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Re: Immigrant Ship Adria #israel

Shimy Karni

Hello Josef,

I found a couple of sources:
1. A testimony in the following pdf about a man who left Triest, Italy  in February, 1930 with the  Adria ship.
They reached Haifa on a rainy day. In Haifa a bus took them to an immigration house in Tel Aviv.
You can see the ship's picture on page 19 in the following pdf:

2. Adria is mentioned in the following news of a local paper from Aug 5, 1930:

3. In the following pdf on page 91 (13 in the pdf), you can find Adria leaving Triest in Aug 17,1936:

If you need more help you can write directly to me shimik54@...

Best Regards,
Shimi Karni, Israel


‫בתאריך יום ד׳, 18 בינו׳ 2023 ב-11:03 מאת ‪Joseph Winiarz‬‏ <‪yosef@...‬‏>:‬

I’m looking for any information and perhaps a photograph of this ship that brought Jewish immigrants to Palestine in the late 1920s and 30s. From where did it sail? Conditions on the boat. Who owned it, leased it, etc. Thank you.Yosef Yeinan

Re: Needing to find a Synagogue in around 1900 near N. Paulina St in Chicago, ILL #usa


Contact Us

Chicago Jewish Historical Society
610 South Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605-1901

Tel 312.663.5634
Note: Please provide your phone number & address in your email.

Sandra Parker

Cause of Death? #usa


The link below to Jerome WIEDERSPIEL's death certificate (and an enlarged selection, attached) shows a very unsteady hand. I have deciphered everything but the primary cause of death. He was a 5-month son of Harry and Eva (EIGENMACHT) who died at home, 768 Fox Street, Bronx NY. The assistant medical examiner, John Riegelman, examined the body the next morning (7 Feb 1926). It looks like the contributory cause concerns something that happened "at home 3 months ago."

Any help appreciated.

Elias Savada
Bethesda MD

Re: Never-Before-Seen Photographs of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Emerge #poland #announcements #holocaust #photographs

Jack Berger

Dear Jan,

There is an excellent film out about Emanuel Ringleblum and the "Oyneg Shabbos" group that he formed to document in detail the events that the members of the group encountered during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. They hid at least three archives of this material in Warsaw itself, and it was only years later two of these archives were uncovered and should be with one of the museums that displays material rescued from the Holocaust.

You may already know about this, but I thought I would write in any case.

Jack Berger
Mahwah, NJ

Re: Needing to find a Synagogue in around 1900 near N. Paulina St in Chicago, ILL #usa

Paul Chirlin

Chicago city directories are available on ancestry.  I checked the 1900 directory which lists on page 20, 20 Jewish temples. Most of them list the President.  All have a street address. None that year are on Paulina nor have Simon as an officer, but looking at each year and having a map of Chicago streets might get you to the right temple.

Paul chirlin

Year on stone #translation


Good morning,

עת קץ  may not be a date but the words – time of end/finish

Shalom, Malka Chosnek

Needing to find a Synagogue in around 1900 near N. Paulina St in Chicago, ILL #usa

Kenneth Packer


Robb Packer has a Facebook Page, "Synagogues of Chicago."  You should contact him.  He might be able to help you locate the Synagogue of your grandparents.

Good luck in your search.

Ken Packer


Kenneth Packer

Washingtonville, NY 10992

(E-mail) packer18@...


Researching: PEKER, PACKER, BECKER, PECKER from anywhere in the Ukraine, especially towns within a 200 mile radius for Kiev (Korostyshev, Zhitomer, Koristan, Brusilov, Khordorkev, Rudni, Odessa).

Re: Karabelnik family from Veliuona, Vilkija, & Panevezys,Kaunas #lithuania #southafrica

Jill Whitehead

Yes, they do! The sister of my great grandmother Rebecca Plottnovsky married Solomon Berkowitz Karabelnik (NB spellings vary) in Hull, Yorkshire, UK in 1889. He came from Kovno/Kaunas. He dropped the Karebelnik and called himself Solomon Berkowitz.  He had nine daughters and three sons (one of whom was drowned in the docks at Hull welcoming new immigrants), and the two remaining sons changed their name to Birks.

I am in touch with the Karabelnik/Berkowitz descendants on a regular basis, as some of them are my double second cousins due to intermarriage. If you contact me privately I can put you in touch.  I can also send you a copy of Rebecca and Solomon's marriage certificate, and his British naturalization certificate, which give places of origin. 

