Naturalization Records at the National Archives at New York City | National Archives #general #usa

Shelley Mitchell

Listing for records held by District Courts. For those looking in New York for example.
Shelley Mitchell 

Re: Help deciphering handwriting in Polish birth act : #translation


Which part are you trying to decipher?

Avrum Geller #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Linda Cantor

It is with great sadness that I share with you the death of Avrum Geller after a long battle with cancer.  Avrum, a member of JGS (NY), was a professional genealogist, a volunteer in the Jewish community of New York, had been a member of JGS’ Executive Council, and was a frequent speaker at JGS's as well as at IAJGS conferences.  Most importantly he was a husband, son, father and grandfather to a loving family.

He was always willing to help others and had an amazing knowledge of genealogy and genealogical research, especially in New York City.  Avrum, we will all miss you.

Linda Cantor

for JGS, Inc (NY)

Re: Application for Naturalization #general


Hello Sarina,

I would send a copy of the index card to the National Archives in New York City (newyork.archives@...) and ask them for help locating the Petition for Naturalization.  

FYI, the number at the top right of the naturalization index card (6986864) is the naturalization certificate number and the USCIS C-file number.  Just put a "C" in front of it to make the C-file number (C-6986864).  Because the naturalization (date of admission) was prior to 4/1/1956, the USCIS naturalization records will be in this C-file, which you can requesting from USCIS using the C-file number (  There is a $65 fee.

The Alien Registration number should also relate to a 1940 Alien Registration Form, also available from USCIS for a fee.  BUT there's always a chance the same form will also be inside the C-file.

I am looking for Galina Briskin or Briskina #holocaust

Laufer, Shmuel

I am looking for Galina Briskin or Briskina who filled out the testimonial page, attached here, at Yad Vashem about Golda Shubin.

Anyone can help me to found her?

Please reply privately to my email laufers@...


Shmuel Laufer
Rehovot -Israel



Research: Laufer (Przasnysz, Poland); Domb (Pultusk, Poland); Bruckman (Sarnaki, Poland); Zelazo (Sarnaki, Poland); Preschel (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine), Leder (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine); Schnap (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine); Mitelman (Chelm, Poland); Tenerman (Dubienka, Poland)



Is Bischofsburg Ostpreußen in the Town Finder the same place as "Bischofsburg Koenigsberg" #germany #poland

Joyaa Antares

Hi Folks,
I hope the formatting of this message isn't too messy....
Is Bischofsburg Ostpreußen - which is listed in the JewishGen Town Finder - the same place as that in the screenshot "Bischofsburg Koenigsberg"?
The town in the town finder is also listed as "Biskupiec, Poland".   
However, does this link suggest that page suggest that "Bischofsburg Koenigsberg" is a region? 
(Please excuse the warping of the special characters in the link!)

Many thanks for your help.  
Joyaa ANTARES, Gold Coast, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Researching GERSON and NEUMANN from Gumbinnen amongst many others.

Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland launches virtual meetings #jgs-iajgs #events

Sylvia Fleck Abrams

 The Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland is launching a series of virtual meetings using the Zoom format so you may watchlisten and participate from the comfort of your own home
Our first offering is April 29, 2020.




Ask Us Anything. . .About Genealogy!


A “How To” Virtual Program for Members Only

Have questions that you are pondering while conducting family research? Join three experienced JGSC genealogists who will answer your questions in this virtual interactive meeting. So go ahead, pick our brains!

Our team will address questions submitted in advance and, time permitting, questions submitted live. Here are some prompts to help you come up with your own questions:

  • What would you like to know how to do, or do better?
  • What frustrates you most when doing genealogical research?
  • How do you deal with languages you don’t know?
  • Where can you look for information beyond the obvious vital records, census data and immigration/naturalization sources?
  • How do you track people after name changes, immigration, marriage, etc.?
  • How do you make a family tree and why would you do this?

Email your questions to the following address no later than April 28: rsvp@...

Our team of experts will be: Cyndy Spikell, Russ Maurer, and Richard Spector!

You may join the Zoom meeting on your computer simply by clicking the "Join Zoom Meeting" link which was sent to our paid members in our email meeting notice., or by phone if you don’t have access to a computer.

*Attention JGSC members: contact webmaster@... if you did not receive virtual meeting connection details by email.

Submitted by
Sylvia F. Abrams
Immediate Past President
on behalf of Programming Committee

Re: looking for my uncle, Satanovski (Czereniuk) MIKOLAJ, possibly from Stanislavov #galicia #poland #subcarpathia #ukraine


Thank you, everyone, for your help!
The closest match, for now, is:
Czereniuk Mikolaj, born April 22, 1922, passed away February 11, 2004, from Jewish (?) settlement Zamosty (Poland before 1939)
Czereniuk (Shewchuk) Alexandria, born May 6, 1925, passed away March 13, 2006
Both came to Canada in 1950.
Buried at Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
For regret, everything is closed for COVID-19 and we could not even attend cemetery.
My Google research did not show any children or great children. 
Any further information and/or suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Vitali Satanovski

Re: Database of Rabbinical Certificates from 1921 Bucharest? #romania #rabbinic

Theo Rafael

Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is a rabbinical certificate? 
Rabbi Tsirelson was Chief Rabbi of Bassarabia. That region was part of Romania during 1920-1944 (except ~1940), the rest of the time it was part of Russia/USSR. And it appears that he was in Bucharest in the 1921-22 period as member of the Parliament:

You may want to inquire with CSIER , they seem to keep to at least part of the Jewish Community Archives: The other organization that may keep some archives is the Federation of Jewish communities themselves aka FCER ( Both orgs also have FB pages. I'm not sure though whether they do this type of individual research. 
Wish you luck and please update regarding their response.

