NJ State Archives - is anyone going?

A. E. Jordan

A member of the list was extremely kind and helpful to me retrieving a few documents and doing research for me and as a result I need one more death certificate from the NJ State Archives if anyone is going there.

I have the name and date and even the location of the death -- I see it on the index -- so I just need someone to print out the death certificate for me.

It is a common name so when I tried searching I could not pin it down and the same for the husband.  I tried calling the local cemeteries, the cemeteries where her children are buried, I tried calling the likely funeral home and searched the local newspaper.  I repeated the same for the husband but in both cases I had common names and only a fairly broad range for the dates of the death. 

One of our participants was kind enough to go year by year through the 1940s looking for the death certificate and sure enough he found the husband.  Problem was Isidor was listed as Izzie and the burial instead of being local in New Jersey is 100 miles away in New York in my own local area.  I checked the cemetery records and sure enough the missing woman is next to her husband and backtracked I found an obit in The New York Times but not her local newspapers.

Just goes the show the value of following every avenue.

Now to complete the paper trail I would like to have a copy of her death certificate if anyone is going to be at the NJ State Archives.

Thank you

Allan Jordan

Re: New Digest format does not cite the original post

Rodney Eisfelder

Under the message is a line of links. Click on "View/Reply Online". On the web page that is displayed, click on the button that says "View all x messages in Topic".
It is pretty clunky, but the old system had a similar problem, except that most people quoted enough of the original for the reply to stand on its own.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: New Digest format does not cite the original post

Joan Parker

Hello Albert,

I had the same problem until being curious one day I clicked on View/Reply Online (#640466) to see what it was and that's where you'll find all the emails pertaining to which ever one you are currently reading at that time.

These are at the very end of the email:

All the best,
Joan Parker
Past President/Archivist
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
1) GOLDBERG, GOULD, GOODSTEIN/GUDSTEIN, BERGER, JAGODA-Lipno and Plock,Poland-Russia; Warsaw, Poland-Russia; Galveston, TX; Bronx and Brooklyn, NY.
2) PARKER, PINKUS/PINCUS, WINOGRAD, (GERSHO-BEROVNA?)., R0SEN, -Brest (Litovsk), Belarus; Grodno, Russia; Bronx and Brooklyn, NY. WEISS, NEIKRUG, DEL PINO--Brooklyn, NY.  RABWIN--Hollywood, CA, Salt Lake City, UT. CLAYTON-California.
3) GELFAND, KRITZOFF, KATZ, TROCK --Berezin/Bresin, Kodima, Minsk, Belarus, Bronx, NY, Miami and Miami Beach, FL.

On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 10:27 PM Alberto Guido Chester <> wrote:
I apologize for coming back to the new format issue.

Most answers in the new format do not cite the original post, making it difficult to remember what question is being answered.

Can someone illuminate me if there is any solution for this ?

Thanks in advance

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

New Digest format does not cite the original post

Alberto Guido Chester

I apologize for coming back to the new format issue.

Most answers in the new format do not cite the original post, making it difficult to remember what question is being answered.

Can someone illuminate me if there is any solution for this ?

Thanks in advance

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

ViewMate Translation Requests #ukraine


Subj: ViewMate translation request - Russian / Hebrew

I've posted several vital records in Russian / Hebrew for which I would greatly appreciate a complete 
translation. They are located on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. Thank you very much.
Paul Moverman
Milford, NH, USA

JGS of Georgia meeting - March 22, 2020 - Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War #usa

Peggy Mosinger Freedman <peggyf@...>

Adrienne Usher, Director of Research for the Shapell Roster, will be speaking to the Jewish Genealogical Society of Georgia about her research on Jews who fought in the Civil War.  Historically, Jews were identified in Civil War Rosters by name profiling.  The Shapell Roster research team has identified Jewish soldiers using documents, newspaper articles, and other primary sources. Ms. Usher will discuss the project and share information about the 1,200 soldiers they have identified as Jewish who were not included on previous lists.


The presentation will be held Sunday, March 22 at The Breman Museum, 1440 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA.  Doors open at 1:00, meeting begins at 2:00.  Admission is free for members of The Breman Museum and included in admission for non-members.


For more information, contact Peggy Mosinger Freedman at peggyfreedman@...

Re: Vital Records in Detroit, Michigan

Mary Henderson


Attached is a copy that I retrieved from the Michigan state archive site

Mary Henderson
Genetic Genealogy Research, LLC
Ann Arbor, MI


On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 1:35 PM Joan Rimmon via Groups.Jewishgen.Org <> wrote:
I want to find the cause of death for my grandmother, Esther Knoppow Glanz, and would appreciate it if someone could check it for me.  She died October 7, 1944 in Detroit.

If not, does anyone know how much a copy costs and how to obtain a copy of the certificate?

MyHeritage Offering FREE Worldwide Access to All Irish Records March 5-22

Jan Meisels Allen



In honor of Irish-American Heritage Month MyHeritage is offering free worldwide access to all Irish records on their website March 5-22.  While no time zone is given for the cut off time, based on past practices assume it’s the US Central time zone ( remember the clocks get changed  in many states this Sunday AM at 2AM).


To search their records go to:

When the window opens on the right side  there is a list of the Ireland collections with a green “FREE” written next to it.

The actual records are not there but a transcript of what MyHeritage has –at least in the several examples I tried.


