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Hi everyone,
I have come across a document in Dutch which is handwritten. We have sent it to a translation service who have determined that it is illegible. I can make out certain words, but not enough for the document to make sense.

I would be grateful if anyone could either transcribe the Dutch text and I can then use Deepl to translate it into English, or if anyone would be willing to translate it directly? It is regarding a gentleman named Bernhard Gompertz who was born in Rheinberg in Germany and he moved to Haarlem in the Netherlands, where he married Sara Schoolmeester in 1876. This document was drawn up to confirm Bernhard's personal information before his marriage.. 
Thank you

Laura Henley Harrison
Jewish History Association of South Wales
United Kingdom

Re: 80 years old Holocaust survivor found his father's identity - looking for a contact. #holocaust

Karen Lukeman

Here is Jennifer's website.

And here is her email address: resistancegenealogy@...

All the best!
Karen Calmon Lukeman
KALMANOWITZ (Lyubcha and towns near Grodno, Vilna and Minsk)
GOLDSMITH (Bakshty and Ivje)
NASSER (Damascus)
BENBAJI (Damascus)
BALLAS (Damascus)

Re: 80 years old Holocaust survivor found his father's identity - looking for a contact. #holocaust


You can try contacting the author through the Times of Israel - 

Good  Luck

Dassy Wilen

Re: Landsmanschaft societies in New York #usa

Diane Jacobs

I have been there and it is the Center for Jewish History on 16 th Street in Manhattan .
Go to their website for days and hours.
They have records on microfilm showing the
Incorporation papers of NYC benevolent societies which gives you info on the names and addresses of their first officers.

You could probably contact them to see if they have the ones you are looking for.

Hope this helps.

Diane Jacobs

On Aug 25, 2022, at 9:18 AM, Trudy Greener <trudyjrslm47@...> wrote:

At the Genealogical Conference in Jerusalem several years ago, there was a lecture about an office in NY that had the old records from the Landsmanschaft societies in NY. The data was not digitalized and you would need to go in person to look for information. Could anyone provide the details of this office, where it is, tel. number, etc.? I will be in New York and would like to look for records for the Chimerovitzer Society. I remember accompanying my parents one year to a dinner, maybe the last gathering, in the 1960s. 
Trudy Greener
Litvak, Litt, Naiman families from Chimerovitz to Baltimore to Jerusalem

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey


Sherri Bobish


There is this person arriving NY 1938, but on the manifest his father is listed as S. Rosenau, so I am not sure if this is your Ernst, or not.  Ernst used the name Ernest, and passed on in 1975.  He served in The U.S. Army from 1942 to 1945.

Ernst Philip Rosenau, b. about 1912 Bad Kissingen, arrived in NY in 1938.  He left behind his father S. Rosenau, and was bound for cousin Simon Rosenau in Philadelphia.
And this record is on

Ernst Philipp Rosenau

in the Germany, Data on 7,400 North Bavarian Jews

Name: Ernst Philipp Rosenau
Birth Date: 6 Oct 1912
Birth Place: Bad Kissingen
Last Residence: Gaukönigshofen/Grabfeld
Departure Date: 26 Feb 1938
Destination: USA
Notes: Emigrated
Ernst Philip applied for naturalization in New York very soon after arrival.

And, this record for Paula:
NAME: Paula Rosenau
BIRTH DATE: 28 Jul 1909
BIRTH PLACE: Bad Kissingen
NOTES: Moved
Paula arrived in The U.S. in 1940, and applied for naturalization in 1941 in NYC.

Paula married in NYC in 1950:
Name: Otto Kampf
Gender: Male
Marriage License Date: 1950
Marriage License Place: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Spouse: Paula Rosenau
License Number: 29653
Pauls Rosenau Kampf passed on in 1998.
Name: Paula Kampf
Social Security Number: 066-18-4866
Birth Date: 28 Jul 1909
Issue Year: Before 1951
Issue State: New York
Last Residence: 10033, New York, New York, New York, USA
Death Date: 7 Jan 1998
I'm sure if you search further on or that you will find more info, i.e. 1950 census. is a subscription site (but is available for free at many public libraries.) is a free site.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala, Lith.); LEFFENFELD / FINK / KALTER (Daliowa & Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BLEIWEISS (Tarnow & Tarnobrzeg, Pol.); WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.); SOLON / SOLAN / SOKOLSKY (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)
BOBISH / BLUMENKRANZ / APPEL / WEINER / ROSENBERG (Vysoko-Litovsk, Brest, Biala Podlaska)

Re: Seeking info about my grandfather who studied in Pressburg Yeshiva #austria-czech

Yehuda Horovitz

i think if you post his full name it would be easier for members of this group to help you search for his picture.
Y. A. Horovitz

Re: Occupation "Private Soldier" - Russia 1873 #russia #general


This definition comes up via Google:

Why is a soldier called a private?
Etymology. The term derives from the medieval term "private soldiers" (a term still used in the British Army), contrasting mercenary soldiers and denoting individuals who were either exclusively hired, conscripted, or mustered into service by a feudal nobleman commanding a battle group of an army.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 8/24/2022 7:29 PM, Shlomo Katz wrote:

Does anyone know what the occupation "private soldier" meant in Russia in 1873?