Theo Rafael

Viewmate-Do you recognize?

Hazel Boon

I have posted a picture of a gathering of KANET cousins that took
place around 1945.

We have identified some in the picture but I thought I'd see if anyone
can ID the others. We do recognize:
3rd row–Far L Sidney Kaufman 2nd from L Samuel Pacewitz 3rd from L Max
Forer 3rd from R Albert Kannett far R Victor Bernstein
2nd row–far L Sylvia Bernstein Kaufman 2nd from L Jenny Kanet Pacewitz
3rd from L Basha Kanet Forer 3rd from R Gertrude Stoljarczik Kannett
far R Rochel Kannett Bernstein
Bottom - far L Paul or Alan Kaufman far R Estelle (Essie) Kannett Marshall

Please respond using the form provided in the ViewMate application.
My thanks to the generous people who respond to these requests.

Hazel Sandow Boon,   Hamilton, ON, Canada

Death record from 1918 in Tuchola, Poland? #poland

Helen Gottesman


My father had a brother that passed away in 1918, before my father was born.  Is there a way to see his cause of death on the death certificate.  My cousin and I heard two different stories.

Thanks, Helen Gottesman,   Boca Raton, Florida

ViewMate translation request - Polish #galicia #translation

Hazel Boon

I've posted 4 death records in chart form on ViewMate. I would love to
have complete translations including all names, dates, places, house
numbers and professions.

The ViewMate urls are:
1. Breine Haber.-
2. Hersch Schwarz -
3. Wolf Haber -
4. Sure Pesie Haber -

My thanks to JRI-Poland for indexing so many records and for placing
them online for our use. And many thanks to all who offer assistance
with translations..I hope that everyone is safe and healthy in this
very different time.

Hazel Sandow Boon,   Hamilton, ON, Canada

Researching: HABER - Burshtyn, Konyushki & Zurow, Galicia, NYC;  SCHWARZ - Burshtyn,

Re: How can I find NYC naturalization papers with only the record number? #general

Ina Getzoff

I believe after 1906 most naturalizations were done in a Supreme Court. Do you know what year your gg grandmother might have been naturalized since they came her in 1908 and where they might have lived? If you have an answer to that question it is a good place to start. Also, as far as her name-remember-in genealogy spelling doesn't count and names can be spelled more ways than we think. 
Good luck
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla

Re: Family Tree Chart Especially for Cousins etc. #general

Pieter Hoekstra

Differences in spelling might be attributed to literacy. Not so many generations ago not everyone was literate so a name was recorded by a 3rd party who may not have been known the the name owner. The details recorded were what the recorder heard and how he/she believed it should be spelled.

ViewMate translation request - German #galicia #translation

Dana Krug

I've posted a vital record in German for which I need a translation. I am interested in the first record in this document for an individual named: Schwaje Biermann. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.    Sincerely,  Dana Krug

Application for Naturalization #general

Sarina Roffe

I am looking for the Application for Naturalization for my grandmother and her ship record. She came into the US on Ellis Island in 1908 but I cannot find the record. I found an index for her naturalization in 1952. I also cannot find her marriage record.


I have tried all the usual sources – Ancestry, Fold3, Ellis Island, JDC Archives, My Heritage, Family Search – nothing. I also tried variant spellings – Shalo, Shallow, Shacalo, F for the first name, Farida ( the Arabic) – She came from Aleppo Syria.


Yet I find everything for my grandfather Joseph Nessim Missry.


Frieda came in as Frieda Shaalo in 1908. Married about June 1909 to Joseph Nessim Missry.

They show up as boarders in the 1910 Census and in different homes in every census after that.


Alien Registration Number is 5718566

Petition: 488840

Roll 96 Enter

There is a number on the top of the card also 6986864.

She was naturalized on 6/3/1952 under her married name Frieda Missry.


Any ideas??


Sarina Roffe


ViewMate translation request - Polish #galicia #translation

Dana Krug

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. I am interested in the first record in this document for an individual named: Schwaje Biermann. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.    Sincerely,   ,Dana Krug

ViewMate translation request - Tombstone in Russian - #bessarabia #translation

Crivorot, Sergio

 I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

I'd like to have the whole text translated, but I am particularly interested in names, parent names, towns, anything that would help me learn more about the person in question. I hope it is readable. I think this may be my grandmother's sister, but I'm far from sure

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.,   Sergio Crivorot

Help deciphering handwriting in Polish birth act : View mate # 80525 #translation

Alberto Guido Chester

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need help deciphering handwriting
It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Alberto Guido Chester, Buenos Aires, Argentina

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation #poland

Wendy Newman

I've posted a birth record in ViewMate for an Abram Josef Nudelman.  I am looking for a translation from Russian that will give me the important info, full name of the child, parents, ages of parents, occupation, etc. as well as the full date of the event.  It is on ViewMate at the following address:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page and thanks so much for your help!

Be safe.,    Wendy Newman

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