found this potential clue (below my questions) through Ancestry. My great uncle was Joseph Kaplan, and I know he had a daughter named Bertha. My 2 questions regarding the record below are:

1. Since Bertha married in 1940, which means the child (Norma) would have been born out of wedlock, would it be common at that time, especially for a Jewish family, to put down the grandfather as the father.

2. When this Norma is listed in Aug. 1961 as Norma Rabinowitz, does that mean she was married in August, 1961, or simply sometime before that?

Name:        Norma Doris Kaplan [Norma Rabinowitz]
Birth Date: 25 Jan 1938

Birth Place:                  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death Date:                19 Dec 1995

Father:                        Joseph Kaplan

Mother:     Bert D Kaplan

SSN:           162303472

Notes:        Sep 1953: Name listed as NORMA DORIS KAPLAN; Aug 1961: Name listed as NORMA RABINOWITZ; 22 Feb 1990: Name listed as NORMA DORIS RABINOWITZ

Carl Kaplan
Winchester, MA

Re: Genealogy Software For Family Trees #general

Awesome Properties

Do any of the family tree programs mentioned here work with Hebrew?

Offline Backup of Family Tree Information (can Geni API do that?) #general

Yaron Wolfsthal

There were several posts recently on the subject. Offline store is definitely critical.

Is anyone aware of a way to systematically download all the information from a Geni family tree to an offline store ?

Geni has a programming interface (Geni API) for developer extensions.
But from a quick in the apps catalogue, I could not see that such app was previously developed.

Thank you. -Yaron

Re: Jewish soldier in Boer War #general

Andrew Radgick

There is an online search website for Boer War soldiers at
Andrew Radgick

Passenger lists #records #lithuania

Ani Home

 I am trying to decide if I have hit a brick wall or an actual dead end. I cannot find immigration records for my Great Grandparents. Here is what I know.
My Great Grandfather, Max(Mordecai Tsvi or Hersch) Hoffman was born in Veisiejai Lithuania in 1860. He married my Great Grandmother, Rochel Leah Pasiutelis who was from Liskiava Lithuania in June 1887.

They ended up in Pittsburgh PA. Max’s Declaration of Intent was Oct. 30, 1897 and his Petition for Naturalization was Nov. 18, 1899. 

They had one son Abraham Abba born in the old country whose birth date on various census records and death record is listed as 1886 which must be incorrect since the parents were married in 1887.

My Grandmother Fannie Hoffman was the second child. There are no birth records for her anywhere. However there is a family story that she had a twin that died. The City if Pittsburgh has a death record for a baby born to my Great Grandparents that died on July 27, 1894 at the age of 3 months and 26 days. There is no birth record for this baby. The parents state they have lived at this address 3 months and before that Russia.
They had six more children born in Pittsburgh between 1886-1908.

There is a passenger record for a Hersch Hoffman coming alone on the Helvetia from Liverpool to Castle Gardens on Dec. 9, 1889 alone.
No records for Rochel Leah and some Abraham.
Since there is a big age gap between Abraham and the rest of the siblings I assume Max came first alone and later Rochel Leah and Abraham joined them.
I cannot find them and in consequence I cannot determine when and where my grandmother was born and if the baby who died is her twin or not.
Is this a true dead end or what else can I do?
Sara Leah Ani


Bendery, 1808 translated, need your help #bessarabia #romania

Yefim Kogan

Hello everybody, 

We (Jeff and I) have translated 103 records for Bendery, 1808.  There is interesting information there, for example  70 Jews from that list were local residents, and 33 - citizens of Russia from different towns around, Tiraspol, Dubossary, etc.  Usually we have in the record something like Abram Khaimovich - Abram son of Khaim,  but in several records it is different.  In one record it gives a profession of the person, and couple of records we could not decipher, and asking for your help.

I attached a pdf  file with all pieces we could not read.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

Re: Records from 1807-1811 #romania #bessarabia #ukraine

Yefim Kogan

Luc,  thank you very much.  That is great.  I knew that in Moldova they used at some point cyrillic, but that language goes back probably 15 century or so.

Did you or anybody else in the group tried to read the 'second' page I sent?

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

Re: Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe #general


What do readers believe is the best data base for early 1900 passenger records?

Record of immigration to Israel 1960 #records #israel #hungary

Judith Shamian

my parents and I arrived to Israel 1960, legacy.  Can anyone tell me how do I find the records of our arrival including dates and any other relevant information.  We got our exit papers in Hungary, I would also like to get those record.  Any advice on how to find these two immigration documents would be greatly appreciated

Judith shamian grunfeld

Re: Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe #general


I  found a record of my ggf Nachman Deutsch coming to the United States from Dolhinov (Belarus, Lithuania, Russia) along with one of his young children Chaim Deutsch.  Then no additional records at all until 1904 when my grandfather Abraham Deutsch came to the United States and the young child my ggf came with shows up coming again.   No records of leaving the US and no records of living here and no records of my ggf????   They must have returned but what a brick wall.

Re: given name "Slawa"? #names #poland


It is a short form of BRONISLAVA.
BrOnja ist a one possibility to be called. And SlAva the second one. 
With an another stress the word BronjA means armor. And Slava means glory.
BRONISLAVA means the glory of the armor.
It is a beautiful russian name.


Re: Jewish soldier in Boer War #general

Jeremy Lichtman

Some records of Jewish soldiers in the Boer War can be found on the SA Jewish Rootsbank database, here:

Re: Research individuals in France/MEYER #france

David Choukroun

Dear Barbara,

I forget to write : in case this is Laubach, Just change the city in the interface