Re: FINKEL / FINKLE family in Philadelphia #usa


Thank you, Dani,


One of the 1930's naturalization documents stated Romania/Bessarabia as a place of origin.


Since Finkel/variants was a common name, positively identifying a family will always be a tough case. I've seen several census records of a decidedly different Finkel family with almost all the same daughters. Perhaps, they were cousins. This family, headed by Joseph and Sarah (ne Akselrod), had five daughters and one son Morris. In one census, however, the man is listed as Morris (of Joseph's age), his wife as Sarah, followed by the same daughters. Aren't we creative people?


Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

Looking for Koifman family #bessarabia

Adrian Koifman

Hi. I'm looking for information from my paternal grandfather. His name Moishe (Moshko) Koifman He was born in Bessarabia and I think in a city called Khothyn or Hothyn 
Attached additional information
Adrian Koifman

Kaczka Family #ukraine #poland


Looking for great grandparents with surname Kaczka from Ukraine or Poland/Russia.  Josef Kaczka born May 1864 on Rovno (Rivne). Married to Szendel Feinstein, children - Jacob (Joseph) b. 1886, Ethel (Etel)  b. 1889. Shyka or Shiva b. 1894, Leah (Lleja) b. 1898, Anna (Chana) b. 1899. Rebecca (Rifka or Rivka) b. 1900, Harry (Herschel) b. 1906, Hattie (Kajke, or Chaja) b. 1908.  All family born in Rovno (Rivne)

Janet Venuti.

Re: Town in Romania, Securon #romania


Most likely SECURENI, a town in Bukovina now in Ukraine. Was in Romania 1918-1940. On the Naturalization Petition the current then country was indicated while when born was Austria Hungary. For the year you are looking, records could be in Czernowitz (try Family Search).

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

Re: Please help with short yidisch translation #translation

angel kosfiszer

Alberto, the card is printed in Spanish and there are no marks of the Post office handling it. It looks to me that it was hand written in Argentina and not in Galitzia, and never sent.

Angel Kosfiszer
from Buenos Aires, Argentina
living in Dallas, Texas.

research family Monowicz or Monowitz or Monowiecz in Argentina #latinamerica

Danielle Czal

Research Family Monowitz. they were in Buenos Aires in 1947. They were relatives with my father, but i don't know in chic level. They sended photos to my father, written in yiddish. The las photo i found was in 1953, a couple with a girl around 14 years.
Thanks a lot if somebody can help me to find them Danielle Czalczynski

Kamenka, Kamensky District, Penza, Oblast Russia #general #russia

Marilyn Feingold

Is anyone familiar with this area? It is new research for me.  I am told my great great grandfather may have been born there.  Are their birth records that can be ordered? Thanks for your help. Marilyn Feingold
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Re: Portugal Recognizes Consul who Saved thousands From Holocaust #holocaust

Milton Koch

Yes, he was instrumental in helping my family members leave Luxembourg after Eichmann invaded the country-and enabled them, with some difficulties on a train ride-to enter Lisbon, where they lived for 1 1/2 years.
In addition, there is currently a wonderful exhibit about him in the Luxembourg National Archives.
Milton Koch
Behtesda, MD., USA

Re: Litvak descendents- let's share information #lithuania



Michael Cohen,
Herzilia, Israel

Re: JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Sharing Tombstone Viewmate Photo #12721-Eva(Grinberg)Schwartz,died 7-13-1997 #general


Hi Along
It's several years later and I am still seeking information on Eva Chava Greenberg Schwartz. I would like to get a copy of her death record. My main focus is to find out if she had any children and contact them. I know she was born in Hertza dorohoi Romania and that at some point she was living in Israel until her passing in 1997. I would like to bring this mystery to a close. If she is buried in Israel perhaps there would be information from the funeral home. I already have the photo of the tombstone. Any help of advice needed.
Sarah Greenberg (USA)

Re: Help needed headstone translation - Hebrew #translation


My translation of the grave marker is as below.
Yours truly,
Keith (Osher)

The translation of the right side of the marker is as follows:

First line: po nikbar (abbr.) – here lies

Second line: marat Sarah bat reb (abbr.) Eliyahu – Mrs. Sara the daughter of Mr. Eliyahu

Third line:  niftara 5 Kislev 5715 – who died on the 5th of Kislev 5715

Fourth line: tehi nishmata tsrurah b’tsror ha’chaim (abbr.) – may her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

The 5th of Kislev 5715 corresponds to 30 Nov. 1954.


