Re: ViewMate translation request - Yiddish (I think) #translation

Jack Berger


It says:
A Memento
Of your Grandfather and Grandmother 
From Sonia Sosna

Jack Berger
Mahwah, NJ

Shlomo LINDEMAN from Nachlat Yitzchak, Israel #israel #poland

Harvey Kaplan

In 1956, Shlomo LINDMAN (LINDEMAN?) completed a Yad Vashem Page of Testimony for YAAKOV/JAKOW LINDEMAN/LINDMAN, murdered in Poland in 1942.
Shlomo lived at that time in Nachlat Yitzchak, Israel.
Looking to make contact to discuss LINDMAN/LINDEMAN/LINDERMAN family from Poland.
Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland 

Tombstone Translation Request-Hebrew #translation

Rusty Wilson

I would very much appreciate someone translating the tombstone below?  Thank you.  
Krasno, Dina (sister of Sam Krasno) Tombstone.jpeg
Rusty Wilson

FLUSFEDER - Warsaw and New York #usa #poland

Harvey Kaplan

Izio FLUSFEDER from New York registered Pages of Testimony for his parents, Szlama and Hela FLUSFEDER, who were murdered by the Nazis in Poland, also his brother David.
Looking for Izio or descendants to discuss LINDEMAN connections in Gostynin, Kutno etc pre-war.
Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland
LINDEMAN, LINDERMAN, LINDMAN - Kutno, Gostynin, Plock, Warsaw - Poland

Re: Occupation "Private Soldier" - Russia 1873 #russia #general

Janet Furba

A private soldier is a private person hired by another private person rather than conscripted or hired by the State.
Janet Furba,

Re: ViewMate translation request - Probably Russian #translation



In Russian:


Left side:

Верх на Азербайжанском Языке



Военно-Стрелковой Охраны

Строительства #108

Управления Азербайжанских Железных Дорог

Наркома Внутренних Дел (НКВД) СССР

20 ноября 1946 года


Ханлар, Азербайжанская ССР


Right side:


Выдана... Витину Михаилу Савельевичу

в том, что он работал в военной охране строительства 108 Министерства Внутренних Дел (МВД) СССР в должности стрелка с 26/01/45 по 18/11/1946 года.

Уволен по заключению ВТЭК (Врачебно-Трудовая Экспертная Комиссия)

Справка дана взамен трудовой книжки.

И.О. Начальника штаба военной охраны Подпись (Десятниченко)


left side:
Top in Azerbaijani
Military Shooting Guard
Construction #108
Department of Azerbaijan Railways
People's Commissar of Internal Affairs (NKVD) of the USSR
November 20, 1946
Khanlar, Azerbaijan SSR

right side:
Issued to... Vitin Mikhail Savelyevich
in the fact that he worked in the military protection of construction 108 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of the USSR as a shooter from 01/26/45 to 11/18/1946.
Dismissed on the conclusion of VTEK (Medical and Labor Expert Commission)
Help is given instead of a work book.
AND ABOUT. Chief of Staff of the Military Security Signature (Desyatnichenko)

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

How to find 1903 residents of 550 High Street, Pittsburgh, PA? #usa #records

Sara Spiegel

I have a record of a 1903 USA/Canada border crossing for a group of GOLDFARB family members traveling together: Itzik, Schieman(?), Rifke, and Babcie(?). They say their final destination is Babcie's husband Goldfarb at 530 High Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
I'd like to know who was living at 530 High Street in 1903.
- I've found no entries in Pittsburgh city directories for GOLDFARB at that address around that time.
- I can't find that address in the 1900 census. Steve Morse's website directs me to Pittsburgh Enumeration District 226, but I reviewed all of ED 226 with no High Street found.
Any other suggestions? Creative solutions welcome...I care a lot about this one. :)

Many thanks,
Sara Spiegel - Redwood City, CA
Researching WEISBERG, DUGAN/DUGIM, GOLDFARB in Pittsburgh, PA

