Y-DNA study BOHRER/BORER families from Galicia #dna #galicia



I am a descendant of FEIWEL BOHRER who lived in GLOGOW MALOPOLSKI Poland/Galicia. (Rzeszów region). Lived approximately between 1835-1916, married in 1854.
I have been unable to find any information on FEIWEL BOHRER's ancestors.
[Note: In the past, the name of the place was only GLOGOW, or GLOGOW in Galicia. The addition MALOPOLSKI was added later, to differentiate between GLOGOW in Galicia and GLOGOW in Silesia].
Because I ran into a roadblock, I started trying through Y-DNA research.
There are many here who investigate the BOHRER branch from Lizhensk, but a Y-DNA test revealed no connection.
I really like to use Avotainu and jewishdna definitions.
Actually, BOHRER branch from Lizhensk belong to AB-044 ( )
However, my BOHRER family belongs to AB-049 ( )
In fact, any man whose last name is BOHRER can have a Y-DNA test for a single mutation (SNP), one or more. Alternatively, you can do a Y-37 test (at least) at FTDNA.
Many researchers use YSEQ's service to test for a single mutation.
For example: I am under a mutation called FT369484.
This test is available for $18 here: 
All people under this mutation share a common ancestor in the direct paternal line, who lived about 500 years ago (he seems to have lived in Poland).
Therefore, if there is a man whose last name is BOHRER who performed the FT369484 test and it turned out to be positive, it is certain that he belongs to my same family.
In contrast, BOHRER's group AB-044 from Lizhensk is under Y15234
(I intentionally wrote SNP that happened 1400 years ago, so as not to violate privacy)
Therefore, any man with the last name BOHRHR who tests positive for Y15234 is almost certain to belong to the branch of BOHRER from Lizhensk.
I don't know of any other BOHRER branches that have done Y-DNA testing, but there may be other different branches. Single mutation testing is good when we already know what the branch is. But, in order to discover a new branch, you must use at least the Y-37 test at FTDNA.
I invite every Jewish man whose last name is BOHRER and whose family origin is possible from Galicia to take Y-DNA tests.
I am available for help on this matter.
For the purpose of the research, I started a group project in FTDNA for BOHRER:

Thank you all!
Dr. Simcha Gershon Bohrer (Ph.D), israel

WOLF BOHRER from Lviv #galicia


I could not find any information about my relative WOLF BOHRER beyond the following details:
Father's name: FEIWEL
He was born about 1858 in GLOGOW (MALOPOLSKI)
He lived in Lviv, Ukraine.
This is his residential address: Bernstein Street House No. 7 Lwów, LWOW LVOV
He had a son named: Elimelech Moshe or Majlech Mojżesz born 1879 in Lviv.
He had another son with an unknown name who was born in 1881.
He had a daughter named: Sara Jette Salomeą Lehm. (She had only one son, and he died young).
I could not find relevant Holocaust records.
Therefore, I would be very grateful if anyone knows information about the descendants of this WOLF BOHRER.

Here is a link to his profile in GENI:

Dr. Simcha Gershon Bohrer (Ph.D), israel

Re: Finding a relative in England through DNA, but can't communicate with her #unitedkingdom #dna

Emily Rosenberg

I would consider searching for an obituary that mentioned her name as a family member, and perhaps through that you can identify where she lives, or some younger generations in the family who might be more willing to be in touch with you.
Emily Rosenberg
Oakland, California

KESNER in Amsterdam, London, Chicago
STODEL in Amsterdam, London, USA
KAWIN in Suwalki and Poland
RUBINSKY in Suwalki and Poland

Rabbiner Dr. Leo Pesach Yehuda Jakowlew / yakovlev #rabbinic #lithuania


I am looking for details on:
Rabbi Dr. Leo Pesach Yehuda Jakovlev.
His father's name: Klonimos Yosef.
Probably his origin is from Lithuania.
Lived for several years in Munich, Germany (known for 1915(?)).
Apparently at the end of his days he lived in Königsberg, and ran the Jewish Torah Talmud there (a school for Jewish children).
On 4/30/1930 he was no longer alive, but I do not know the date of death.
That's all the information I know about it.
If anyone knows more information, please let me know.
Thank you.
Dr. Simcha Gershon Bohrer (Ph.D), israel

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HALPERN, Warsaw, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner

Dear JewishGenners:

The November 23, 2022 edition of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza carried a legal notice indicating that the Ragional Court for Warsaw-Wola District, First Civil Division, is seeking the heirs to the following individual in connection with a claim by one Feliks Chudzyński::

Róża HALPERN, daughter of Gustaw & Helena (née POLAKIEWICZ), born in Warsaw and died in Warsaw on July 30, 1942.

