Finding the connection #general

Marilyn Feingold

My grandfather had told me he was from Camenca in Moldova.  I have recently encountered a possible relative by the same name but different spelling.   They  lived in Slovakia.  I would need to get a birth certificate for their  possible relative and mine.  They were brothers. I do not have a birth certificate for either. The new family states that the district where they were from was Stara Lubovna. The village was Kamienka. Another place mentioned was Kamensky District in Penza Oblast.
I am very excited to have found this new family but I want some documentation to confirm that we are related.   Any suggestions as to how I should proceed will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at marigold8672@....
Thank you!  I am open to hiring a researcher if anyone has any suggestions.
Marilyn Feingold
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Haic "Soiketki", or "Soibetki" and Sara "Felester from Romania" #names #romania

Aline Petzold

I have a letter from my grandmother's sister in Romania dated around 1939.  In it the writer mentions two surnames of friends.  I have been unsuccessful in deciphering/tracking down these names.    The names are Haic "Soiketki", or "Soibetki" and Sara "Felester".  I am wondering if anyone can help me?
Aline Petzold

Re: Vetting family tree submissions to genealogy sites for data soundness #general


I cannot speak to all the online collections of family trees.  However, I can report bad experiences with two of these websites:
1)  Yes, they are a great resource for census records, ship manifests, and other documents.  However, in researching my GGF Tzvi "Harry" CHOMITZ ROSENTHAL, who came to NYC circa 1896-1898,  I found an entry that appeared to reflect the facts about him and his brother with remarkable similarity.  However, there did not appear to be any information on whoever posted it.  So, I spent hours on the phone with the staff, trying to persuade them to check their backups, records, or whatever.  They concluded that there were periods when had a problem with recording the identities and contact info for people who posted family information.  What a waste!
2)  This website is absolutely terrible — almost criminal insofar as it allows members not only to copy unvetted information, but to take over the family trees of other people who stop paying membership fees and to actually go into your tree and delete individuals or even whole branches.  
My cousin Vivi WEININGER in Israel started a WEININGER tree (from Czernowitz, Storozhinets, Drachinets, Costestie, & Cabesti in Bukovina) on  Enthusiastically, I contributed a large amount of material, on my WEININGER- RÜBNER (RIBNER)-CANTORSZY (plus  Khotyn, Bessarabia) family trees  and soon we built a very extensive tree.  However, I was using the "free" membership, until this crazy guy from Israel who claimed to have a million family members on Genicom, took over my tree and deleted several adopted children.  That move would have been very hurtful to those adoptees and to their families.  I emailed back and forth with him, but he insisted that it was his right to claim any tree to which he could imagine a connection.
So, I complained to the staff, who said that if I paid for membership, that I would have a "protected" family tree.  I started paying the dues, and was able to reclaim my tree and reinstate the adopted children.  Then, someone else took over part of my tree for my uncle Sheldon ROSENTHAL ROEN and his family.  This person turned out to be a first cousin, once removed, of his first wife, Selma POLLET, who now claimed ownership of that part of my tree.  We had a big argument via email.  Again, I was able to reclaim that part of my tree.  But what a pain..
One day, I discovered that there was a lateral link from my WEININGER GGF to another WEININGER who had copied my tree into his tree.  I emailed him and asked what evidence he had for this connection.  He said the dates of birth were close, so therefore, they must be brothers.  
Subsequently, when I ceased paying the blackmail to, someone else deleted that entire branch ROSENTHAL-POLLETT from my family tree.  At that point, I gave up completely on Geni.
Perhaps Jewish-Gen should prepare and post a "Consumer Reports" type evaluation of the various and sundry online family tree websites.  This report would detail the pluses and minuses for each website, and perhaps even develop a numerical rating scale.  Jewish-Gen could perform a similar service with regard to the proliferation of DNA testing services.  
All the best to everyone, 

Marc M. Cohen, Los Gatos, California, USA

BARAK/CANTORCZY: Khotin, Bessarabia; Strorozhinets, Bukovina, Ukraine
CHOMITZ/HAMETZ: Ionina (Janina), Greece; Ignatovka, Ukraine; Kiev Gubernia, Ukraine
COHEN: Dinovitsi (Dunayevtsy) Ukraine; Roman/Tirgu Frumos, Romania
KORNITZKY: Kiev Gubernia, Stepnitz/Stepantsy, Ukraine
RÎBNER: Storozhinetz, Costesti (Costyntsi), Drachinets, Cabesti, Bukovina, Ukraine
ROSENBERG: Tirgu Frumos, Roman, Romania; ISRAEL
WEININGER: Cabesti, Costesti, Drachinets, Czernowitz, Bukovina, Ukraine

Re: Queens, NY cemeteries and Florence Marmor #general


My mother's paternal grandparents are buried in one of them.  Jacob Joel died in January, 1870.  Dora (Dorothy) Friedlander Joel died in the 1880's.
I hope you find them.  According to Florence, Bayside was a colossal mess.

Re: Possible Americanized Given Names #belarus #names

Ben Karlin <BenKARLIN@...>

Hi Phil,

I have tracked as many KARLIN, KARLINSK(I/Y) and KAROLINSK(I/Y) families as I can from Belarus. We are from the Pinsk area; Motole, Yanove, Antipol and Pinsk itself.

What is their surname in the Revision List and what is their shtetl? If they had children who lived in the US, try comparing their gravestones with death certificates to see what was given as their father’s Anglicized name. It may also lead you to their parents’ graves which would help find dates of death.

Hope this helps.

JewishGen Researcher No: 459852

Re: Queens, NY cemeteries and Florence Marmor #general

Peter Cohen

Mokom Sholom, Acacia, and Bayside are 3 different cemeteries. Although they are right next to each other and are managed by the same entity, they have separate records.  Acacia is well maintained. I have not been to Bayside for about 7 years, but it has a reputation of being partially consumed by poison ivy. (That may have improved in the last few years?)  Mokom Sholom is closed and can only be accessed by appointment.  I heard that their management office is difficult to deal with, but that has not been my experience. The person I spoke with was pleasant and helpful. There are several phone numbers on Bayside (718)843-8480, Mokom Sholom (718)845-6030, Acacia (718)845-9240.

Translation needed 1744 Jewish census of Deutschkreutz, Hungary (now Austria) #hungary #austria-czech #translation

Carole Vogel <carolevogel51@...>

Hi All,


In the early 1700s, my 8th great-grandfather of Deutschkreutz, Hungary (now Austria) owned a multi-family building with five units. These dwellings were passed on to his descendants. The 1744 Jewish census provides the name and ages of the people in each household, plus additional information. 


I need help deciphering and translating the information. It is written in old German script. I’ve attached the image of the first of the five households. If you are able to help, I will forward the additional images.


Thanks very much!

Carole Garbuny Vogel


Branchville, New Jersey, USA

Searching for SCHULDENER WOLPERT #latvia #lithuania #southafrica #general


Searching for information on Phillip SCHULDENER. Surname may have been changed to WOLPERT. Wife Golye KAPLEN. Daughter Ida WOLPERT ESCOTT.  I have traced out Ida's family. Son Garney ESCOTT  and daughter Phyllis ESCOTT NATHANSON. Looking back to Ida's father's family. 
Bill WOLPERT  in Minneapolis.
WOLPERT/WOLFE/WOLPER/WOLPE/VOLPERT from Kedainiai Tryskiai Vieksniai. GROSSBERG/GROSSBERG from Tryskiai, Riga, South Africa

Bill Wolpert

Who are these guys? #warsaw #general

Bob Levitz

I request help identifying the people in a photo taken in Warsaw in the 1920s. It is on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you so much,

Robert Levitz
Dallas, Texas USA

Why the name "Sylvester"? #names

Erika Gottfried

In my Grossberg family from (or around) Vilkija, Lithunia, I discovered that there were two or three pairs of brothers and sisters, all with the same first and last names—and all born around the same time in St. Louis (and yes, it is totally maddening to keep them straight). I was able to figure out for whom they were named: my second great grandmother, Sarah Judah Bowes, who died near the end of 1905, right before the first of them was born.   Each sister-brother pair was named Julia  and Sylvester Grossberg.  My question is:  with all the names beginning with S, why was “Sylvester" chosen as a given name for the boys?  And not just once, but twice or three times. It seems like an unusual choice. Sylvester was not a common name (at least in St. Louis in the 1910s--I know because I checked the census).  Was there a Hebrew or Yiddish name it might have been referring to? Or was there perhaps a figure in American or local popular culture named Sylvester—the Brittney Spears, so to speak, of its time, whom it might have been referencing? 

Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

Re: Moses & Rebecca Nathan approx. 1792 #unitedkingdom

Ronald Alex Nathan

In my family tree of Nathans there were none that emigrated or stayed in Quebec. My Moses Nathan was still living in London England and had not yet married nor had a child in England.
Cheers, Ron A. Nathan

Re: "Mother" (But Not "Husband") On a Married Woman's Grave #general

Lee Hover

Something similar.  My GF committed suicide in Central Park, 6 weeks after wife & son arrived from Poland.  Tombstone say "beloved brother", no mention of the aforesaid.  I'm sure his sibs buried him, since the wife spoke no English and was a greenhorn.  But it still seems strange.

Re: Moses & Rebecca Nathan approx. 1792 #unitedkingdom

Linda Kelley

Ben means “son of” and Bat means “daughter of” followed by the given names of their fathers.
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates

Nolan Altman

If you still have the list your students made, please contact me.


Nolan Altman

Memorial Plaques Database Coordinator


Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates

Deborah Blinder

How would information about the deceased be an invasion to them?.  What is different from information developed from a headstone which could also provide leads to children, grandchildren, siblings, occupation, fraternal groups, tribe, age?
Memorial plaques give an another insight to our basis. 
As genealogists, we view this information as important to share, but not everyone is a genealogist. I wanted to document a small, private Jewish cemetery in my area several years ago, but the family that runs it declined to let me do so, because they didn't want the information to be posted online. I've also heard of Find A Grave volunteers being met with open hostility from people who didn't want their relatives' graves and information posted online. 

Even though we might not understand the reasoning behind their reluctance, I think we have to respect their feelings. 
Deborah Blankenberg (JewishGen ID #613395)
Lodi, CA
Researching BLOCH/BLOCK (Germany to New York, Colombia and Missouri), BLINDER (Kishinev to New York via Poland? and Paris), KUSHER/KUSZER (Lodz vicinity to New York via Paris), GOLDSCHMIDT (Germany)

Help with handwriting on JRI Birth Certificate #translation

Karol Swanson

I found my maternal grandfather's birth certificate on the JRI database but I cannot make out the handwriting under his mother's name.  The information is on Line 98 and column 7 says his mother is Liba KITLER.  I can make out the first name of her father, Hersch,  but I cannot read his surname or make out the name of her mother.  If anyone can help, I'd be very, very grateful.
With thanks,
Karol Schlosser

Re: Partial Manifest Located, How to locate remaining section #unitedkingdom #general


Hi Barbara
I have located the manifest for the return voyage, but can not find my grandparents on the outbound voyage.
I have letters my grandma wrote to her parents describing her journey on the SS Paris, and she dated her arrival letter on August 8th.
I feel that a page of the manifest might not have been scanned and is missing, and I am hoping to find a way to get it.
Any thoughts, the document resides in the UK.

Re: Partial Manifest Located, How to locate remaining section #unitedkingdom #general


Hi Barbara. I have located the return voyage, but am having trouble with manifest from the SS Paris. I have found the manifest, but it appears to be missing pages. Trying to figure out how to find these missing pages. I am thinking they were not scanned.

Looking for family of Francis SOYKA #usa

Helen Epstein

Looking for descendants of František-Francis Soyka 25.4. 1892 Praha

Francis Soyka SSN: 090-14-2120
Last Residence: 70118 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana
BORN:    25 Apr 1892 Praha
Last Benefit: 70114, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana
Died: Oct 1979
State (Year) SSN issued:    New York (Before 1951)


Re: Finding Family Grajewo and Szcuzyn Podlaskie Poland #poland

Stanley Diamond

Esther Brill asked about the Jewish records of Grajewo and Szczuczyn. 
*  For records in the Polish State Archives, search online at
*  For offline records, please write to grajewo@jri-poland or szczuzyn and the town
   leader will tell you possible records for your family.
Note, offline records include Lomza area army draft records and notary records for
some towns in the Lomza area including Grajewo and Szczuccyn army draft records.
Stanley Diamond M.S.M. 
Executive Director
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
"the home of Jewish records of Poland on the Internet"
Please visit the JRI-Poland website  
Finding Family Grajewo and Szcuzyn Podlaskie Poland #poland
From: Esther Brill
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 08:26:40 EDT

I am looking for information about my paternal grandparents and great grandparents and any siblings and children of these people  I only became interested in genealogy only  2 years ago. 
As only 1 of 2 grandchildren left, I  had no information about them although I did know my father's parent's names.  Additionally, name changes have made it especially difficult,  Most, if not all, of the names came from my grandparents' marriage registration found in
Looking for information related to paternal grandparents,  great grandparents, and their children. Most of the names come from my grandparents' marriage registration and discovered through a beginning Geneology course from JewishGen with Nancy Holden. 

(1) GGF Mordechai Jablonsky b 1828* died before 1888 as cited in his son’s marriage certificate
                 Listed as Mortchaj on his son’s marriage registration on JRI  - lived in Szcuzcyn, Poland
-          Married 1846 to
GGM – Leja (Leia) Grossman b 1828 died before 1888 daughter of of Leybka Grosman and Basia Mendelsohn  *
=this information was also found relatively recently  on Grossman family tree which referred to Landsmen, 5-4 p57 #39 and also listed children below
Also referred to a father of Mordechai as Danowich  zLeybka– no other info found
(2) GA i. CHAJA FEJGA JABLONSKI  b 1848 in Szczuczyn (Landsmen,5-4 p57 #39) No other information

      GF ii. YANKEL GERSZ JABLONSKI (1863(or -1913)***   Hebrew name: Elchanan David

(1)               Married   a) Chaja Remba 24 Feb 1884 to daughter of Lejba Remba and Pawia nee Losewska) (registered in Szczuzcyn). (JRI Poland Atka/Record 5)
(2)           GM           b) ESTERA GOLDBERG  b. (daughter of Szelma/Shlomo Goldberg son of and Branna Trcianska  daughter of Aron and Dweuara  on 28 Dec 1888, registered Jan 9 in  Grajewo Poland (From JRI Atka 34
*** Jankil/Yankel  1911 emigrated to US as David Levin ( manifest of SS Bremen) but was known as David Levine, although referred to as  Jacob on daughter Sara’s NYC marriage license
                                His Manifest cited wife, Ester Jablonski as relative at home and   Ilia Lewin – could be brother or b-in L at 229 Broome St. NYC very hard to make out but name found through census records Isaac Lewin, wife Rebecca and children
-          Died Nov 31, 1913 – homicide – caught by gunfire between police and gangster (
The New York Times, Dec 1, 1913, 
Gangster's Victim Dies: Shot By Max Cohen Whom Policeman Kills Moments Later)
-          Found a Yankel Jablonsky in Statue of Liberty’s earlier than 1911 but doesn’t seem to account for dates of children’s  births
Ester emigrated May 1917 as Esther Jablonski  with 4 of her 5 children, Oldest son Modechai remained  in Poland and going to same name as David cited but this time at 52 Suffolk – census reveals same names in household
-          She died June 1932 .  – however, her tombstone has  the name Goldberg – have found no records for marriage, her death, and at present can’t find her tombstone Cemetary gave me a different  Ester Goldberg and a different plot.
-          -Have  not been able to trace her once she reached NYC
Would also like to trace Isaac Lewin to determine exact relationship.  A sister named Zlate is named in marriage registration, but Isaac’s wife is named Rebecca.  Have not been able to identify any siblings for Estere, nor her parents and grandparents - I would be grateful for any assistance