Thank you!
Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring, MD
FRAYER, FAYER, BLYAKHER, BLECHER - Kremenets, Volhynia Gubernia

Re: information on my grandmother's mother Johanna nee Bar Liebenstein #germany

Sherri Bobish


You can put Windsbach in the birth field and any of your surnames in the surname field.  You can repeat your search with Windsbach in the marriage, residence, death fields.

If you click on birth, marriage, death and residence fields than a place field will appear and you can just put Windsbach in the place field.

I took a very quick look after putting Windsbach in the place field and BAER in the surname field and saw some records going back to the 1700's.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala, Lith.); LEFFENFELD / FINK / KALTER (Daliowa & Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BLEIWEISS (Tarnow & Tarnobrzeg, Pol.); WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.); SOLON / SOLAN / SOKOLSKY (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)
BOBISH / BLUMENKRANZ / APPEL / WEINER / ROSENBERG (Vysoko-Litovsk, Brest, Biala Podlaska)

Danzig/Gdańsk new searchable data, winter meeting #gdansk #germany #poland #danzig

Logan Kleinwaks

News from JewishGen's Danzig/Gdańsk Research Division:

We are planning a Zoom meeting, free and open to all, for the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023. Please fill out this form to indicate your time zone/preferred times:

Two new Danzig datasets are now searchable on JewishGen:

Civil Marriages 1875-1914 (Danzig registry office), 1911-1914 (Langfuhr registry office)

Deaths 1925-1927, 1936-1940 (more years will be added soon)

You can search these via your choice of the Unified Search, Germany Database, or Poland Database. You will see these datasets in search results as "The Danzig Database: APG Civil Marriages" and "The Danzig Database: FHL 1184408/1 Deaths." In addition to searching by surname, you can add town = Danzig to your search to limit the results.

Search results are linked to scans of the records. For marriages, the links go to the first page (of up to two), on your choice of either Polish website or (registration not required for either). Click the page image to enlarge. Be sure to examine the scans, as they contain additional information not (yet) present in the indexes (e.g., occupations, street addresses). Note: where there is overlap with civil marriages indexed by Ancestry, the JewishGen indexes and these images may contain additional information not present in the Ancestry indexes or their images (e.g., later deaths of spouses).

For deaths, the links currently lead to an overview of scans on, where you can enter at the top left the image numbers you want to view (you will need to be logged into familysearch, which is free to use). Search results give two image numbers for each record, for left and right pages, which are far apart on the microfilm. All information in these records has been indexed.

For more details about these datasets, please see the descriptions at and the extensive finding aid for Danzig civil vital records at

Because the civil registry books include records of all religions, mixed together, we first had to identify which records state that at least one partner was Jewish. To do this, every civil marriage record in the books was viewed by two volunteers, independently, and their identifications of Jewish records were compared to make sure we did not miss any. Similarly, every record we then indexed was viewed by a second volunteer for proofreading.

Thanks very much to volunteers Rodney Eisfelder (coordinator of the civil marriage records project), Joyaa Antares, Angelika Boening, Logan Kleinwaks, and Dan Ruby for making this data freely available to all. We are very grateful to GenBaza and FamilySearch for making these images available and for cooperation.

Finally, a reminder that we have many datasets that have been fully transcribed, but are not yet online because we need additional volunteer proofreaders to discover and correct transcription errors (Hebrew and old German writing). These include burial records back to 1720, 19th and 20th century censuses, and much more. If you might like to volunteer, please email lkleinwaks@....

If you wrote to me recently and I have not responded, my apologies, I am a bit backlogged at the moment, but will give a thorough reply as soon as I can.

Logan Kleinwaks
JewishGen Research Director for Danzig/Gdańsk

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County will feature a presentation by Jennifer Mendelsohn“No, you don’t have 7,900 4th cousins! ” on September 14. #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Walter Rosenthal

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County will feature a presentation by Jennifer Mendelsohn “No, you don’t have 7,900 4th cousins! ” on September 14.   

Jennifer Mendelsohn began her career as a journalist and ghostwriter. A former Washington, DC-based special correspondent for People, her work has appeared in numerous local and national publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today and The Los Angeles Times. A native Long Islander now based in Baltimore, Mendelsohn serves on the board of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland and is the administrator of Facebook’s Jewish Genetic Genealogy group. A veteran of many successful unknown parent searches, Mendelsohn is also the creator of #resistancegenealogy, a project that uses genealogical and historical records to fight disinformation and honor America’s immigrant past. Her work has received international media attention, including features on, The New Yorker, The Washington Post and Yahoo News.

Her current presentation “No, you don’t have 7,900 4th cousins!” illuminates the problems identifying a person’s ethnic heritage, and uses data from Ancestry, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage or 23andme.  Ancestry currently boasts some 4 million people in its DNA database.  These tests provide a list of people with whom you share DNA, ranked in order of predicted closeness to you: your genetic “cousins.”  Trying to connect with your newly found relatives requires a bit of a learning curve.  Her presentation focuses on endogamy, (the custom of marrying only within the limits of a local community, clan, or tribe), knowing your numbers, interpreting shared matches and names.

