ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation


I request a translation of (or extraction of main genealogical information from) the Polish marriage certificate of my 3x great grandfather (1808). This document covers four pages and is on View Mate at the following addresses:

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Alice Riley
Ipswich, Suffolk UK
researching Glucksohn, Goldenring, Pollack, Friedlaender (Warsaw, Posnan, Upper Silesia)

Top of Post-WW2 Legal Document - Request for Help in Transcription #translation #poland

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
I would appreciate help in translating these Polish words, submitted to Warsaw court following WW2.

Thank you very much! - Yaron Wolfsthal

Re: Phonetic search results for Suwalki using JewishGen Poland Collection #poland

Michael Tobias

There are several issues here.
1. When you do a search and a marriage record matches you get rows returned for both bride and groom. You might not understand why one row was returned for the search but it is because the spouse matched.
2. The matches can be with any combination of given name and surname appearing on the record. Check the names of parents, spouses, witnesses etc. 
3. As for CIRCUS, COUNCILMAN, WELL THEN etc you are seeing these results because you have asked your browser to TRANSLATE the page from Polish to English. It is treating the names as words. You should stop your browser translating.
Michael Tobias
Glasgow Scotland

Re: Translation please - Hebrew #translation


This is a ketubah (a document signed by a Jewish groom at the time of his marriage) in which it is stated that: On Thursday 18 Tishrei 5678 (4.10.1917) in the village of Bernitz in the Wahlin area, Yitzhak ben Avraham Friedman married Mrs. Gittil, daughter of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak
Joseph Godelnik

Book residence Minsk Mazowiecki Poland #poland

Christine Lassiege

I just make an add about my previous email, Minsk Mazowiecki is in Poland close to warshaw

Hi everyone

Do you know if I can find a book of for Minsk Mazowiecki ? What would be the archives where to find it and how ?

Christine Lassiege (France)

Surnames / Towns : KUPERANT / ROTSZTEJN / TROJNA / RUBINSTEJN –  Minsk Mazowiecki

Re: Help Deciphering Town Name on Passenger Manifest #general


The name of the town definitely Kesienew, Bessarabia (present-day Chisinau, moldova). Kishinev in Russian, Keshenev in Yiddish.  Here are his naturalization documents as a further proof. 

Giannis Daropoulos 


Re: Book residence #belarus

Daniella Alyagon

The # is wrong this is Poland and not Belarus

Daniella Alyagon




Researching: ALYAGON (Israel), SHOCHETMAN (Kishinev / Letychev / Derazhnya), AGINSKY (Kishinev / Minsk), FAJNZYLBER (Siennica, Poland / Warsaw, Poland), YELIN (Poland), KIEJZMAN (Garwolin, Poland),  SLIWKA (Garwolin, Poland), MANDELBAUM (Janowiec, Poland / Zwolen, Poland / Kozienice, Poland), CUKIER (Janowiec, Poland), RECHTANT (Kozienice, Poland), FALENBOGEN (Lublin, Poland), ROTENSTREICH (Galicia), SELINGER (Galicia), BITTER (Galicia / Bukowina), HISLER (Galicia / Bukowina ), EIFERMAN (Galicia / Bukowina), FROSTIG (Zolkiew, Galicia / Lviv, Galicia), GRANZBAUER (Zolkiew, Galicia), HERMAN (Zolkiew, Galicia), MESSER (Lviv, Galicia / Vienna, Austria), PROJEKT (Lviv, Galicia), STIERER (Lviv, Galicia), ALTMAN (Lviv, Galicia), FRIEDELS (Lviv, Galicia)

Re: Census Records? 1887 #russia

Mark Halpern

The original message in this thread was from Geoffrey Isaac Collins asking about census records for both Zabludow and Bialystok. Larry provided information from Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation Archival inventory for census type records at the Belarus Archive in Grodno for Bialystok.

JRI-Poland has a project to extract the information is all Jewish record for towns now in Poland that were formerly in Grodno Gubernia. This includes Bialystok, Zabludow, and 26 other towns that are all near Bialystok. There are no vital records for these towns in the Grodno Archive. The Grodno Archive has revision lists, supplementary lists, tax lists, lists of Jewish soldiers, lists of Jewish farmers, and lists of non-permanent residents. 

For Bialystok, there are about 9,000 records covering years from 1822 through 1891. For Zabludow, there are about 550 records covering years from 1829 through 1874,

I am currently on the road. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at mark@... and please be patient. I will reply after returning home and catching up.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Bialystok Area Coordinator


On 2021-05-16 12:11 pm, LarryBassist@... wrote:

On Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation website,  ,searching for Bialystok, we get under the second Census link:

Locality/Town:         BIALYSTOK
Powiat/County: BIALYSTOK
Wojewodztwo/Province: BIALYSTOK
Country:                 POLAND
Archive Locale: GRODNO
Archive Type:         ARCHIVES
Document Type: CENSUS
Year List:                 1853;1858;1860-1865;1869;1874;1883-1896
Zespol/Sygnatura: 2/2/69;24/7/177,182,187,203,213,224

So it appears that the Archives in Grodno has "census" records of some type, maybe they are really revision lists.

I hope this helps.

Larry Bassist
Springville, Utah, USA

Re: Dora nee Grossman & George Cohen, their three sons Kenneth, Jerome and Robert Lefrak City, NY #usa #general

Sharon Ann Dror

Thank you. This is not the right one. I contacted Riverside Cemetery in New Jersey for George Cohen that died on October 29, 1994. His wife is Bessie. This is the wrong couple. 

Information for Grave 64857 George Cohen

Location - Colfax Lodge

Map 191 Block O Sect 48 Plot  Row  Grave 163

Status E Internment No 57333 Deed 23435 Folio ORG 390

Date of Death: 10/03/1994       Age:83

Last Contact Name: Bessie Cohen

Next Of Kin at time of burial: BESSIE COHEN (Wife)



Information for Grave 59322 Dorothy Cohen

Location - Bethlehem Benevolent Association

Map 21 Block J Sect 42 Plot  Row A Grave 12

Status E Internment No 57436 Deed 23980 Folio  6363

Date of Death: 12/19/1994       Age:71

Last Contact Name: Sharon Wolff

Next Of Kin at time of burial: SHARON G SOLOMON (Niece)

Other Graves on Deed

     Dorothy Cohen


And this is not George as he was alive at our cousin's wedding in November, 1990. 

Name Joseph Cohen
State New York
Residence Place New York
Last Place of Residence Bronx, New York
Previous Residence Postal Code 10453
Age 64
Birth Date 07 Sep 1908
Death Date Sep 1972

Thank you
Sharon Ann Dror

Help Deciphering Town Name on Passenger Manifest #general

David Levine


Can anyone read this town's name? It is written twice
If this is a relative, the town would be in Slutsk, Minsk G.

Full page is attached

Many Thanks

Best Regards,
David Levine
San Francisco, CA, USA
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Weinstein -> Solotwina, Galicia | Frisch, Hilman, Jungerman, Schindler -> Rozniatow, Galicia | Golanski, Kramerofsky/Kromerovsky -> Kiev | Lefkowitz -> Petrikov, Belarus | Shub, Rosen Hlusk, Belarus | Levine, Weiner, Zamoshkin -> Slutsk, Belarus 

Re: Response to query: What would likely be the Jewish name for Samuel Black? #names

Larry Gaum

My grandfather Was Sam who’s Hebrew name Yeshiah. Yiddish name was Shiah.
There are many combinations and permutations.
One can only guess with reference to Samuel Black. In fact, in many genealogical questions and consideration, it’s a guessing game.
Larry Gaum

Re: Phonetic search results for Suwalki using JewishGen Poland Collection #poland

Michael Tobias

Sounds like uses Daitch-Mokotoff soundex and produces many false positive results.

Phonetic uses Beider Morse phonetic matches and removes most of the false positives.

It is worth trying both but phonetic is superior.

Michael Tobias
Glasgow, Scotland

Viewmate Polish Translation #translation

Howard Rosen

I've posted a birth record in Polish for which I would appreciate a translation. It is at the following address ...

I especially would like to know the baby girl's birth date and her parents' names.
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much,
Howard Rosen

Re: Yiddish Language Instructions - Duolingo #yiddish


I had been using Doulingo to study Chinese and Portuguese.  I have a working knowledge of Spanish.  Then I had to add Yiddish.  Now you made me think about the Catalan for Spanish speakers and possibly Portuguese for Spanish speakers.  If they did Ladino I would probably want to take that!  More people speak Ladino than Klingon or High Valyrian, and they already have courses for those languages.

Bob Malakoff
Pittsburgh, PA

USCIS Documents #records

Robert Hanna

All four of my grandparents and two of my great grandparents emigrated to the US from Eastern Europe between 1905 and 1914.  I was able to request records from USCIS for both my grandfathers as I had their file numbers.  I did not have the file number for my great grandfather so I requested a records search.  I paid the fees for all.  Eight months later I am still waiting.  I have requested updates and have been told that they are getting close.  My grandfathers were both naturalized and their naturalizations included my grandmothers.  I don't know whether or not my great grandfather ever applied for naturalization.  Does anyone know if there would be separate USCIS files for my grandmothers and my great grandmother or would their papers be included with their respective husbands?  Considering the long wait for responses from USCIS, if there are separate files, I don't want to waste any more time before applying for searches.
Robert Hanna
Chanan/Hanan/Hanne (Warsaw); Blumenblat (Sarnaki); Karasik, Thomashow, Cohen (Babruysk); Rubinstein, Bunderoff, Pastilnik, Nemoyten, Diskin (Minsk)

Re: Phonetic search results for Suwalki using JewishGen Poland Collection #poland

Sally Bruckheimer

"A "Phonetically like" search on Surname can get odd results for Suwalki records.  For example, searching "Silberman"  I find a low percentage of odd given names that include : Sorry, Well then, The circus, Councilman, and Yes,David."

As you say, there are a "Phoenetically like" and a "Sounds like" when searching. Phonetically gets you many fewer results - and some odd things. I always us "Sounds like", and then I have everything to search through. They are 2 different Soundex systems, but I don't know why anyone would bother with Phonetically like; maybe an IT Pro can tell us why, but it doesn't really matter.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Yiddish Language Instructions - Duolingo #yiddish

Jorge Frankon

Many interesting and helpful for me your comment Gloria was.
I noted s "strange yiddish" from the one I learnt at home, as my
family comes from Zuromin, a sthetl east from Warsaw, in a Bund's
environment and couldn't realize wich Yiddish variation Duolingo's
Best regards.
Jorge, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Jorge M. Frankon
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Polish Travel Passport / US Consulate Visit Danzig 1922 - Searchable records? #records

David Levine

HI everyone

My grandfather was born in Russia and escaped to Poland in 1922
Family sponsored him and his parents
He traveled to the U.S. on a Polish Travel passport
He received a stamp of approval as "seen" by the US Consulate General in Danzig
Two Questions
  1. Is there any corresponding records that survived that what contain the application / documents
  2. Did the applications for Polish travel passports like this one survive World War 2 and are they findable?
Many Thanks

Best Regards,
David Levine
San Francisco, CA, USA
Weinstein -> Solotwina, Galicia | Frisch, Hilman, Jungerman, Schindler -> Rozniatow, Galicia | Golanski, Kramerofsky/Kromerovsky -> Kiev | Lefkowitz -> Petrikov, Belarus | Shub, Rosen Hlusk, Belarus | Levine, Weiner, Zamoshkin -> Slutsk, Belarus 

Viewmate translation request - Czech #translation

June F Entman (jfentman)

I have posted on Viewmate pages of a passport-like booklet from my cousin Eduard Mandl's service in the Austrian military. I would like to know anything I can learn about him and that service from this document. Eduard was born in 1894 in Uhersky Ostroh. Deported to Thereisenstadt, Eduard and his wife Malvine Falter Mandl were murdered in Auschwitz in 1943.




Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you so much,

June Entman


ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation

Larry Cohen

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please translate word-for-word if possible, and respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
- Lawrence Cohen

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