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Joel Alpert

Korelitz: The Life and Destruction of a Jewish Community

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Re: Need to have a Stenographic Shorthand Note Deciphered #translation

W David Stern

In the early 1920's my mother worked as a secretary in Germany.  She 
knew of at least two German shorthand systems. The one she used was Stolze-Schrey (spelling?).  If the document in question here is indeed 
from Germany, then you might want to pursue this.  
Googling "german shorthand systems" brings up several other systems, including Gabelsberger, which is the other system that my mother would mention.
-=David Stern=- in California

Re: Finding a needle in a hay stack #france #germany #russia

Sarah L Meyer

You will need to provide names for help.  Also have you checked with FEEHS.

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Were "nephews" sometimes really cousins? #general

You did not say what language these letters were written in.   We had a photo of my husband's grandfather with two people which was translated as "nephews"  Knowing that this was
probably not true,  we inverstigated further.   What was originally written was in Yiddish and said "Schwester sohn"  This is litterally ;"Sister's son"  which would be a nephew. 
However, we found out from an expert at YIVO that this was old terminology that was, in fact, used for a cousin. 

Hope this helps.  Stay well. 
Avivah R. Z. Pinski
near Philadelphia, USA
Researching: Zuchman in Sarnaki, Karczew, Warsaw Poland
Reznik in Drohiczyn nad Bugiem, Siemiatische, Siedlce Poland
Rifczes in Lemberg, Vienna  
Kopekin in Polatsk,& Besonkovich in Belarus
Familiant & Koifman in Bessarabia and Ukraine
Sondak in Vitebsk, Belarus and Rehitza, Latvia
Aginsky and Slonimsky in Minsk 
Aronofsky in Belarus & Lithuania

Konigsberg -East Prussia #russia #germany


Hi Fellows
I havê found very few data on this east prussian town which is called Kaliningrad since
Soviets períod. Can anyone suggest Any hint to Start research onde my ggggrand father
Called Koppel Chaim b. 1786?
Thanks for you help
Aida Freudenthal

Re: Unable to find names on passenger lists #names

Nancy Seibert

Have you searched using the maiden name of Zelman and Cyrla's mother?
My father's paternal family arrived under the mother's maiden name.That was discovered in a US naturalization. document of one of her children. 
I've learned that, in some European countries, a Jewish religious marriage was not recognized, and a civil marriage might have been too expensive. So, at least the children would carry the mother's surname. Once in the US, they were free to take the father's. 

Nancy Seibert 

Re: Seek help contacting Dr. Ervin STAUB #hungary

Molly Staub

Thanks to all who sent me suggestions on reaching Dr. Ervin STAUB. I have now connected with him, and am awaiting any information that might pertain to our family.

Molly Arost Staub   <staubmolly@...>

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Reminder: this Saturday at 4pm, Zoom lecture & discussion with author Helen Epstein whose mother made a roundtrip from Europe to USA #austria-czech #events

Helen Epstein

Saturday May 16th, 4-6 pm   Zoom meeting
"An Evening with Helen Epstein: How her mother's 1974 manuscript ROUNDTRIP came to be published in nine countries in 2020."
Franci's War appeared in March as a Penguin E-book, audiobook and paperback in the U.S.; as a hardcover and E-book by Penguin UK in April; as an E-book by Mlada Fronta in April; and as a paperback by Ikar in Slovakia in May. 
Join zoom meeting at 4pm:
Password: 000426
Veronika Tuckerová, PhD
Preceptor in Czech
Director, Harvard Summer Abroad Program in Prague
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Harvard University 

Re: From DANZIG TO GDANSK change of street names #danzig #poland

Logan Kleinwaks

For a correspondence between German street names and Polish street names in Danzig/Gdańsk + suburbs, another recommendation is It also includes historical information about some of the streets, such as earlier names changes, route alterations, etymologies, etc.

Incidentally, if you have roots in Danzig or otherwise want to assist with transcribing/proofreading Danzig Jewish genealogical records, please contact me.

Logan Kleinwaks,  near Washington, D.C., JewishGen Director of Research for Danzig   <logan.kleinwaks@...>

In search of descendants of Moises and Nekha GORNICKA from Grodno, Belarus #belarus


I am searching for Moijses GORNICKA and his wife Nekha nee KEISER (born about 1900) in Grodno Belarus. Children Kreyna Rokhele b. abt 1922, Chaya Golda.and Beyele. Looking for any information on any member of the family who may have survived the Holocaust and if so their current location and information on any descendants 
Walter S. Elias, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Re: Gembitski #poland

Sheila Toffell

Hi Wendy,

That is a variation of my paternal GGMs last name, Gembicki. I think she was born in or near Izbica Kujawska, but when married she lived in Skulsk, which is near Konin. What is your interest in the name?

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock NJ

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #ukraine

Bruce Drake

One of the childhood memories of Pinchas Sherlag was sitting on a bench next to the stove in his family’s small, cramped house looking at something on the floor in front of him wrapped in linen. “I observed it with half an eye, not knowing how precious a treasure it concealed. It was my dear mother.” And he realized he was an orphan.

What drew me to this chapter — “In a Little Town” —from the Yizkor book of Chorostkow (Khorostkiv, Ukraine) was the fact that the story begins in 1855 when the author was born. So many of the chapters I have curated here are accounts written by people describing lives and events at the turn-of-the-1900s and through the grim years of World War I and the Holocaust.

So, Pinchas Sherlag’s coming-of-age account was, for me, like being transported back in time. He traces his life from its poverty-stricken beginning, how his parents treated him, to his efforts to earn a living, his schooling, getting married (and later cheating on his wife).

Along the way, he provides vivid pictures of the customs and times in which he grew up — what people ate, how they coped with illness and epidemics, the “terrible stories about evil spirits” they passed on, the rituals of a Jewish wedding, the arrival of the newly-invented sewing machine, and small character portraits of the people who his path had crossed.


Bruce Drake

Silver Spring MD

Re: Suwalki-Lomza Landsmen Journal #poland


Thank you so much for your work with JRI-Poland, Stanley. I’ve seen the index for the articles from Landsmen and made several attempts to get the articles that pertain to my ancestral towns but without success. My maternal family comes from the Lomza region and I’d love to be able to read these. 

Seeking LIPKOWITZ family from Kreva Lithuania > Brooklyn 1912 & 1921#lithuania #usa

Sara Landau

looking for members of the Lipkowitz family from Kreva ( Krevo)
The name became Lefkowitz. Father Samuel arrived in NYC in 1912. Mother Rachel and children Dvera, Morris and Shimon David arrived in 1921. Settled in Brownsville , Bklyn.

Sara Landau sarajlandau@...>

STEIGLITZ/STIEGLITZ/STAGLITZ or similar died or killed while in the Polish army early 1880s #poland #unitedkingdom #usa

Barry Clarke

How I yearn to discover info about my great-grandfather. We don't know his first name, only that he was a STEIGLITZ, STIEGLITZ, STAGLITZ, or similar. My father referred to him as Steiglitz; on a rough family tree someone wrote Stieglitz or Steiglitz with a question mark; on his wife's UK (second) marriage certificate, his name is spelt Staglitz (deceased), which may have been how it sounded phonetically to the clerk, who spelt her maiden name incorrectly.

The only other information we have is that he died or was killed around the time or shortly after the birth of his son, SAMUEL (my grandfather), and that he was in the Polish army. Samuel's date of birth was April 22, 1881. My father believes Samuel was born in KRAKOW, but he was not certain. Samuel's mother, Steiglitz's wife, was a SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar. Her anglicized first name was MOLLY Hebrew MALKA. She was born around 1862. There are only three clues as to where they may have married.
1. We know that her brother, MAX was born in JEDWABNE in 1870, so that may have been the family home town. Their parents were MARKS/MATTHEW and ZLATO/LOTTIE SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar.
2. A second (flimsy) clue is the studio portrait of Molly taken at a WARSAW photography studio, where she looks to be around 20.
3. The possible Samuel birthplace of Krakow. A genealogist tried a Krakow and surroundings search of records with no luck. Another told me if the family were from Jedwabne under the Russian Empire, Krakow was unlikely as it was under the Austrian Empire.

Sometime between 1881 and 1883, Molly and infant Samuel emigrated to the UK. Molly met and married another Pole, from Seidlice, a Jacob Clarke. They had two further children, Gertie in 1887 and Hyman (Henry) in 1891. In 1905, they emigrated to South Africa.

My long-shot hope is that someone else is looking for the family of young Steiglitz, Stieglitz, Staglitz, or similar!

Barry Clarke,
British from Croydon, Edgware, Hove, now living in Sarasota, Florida

Re: Second Tiraspol Cemetery Project #bessarabia

Inna Vayner <innanes@...>

Hello Patrice, this project has been completed long time ago and all records are available in Jewishgen database. Records for Tiraspol Jewish residents are very limited and all that we were able to find have been already translated and digitized and is available in the Jewishgen database. Feel free to share information of the families you are researching and if I came across these families I will try to help with your research. Inna.

Re: Unable to find names on passenger lists #names


Hi Peter. Where in the US did your grandfather live? When was he born, roughly?

Personally, I never start by searching for a passenger list. Especially with a name as ripe for transcription errors as "Boezowicz." I start by looking for a naturalization. Because if one exists, you'll learn exactly when and where the person arrived, and, for later arrivals, under what name.

If he never naturalized, use the census as a guide to narrow down a smaller time frame for arrival. You want as many limiting factors in your search as possible. Also keep open the possibility that he may have come through another port, even if he lived in NY.
Hope that helps.

Re: Viewmate translation request -- Russian #translation


The good Sarah for good memory from Matilda

Comment: Matilda not so good in Russian and write on the back of Post Card with mistakes.

Bernard/Levin South Africa #southafrica


Looking for great- grandparents:

Samuel Levin, born 1846/1847 and Clara Bernard nee Levin.

Ron Peeters



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BUNIS and EISENGART #russia #poland

Toby Glickman

I am seeking information on Pearl Bunis, Shye Bunis,  Shye Eisengart and family from Dubno and Truvitz


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