Non-Members pay $5, Zoom link will be sent the week of the event. Members automatically receive a free Zoom link after registering.

Zoom link will be sent to your email the week of the event; please check your Spam folder.


Walter Rosenthal

Outreach Chair

Walter Rosenthal <waltrose864@...>




























Gaster and Shtern from Buczacz #ukraine


Looking for any information about these families ~ Fischel Gaster and Sophie (Zuzie) Shtern Gaster.  They fled east; Fischel served in the Red Army until his death sometime in early 1945.  Any information is welcome.  Thank you.
Cheryl Gaster
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Re: Permalinks for NYC Historical Vital Records? #usa

T. Halpern

In my experience to date, links to specific images presently are NOT permanent.  I discovered this after recording a few dozen links in my source documentation and then revisiting them later (several months) to see if they still worked.  They mostly didn't!  Clicking on a saved link either brings up the wrong certificate image or no image at all (i.e., nothing found.)

Todd Halpern
Rockville, Maryland, USA

JRI-Poland adds more Warszawa Data to the Database #poland


JRI-Poland recently updated the Warszawa databases

The updates include the following:

District 7 -Deaths for 1891-1892 Extended indices
District 1 - Births for 1869 Extended Indices
District 1 - Deaths for 1869 Extended Indices
District 6 - Marriages for 1859 - Identified additional marriages

Much of the Warszawa Jewish Vital records were destroyed during World War II.  Consider yourselves very lucky if you have been able to find your family.

The indexing project for the City of Warszawa is extensive and JRI-Poland has made the commitment to support the completion of the effort.   
We thank our volunteers and many supporters that have made this possible

Hadassah Lipsius

Re: Translation of Promissory Note from Russian to English #translation


In Russian:


Город Астрог, 23 марта 1897 года.

Вексель на 25 рублей

По предъявлению моего векселя я, ниже подписавшичся мещанин города Астрог Юдка Ейхберг, обязуюсь уплатить мещанке города Астрога Мириам Мордковной, в замужестве Клойз, или кому она прикажет, 25 рублей, #25, которые я получил от неё сполна, в чем собственноручно подписываюсь - Юдка Ейхберг.

В левом углу: Цена 10 копеек,


для личных долговых обязательств

до 50 рублей


Translated into English:


City of Astrog, March 23, 1897.
A bill for 25 rubles.
Upon presentation of my bill, I, the undersigned tradesman of the city of Astrog, Yudka Eichberg, undertake to pay the tradeswoman of the city of Astrog, Miriam Mordkovna, married Kloiz, or to whom she orders, 25 rubles, # 25, which I received from her in full, in which I personally sign - Yudka Eichberg.
In the left corner: Price 10 kopecks,
In the right corner: PROMOTION PAPER
for personal debt
up to 50 rubles

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Re: information on my grandmother's mother Johanna nee Bar Liebenstein #germany

W. Fritzsche

Dear Maria,
to answer your question correctly it would be helpful to know if Windsbach in Bavaria is meant. If yes, have a look here
The records should be located in one of the state archives.
The same is with Hutterheim. The only one found is in Austria, near to Insbruck. Or do you knwo another one?
Feel free to contact me for further questions.
Best regards
Wolfgang Fritzsche, Germany Frankfurt/Mainz/Wiesbaden

Re: Brzeziny Jewish vital records update #poland #announcements


When you mention Brzeziny, is that also Brzesc or Brest. My grandfather was from there.

Sarah Greenberg 
sacredsisters1977@... (USA)



Hi Andrew

Look at "Mapping the Lives", there you'll find Philippe Rosenau and Paula Rosenau (she emigrated to the USA) and Ernst Phil Rosenau.
"Mapping the Lives" only mentions people who still were alive in Mai 1939 and who then lived in Germany.


Corinne Iten, Switzerland

Re: Occupation "Private Soldier" - Russia 1873 #russia #general

Kris Murawski

Private soldier—the lowest rank in the army.
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, North Carolina

Re: Permalinks for NYC Historical Vital Records? #usa

Rebecca Parmet

Instead of "saving the link", you can download the record image and save it to your computer.  That is what I have done.

Rebecca Parmet
Havertown, PA

LACHMAN/LAKHMAN (Berdichev, Odessa, Kiev, Zhytomir, Ukraine)

BUCHDRUCKER/BUCHDRIKER/BIKHDRIKER (Nova Ushytsya, Shargorod, Krasilov, Podolia, Ukraine)

MILGENDLER/MILHANDLER/MILLANDER (Berdichev, Odessa, Yampil, Ukraine)

HIRSHMANN/HIRSHMAN (Estonia/Lavtiva/Ukraine)




It may interest you: Joseph Rosenau (1817-1854) Frankfurt, was the father of three children. I also have several documents about them in my tree: Melchior Rosenberg Tree, www. you can find more information
Shlomo Melchior

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