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The site of the La Rochelle Jewish community is :

La Maison Communautaire Israélite de La Rochelle est située au

34 Cours des Dames, 17000 La Rochelle

07 68 10 26 00


the international phone number is : +33 
7 68 10 26 00

Best regards
Michel Rottenberg

Kandinsky Painting Being Returned to Jewish Family Heirs by Dutch Museum #announcements #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen



A 1910 painting by Wassily Kandinsky, View of Mureau with Church, is being returned by a Dutch Museum to the heirs of a Jewish family from which it was seized during World War ll. The painting has been in the collection of the Abbemuseum in Eindhovem since 1951. The painting will be transferred from the city-owned museum to the relatives of the Berlin-based collector Johanna Margarethe Stern-Lippmann, who was active as a collector of modern art before the war.


The Dutch restitution committee reversed its January 2018 decision not to return the work to Stern-Lipmann’s heirs based on insufficient facts around the period when she lost possession of the work.

The “binding” return of the work to the family was reached amid “new facts” that have emerged since the 2018 decision. Since Stern-Lippmann was persecuted during World War II, the commission said, the loss of the work during the war period is considered involuntary under the Dutch government’s guidelines on Nazi-era restitutions.


The museum acquired the work from the Hague art dealer Karl Alexander Legat, who has been linked to sales of paintings seized during World War II.


The collector’s descendants first made a claim to recover the work from the Dutch museum in 2016. The family made a second claim for the work in 2019 following the committee’s initial rejection.  Similar work of Kandinsky from the same era have been estimated at $22 million.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: World War II #holocaust


A movie, based on the book, came out in 1947, starring Gregory Peck. It is interesting to watch, even today, as a reflection of its time, foreshadowing similar movies of the Civil Rights era of the 1960s.

George Mason

NUSSBAUM, Kraków, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners:


The September 20, 2022 edition of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza carried a legal notice in which the Regional Court for Central Kraków [Sąd Regionalny dla Krakowa-Śródmieścia], First Civil Division, announces that it is considering a claim which has been filed by Anna Chudoba, Richard Reisner [no relation to the undersigned] and the Kraków Prosecutor’s Office regarding the inheritance of:


Gusta NUSSBAUM, daughter of Jakob NUSSBAUM & Regina (née BRENNER), who died on March 10, 1987 in Northbridge, Sydney, NSW, Australia, having last resided there at 14 Dalmeny Road.


The Court asks that anyone with information regarding the heirs to Ms. NUSSBAUM contact the Court directly within three months of the publication of the notice; otherwise they will forfeit their rights to intervene in this matter.


Those contacting the Court in this matter should make reference to Docket No. I Ns 706/19/S.


Best wishes,


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

JGFF #913980




Re: 🍎🍯 Download Now! JewishGen High Holiday Companion 2022/5783 🍎🍯 #JewishGenUpdates

Jane Foss

FYI, at American Jewish Historical Society I'd been entering data from pre and post Shoah documents, including those from HIAS.....they're all available thru AJHS at Center for Jewish History
Hag Sameach, jane foss

On Mon, Sep 19, 2022 at 4:24 PM Avraham Groll <agroll@...> wrote:

Dear JewishGen Family,

We are pleased to present the JewishGen High Holiday Companion 2022/5783, which contains inspirational vignettes about how Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur were observed in various communities. This year's collection includes towns in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, and includes the account of Holocaust Survivors observing Rosh Hashana in their hometown after the war - a town which did not have even one standing synagogue for them to pray in.

Particularly during this troubling time throughout the world, we hope that this companion will inspire you to connect with previous generations, and to help preserve and perpetuate the values which they held most dear.

There are two ways to read the High Holiday Companion:
(1) Click here to download as a PDF
(2) Click here to read it online.

I hope you will enjoy reading these articles. If you have any feedback, or would like to help sponsor a future addition, please contact me at your convenience.

Shana Tova, Happy New Year, and THANK YOU for being part of the JewishGen family. We are looking forward to a GREAT year ahead.


Avraham Groll
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Re: Suwalki #lithuania

Jill Whitehead

Information on Suwalki BMD is available on both Litvak SIG and JRI Poland. This info covers both Polish and Lithuanian Suwalki. 

In 1867 Suwalki was part of Poland in its entirety, and the Southern half of it still is today, including Dalny Las.

The Northern part of Suwalki went into Lithuania in 1919 as a result of WW1 Versailles agreement.

JRI Poland had a zoom presentation on boundary changes a couple of days ago on Sunday  (but for JRI Poland members only).

I also had family in Dalny Las (Serwianski) and I also had family called Sanders who married into the Serwianskis in Liverpool and  Middlesbrough, UK (as opposed to Sanderson).

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: la rochelle france #france

André Convers

Andre Convers
Lorient, France

Re: When Did My Maternal Grandmother' Sister, Mildred, & her Father, Zalman, Emigrate from Poland?? #lodz #warsaw #poland

Odeda Zlotnick

Searched for them on Family Search.
The header for the place column says: "Hailing from or place of starting".  She is listed as a "wife" (not "woman"). I'd check to see if there were other "wifes" with (presumed) husbands on other pages.
Lodz vs. Warsaw: Lodz is on the way from Warsaw to Hamburg.
Maybe "hailing from" is where the family is formally registered, based on the father's birth and Lodz their "starting place"?

