1939 Jewish refugees ship from Europe via Bombay, India. #records


Looking for more information about the immigration of Dagmar and Wolfgang BLANCK in 1939 to Bombay, India.

Born in Germany, siblings  Wolfgang (1916) and Dagmar (1923) moved with their parents to Belgium
and fled Europe by themselves in a Lloyd Triestino refugee ship going to Shanghai.

 In Bombay, where the ship had a short stop for fuelling, they and only a few others were offered a shelter
(possibly with the help of the local Jewish leader  Mr. Rosenfeld).

They stayed in Bombay during the war and later immigrated to Australia.

I am  trying to find out

1. On which ship they immigrated? We understand that there were several Lloyd Triestino Jewish  refugees ships saving Jews from Europe to Shangai during 1939.

2. Living in Belgium, in which port did they get on the ship? It seems that Lloyd Triestino operated from Italy,
  and I wonder how could they get from Belgium to Italy during late 1938 or 1939?

3. Were they actually on their way to Shanghai and somehow (randomly?) were selected to receive shelter in Bombay, or did  they need to have pre issued visas to India?

4. Is there any database of Jewish refugees to Bombay?

I found a few resources online which gives some idea about this subject  but doesn't provide names and dates.  For example:





The 4th refers to a list of one of the ships but doesn't give the actual names.

Appreciate any suggestion.

Yohanan Loeffler


Melbourne, Australia

Researching (main surnames):

Re: Split Croatia Jewish Cemetery Inscription Question #translation

Ittai Hershman

Thank you to Michael Waas.  It was a new acronym for me, and somehow I missed visiting the cemetery when I was in Split for a couple of days a decade and a half ago (we did get to the synagogue).

With apologies for being a bit pedantic, it does not sound quite right to me since ציון and מצבה are effectively synonyms.  A bit of googling found no hits, but I did find a smattering (including a Hebrew blog posted in 2013 specifically about the Split cemetery) with the minor change of Makom instead of Matzeva.


ציון מקום קבורה


Translated: mark of burial location.  Transliterated: Tziun Makom Kevura.


Since “Makom Kevura” is standard phrasing more generally my sense is this is a more accurate rendering, but I yield to expertise on the topic that I do not possess.


Ittai Hershman

New York City


Re: Can You Translate? #translation

Sherri Bobish


Yale is correct when he wrote "Sucher is a Polish variant of the name Yissachar or Issachar"

Lillie NEEDELMAN ZEKEN's tombstone gives her and her father's names as 
Liba bat reb Yisaschar.

Lillie's 1916 marriage cert says born Podola, as does her husband Mike ZEKEN.
Father Sucher, mother Edes BERENSON.

Immigrants chose to use whatever Americanized names they felt like.  There isn't necessarily a "translation" of all first names.  It was common to maintain the initial sound of the name, or the sound of some part of the name, Hence Schya might choose to call himself Samuel, or Chana might choose Anna.  There were no no set rules.  Coming to America meant re-inventing oneself.

A great book about all this was written in 1912 by Russian immigrant Mary ANTIN, called "The Promised Land."

Pauline Needelman's 1915 Brooklyn marriage cert gives her birthplace as Podola. 
Perhaps referring to Podolia gubernia, Russian Empire.
Father Sucher, mother Hetha BERENSON

Best regards,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Certificate and record of Marriage in NY city with two numbers causing search problems #records #usa


There are three basic reasons why there are duplicate marriage certificates in New York City.

1.  The license was purchased in the wrong borough
2.  The officiant was not registered with the City of New York to perform marriages
3.  The completed marriage certificate was not returned in a timely fashion

Karen Silver
New Jersey

HUREWITZ-ABRAMOWITZ connection Novarodok, 19th cent. #belarus

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am researchbetween a connection between an HUREWITZ and ABRAMOWITZ
families who lived in Novarodok, Belarus during the 19th cent. Two
rabbinical individuals of the HUREWITZ family left Novarodok toward
the latter part of the 19th cent., Rabbi Isaac Simcha HUREWITZ, an
Orthodox rabbi in Hartford, Ct., USA (died 1936) and a schochet Shimon
HUREWITZ who came to Petach Tikva, Israel (died after 1960).