Róża HALPERN was the owner of property located at ul. Ogrodowa 6, Warsaw.

Any heirs to Róża Halpern or anyone with pertinent information regarding such heirs is asked to contact the Court directly within three months of the publication of the notice.  In contacting the Court, please make reference to Docket No. I Ns 300/20.

Best regards,

Yale J. Reisner
Warsaw, Poland
JGFF #913980

My Grandmother's Suitcase Meeting #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Linda Kelley

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon invites you, your family, friends and organizations to a free presentation:
Sunday, 11 December 2022, 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time, via Zoom

My Grandmother's Suitcase:  A Genealogical Search for My Hidden Jewish Heritage
Jim Van Buskirk

At the age of 54, Jim Van Buskirk, who had been raised "devoutly Unitarian", met with his mother after a long estrangement.  Facing her own mortality, she had something to tell him:  "You are Jewish."  She then gave him a suitcase filled with photographs, letters, and documents.  Jim began to look for answers to his family's history — and his own identity — by researching his genealogy, talking to previously unknown relatives, and examining the contents of his grandmother's suitcase.  The uncovered family saga, ultimately spanning more than 120 years and three continents, was more complicated than he'd ever imagined.

Jim Van Buskirk currently works as a book group facilitator, writer, editor, public speaker, exhibit curator, and collections manager.  He frequently presents at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, the San Francisco Public Library, the Jewish Community Library, the Peninsula JCC, and other locations on topics related to Jewish, literature, film, and/or queer history.  Visit his site at

To register for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

All of our meetings feature closed captions.

Linda Wolfe Kelley
JGSO Secretary

Looking for someone who knew Hirsh (Harry) & Fruma (Fannie) Atotsky Family? Three Sons Michael, Harry & Chaim #usa

Sharon Ann Dror

Looking for someone who knew Hirsh (Harry) & Fruma (Fannie) Atotsky Family? Three Sons Michael, Harry & Chaim

This is my 2nd post asking for help to find Hirsh (Harry) Atotsky's burial place.... He died on Jan 26, 1961 in Brooklyn, NY. The NYC & Brooklyn Vital Records could not find his death certificate record so they voided my order. 

I was able to find Hirsh's parents names: Jack Yaakov Uri Lipa Halevi Atotsky and Rebecca Euphromensky in his marriage certificate to Anna Halfin Kleiman.

I have Fruma's death certificate, their two sons Michael and Harry are buried with their mother Fruma at Mount Carmel in Glendale, NY. Harry's wife Rose Bookbinder is also buried with them. Missing is Hirsh (Harry) Atotsky. I have Rose, Harry and Michael's death certificate. Fruma & Hirsh's son Chaim is buried in Jerusalem with his wife Gertrude Eleanor nee Levine. 

Hirsh is not buried at Mount Carmel in Glendale, NY and he is not buried at Har Hazetim where his son Chaim is too.

Hirsh married Anna nee Halfin Kleiman - she is buried in Worcester, MA next to her first husband Barnett. Anna is buried using her first husband's last name Kleiman. Hirsh is not buried at this cemetery. 

I looked under Hirsh and Harry as he apparently changed his name to Harry on documents here and there. 

I have pictures of all of their gravestone. 

Please let me know if you have other ideas. I have called a number of cemeteries in New York. No luck so far...

Thank you
Sharon Ann Dror

Re: Finding a relative in England through DNA, but can't communicate with her #unitedkingdom #dna

Jill Whitehead

Firstly, I have to say that the majority of people you match with on DNA channels (I do not bother beyond 3rd cousin) or any paper trail channels do not respond to requests to get in touch, for whatever reason.

I have found a search on Linked In or Google to be the best way to make contact worldwide.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Searching Information on relative migrated to Argentina #records

Shimy Karni

I am looking for a relative, Handelsmann Siegfried (Shmuel), who migrated in the begging of 1950's to Argentina.
Where can I find records about him (maridge, children, etc).

Shimi Karni,

Major new Stryków records extraction projects launched #poland


Stryków, Poland is about 12 miles northeast of Łódź.  About 1,800 Jews lived in Stryków in 1900.