Re: ViewMate translation request - Probably Russian #translation



In Russian:


Left side:

Курорт__ Рижское Взморье

Санаторий__ (не ясно)

Фамилия__ Витин

Имя__ Меер


Возвраст__ 1898

История Болезни#__ 195

Прибыл__ 04/01/1962 года



Right side:

Диагноз отборочной комиссии:

Бронхоектарическая Болезнь (возможно)


Диагноз санатория:

Бронхоектарическая Болезнь (возможно)


Екзема Легких

Лечащий врач__ Подпись

05/01/1962 года


Translated into English:


left side:
Resort__ Riga Seaside
Sanatorium__ (not clear)
Surname__ Vitin
Name__ Meer
Middle name__Savelevich
Return__ 1898
Case History#__ 195
Arrived __ 04/01/1962

right side:
Selection committee's diagnosis:
Bronchoectatic Disease (Possibly)
Coronary cardiosclerosis
Sanatorium diagnosis:
Bronchoectatic Disease (Possibly)
Coronary cardiosclerosis
Eczema Lungs
Attending physician __ Signature

TRanslated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: Request for signatures translation-Hebrew #translation


Dear Odeda, Irwin and Laurent,
Thank you very much for this very valuable information. I post below the signatures found on 2 civil status records, with indeed another part on the left and below the signature. I thought it was the signature of a witness.
Could you please help me to decipher these new elements?
With all my gratitude,
Bruno Gourévitch

@Odeda : I will send you later a copy of the signatures on the Ketubah of Carpentras with a better resolution

Property Records in Maramarossighet #hungary

Jerry Zeisler

I'm looking for some guidance on where I might locate the property records related to property in Maramarossighet (

Sighetu Marmației) 

from about 1874/1875 or so. My ancestral cousins, Zadyk and Hermann Groedel owned a villa in town on Strada Dragos Voda, and I'm trying to identify when it was acquired and who actually purchased the property. 

Thank you.
Jerry Zeisler
Ashburn, Virginia USA

Re: The Jews in the Well, Norwich, England #dna


From the article in Current Biology:
"Sediment surrounding the remains comprised soils from outside the well, suggesting bodies had been rapidly buried by soil after deposition. The well stratigraphy suggested that the well was disused and dry at the time the human remains were interred, and probably being used as a midden."

I should have read this before my post. Sorry.

Graham Lewis
London UK

Re: Please Help Me identify This Synagogue #names

Diane Jacobs

Or Doberovir.

Diane Jacobs

On Sep 5, 2022, at 12:45 PM, Diane Jacobs <geniediane@...> wrote:

Dobervir - it looks like the town.

Diane Jacobs

On Sep 5, 2022, at 11:14 AM, gbm1022@... wrote:

My great grandfather's marriage certificate lists the rabbi and synagogue where he was married.  I am hoping it will help direct me to his hometown. It's a little difficult to read, however, and I was hoping someone could help.  Thanks.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Greg Marrinan

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Reminder: On September 14, The Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County will feature “No, you don’t have 7,900 4th cousins!” a presentation by Jennifer Mendelsohn. #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Walter Rosenthal

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County will feature a presentation by Jennifer Mendelsohn “No, you don’t have 7,900 4th cousins!” on September 14.

Jennifer Mendelsohn’s presentation“No, you don’t have 7,900 4th cousins!” illuminates the problems identifying a person’s ethnic heritage, and uses data from Ancestry, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage or 23andme.  Ancestry currently boasts some 4 million people in its DNA database.  These tests provide a list of people with whom you share DNA, ranked in order of predicted closeness to you: your genetic “cousins.”  Trying to connect with your newly found relatives requires a bit of a learning curve.  Her presentation focuses on endogamy, (the custom of marrying only within the limits of a local community, clan, or tribe), knowing your numbers, interpreting shared matches and names.

Jennifer Mendelsohn began her career as a journalist and ghostwriter. A former Washington, DC-based special correspondent for People, her work has appeared in numerous local and national publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today and The Los Angeles Times. A native Long Islander now based in Baltimore, Mendelsohn serves on the board of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland and is the administrator of Facebook’s Jewish Genetic Genealogy group. A veteran of many successful unknown parent searches, Mendelsohn is also the creator of #resistancegenealogy, a project that uses genealogical and historical records to fight disinformation and honor America’s immigrant past. Her work has received international media attention, including features on, The New Yorker, The Washington Post and Yahoo News.

Non-Members pay $5, Zoom link will be sent the week of the event. Members automatically receive a free Zoom link after registering.


Zoom link will be sent to your email the week of the event; please check your Spam folder.


Walter Rosenthal

Outreach Chair

Walter Rosenthal <waltrose864@...>




NEIJGS MEET YOUR MISHPOCHA #dna #jgs-iajgs #photographs #announcements


The Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society will be hosting its 4th annual open house, “Meet Your Mishpocha,” on Sunday, September 11th from noon until 2:00 p.m. at the Rifkin Campus, 5200 Old Mill Road, in Fort Wayne. Designed to help people connect with their Jewish roots, this event will be held in-person with an option for guests to attend three presentations virtually.

This year’s presentations include:
  • Mike Brown, executive director of the Indiana Jewish Historical Society (IJHS), speaking on the history of IJHS in northeast Indiana
  • Sara Allen, genealogy librarian at the Genealogy Center of the ACPL, discussing DNA research
  • Suzanne Grimmer, archivist, who will speak about preservation
On-site features include
  • Advice on digitizing photographs and documents including opportunities for scanning
  • Expert advice with beginning one’s family history or forging ahead with one’s current research
  • Insights with interviewing people for oral history research and up-close accounts of the local Oral History Project
  • Virtual tours of the NEIJGS’ Fort Wayne Jewish Families Database
  • Information of the ACPL Genealogy Center and the Allen County Genealogical Society
Door prizes available to attendees include a free DNA kit!

Registration is required to attend the virtual presentations, and the link can be found on our website at Upcoming Events – Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society (
Contact Pamela Friedman at vp@... for more information

Re: The Jews in the Well, Norwich, England #dna


In reply to Graham Lewis:
Clearly, there was no understanding of the source of whatever was
afflicting the people. That throwing dead bodies into  ground waters
that may have fed their own wells was suicidal never entered their
minds.   The germ theory of disease was not proposed until the 19th

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Please Help Me identify This Synagogue #names


My great grandfather's marriage certificate lists the rabbi and synagogue where he was married.  I am hoping it will help direct me to his hometown. It's a little difficult to read, however, and I was hoping someone could help.  Thanks.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Greg Marrinan

Re: The Jews in the Well, Norwich, England #dna


Graham, maybe murderer's logic isn't really sound in the first place?  Just a thought (re: why foul the well)...

Tanya Roland

Vienna, Nagy Karoly, Przemysł, Vrbove

Re: Follow up on Roginsky surname: can anyone read the three lines to the far right of entry number 15 for a Friade (Fannie)Roginsky. #records

Barbara Zimmer

Next time please provide the *exact date, not just the year.  

Family Search is usually clearer than Ancestry.  Fraide Ragnisky leaves behind Chane...  and she is headed to an uncle Kaufmann (on the second page)

Barbara Zimmer in Virginia 





Re: The JewishGen Weekly News Nosh September 4, 2022 #JewishGenUpdates

Phil Goldfarb

Let me again apologize for the numerous errors and misinformation under the story of "Ghettos Under the Nazi's" which I got from My Jewish Learning. Somehow, they got their information wrong. Please don't shoot the messenger as the story itself was somewhat interesting!

Translation from German to English #translation

Omri Arnon

Omri Arnon <arnon.omri@...>

Thu, Sep 1, 12:20 PM (4 days ago)
to main

I've posted a vital record in German for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

I would greatly appreciate any additional details in the pages mentioned, that could bring to light my ancestor Israel Wolf.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Omri Arnon

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