Re: I need a translation of a headstone #translation

Ira Leviton

And for completion, "Here is buried" are in both stars at the top.
Ira Leviton

Re: Yiddish given name Doda #yiddish

David Shapiro

In rabbincal sources (names for divorces) the female name Doda is listed as a Sefardi name - not Yiddish.

There were Saferdi communities in south-eastern Europe.

David Shapiro

orphanage at Ruthgasse 21 #austria-czech


My grandmother and great aunt spent a number of years in an orphanage at Ruthgasse 21 between 1913 and 1921. Does anyone have any information about this institution? I know it has since been converted into apartments. I have asked IKG-Wien but they have no records for these years.
Regards, Helen Douch

Yad Vashem Kristallnacht Photograph Memorial #announcements #holocaust #israel #photographs

Jan Meisels Allen


November 9-10 is the anniversary of Kristallnacht “the Night of Broken Glass”, pogrom against German and Austrian Jews when mobs of Germans and Austrians attacked, looted and burned Jewish shops and homes, destroyed 1,400 synagogues, killed 92 Jews and sent another 30,000 to concentration camps. The violence is widely considered a starting point for the Holocaust, in which Nazi Germany murdered 6 million Jews.


Yad Vashem has displayed previously unseen photos from the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom. The photos were recently donated to the museum. These were the first photos the museum spokesperson was aware of depicting actions taking place indoors, as “most of the images we have of Kristallnacht are images from outside.”


Yad Vashem’s photo archive head, said the photos dispel a Nazi myth that the attacks were “a spontaneous outburst of violence” rather than a pogrom orchestrated by the state. Firefighters, SS special police officers and members of the general public are all seen in the photos participating in the Kristallnacht. The photographers themselves were an integral part of the events.


The photos were taken  were taken by Nazi photographers during the pogrom in the city of Nuremberg and the nearby town of Fuerth. They wound up in the possession of a Jewish American serviceman who served in Germany during World War II. His descendants, donated the album to Yad Vashem, as part of the institution's effort to collect Holocaust-era objects kept by survivors and their families.


Despite Nazi censorship, The Associated Press was able to send pictures from Kristallnacht when it happened that were widely used in the U.S. The images included a burning synagogue, a youth preparing to clean up glass from a Jewish shop that had been vandalized, and people standing outside damaged shops in the aftermath of the attacks.


To see more of the photos and read more see:


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Whre is Oranif? #russia


My grandfather's naturalization papers state that my grandmother came from Oranif Russia, but what was actually Ukraine.  I have not been able to find anything about Oranif anywhere.  Does anyone have any familiarity with this shtetl or town?   
Jerome S. Morse

Need help with Emilia Felsberg and Solomon Oppenheimer parents #germany

Richard Dassow

Need help with parents. of Emilia Felsberg: born in Germany. sept. 15, 1880 in Isertohn,  North rhine-westphalia, Germany

Need help with parents of Solomon Oppenheimer 1841-1914. Born March 10, 1841 in Germany. Died March 1, 1914 in Philadelphia, PA.

Looking for parents of each. Any info on these people.

I am new to Geneology.
these are Grand parents of my wife Naomi Koerwitz Dassow
Trying to trace my wife's Jewish roots.

Richard Dassow

To Marty Myers regarding Kirzner #canada #poland

Gerald Kirzner

My name is Gerald Kirzner and was intrigued by the search for Kirzner
My father came before the war and stayed with cousins in Windsor Canada. He was the only one left from his nuclear family. His father, my grandfather, was Zorach Kirzner (named after him) The family lived in Lunenic Poland -south of Minsk and east of Pinsky
Appreciate feedback

FW: Searching ancestors Grauman or Graumann #poland

Ed Marks



Yolande --
Thanks for your response and the questions you raise.  Yes, I have found records that at least two of the Graumanns are buried in the Evangelish cemetery. I understand that births and deaths might have been recorded there, but the burials are what have me scratching my head.  These records are not from Mormon libraries, but elsewhere (and I don't have immediate access to the data, or I would send you a copy of each).

Names are a different issue. The family seems to have used the same names -- Caspar Wilhelm Graumann, for example -- in succeeding or alternate generations, which is also confusing. So these are some of things in this line that I have to untangle.

Thanks so much for your suggestions, although I think I've already found the brick wall. I have emails one of the churches, to see what records they might have,

Ed  Marks

Re: 2022 Cohanic Lineages Report Available For Download; Study Open #rabbinic

Adam Cherson

PS: Only to add a list of surnames not derived from 'Cohen' that are believed to have Cohanic branches: 1) Stern, 2) Falk, 3) Rothenberg, 4) Glanz, 5) Karpeles, 6) Poppers, 7) Teweles, 8) Seelenfreund, 9) Rubin, 10) Finkelshteyn, 11) Schiff, 12) Rubin, 13) Getz, 14) Alperovich, 15) Jakubovich, 16) Rapaport, 17) Rabinovich, 18) Meisels, 19) Bernshteyn, 20) Burstein, 21) Fischer (and Fisher), 22) Elovitz, 23) Teitelbaum, 24) Zussman (and Sissman), 25) Spira (and Shapiro), and many others. In short, any person who believes they may have a Cohanic ancestor is invited to explore further.
Adam Cherson,NY, NY

Research Assistance #usa #russia

Howard London

 I am interested in finding my grandfather’s petition for naturalization. I found his declaration of intent on Family Search and not on Ancestry. Do you have any ideas?
  I have searched ship manifests for 1/6/1906 and 2/10/1906 for the ship Philadelphia, leaving Southampton.  Is there an easier way to search than the translations on the bottom?
Grandfather Morris London
Jewish Name - Moshe Ben Simcha
Traveling Companion - a friend named Strauss
Place of birth/residence - Podkamen, Austria 
Year of birth 1884
Arrival date - January 10, 1906
Declaration of Intent - August 3, 1925
A cousin told me that his name was changed from a long Polish name to London at Southampton, England
Thank you
Howard London 
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Fold3 Free Access Until 13 Nov 2022 at 11:59 p.m. MT. #announcements #records #usa

Jan Meisels Allen



Fold3, part of the Ancestry family of companies, is offering free access to its record collections until November 13, 2022 at 11:59PM Mountain Time, in honor of Veterans Day—600 million records from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWl, WWll, and more. Registration is required with your name, email address and password. No credit card information is necessary. After the free access period you will only be able to view records using a paid Fold3 membership.


To access Fold3, records go to: and click on Free access through Sunday button, not the start a 7-day trial.


Jan Meisels Allen

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Re: Headstone translation from Hebrew #translation


The name of the deceased is Devorah.

The name of her father is Yeshaya (Hebrew for Isaiah).  His name is abbreviated on the stone, because the last two letters of the name are one of the names of G-d, and there are those who avoid spelling it out.    There is a (faded) apostrophe at the end of the name, to indicate that it is abbreviated.

The 11th of Cheshvan, 5716, began at sunset on October 26th, 1955, and ended at sunset on the 27th.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Translation from German please #translation


Here is my transcription of the lower part of the first page and the top of the second:

Als Erben meines Nachlasvermögen ernenne ich meine Geschwister oder deren gesetzlichen Kindern, ich verfüge daß mein Nachlasvermögen under diesen meinen hier benannten Erben in folgender Weise aufgetheilt werden soll,
a) Spiller Ilka, Grosz Rosa, Lipman Berta, bekommen jede Einzelne zehntausend Kronen
b) Klein Regina, Klein Ettel, Klein Isidor bekommen jede Einzelne zehntausend Kronen
c) Meine Schwester Berta Kohn bekommt 75 Stuk[?] sage[?] Sibzig fünf Eskomptbank Aktzien ad b)
d) Meine wohlhabende Verwandte Klein Gyula, Dr. Nago Lajos, Ballasa Aranka, Anyos Malvin, Löwy Ilka / bekommen Zweitausend Kronen jeder einzeln als Andenken zur Verwendung  eines Geschenkes

Miles Rind
Seattle, Washington, USA

LitvakSIG Vilnius District Research Group #lithuania

David Ellis

Did some of your ancestors live in or near Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania?  If you've done research on these ancestors, you probably have looked at the All Lithuania Database maintained by the LitvakSIG organization.  The contents of this database reflect records written in Russian, Polish, German or Lithuanian in books kept in archives in Lithuania.  Copying and translating these records involves an enormous amount of effort from volunteers and paid translators.

LitvakSIG's Vilnius District Research Group (DRG) supports the acquisition of archival records and the translation of the data into spreadsheet form.  A complete set of spreadsheets covering records from Vilnius and surrounding towns is made available to qualified contributors to the DRG.  A contribution of $100 or more allows access to the data for five years, including data that has not yet been loaded into the All Lithuania Database.

The spreadsheets have been a valuable source of information in my research into the ancestry of my great-grandfather, who lived in Vilnius before coming to the US.  They can be analyzed in ways not supported by the web interface to the database.  By investigating patterns of given names across a family, I was able to use the spreadsheets to identify a substantial number of direct ancestors and other relatives previously unknown to me.  In particular, the spreadsheets helped me identify relatives from 18th century records that were compiled before Jews in Lithuania were assigned inheritable surnames.

Additional information on the Vilnius District Research Group can be found at has a dozen other DRGs whose spreadsheets cover other areas of Lithuania.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly by e-mail, and I will be glad to respond. 

David Ellis 
Coordinator, Vilnius District Research Group

Re: 1930's Vienna: Swim Clubs & Thermal Baths #austria-czech

Michel Bandura

Michel Bandura
Wien / Österreich 

Re: 1930's Vienna: Swim Clubs & Thermal Baths #austria-czech

Michel Bandura

Hi Leah Heilpern Snider

I have informations for you about my father’s cousin Henry Walter born Heinz Eisenstein in Vienna . He was a swimmer and member of the polo team that went to Israel in the 30’s
i have made pictures of the pages of his biography with a picture of the Hakoa team all standing in bathing suits with each the Star of David on their swimming trunks
and his story

Michel Bandura
Wien / Österreich 

Re: Headstone translation from Hebrew #translation


My translation of the gravestone is as follows:

First line:  here lies (abbr.)

Second line: a woman young in days

Third line:  like a rose whose bud was awakened

Fourth line: Devorah the daughter of Ishai

Fifth line: who died on the 11th of Cheshvan 5716

Note: The 11th of Cheshvan 5716 corresponds to 27 Oct. 1955

Keith (Osher)
Newton, MA

Re: I need a translation of a headstone #translation


The following is my translation of this double matzeivah.

At top: here lies (abbr.)

First line: Husband and our dear father

Second line: Zalman Dovid the son of Issachar Dov

Third line: Milar (Miller)

Fourth line: who died on 30 Shevat 5697

Fifth line: may his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life (abbr.)

Note: 30 Shevat 5697 corresponds to 11 Feb. 1937



At top: here lies (abbr.)

First line: our dear and important mother

Second line: Mrs. Mintsie the daughter of Aharon of blessed memory (abbr.)

Third line: who died on the 11 Shevat 5704

Fourth line: may her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life (abbr.)

Note: 11 Shevat 5704 corresponds to 5 Feb. 1944

Keith (Osher)
Newton, MA

Re: Yiddish given name Doda #yiddish

David Lewin

I am missing the V in your memory of this

As a David myself I only know of Duvid and Duvidl

David Lewin

At 12:30 10/11/2022, segslusky via wrote:

In part of my family (from southeast Poland near the border with Galitzia) they pronounced David as Duid. So maybe Doda is the feminine equivalent from that area instead of Davida?

Susan Slusky
Highland Park, NJ

Re: Headstone translation from Hebrew #translation


Here Lies (abbreviated)
a woman young in days
like a rose she is still in her prime
Deborah daughter of Mr Isaiah (“Yeshayah”)
died 11 Cheshvan (5)716
may her soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life 
David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