On a separate basis, I also had Karpowitz (sic) relations on my father's side (through my great grandmother) in Liverpool, but this was shortened and Anglicised to Carr by her brothers who went to USA. They came from Krasnopol in Suwalki gubernia close to the border with Kovno. There are other Karps in Liverpool and in France who came from the same Suwalki/Kovno area, that I cannot prove a relationship to but may be linked. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Help translating year on stone #translation #hungary


It’s the year. Add up the numerical value of the letters and you get 660, so the year was 5660 ( the “ligature” connotes deletion of the thousands place). So it should have said תרס. But they wrote עת קץ (which means “the end times”) because the letters can be read as a prediction of the coming of the messiah. 
David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ

Re: Help translating year on stone #translation #hungary


I think it is the equivalent of it's numerical sum (5)660 תר''ס and they choose to spell the words עת קץ  to allude to the time of the coming of mashiach (literally "the time of the end"). This was a leap year and 1900 isn't unreasonable for the state of the stone.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow

Re: Help translating year on stone #translation #hungary

David Shapiro

It is common practice to write the date with words with the numerical value of the year, especially from biblical verses. In this case the two words עת קץ (= time of the end [of days]) occur several time in Daniel chapters 11 and 12 and are equal to [5]660 which was a leap year.


David Shapiro

Re: Help translating year on stone #translation #hungary

Odeda Zlotnick

Hebrew dates don't depent on th place, but rather on the total value of the letters used.
In this case, the letters create a phrase עת קץ meaning "the time of ending".
The valus is:
70 + 400 +100 + 90 = 660 according to the abbקiviated date, that is: 5660 
The Jewish year 5660 is Gregorian 1899 - 1900
The specific date on this stone: 1-2 March 1900

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Re: Looking for someone who can research The Forward #yiddish #records

dprice dprice

Maybe the searchable website will help:
David Price researching PRAJS of Kielce/Bieliny; GORLICKI of Chmielnik; KUSZNER/BADASZ of Grodno, Belarus

Re: Name changes in South Africa #southafrica


My Karabelnik family changed their surname to Karp.
Jenny Karp

Harry Tsvi Hirsh Rudman Rudiminer #belarus

Rose Feldman

I am looking for Grisha Zvi Rudman born 1910 but in 1937 married Sonya Sura in the Ukraine.  He has two sons Marik and Sieyoman. During the WWII they were in Tashkent, Uzbek.


Rose Feldman
Winner of 2017 IAJGS Award for Volunteer of the Year

Israel Genealogy Research Association 
Help us index more records at


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Rose Feldman
Israel Genealogy Research Association
Winner of 2017 IAJGS Award for Volunteer of the Year

Karabelnik family from Veliuona, Vilkija, & Panevezys,Kaunas #lithuania #southafrica


Hi All,

My Great Grandfather was Yakov Leyb Karabelnik, from Vilkija, Kaunas, but his Father & Grandfather were born in Veliuona, Kaunas. Yakov & his wife Chaia/Khaja/Khaya Seittel & their first-born son Lev Karabelnik left Lithuania ~1922, & went to South Africa, via the UK, (except I still can’t find the father’s passage, which I believe was before his wife & son left). I don't know if they travelled via Riga or by another route.

Yakov Leyb’s name was anglicized  to Jacob David, & Chaja/Chaia/Khaja Seittel was angelized to Annie. Lev their son (my Father’s Father), had his name angelized to Louis Joseph Karp, has also been documented as Mannie Louis Karp, was called Joe Karp informally, & on some records when he was older in KSA. They changed their surname to Karp sometime during their emigration or on arrival- I can not find any trace of this.

They settled in Johannesburg, & had 2 more sons, Maurice & Aaron.
Do any of these names & dates match people in your history & family trees?
Kind regards, Jenny Karp (New Zealand).

Immigrant Ship Adria #israel

Joseph Winiarz

I’m looking for any information and perhaps a photograph of this ship that brought Jewish immigrants to Palestine in the late 1920s and 30s. From where did it sail? Conditions on the boat. Who owned it, leased it, etc. Thank you.Yosef Yeinan

Re: Search for JOSEPH family #general

Mirta Gordon

On Tue, Jan 17, 2023 at 10:32 AM, David Lewin wrote:
Georg David Raymond JOSEPH
I found this name in a list of persons that attempted to enter Illegally in Switzerland. Perhaps you already know this.

I do not have a MyHeritage account.
Good luck in your search
Mirta Gordon

Help translating year on stone #translation #hungary

Adam Turner

Looking for a quick translation of just the year on this stone in Hungary:

I am pretty confident I got most of the key information on the stone right: the stone belongs to Ben-Tzion, son of Peretz Friedman, died on the 25th day of Adar II. 

But I'm confused by how the stone appears to have formatted the year. As best as I can tell, the numeral for the year is עתקץ, likely followed by the ligature symbol combining the letters for the abbreviation לפ״ק - "according to the abbreviated date."

I have no clue what year עתקץ is supposed to be; I thought that perhaps the leading ayin is not actually part of the date, leaving תקץ for the year 5590. Except that 1) if this death really occurred almost 200 years ago in 5590, the stone is likely to have been replaced at some point much more recently - its condition seems far too good to date to the 1820s; and 2) perhaps more significantly, 5590 was not a leap year, and thus had no month of Adar II.

Can anyone clarify where I might be going wrong here?

Adam Turner