Re: Cohanim and Levites #dna


The Cohen lines (Kohanim, or priestly class) are descended from Aaron, while the Levites are a tribe.
One is Jewish IF one's mother is Jewish, however one's tribal status was given by the father.
Therefore, while my mother is a Kohanim "ha-Cohen", I am not because my father was not Jewish.
I am "ha-Isreal" or of Jacob.

ViewMate translation - German #translation


I have posted a vital record in German for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address:


Please respond on the ViewMate image page and sincere thanks for any assistance.


Regards and thanks, Alice Riley

Re: Seeking Researcher In Romania for Votkana, Bucharest, Barlad and Lasi #romania


Dear Marshall,
I would be very grateful if you could kindly e-mail me ( bdw_29@... ) the e-mail addresses to contact Sorin Goldenberg and Luc Radu personally.  I have very little information but am trying to trace the childhood, marriage and emigration details for my great-grandparents, Barnet and Rebecca Horam, probably from Transylvania, who moved to London, UK around 1900. Thank-you very much from Beth Wilson, Northumberland, UK.

Tombstone photo translated requests #translation


Hi All
Two tombstone photos I would like translated. Number  Vm8555 and Vm8552. Thanks for all help. I believe this to be a great aunt of mine and her son connected to Greenberg ancestry from Hertza dorohoi.

Sarah Greenberg (USA)

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Re: Fairy Tales my Father Told Me #romania #general


My maternal grandmother Golda "Gussie, Gusta" WEININGER benefited from the HIAS in 1920 in Cherbourg, France, on her way from Czernowitz, Romania to NYC.  They helped provide kosher food, lodging, and a medical exam so she could get the all-important doctor's certificate stating that she was healthy.  

Marc M. Cohen, Los Gatos, California, USA

BARAK/CANTORCZY: Khotin, Bessarabia; Strorozhinets, Bukovina, Ukraine
CHOMITZ/HAMETZ: Ionina (Janina), Greece; Ignatovka, Ukraine; Kiev Gubernia, Ukraine
COHEN: Dinovitsi (Dunayevtsy) Ukraine; Roman/Tirgu Frumos, Romania
KORNITZKY: Kiev Gubernia, Stepnitz/Stepantsy, Ukraine
RÎBNER: Storozhinetz, Costesti (Costyntsi), Drachinets, Cabesti, Bukovina, Ukraine
ROSENBERG: Tirgu Frumos, Roman, Romania; ISRAEL
WEININGER: Cabesti, Costesti, Drachinets, Czernowitz, Bukovina, Ukraine

Re: Iasi , Romania research #romania


Hello Teodora
I don't know if it will be possible, but I am trying to find any Romanian records for Barnett and Rebecca Horam who emigrated to the UK around 1900.  Possibly Transylvania.  A son Max was born there in 1897 and subsequent children in London.I am still searching for passenger and naturalisation records, so have limited details.  Barnett is recorded as being an 'Austrian' in the UK 2011 census and Rebecca as being a Russian.  However their daughter Lily, born in London always said they were Romanians.  Hope you have a safe and successful trip in any case.  Thank-you from Beth Wilson, Northumberland UK

Translation of 1884 German Death Record #germany #translation

Jeff Marx

Dear friends:


I would appreciate help in translating the German death record for Samuel Lazarus Samuel, to provide some vital information: his parents’ names, wife’s name, his place of birth and residency. It is on Viewmate at the following address:

Jeff Marx

Cohanim and Levites #dna


Your status in the Kohen-Levite-Israel trichotomy is inherited from your father and began well before surnames were introduced.  There are some surnames that are common for Kohanim and others for Levi'im, but having one of these surnames doesn't establish that you are in that group.
To identify the relationship between your surname and your status in this trichotomy, I'd focus on back-tracking the surname.  Where does it come from geographically?  Have you been told anything about how it was acquired?  Start there.
Yale Zussman

Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #translation

Greg Tuckman

Hello everyone,
I've posted 5 vital records in Russian for which I need a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses...

1.  Birth Record of Masza WAJSBLECH:

2.  Birth Record of Estera WAJSBLECH:

3.  Birth Record of Fajga WAJSBLECH:

4.  Birth Record of Witla Bina WAJSBLECH:

5. Death Record of Boruch Mordko WAJSBLECH:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona   USA

Re: Meaning of the given name #names

Dr.Josef ASH

In the Bible - she was the mother of Moshe Rabenu, Moisei.
in the name:
Yo....- from the God's name
...cheved - from the root meaning "weight, respect, importance"

Re: Information about Pessia SCHLIOMOVNA born in 1886 in Vitebsk #general #belarus

Dr.Josef ASH

Shliomovna is not surname,
her father was Shliomo.

Re: New York index to death records-finding pre 1865 death date #usa

Renee Steinig

Joan, what you found is not a record of Gerson's death. It is the death record of Gerson's daughter Jeannette (married name RUND), 65, who died on 17 Oct 1907. Gerson's name appears in Ancestry's index because he is mentioned in the record.

After clicking on Gerson's name in Ancestry's index, you'll come to a second page. Click on Jeannette's name there to see additional details.

Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 1:23 PM Joan Pollak <JFPollak@...> wrote:
I recently found via an entry for my third great grandfather, Gerson Heilbroner, in the 1862-1948 New York Index to Death Records. Heilbroner was mispelled Hhilbroner which was why I had not stumbled upon this before. This is definitely confirmed as my ggggrandfather as the entry mentioned his wife and daughter's name.
1. Would the dates of the index indicate that he died 1862 and after-not before?
2. Would there be a next step in finding his actual death certificate/death date? I surmise that he died before May of 1865 because of naming patterns in the family.
Joan Pollak
Merion, Pennsylvania


Re: New York index to death records-finding pre 1865 death date #usa

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"1. Would the dates of the index indicate that he died 1862 and after-not before?
2. Would there be a next step in finding his actual death certificate/death date? I surmise that he died before May of 1865 because of naming patterns in the family."

Check You couldn't be buried in NYC without a death record, very, very early.  My ggrandmother's uncle and foster father, Adolf Mincho, died in 1864, and he had one.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: New York index to death records-finding pre 1865 death date #usa

Moishe Miller

I looked up the same record at FamilySearch. It gives Abbott's detail as well. See below.
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

Jeanette Rund

New York, New York City Municipal Deaths, 1795-1949



Name: Jeanette Rund
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 17 Oct 1907
Event Place: The Bronx, NY
Gender: Female
Father's Name: Gerson Heilbummer
Mother's Name: Babett Ferzenbaumn
Certificate Number: 5114

Marga LEVY - Unna and Berlin # Germany #general

Mike Redel

Dear gersigs,

Marga Levy was born 30.07.1923 in Unna. Her father was the salesman
Julius Levy. Marga and her father lived in Halensee (now Berlin)
Seefenerstr. 50

Marga leave the school in 30.06.1938 - the reason: profession.

I have not found Marga and Julius in the german Gedenkbuch. Could one
of you help me with informations about their life.


Mike Redel - germany

Re: New York index to death records-finding pre 1865 death date #usa

Moishe Miller

You asked about that death record. Actually, it is not for Gershon. If you click on the daughter's name, you will see it is her 1907 death. See it below.
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
Name: Jeannette Rund
[Jeannette Hhilbroner
Gender: Female
Race: White
Marital status: Widowed
Age: 65
Birth Date: abt 1842
Birth Place: Germany
Years in US: 52 Years
Death Date: 17 Oct 1907
Death Street Address: 753 Beck St
Death Place: New York City, New York, USA
Cause of Death: Paralysis Agitans, Arterio-Sclerosis
Burial Date: 20 Oct 1907
Burial Place: Manwindus Cemt
Father's Birth Place: Germany
Mother's Birth Place: Germany
Father: Gerson Hhilbroner
Mother: Babett Hhilbroner
Certificate Number: 5114

Re: Continuous Residency Requirement #usa #general

Stephen Weinstein

Maybe he didn't want to be asked about when he first entered, where he had been living in the U.S., why he returned to Russia, etc.

Or maybe he had gotten into some sort of legal or financial or other trouble when in the U.S. previously and didn't want the immigration authorities to alert his creditors, abandoned wife, the police, etc., that he had returned.  Or just didn't think they'd let him into the U.S. a second time if they were aware of what had happened the first time.

My grandfather told me that his father entered the U.S., returned to what would have been Russia then (Belarus today), went to the U.S. again, and believing that he wouldn't be admitted again under the same name, used the name of the person ahead of him on line who had just been admitted under that name.  Some details of this story don't make sense (for example, he would have been asked his name before he knew whether person ahead of him on line was admitted), but he really did enter under the name that my grandfather said had been his birthname.  (My grandfather said the reason for the name change was because his father had traveled back and forth several times and didn't think he'd get in again if he kept using the same name, but I think that no one would have known, because they didn't keep track; the records were indexed or computerized, so they couldn't tell how many times a person had entered.)

Re: Stories my father told me #general

Sharon Taylor

My family came from Mariampol Galicia, just outside of Stanislawow. My favorite bedtime story, told in Yiddish, was about "Der Grosse Bear." I believe my mother learned the story from her mother or grandmother, and its similar to the tale of the Baba Yaga. One day, a mother leaves her children home while she goes to market. When she returns, the house is a shambles and all the children are gone. She grabs her sewing kit and heads into the forrest, following the enormous  footprints of a bear. She finds him sleeping beside a stream. She takes her scissors and cuts open the bear's belly and the children pop out. I always assumed that this story was common in that part of today's Ukraine. Is anyone familiar with this story or another similar tale?

Sharon Taylor
Philadelphia PA

Researching NEMETH, BLOCH (Mariampol and Stanislawow, Galicia)
WEISNER, FLEISIG (Kulikow and Lemberg, Galicia)
FISHER, RAPPAPORT (Raguva, Vilna, and Kovno, Lithuania)

Re: Descendants of Dutch Jews. Any interest? #general

Anne Nunez

Same last name... My father was a Nunez, his mother was a Cardozo. From Spain/Portugal then Livorno, Tunis, Paris then now, for some of us, the US.
I did see connections, marriages etc between Livorno and London/Amsterdam Sephardim in the 17th-18th century archives. 
My father did DNA analysis thru Family Tree DNA. Adam Brown of the Avotaynu DNA Project/Census project has helped my father thru his DNA analysis and analysis of other family members. Have you considered such analysis? It may give you some information on your family origin and relations with other sephardic families. My father did find a genetic match with a Christian minister in England, originally Enriquez/Valentin. 
Best regards,
Anne Marie Nunez
Alexandria, VA

Re: Cohanim and Levites #dna

Todd Leavitt

My family name is "Levitsky", but Big Y DNA testing (haplogroup/terminal SNP R-YP6547) apparently does not qualify (per Meir HaLevi Gover) as consistent with the Levite genetic signature(s). So it goes....