If you hit the button that says free trial you will be invited to provide your credit card information. This is NOT the Free world wide access for this promotion.


MyHeritage also built a dedicated webpage that includes facts about Irish heritage, information about their Irish collections, and a search bar so users can easily search the free Irish record collections directly from the page. To access that page go to: 


If you try to access record collections not offered during this Free Irish records promotion or after the promotion is over, you will be invited to subscribe with a free trial for 14 days which may require you to provide your credit card information. The Irish Records Promotion does not require your credit card information.


Jews in Ireland

While always a small Jewish community in Ireland it is an established community. In addition, a number of Jews immigrated to Ireland in the late 19th and 20th centuries whose families were from central Europe, due to the pogroms, and especially from Lithuania. Jews also stopped in Ireland along the way to immigrating to North America—and may have lived there for a few years.  You never know what an Irish record may reveal!


I have no affiliation with MyHeritage and am sharing this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: Locate grave in Germany after Holocaust #germany

joannegrosman joannegrosman

Years ago I was researching relatives who ended up in a DP camp near Munich and at that time Arolsen Tracing Service was closed. I emailed Munich city hall and eventually providing as much information as possible (they also had a child born in Munich after WWII) a Munich city archivist sent me everything they had which was very helpful.

researching Grosman, Bocian, Garbarski, Kremsdorf, Altman



Can you please give me any advise on how to obtain thé death certificate of m'y grandparents Rachel dayan and Messaoud Amar burried in Israël , Haïfa
I don't have their ID

Re: Vital Records in Detroit, Michigan

Sherri Bobish


Looks like the cost is $34.  Also, if you want the medical info than you have to order the long form.

This page should answer your questions.

*Short form vs. Long form (from front):A short form includes pertinent facts on who died, when and where they died, and the manner of death (natural, accidental etc.), but no medical information. A long form includes the full death registration including the medical conditions reported and other circumstances that led to death

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Searching:  RATOWSKY (Ariolgala, Lith.), WALTZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne (Istryker, Pol.) and many others!

Death certificate


Can someone give me any advise in ordre to get the death certificate of m'y grandparents Rachel dayan dead in 1967 and Messaoud Amar both burried in Israël. (Haïfa or ashdod)
Thanks for your help

Ancestry's ThruLines

Ralph Baer

Using ThruLines, Ancestry suggests seven possible ancestors whom I do not have on my tree. Six of them are either stepparents or unproved ancestors. I don’t mind seeing those.


The last one is just wrong. I have a father and son who are my ancestors on my tree. I do not know anything about the son’s mother. The same two very common given names and common surname exist on someone else’s tree belonging to people in an entirely different place, but that son has a mother entered. So Ancestry has suggested that I add her to my tree. Besides for living over 1000 km from my ancestral family, she would have been over 60 years old when the son was born.


I would like to remove her from my suggested ancestor list. Does anyone know how to do that? I can see how to add a suggested ancestor, but I don’t see how to remove the suggestion.



Ralph B. Baer     Washington, DC     RalphNBaer@...

Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Sarasota March 10 presentation Dr. BL Kagan Physician, Educator, Social Activist and Revolutionary.

Jo Ann Goldwater

Everyone is invited to see my presentation at Temple Beth Israel on Longboat Key on Tuesday March 10, at 2 PM. I will be showing a video about Dr. BL Kagan (1870 - 1912), a pioneer in modern medicine in the Moscow province of Russia. The video was made more than 100 years after his death, but he is remembered and revered as a man who gave his life to helping people both medically and socially. It will be of special interest to Russian and Jewish historians, and anyone who is interested in health care in general.

For more details, see attached poster. Admission is $10 if you reserve in advance, $15 at the door. Free for temple members.

Re: Locate grave in Germany after Holocaust #germany

Thank You. The problem is I don't know which local it was



On 03/05/20 08:30 AM, Steve Stein wrote:

A few years ago, I was searching for the death of an infant, born to parents who resided in Foerenwald DP Camp in Wolfratshausen, who died before leaving the Munich hospital where he was born. Bad Arolsen had nothing on his life or death; it was recorded with the local civil authorities in the city of his death. I would recommend writing to the municipal authorities in the candidate cities with as much detail as you have.

Steve Stein

Re: (US-PA) National Museum of American History Files for Bankruptcy


What a shame!  This is a lovely but possibly under-visited museum. I spent several hours there a few years ago.  It's Holocaust exhibit was especially moving. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Problems with JewishGen

Vicki Schulkin

It's been weeks since I could use the Given Names Database without getting an error message.  I wonder if the Ancestry Jewish Given Names function now has the same information, or just a subset?

Re: Yizkor Book Project Update - March 2020 #yizkorbooks


What I am looking for is the book in English for purchase similar to the other yizkor books on Jewishgen. 

Herb siegel

Vital Records in Detroit, Michigan

Joan Rimmon

I want to find the cause of death for my grandmother, Esther Knoppow Glanz, and would appreciate it if someone could check it for me.  She died October 7, 1944 in Detroit.

If not, does anyone know how much a copy costs and how to obtain a copy of the certificate?

Re: (US( 2020 Census Goes Digital-Invitations in Mail Starting March 12


I would like to add that not only is the decennial census important for drawing voting districts, redistributing Congressional seats, and allocating federal spending, it is also a <i>critical</i> resource for those of us who regularly use Census data to analyze demographic, socioeconomic, and housing characteristics and trends. 

I hope people will participate.


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