The translation of the left side of the market is as follows:            

First line: po nikbar (abbr.) – here lies

Second line: reb (abbr.) Avraham Netanel ben reb (abbr.) Shmuel haLevi – Avraham Natanel the son of Shmuel the Levitei

Third line: niftar 6 Nissan 5706 – who died on the 6th of Nissan 5706

Fourth line: tehi nishmat tsrurah b’tsror ha’chaim – may his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

The 6th of Nissan 5706 corresponds to 7 Apr. 1946

Re: Need transcription russian to english or french #translation


In Russian:


29                                                                                                     8


Состоялось в посаде Бейхатов десятого/двадцать второго июня тысяча восемьсот восемдесят седмого года, в десять часов вечера.  Сим объявляем, что в присутсвии свидетелей Гершика Липмана (не понятно) сорока одного года и Гершика Якубовича, торговца, пятидесяти пяти лет от роду, проживающих в посаде Бейхатов, заключен сего числа регилиозный брачный союз между Шмулем Вегелинским, холостым, ткачем, двадцати трёх лет от роду, сыном Мордки-Герша и Миндли, урожденной Цузарь (возможно), проживающих в городе Новорадошев с Фриметою (возможно) Новак, девицею, двадцати двух лет от роду, дочерью Янкеля и Фрейдли, урожденной Храпот, проживающих в оглашенном посаде Бейхатов при родителях.  Браку сему предшествовали три объявления опубликованных в Бейхатовской и Новорадошской еврейской синагоге девятого, шетнадцатого и двадцать третьего мая текущего года.  Новобрачные заявили, что они не заключили между собой никокого брачного договора.  Регилиозный обряд бракосочетания совершен Бейхатовским равином Ициком-Меером Конштам.  Акт сей по прочтении нами, равином и свидетелями подписан. Новобрачные саявили, что писать не умеют.


Равин Ицик-Меер Конштам

Гиршик Якубович

Гиршик Липман

Чиновник гражданского состояния   Подпись  


Translate into English:


29 8


Beihatov Posad took place on the tenth / twenty second of June one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven, at ten o'clock in the evening. We declare that in the presence of witnesses Gershik Lipman (not clear) forty-one years old and Gershik Yakubovich, a merchant, fifty-five years old, who live in Beikhatov Posad, this day a religious marriage was concluded between Shmul Vegelinsky, a single, weaver, twenty three years old, son of Mordka-Gersh and Mindley, nee Tsusar (possibly), living in City Novoradoshev with Frimetoy (possibly) Novak, girl, twenty-two years old, daughter of Yankel and Freidli, nee Chrapot, living in the announced settlement Beikhatov Posad with parents . This marriage was preceded by three announcements published in the Beikhatov Posad and Novoradoshev Jewish synagogue on the ninth, sixteenth and twenty-third of May of the current year. The newlyweds stated that they had not entered into any marriage contract with each other. The regular wedding ceremony was performed by the Beikhatov Posad rabbi Itzik-Meer Konstam. This reading has been signed by us, the rabbi and the witnesses. The newlyweds said that they could not literate.


Ravin Itzik-Meer Konstam

Hirschik Yakubovich

Hirschik Lipman

Civil Officer Signature

Re: German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany

Marc Stevens

It took me about 5 months in 2017, but 2 months of that was waiting for a ceremony at my local Consulate (Toronto).

The process was very smooth.  I used a Berlin lawyer to handle it for me.

Good luck.

