Re: Found after 76 years descendants of the family who hid my mother and grandmother in Budapest in 1944 during the German Occupation and the Arrow Cross terror #hungary #holocaust


I was about to write the same as Angie. If not for wonderful and brave people like this many descendants and their families would have perished.  Schindler is one of the most famous listed as one of the Righteous Among Nations, but most people do not become famous like he did.  Most are ordinary people with extraordinary courage who are true to their moral compass.  How moving this story is and i will pass it on to my Hungarian Jewish Cousin whom i know will find this so touching as well. 
Sue Diamond 

Re: meaning of word esboubem? #russia


If it is an expression used only by one family, it brings back the Yiddish phrase used toward the very elderly at the dining table, " Ess, boubele" or "eat, grandmother" kindly cajoling an elderly grandparent to eat what was put in front of them...

Re: ViewMate translation request -Hebrew #translation #photographs


The former quest is closed to responses' So I will answer here. the Hebrew scrip is Sara Liba daughter of Michal Yoseph. Passed away 26 of Shevat 7558. (16/2/1958) תנצבה [ R, I, P, (literally: may his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life)]
All the best 
Chaim Rubinstein

Re: Looking for Warsaw and Brest-Litovsk addresses #belarus #warsaw


The Central Archive of the Brest county is located in Brest. Ten years ago I wrote to them and requested information about my relatives and they found and sent me. They charge a fee.
 you might find more information than expected.
have fun
Chaim Rubinstein

Re: "Jüdische Familien In Kreuznach" #germany


Dear peter
Thank you very much for your answer. However, this link offers this title: "Juedisches Leben in Kreuznach", Also very interesting book
My research concerns this title:"Jüdische Familien In Kreuznach, Vom 18.Jahrundert bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg"
by the same author, published in the same year.
This last title offers a very detailed record of the registers of birth, death and marriage of Kreuznach for the Jewish populations.
Thanks again for this help
Best regards

Re: ViewMate identification/translation requests-Russian #translation


It's a written obligation to pay, what i understand.  Given to a borrower from trusted company or privet organization and (or) privet person.

Re: navy emblem on gravestone? #general

Robert Murowchick

This site might be useful-- military emblems on gravestones
The emblem on Julius' grave (minus the acorn and leaf debris that had fallen on the gravestone in the photograph) is US Navy WWII, on Sheet 3, bottom row third from left. 

Robert Murowchick
Needham, MA

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Of course mistakes were made at the point of departure.  The NYPL article makes that clear.  My ancestors' names were badly mangled at the various port of departures.  No one should dispute this.  Also, just because we never mentioned that immigrants were questioned as part of their immigration doesn't mean that we were unaware of that.  Those of us responding to the question about name changes at Ellis Island limited our answers to the pertinent facts. 
As for the handwriting issue mentioned, there are many sources that modern readers of manifests and other documents can use to decipher the cursive script style of the day.  I have to believe that the immigration inspectors at Ellis Island and all the other ports were familiar with the cursive styles of their times.  And don't forget that we are looking at the digitized copies of the manifests that were microfilmed in the 1930's.  Deterioration of the originals is also a factor.
Karen Silver

Re: New Chicago Waldheim Cemetery Research Question: Is the Mishna Gemorra Section an indicator of anything? #usa

Chicago Bubby

The Mishne Ugemora section of Waldheim is a portion owned by a synagogue on the North Side of the city of Chicago. Many people buried there though had no connection to the synagogue. We have a huge group of family members buried there who were not connected to the synagogue.

The synagogue is still in operation (though just barely) and it does maintain at least some records of the cemetery.

The synagogue's information is:
Cong. Mishne  U'gmoro
6045 N. California Ave
Chicago, IL 60659

Good luck to you.

Cyndee Meystel
Chicago, IL

Re: Help Reading town name #names

Steven Usdansky

Father's looks like "Budifist," mother's looks like "Bidifrist," and my best guess is that both are transliterations of an accented pronunciation of "Budapest."

Re: Gnendelmen family in New York City #usa

Brian wiatrak

Thank you Sherri. Maybe we can communicate off line?  Brian.wiatrak@...

Re: meaning of word esboubem? #russia

Trudy Barch

possibly Russian, possibly Yiddish, possibly Hebrew,   possibly English transliterated of a word.

Re: New Chicago Waldheim Cemetery Research Question: Is the Mishna Gemorra Section an indicator of anything? #usa

Robert Murowchick

Likely related to the Congregation Mishna U’Gmoro at 3313 W Douglas Blvd in Chicago. You can find a photo and some details about its Rabbi Tzvi Shimon Album at these links and

Robert Murowchick    <robertmurowchick AT>
Needham, MA

Researching these family links:
MUROWCHICK/MURAWCHICK/MURAWCZYK etc (David-Gorodok, Belarus, New Jersey, Chicago)
KUNECK/KONIK/KYONIK (Kozhan-Gorodok, Belarus)
EPSTEIN/EPSTINE (Gavish/Gavieze, Liepaja, Latvia)
SEGAL/SIEGEL (Tilsit, Koenigsburg, Germany; Baltimore; Chicago)

Family of Rabbi Yitzhak Ayzik GINSBURG #rabbinic

David Ellis

I recently discovered that Rabbi Yitzhak Ayzik GINSBURG (1780-1839) was my 6th-generation ancestor.  According to early records from Vilnius, his father was Eliyahu son of Yitzhak Ayzyk.  The larger GINSBURG family is described in a book by David Maggid, written in 1899.  The book is over 300 pages in Hebrew, well beyond my level of comprehension.  It is available online in PDF form,

Is anybody familiar with this family who can answer some questions for me?  Please feel free to respond to me directly by e-mail at the address below.  

David  J  Ellis
Natick, MA

Re: Index files - ODESSA #ukraine

Ariel Parkansky

Hi everybody,
The Ukraine SIG has a lot of Odessa Indexes already recovered and in translation.

Birth indexes from 1878 to 1900 have already been translated and should be available for search on the Ukraine JewishGen Database since 2016.
Marriage records are now in translation but it's going very slow as I have only one translator working on it.
Needless is to say that if you are able to read handwritten Russian and have some spare time, I would be glad to give you some documents to translate (please contact me privately).

Ariel Parkansky
Odessa Town Leader
Ukraine SIG

Re: Hungary SIG Help! People and town names #names #hungary


Hi,                                                    16th July 2020

I happen to be born in TARCAL--Hungary--which was--in my childhood-- a few km from BODROKERESZTUR/ KERESZTIRE 

 The Village is on the River ' Bodrog'  where the River Tisza'   ( Linked to nearby town of TOKAJ--famous Tokaj  vine ) each other

There were a few 'villages' around the 'Kopasz Mountain' and we used to walk visit each other's homes, villages...

To my knowledge BODROGKERESZTURE--never was under Slovak Occupation.  I wonder, am I mistaken or not?

It is in BODROGKERESZTUR--where the famous --highly respected--by all faith--Rabbi Shaye Keresztire--was a Miracle Rabbi--.

On his 'Petira' even the Church bells were ringing out of respect.---based on my Late father's memory : The Rabbonim--'paskened'' that the 'coffin' of Rabbi Shaye --must remain stationary when the bells were ringing.--

Jew, None Jews were crowding the streets  and the roof-tops of houses,  of Keresztire--on Rabbi Shayele's Levaya.

As a child, I was there almost in every Yortzeith.

2. Your question about 'Olasz' I wonder if it is Bordrogolaszi?  or Olaszi--Olasz-Liszka-Tolcsva==three separate village 'was united as 'OLASZLISZKA'--

My late father's --mother's--nee/ Amalia/Malka Weisz were from OLASZLISZKA---FONY   ( Daughter of Dovid and Paje Weisz/nee Paje Neiman)  were from Olaszliszka-Tolcsva

3. As for the names : Chaya/ Chavi  or =Chayele
Chani or Hanni ==Channa-- Chavi  in my understanding it is a variation, of the same name,  in my view Chayele is  different girls name , but I keep in mind that there were 'nick-names'   which can be'linked' to any names..

Best wishes to you all

Veronika Pachtinger

Re: Orange County Jewish Genealogy Societies Next Meeting Alex Krakovsky #announcements #events

John Anderson

instead of Orange County, in the future please add Orange County, CA to differentiate from the myriad of other Orange Counties in our country.

John Anderson,
Orange County, FL

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Jules Levin

This is my answer to Bob Bloomberg.  I think Mary&David had the same
problem I had; at least their message contains nothing but a repeat of
the Bloomberg message.  His stars must have aligned...

Jules Levin

All the photos of arriving immigrants to Ellis Island show them with
name tags. (By the way, my greatgrandmother travelled cabin-class with
parents and siblings, and such arrivals did not have to go thru the
process at all--there must have been separate manifests for steerage
.)    I can imagine language difficulties with   immigrants with speech
impediments, but hardly language difficulties with the languages spoken
by Jewish immigrants.   You keep throwing in that red herring--all
it        does is lower your credibility.  What is your problem?  Do you
not want to face that many young assimilating immigrants were
embarrassed by their too Jewish names?  My theory:  if you were to
divide all Jewish immigrants into those whose 2nd generation remained
Orthodox in America, and those who "americanized", you would find the
latter strongly correlated with name changing.  Certainly true in my

On 7/15/2020 3:27 PM, Susan&David wrote:

On 7/10/2020 4:21 PM, Bob Bloomberg wrote:
If the name on the manifest is the name they used--ALWAYS--then help
me out please.  I've looked at literally hundreds of ship manifests. 
I can decipher some, but nowhere near all, the names.  And I have all
the time I need.  I have access to experts in languages.  I don't
have hundreds of people waiting in line for me to make my decision. 
Just like the immigration officials, I don't ask the immigrant, so I
must use my best judgment as to what the name is, and how it's
spelled.Butthe names were NeVER changed.  Please explain

Re: Ballasagyarmat: what census records are there? #hungary

Judy Petersen

     According to the familysearch catalog (I just searched "Nograd" to find this); there are feudal taxation records for Nograd megye.  According to the list of results, films #1729913, 1729934 and 1729935 contain Jewish records, though the description for each film does not specifically indicate this.
     You should look at all these films, though it may be quite a slog.  They are all digitized, but not indexed/transcribed, so you will have to go through them image by image, which is a huge chore, but be patient and do it.  Just a guess--the Jewish records may be grouped together at the end of the film....??
     I found similar records for Vas megye, and I was able to use them to trace my SCHREINER and LICHT families from Körmend back to 1793.  There were tax census records for 1821/22, 1813, 1808, 1795 and 1793.  The 1848 census was there, but only for Szombathely, not for the entire county.  You may also, if you have a keen eye and can decipher a little bit of Hungarian, find handwritten notes (not entries on a form) about various individuals. 
     Best of luck!!

                  Judy Petersen 

Re: Gnendelmen family in New York City #usa


Amazing detective work!
Reba Harris Solomon
CHARAS- Tyrawa Woloska
METZGER-Ustrzyki Dolne + Posada, Nowy Miasto