I have reason to believe that my ancestors, ABRAMOWITZ, who also left
Novarodok around the same time and came to New Haven, Ct. were related
and am trying to establish the exact connection.

There is a good chance that the above families were also related to
the Rav of Novarodok, a Rabbi Dovid (no family name known, if he had
such) , the author of the "Galya Mesechet".


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Can You Translate? #translation

Rosanne N Prichason

My father said that Sucher's name was also Esucor. I hope I am spelling it correctly. There are no records of that name. 

Thank you for your information.

Rosanne Prichason
Lewes, Delaware USA

Re: Yizkor Book of Plotzk/Plock (Poland) #yizkorbooks

Mike Coleman

Hi again Genners.

A clarification.

I was aware of the link kindly provided by Bruce and it was this that prompted my original post.

That link is to a very brief (English) synopsis of the orginal article, in either Hebrew or Yiddish, in the Yizkor book.

I have no knowledge of either Hebrew or Yiddish and hence am looking for the appropriate page(s) in the book with the aim of, hopefully, seeking a translation.

Many thanks to anyone who can help.


Mike Coleman   London U.K.


Researching : Arbeiter/Arbajter and Malenka/Malenki in Plotzk/Plock and Wyszogrod

Re: Yizkor Book of Plotzk/Plock (Poland) #yizkorbooks

Tony Hausner

Mike Coleman and the rest of you

If you are interested in joining our Plock email group, please contact me at thausner@...  We can ask there if any members of the group know of a translation of that chapter.  You could also ask on jewishgen's viewmate for translations.  In addition, I know at least one person who does translations for a fee.

Tony Hausner

Moderator note: Please contact Tony privately as requested

Re: Searching for family of Heddy GLEICH born in Vienna 1924 #austria-czech #unitedkingdom

Eva Lawrence

Another place to search for descendants of Heddy Brooks, nee Gleich is the index on the website of the General Register Office..

You need to register, and can only search over a period of four years at a time, but it is more complete than Free BMD.

Knowing the marriage date and place makes this quite feasible, and it also costs nothing. Actual birth records must be paid for, but are cheaper than from the commercial websites.

Eva Lawrence

St Albans UK


Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Re: Can You Translate? #translation

Yale Reisner

Sucher is a Polish variant of the name Yissachar or Issachar, the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.  It is not that unusual a name. 

Incidentally, in Polish, Hebrew names beginning in Yi- or Ye- often dropped that syllable:  Yisrael > Srul; Yeshayahu (Isaiah) > Szaja; Yehoshua (Joshua) > Szyja; Yekusiel > Ksyl; Yerachmiel > Rachmil; Yechiel > Chil and so on.

Best wishes,

Yale J. Reisner
Warsaw, Poland
JGFF #913980

Re: DP CAMP VIENNA SEPTEMBER 1949 #austria-czech

Mike Coleman

I think one should read "flew" as meaning "fled".


Mike Coleman   London U.K.

Re: Can You Translate? #translation

Rosanne N Prichason

I did upload it to viewmate. I am not sure I did it correctly. Lines 12-15.

I used to try and translate names without success. I am unsure of where they lived in Russia. I think it was Kamenetz --not sure whether I am spelling it correctly. It is now Ukraine.

Thank you very much!

Rosanne Prichason
Lewes, Delaware USA

Re: Could two brothers both be nicknamed Alter? #galicia

Linda Kelley

Ronni, death certificates are often incorrect. People are distraught and do not have records with them. 

Gittel might have been the name she preferred, when she was the informant.

In some places, if a newborn died before she was named, the birth/death was recorded with the mother’s given name. It would be interesting to prove that Gittel gave birth to two sets of twins, and which of the children survived.

Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

Re: Split Croatia Jewish Cemetery Inscription Question #translation

Michael Waas

ציון מצבה קבורה


That is what the abbreviation is referring to.

Michael Waas
Hollander-Waas Jewish Heritage Services

Announcing the Publication of "Dukor - A Memoir" #JewishGenUpdates

Susan Rosin

JewishGen Press is proud to announce our 151st title: "Dukor - A Memoir".
By: Daniel Charney
Translated by: Michael Skakun
Details and where to order:

Hard Cover, 6” x 9” 272 pages

Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind

Cover Design: Jan R. Fine


The renowned Yiddish poet and journalist, Daniel Charney, recounts his childhood in the shtetl of Dukor, Belarus, and his early teenage years in Minsk and Vilna. When Daniel was one his father died, and his mother was left to raise her daughter and five sons in poverty. Daniel, her youngest, also suffered since infancy from a chronic illness. Despite this, Daniel and his family flourished, and two of his brothers achieved great eminence. Shmuel Charney Niger became a Yiddish writer and the leading critic of Yiddish literature; Baruch Charney Vladeck became an American labor leader, member of the New York City Board of Aldermen and City Council, and general manager of The Forward. This book offers an invaluable portrayal of the daily lives of Daniel’s family and of the community of Jews who lived in pre-revolutionary Russia, both in Minsk and in the shtetls at a time when Zionism and Socialism were playing a role in the Jewish community.


For more details, please visit:


For a list of all our publications, please visit:

Susan Rosin

JG Press Publications Manager




Re: Kohen Hands on Woman's grave stone #usa

Jack Berger

Is it possible that she is co-opting her father’s pedigree?

Some women who are serious about a priestly pedigree my elect this. Since there is no Hebrew, linguistic restrictions may not apply.

Another possibility is that it a visual way of bestowing a priestly blessing on the deceased without using words.

Jack  Berger
Mahwah, NJ

Yizkor Book of Plotzk/Plock (Poland) #yizkorbooks

Bruce Drake

For some reason, I didn't see a "reply" icon in Mike Coleman's message seeking this chapter.

Is this what you're looking for:

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Adam Cherson


'Patronato' is the vernacular name given to the new Ashkenazi synagogue, built I'm guessing sometime in the 1950s, and it is the largest on the island. I don't think the Patronato is comparable to a landsleit because it serves the entire Ashkenazic community, regardless of origin, whereas landsleit organizations tend to focus on specific towns or regions. In Cuba, Jews were either Polacos (Poles) or Turcos (Turks), corresponding to Ashkenazim and Sephardim. The Sephardim mostly arrived during the WWI era and the Ashkenazim during the interwar years. I recently learned that the earliest Jewish community on the Island consisted of Jews from the USA who came during the Teddy Roosevelt era. I believe the cemetery at Guanabacoa is on land formerly held by US Armed Forces during Roosevelt.

Adam Cherson, NY, NY
Benyakonski, Kherszon, Rubinovich, Solts, Grodsinski, Levine, Cohen, Kaplan, Lubetski, Karchmer, Horwitz, Rabinovich, Zussman (Lida, Voronova, Dieveniskes, Konvaliski, Smarhon, Vilna)
Genomics Publications and Presentations:


Re: Kaunas Regional State Archives - Excellent Service #lithuania

Annette Cohen

Would you mind letting us know what email address you used, and what document you requested? I’ve been trying to get a response from them for months, and have not had any acknowledgment that they’ve even received my messages. I’ve written to kaunas@... and lcva@... and provided them with the document number for an internal passport I was looking for. I have since found the info elsewhere, but would like to benefit from your experience if I need help from them again down the road. Much thanks. 

Annette Cohen
Researching SrubiskiSchwartzbergTorf in Lithuania and KutlerKorsoverWeinerGoltzzekerTeitelman in Ukraine

Re: Name Confusion #records

Diane Jacobs

Sometimes the original name will be included in the naturalization documents.

Diane Jacobs

On Sep 10, 2022, at 10:42 AM, ADELA WEINSTEIN via <> wrote:

Perhaps your great uncle simply changed his family surname after arrival to the US, as many others did. Have you located him on passenger manifests or naturalization documents when searching using the KARPATI surname yet?

Adela Weinstein 
Peoria, Arizona
Researching ADLERSHEIM (Hosiv and Zhuravno), HOLLER  (Zhuravno), SCHREIER (Zhuravno, Nadvirna), WEITZ (Monastyryska, Zhuravno), ORENSTEIN (Bolekhiv, Hosiv)
BIGEL (Bukachivtsi, Holeshiv), all now in Ukraine

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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