Re: Town in Romania, Securon #romania


Hi carl
You can join our facegroup Jewish genealogy  in romania Moldavia. We help You with pleasure.
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Re: Amigos quisiera tener la traduccion de este documento #translation


imposible de leer, muy chico.  Mandalo con mejor resolucion.  Suerte.

Re: FINKEL / FINKLE family in Philadelphia #usa


I truly don't know if this is the same family, but I have Finkels in my family tree. There are a few overlapping names which makes me wonder if there is any possible relation. The ones I have traced were from Russia (Moldova/Ukraine area) and I don't know of any who went to Philadelphia, but I am writing you because Finkel (in my tree) was not their original name. It was Fookelman. I have no idea if that will be helpful or if that was the case with the family you are working on. I also have the name Finkelstein in my tree, which I don't even know if they are related to the Fookelmans. I wish you luck!! 

Dani Ramage

Translation of Yiddish handwriting #translation

Devorah Eisenbach

I have about  40 letters from my ggparents from Kalvarija to my gfather in Boston from 1906-1912.  They are written in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Russian.  Especially difficult to read is my ggmother's writing. Can anyone help me? 

Re: Online copy or access to the Reichsanzeiger list #germany #holocaust

Ernst-Peter Winter


Does anyone know of an online source.or has access to the
Reichanzeiger lists of Jews who were de-naturalized in
Germany?  If so, please let me know.
you will find the "Reichsanzeiger" at

Ernst-Peter (Winter). Münster (Hessen)

Holocaust-Era Jewish Artifacts Discovered in Nowy Sacz #holocaust #poland

Jan Meisels Allen






Archaeologists and historians from the History Association of Poland found a Jewish treasure trove when excavating of an old castle in Nowy Sacz known as Tzanz.   They found silverware, cups, knives, forks and other items.  The valuables were apparently buried there during the course of World War II.


Prior to exhibition in the local museum the items will be further investigated.




Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Portugal Recognizes Consul who Saved thousands From Holocaust #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen




In mid-June 1940 Hitler’s forces were days from completing victory over France. Paris fell on June 14 and a week later an armistice was signed.  Portugal's diplomatic corps was under strict instruction from the right-wing Salazar dictatorship that visas should be issued to refugee Jews and stateless people only with express permission from Lisbon.  For those thronging Bordeaux's streets hoping to cross into Spain and escape Nazi persecution there was no time to wait.


Aristides de Sousa Mendes (1885-1954) was Portugal’s consul in Bordeaux during World War ll. He supplied Jews with visas that permitted them to escape from advancing German forces. His decision to save the Jews’ lives cost him his diplomatic career under Portuguese dictator António de Oliveira Salazar. The foreign ministry in Lisbon began sending cablegrams to Bordeaux, ordering him to desist, amid reports from colleagues that he had "lost his senses".


Spanish authorities declared his visas invalid, but thousands had already made it across the Bidasoa river into Spain's Basque region.

Among those who escaped occupied France due to Salazar’s visas include surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, filmmaker King Vidor, members of the Rothschild banking family and the majority of Belgium's future government-in-exile.


The rest of his life was spent in penury.


The Consul had a friendship with Rabbi Chaim Kruger who fled the Nazis from his home in Belgium. Consul Sousa Mendes offered the rabbi and his immediate family safe passage across the Spanish border. Kruger refused the offer, as he could not abandon the thousands of other Jewish refugees in Bordeaux. After days of contemplation, according to Menes’ son. “he strode out of his bedroom, flung open the door to the chancellery, and announced in a loud voice: 'From now on I'm giving everyone visas. There will be no more nationalities, races or religions'."


Estimates of number of transit visas allowing refugees to pass from France into Spain and travel on to Portugal range between 10,000-30,000. On June 9 Parliament’s parliament decided for a monument with his name in the National Pantheon.


In 1966 Yad Vashem recognized him as Righteous Among the Nations.


In 1988 Portuguese parliament posthumously withdraws disciplinary charges against him


Now the Portugal has recognized him.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee