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Dr.Josef ASH

don't believe, they are in Russian.
Do you want all the eight records to be translated?
don't you want to know, first, who's marriage was recorded in each one, just to choose your possible relatives by names
Josef ASH, Israel

Re: KATZOFF not Cohanim #names

Jerry Scherer

If the parents never registered their religious marriage, then the civil authorities would consider the child illegitimate and would then give the child the mother's surname. Consider the following scenario. A baby boy is born, "illigimatelly" where the mother's surname is Cohen and the father is not a Kohen. Therefore, the baby boy would be registered with the Cohen surname and not be part of the Kohanim tribe.This boy and future generations of sons will now have the Cohen surname and not be Kohanim. 

Re: ViewMate translation request - Polish or Cyrillic #translation #poland #russia



Short version in Russian:


Состоялось в городе Парчев девятого июля 1899-го года. Заключен брачный союз между Ициком-Янкелем Скуратником, двадцати лет,  сыном Герша-Лейба Скуратника и Суры Ривки, урожденной Скуратник и Малкою-Тылею Чапник, Двадцати лет, дочерью Давида Чапника и Голды, урожденной Ших.

Новобрачные объявили, что они не заключали никакого брачного сойза.


Translate into English:


Held in the city of Parchev on the ninth of July 1899. A marriage was concluded between Itzik-Yankel Skuratnik, twenty years old, the son of Gersh-Leib Skuratnik and Sura-Rivka, nee Skuratnik, and Malka-Tyle Chapnik, Twenty years old, daughter of David Chapnik and Golda, nee Shikh.

The newlyweds announced that they had not entered into any marriage marriage.

Re: Town in Romania, Securon #romania


Correction -- Secureni is actually at the "border" between Bucovina and Bessarabia and between 1812-1918 was part of the Hotin county of Bessarabia. Therefore the pre WW1 civil records are from the Russian period and likely at Chisinau.

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

Re: Recent Record Updates #JewishGenUpdates

Judith Shamian

thank you for the email.  I am trying to locate the first data base with no luck.  I do have an account and clicked on the link but not able to get to it.

please help



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On Jun 13, 2020, at 10:57 PM, Avraham Groll <agroll@...> wrote:

Dear JewishGen Community,
We are pleased to report the following records which have been added to our collection since May 21.

  • Hungarian Women Transport List From Auschwitz to Buchenwald, October 14, 1944 - This list included 200 Hungarian women sent late in the war from Auschwitz to Buchenwald.
  • Karlsruhe, Germany Survivors - This list includes 111 Jews in Karlsruhe, Germany 1946, submitted by the World Jewish Congress, New York. This is one of a large number of lists developed/collected in the years immediately after the end of WWII in attempts to facilitate possible family support and reunions.
  • Polish Jewish Survivors: Lubeck - This list includes 146 records of Polish refugees who were in Germany after the War, and sought to establish/restore contacts with relatives/friends around the world, particularly in (then) Palestine, the United States and Argentina.
  • Riga Transport Survivors - This list includes 168 Jews who survived Riga deportations, were sent back to Germany, then, after the war, to Sweden
  • Holocaust Survivors Located in Venice - June 30, 1945 - At the end of WWII, survivors had to register in the towns where they were located. This list includes 118 non-Italian survivors located in Venice. The survivors came from various countries, primarily Austria, Poland and Yugoslavia.
  • Sered, Slovakia Deportations - 1944 - While most deportations of Slovak Jews occurred in earlier years, there was a final wave of arrests and deportations in 1944. Jews were collected in and deported from the concentration camp in Sered, Slovakia. They were deported initially to Auschwitz, and, when this became impossible, to various camps in Germany. This list includes 888 deportees from Szered.
  • Stutthof Survivors - This list includes 300 Jewish women who arrived from Stutthof in Buchenwald November 3, 1944.
  • Bardejov, Slovakia Deportees - This list contains 2,468 Jewish names from city of Bardejov, taken from registration sheets of the Jews of Bardejov (also spelled Bardiov), in Slovakia. This forced registration was done by the Slovak government before their deportation to concentration camps in Poland.Images are available.
  • Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland (RvD) Card File - The Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland (RvD) was established in 1939 in Berlin with the task of registering all Jews resident in Germany, regardless of national origin or citizenship.  Thus, it included many Jews born outside Germany, particularly Poland, and even the United States. This list now has 31,143 records.
  • Selected Lists from the Boston Jewish Advocate - This collection is made up of 1,840 records from three separate lists that appeared in 1944 in the Boston Jewish Advocate, originally published in Boston, MA.
  • Klooga, Estonia Forced Labor Camp Prisoners July, 1944 - Revised introduction, and updated database to include links to specific images.
Latin America:
  • JCA: Candidates for Colonization - In the late 1880’s the Baron Maurice Hirsch founded the Jewish Colonization Association (JCA), with the goal of rescuing the eastern European Jews from their difficult situation. To this end, JCA bought lands mainly in Argentina, and in the late 1880’s, started transferring entire families to agricultural colonies in Argentina, as well as a few other countries including Brazil, Canada, and the USA. Those families were the ancestors of hundreds of thousands of Jews living today around the world. This collection currently has 5,885 records.
  • Revision Lists. 4,167 records have been added. In total, this collection now has 63,590 records.
  • List of Jews from Litin. This is a new collection, with 185 records.
  • Vital Records. 950 records have been added. In total, this collection now has more than 81,000 records.

We thank our donors and the many volunteers who contributed their time to the completion of these projects. Please stay tuned for additional updates.
If you have collections of data you would like to submit for inclusion on JewishGen, please contact support@....

Avraham Groll
Executive Director

IGRA Show & Tell June 22nd #southafrica

Garri Regev

In the IGRA Show & Tell Zoom series the week of June 22 is devoted to Research in South Africa with important information coming from Rose Lerer Cohen. All are welcome but advance registration is required: . The session on Monday (June 22) is in English and begins at 9 pm Israel time, 2 pm EDT.

For those who wish to hear the session in Hebrew, it will be on Wednesday June 24 at 9 pm Israel time, 2 pm EDT. Registration for that session is:

Garri Regev
Past-President, IGRA

Re: German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany

David Seldner

The German Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that many rejections of applications were not legal because the courts interpreted the laws too narrowly. This means that some negative decisions can be reversed. Here is an article that was published yesterday. One can use Google Translate or other tools to translate the text.
David Seldner, Karlsruhe, Germany

Re: records from Cherikov, Mogilev. #belarus


You didn't note the chronology of your interests. Let's me suggest that you meant Censuses of 19th century. All the files regarding Cherikov before 1917 are in NIAB (National Historical Archive of Belarus). Cherikov Census 1850 is in fund 2151, inventory 1, file 196; Cherikov Census 1834 is in 2151-1-192; Census 1816 - file 2151-1-187 and -188. Census 1858 and Census 1897 of Cherikov were lost. Metrical Books of Cherikov Jewish society were lost. Also there are many files regarding taxes (2nd half of 19th century) and some Additions to Census. 

Re: Hit a brick wall with Botnick and Mindranski #lithuania

Matthew Klionsky

I have Botnick relatives who came to the USA from places near Minsk (Borisov, Zembin) circa 1900.  They first went to Binghamton,NY, where some remain to this day, while others moved on to Mississippi by about 1912.

In my Botnick research, I learned that Botnick is a variation of the name Botvinick (various spellings), and those two versions are essentially interchangeable, even within a family group.  So, if you haven't searched to see if your Botnicks show up in other records as Botvinick, that could be worth a try.

Matt Klionsky

Re: Portugal Recognizes Consul who Saved thousands From Holocaust #holocaust

Hank Levine

Consul Mendes spent 72 hours without sleep after his announcement writing the visas as described. His son, an artist, was a faculty member at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA., US until his untimely death a few years ago. Before his death he undertook an art project involving his staying awake for 72 hours inscribing the many hundreds of names of the Jews who received visas from his father over and over, on top of each other, in a large art installation that was recently exhibited on the University campus as part of a larger Holocaust-related exhibit. It was extremely moving.

Henry S. Levine, MD
Bellingham, WA 

Re: Looking for Koifman family #bessarabia

I recommend that you go to  and link to "Town Finder"  and look up Hotin/Khotin.  It was a fairly good sized town
As was true in many towns in eastern Europe, the town was part of different provinces at different times.  It is therefore
always worth checking the Town Finder to determine the time frame, the province/country and the different names
for the town.

Avivah Pinski
near Philadelphia, USA 


Re: NYC Adoption Records 1880-1910 #usa #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Now is the time! Last year adoption records became public in NY state.

ViewMate translation request - Polish or Cyrillic #translation #poland #russia

bf rocks

Hi all,
I've posted a few marriage certificates from Parczew from the 1890s that I believe are in Polish, but could be in Cyrillic, for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following addresses:
I'm trying to determine names and dates and any other relevant information that they contain. Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much,
- Ben

Translation from Yiddisch: just ONE name #translation

Alberto Guido Chester

I would appreciate an accurate translation of the name signing this postcard shown in the link below..
Some kind people have translated Polly, Pali and Fali. However, since I do not identify the young lady in the front of the postcard, I´d benefit from more certainty.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.  
Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

New Holocaust app for children #education #holocaust

Phil Goldfarb

I don't know if everyone is aware of this new teaching app for children about the Holocaust but our Genealogy Society will be using it in conjunction with our local Synagogue, Temple, and Jewish Federation as a instructional and educational tool for students this summer. It is well worth checking out for your community using a "modern" way of teaching.
Phil Goldfarb
JGS of Tulsa

Searching: Goldfarb (Poland), Leet/Lit (Lithuania), Gitow/Gitovich (Belarus), Merin (Belarus), Gruber (Austria), Froug/Frug (Russia)

Holocaust app teaches primary pupils through eyes of Jewish boy in 1930s Berlin
 “The Journey” let’s pupils navigate 360-degree virtual environment, with a survivor saying: “it gives primary school children an experience of what it was like under the Nazis.” The government-funded app, developed with Jewish organizations, lets pupils assume the role of Leo, a young Jewish boy growing up in Nazi Germany, who is eventually forced to flee. Players navigate 360-degree searchable virtual environments, discover hidden objects, answer questions and complete a diary of events before moving to the next stage, in an experience that lets children “step into Leo’s world” from 90 years ago. Users of the “The Journey” app move through five years’ worth of events in ten animated episodes, which developers say encourage schoolchildren to learn about identity, friendship and kindness. Read the full story:


Gardalegen has been of special interest to me, and if researchers find individual survivor names of interest to them, and contact me, I shall try to provide more details and where they went after the war.
Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

NYC Adoption Records 1880-1910 #usa #general

Connie Fisher Newhan

Any tips on how to best research an adoption record in NYC.?  My grandfather Henry ABRAMS was born 1888 0r 89.  He was adopted by Rachel LEVINE ABRAMS and Barnet ABRAMS.  In 30 some years I've had no luck finding information.  It is also possible Henry was adopted my his birth mother's sister, but I have no proof.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
Connie Fisher Newhan #1272

Reichsanzeiger #germany #general


A project is underway to place all the Reichsanzeiger listings on the web and we hope to have this project completed in a few months.  In the meantime if anyone has specific inquiries they may contact me and I will search the collection.
Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

KATZOFF not Cohanim #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Recieved many replies regarding KATZOFF = Butcher in hebrew. In our case it seems that the name is a variant on a slavic word for some one working with lumber which actually was my paternal ancestors' profession.
Yoni Ben Ari (Katzoff)

Translation Request #translation #latvia



Hi there,

Hope everyone is well. 

I was wondering if someone could perhaps translate this extract from a book, or just some of it . It should be about the Holocaust in Rezekne. 

Thank you very much. 

Best wishes,