Currently, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has posted extractions of available Stryków birth, marriage, and death records for the years 1808-1870 and basic indices of available birth, marriage, and death records for the years 1871-1904.  Nearly 10,000 records for Stryków are already extracted or indexed on JRI-Poland’s website.

Long-time Stryków-area researchers will be pleased to learn that JRI-Poland has undertaken a huge new Phase 3 project to supplement and enhance the records currently available, by fully extracting: (1) all available Stryków birth, marriage, and death records from 1808 to 1918; and (2) the Stryków Book of Residents covering the period 1877-1912.


To carry out this major initiative, we have acquired digital images of all surviving Stryków birth, marriage, and death records in the Łódź branch of the Polish State Archives. With your support, we are now looking to produce detailed extractions of all such records in our possession, which span nearly 110 years – nearly 12,400 records in all.  In addition to extracting the already-indexed records for 1871-1904 and extracting the unindexed records for 1905-1918 (many of these records are in Cyrillic, so JRI-Poland is raising funds to have them professionally extracted), we are also correcting and expanding the extracts posted on JRI-Poland for the years 1808-1870.


In addition, we are extracting the Stryków Books of Residents, which covers the period 1877-1912 and includes nearly 1,550 records.  Books of Residents include detailed information about each person living in a household and are an excellent way to identify entire families.


If you would like more information about the Stryków Phase 3 Town Project, please sign up here.  Once you have subscribed, you will receive a full description of the project, explaining how you will be able to obtain extracts of records relating to your family. 


A qualifying donation of US$200 to either of the Stryków Town Projects (the Stryków Vital Records Project for the birth, marriage, and death records or the Stryków Population Records Project for the Population Records Project for the Book of Residents) will ensure that you are first in line to receive your family records as they become available and before they go online.  Full extractions will be added to JRI-Poland’s website only when a project is fully funded, which may take some time.


Details of how to donate can be found here (on that page, please allocate your contribution to the Town Name  “Stryków” (or “Strykow”) and enter “Vital Records Project” or “Population Records Project” as the Project Description). You may need to register a free account with JRI-Poland, if you don’t already have one.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


Jeff Wexler 

Los Angeles

JRI-Poland Town Leader


Re: Finding a relative in England through DNA, but can't communicate with her #unitedkingdom #dna

David Cantor

Stefanie, how strange that you both have the same first name.  There is a site which is a people finder resource, you have to buy credits, I keyed in Stephanie Knight and got 100 possibilities so not ideal unless you have an idea of location.  I have found people using a government web site that contains details of registered limited liability companies.  So if you match is a director or secretary the details are searchable here:

The above is free.  it’s a long shot either way but you never know………..    Good Luck

David Cantor

Re: Finding a relative in England through DNA, but can't communicate with her #unitedkingdom #dna

Myra Fournier

What channels have you tried?

Myra Fournier

Requesting transcript or translation #translation

Ketura Persellin


I am requesting help deciphering a French marriage record from 1809. It is located here:

I can read French passably; my problem is deciphering the writing, so I think what I'm looking for is more a transcript than a translation.

Please respond using the online ViewMate form. Thank you so much in advance.

Ketura Persellin

Washington, D.C.

Researching CERF (Haguenau, Strasbourg); GODCHAUX (Herbeviller, Lorraine, France, and New Orleans)



Finding a relative in England through DNA, but can't communicate with her #unitedkingdom #dna


Hi all!
I am a match with Stephanie Knight through our DNA testing - a close match. However, I don't know of any ancestors who went to England. I have tried to contact her, but alas, she doesn't respond through the channels I've tried and I've hit a brick wall. She is in her 70's. You now have all the details I have. What's the best way of finding her? contacting her? learning how we are connected? Thank you for your help. 
Stefanie Holzman
Researching Holzman, Holcman, Ciechanowiezki
from the area around Wyszkov, Poland

ViewMate Translation Request-- French #france #translation


Hello and Happy Americana Thanksgiving to all--

I have posted on ViewMate the following five documents in French:

--The death record of Salomon Dreyfuss, the brother of my 5x GGF --

--The marriage certificate of Alexander Dreyfuss, brother of my 4xGGM Veronique Dreyfuss (also known as Fromet Nathan), and Eva Simon Rosensteil--

--The marriage certificate of Alexander Dreyfuss and Judith Samson Haas --

The death certificate of Alexander Dreyfuss --

The death certificate of Samuel Dreyfuss, brother of Veronique Dreyfuss --

In each case I would appreciate as complete a translation as possible.

Thank you so much,

Jed Brickner

Translation needed – Cursive Polish #poland #galicia #translation


I've posted some family documents in cursive Polish in ViewMate for which I would greatly appreciate translations. The surname of interest is Siegfried, and the towns are Radomysl Wielki and Dulca Mala, in Galicia.  The documents look legal or some kind of agreement,  and I suspect provide information of great interest. Further details are in the postings.
There are two 2-page documents, and one single page document.
One document (“Spielman 1 and 2”) is at:
Another document (“Strauss 1 & 2”) is at:
And the third document is at:
Please respond using the online ViewMate form. Any information greatly appreciated!

Andrew Harris

Re: Revocation of my mother’s German citizenship - help please … #germany

JoAnne Goldberg

I began the restoration process two years ago and got citizenship earlier this year.  On the application form, I indicated that citizenship was revoked in 1935, and that was not questioned. In most cases, citizenship was not individually revoked -- all Jews were stripped of citizenship at the same time -- and thus there were no supporting documents.  I was able to get copies of other documents by requesting them from the records department of individual German cities.  Most of these records are not online.

Looking at the list of documents required (Anspruch Merkblatt) I don't see revocation of citizenship on there, but they might ask for it in specific situations, for example, if the individual got citizenship elsewhere before 1945.

Different consulates tend to handle the process differently. I had a very tough time with my local consulate, San Francisco, difficult to get information and appointments. It was definitely a hassle. But I'm glad I did it!



JoAnne Goldberg - Menlo Park, California; GEDmatch M131535


Re: Looking for Ida Grinspan #usa

The Becker's Email

In reply to Sherri Bobish's 1940 census:
The Evening Star  11 Dec. 1940 lists Max Greenspun age 65 in the listing of deaths on p. 8.  source:
Therefore, this Ida Greenspun would have likely been a widow in 1942.

The 1940 address is 2700 N nw, Washington,  DC.  I found this Max and Ida Greenspon at this address in DC city directories as early as 1932.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Re: Revocation of my mother’s German citizenship - help please … #germany

Dan Nussbaum

All I had to show was my father's American citizenship papers. They assumed correctly that he took on an American citizenship because he had lost his German citizenship.

Daniel Nussbaum II, M.D., FAAP
Retired Developmental Pediatrician
Rochester, New York
xey, xem, xeir
Tone can be misinterpreted in email. Please read my words with warmth, kindness, and good intentions.

Searching for;
Nussbaum, Katzenstein, Mannheimer and Goldschmidt; Rhina, Raboldshausen and Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Teplitzky, Bendersky and Kaszkiet; Uman, Ukraine
Rosenthal and S(c)henk(el)man; Zinkov, Ukraine
Bild and Kashlevsky; anywhere

📢Ukraine Research Division adds 200k New Records! #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

Dear JewishGen Community,

JewishGen is pleased to announce that more than
200,000 new records have been added to our Ukraine Revision List project just since September of this year!  This major update doubles the total number of Ukraine Revision Lists available on JewishGen!

Notably, these 200k new records include links to the original images. You can easily search these records, for free, by visiting If you locate an image that you would like to fully translate, we suggest utilizing ViewMate ( where you can seek assistance from other members of the JewishGen community. 

We now have a large team working on our Ukraine Revision List project, and are producing records at an accelerated rate. (In the near future we will expand our focus to Metrical Records). This new initiative allows us to aggressively address the backlog of records that have been collected and have, up until now, relied on individual translators. 

We expect to add another batch of ~100,000 new records toward the end of December - please watch for an announcement via email and the Discussion Group!

To learn more about these records, please click here: A complete list of towns covered in this new update (many of which are in the vicinity of Kyiv), along with the number of records associated with each town, can be accessed by clicking here.

The addition of these records was made possible by the financial contributions of generous donors from around the world, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s support. If you are in a position to do so, please consider supporting our continuing efforts by visiting and navigating to “Ukraine Documents Acquisition and Translation Project.” 

Finally, this project is overseen completely by volunteers. If you would like to get involved, we could use your help! Please contact me at pberenson@... for more information.


Phyllis Berenson

Director, Ukraine Research Division