 If this man was Gittel's father, why was he not traveling with the rest of the family??
The list shows the people's "Location or compartment". Rivke and children were in "D", he was in A; that does not mean he was not traveling with the rest of the family, only that he slept elsewhere on the ship.
For those two pages, there are only males in A - I would check other pages as well. Maybe it was a cheaper place, fit only for males, not women and children?
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Re: Where was she really born: Warsaw or Lodz? #poland

Odeda Zlotnick

On Wed, Sep 21, 2022 at 04:49 AM, Marilyn Robinson wrote:
She was 6 months old when the family traveled.  [...] I haven't found her birth record--perhaps it doesn' exist??
Maybe they hadn't registered her birth?

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

When Did My Maternal Grandmother' Sister, Mildred, & her Father, Zalman, Emigrate from Poland?? #lodz #warsaw #poland

Marilyn Robinson

My maternal grandmother, Gittel, her mother, Rifka/Riwke, & siblings [Mary/Marie, Joseph, Morris/Moses, Roza] emigrated from Lodz to NY in  July/Aug.,1891 on the Furst  Bismarck (from Hamburg). They traveled under the family's patronym, MICHALOWICZ. Her sister, Mildred/Millie (Hebrew/Yiddish name unknown) was not in the family travel group, nor was their father, Zalman/Solomon.
On the same ship, but traveling alone, there was a "Salmen MICHALOWICZ" listed as residing in "Warschau". The passenger list notes that Salmen was not traveling with household members.("Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934" on Ancestry) If this man was Gittel's father, why was he not traveling with the rest of the family?? [note: my grandmother told me that she was from Warsaw--no mention of Lodz]
Mildred was born in about 1880-1881 (possibly in Lodz), according to 1915 NY Census & 1900 Census. (married name GOLDBERG).
Also, according to the 1900 NY Census, Mildred arrived in the US in about 1888. I can't find any immigration record for her. Since she was about 8 y/o in 1888, I assume that she must have traveled with an adult.
What would her first name have been in Hebrew or Yiddish? Could she have traveled with another family under their last name??
Her oldest married sister, Ester TAUFIELD, lived in NY. Was Mildred sent to the US to live with Esther? many questions, so few answers!
Marilyn Robinson
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately with family information

Re: World War II #holocaust

Simah Kraus

On the subject of Jews not being white, there is an interesting book by Karen Brodkin from 2006 with the title: How Jews Became White Folks & What that Says about Race in America.
Simah Kraus

Where was she really born: Warsaw or Lodz? #poland

Marilyn Robinson

My grandmother, Gittel (aka Gus/Gussie/Gertrude) MICHALOWICZ** (aka LEVINE/LEVIN & SCHULTZ) had told me that she was born [7 Jan 1891] in Warsaw, but travel records indicate that  her last residence, in 1891 was Lodz (traveled July-Aug. 1l8l91), traveling from Hamburg to NY on ship, Furst Bismarck (Russians to America Passenger Data File).
She was 6 months old when the family traveled.
Does this possibly mean that the family had left Warsaw & moved to Lodz just prior to emigrating? Family history for this branch of family had them living in Lodz & Tomaszow Mazwiecki for some relatives. (My grandmother's grandfather was a MICHALOWICZ).
I haven't found her birth record--perhaps it doesn' exist??

**family name became LEVINE in the US. The name LEURIE was mentioned in some records. The name MICHALOWICZ was the family's patronym, sometimes used in earlier family records of the 19th C.

Marilyn Robinson

The JewishGen Family Finder: #ukraine

Amy Eisenberg, Ph.D. <dramyeis@...>

Shanah Tovah dear honorable colleagues,

Shalom Aleichem

I would like to trace my Ukrainian roots. My great grandfather and great grandmother are from Odesa. Louis Eisenberg and Esther Eisenberg. My grandpa was Philip Eisenberg and he was born in Ukraine. My great grandma, Bayla Koblinsky was from Ukraine and her daughter Lena was born in Baltimore. Lena Koblinsky married Philip Eisenberg in New York City. They lived in the Bronx. My Mom, Mildred Eisenberg was born in Stryj, Poland. Her mother, Grandma Frieda Stern was born in Stryj, Poland. Her maiden name was Frieda Feuerstein. Grandma married Kiva Stern.Grandma’s mother, my great grandma was Malka Leitner. She died young in the Typhus epidemic. My Mom, Mildred Eisenberg came to America when she was 3 years old. Her maiden name was Stern. Mom married my Dad, Solomon Eisenberg in New York.

Blessings in your valuable work. I am a bit overwhelmed to research this! I am named after my great grandfather, Abraham from Stryj, Poland.

Stay healthy, safe and strong,


Amy Eisenberg, Ph.D.

JewishGen | 36 Battery Place | New York, NY 10280 |

Adam Cherson

Thank you Eugenia Bachert. If neither of these historians know anything about Jewish immigration records in Cuba then I must conclude that these records are either lost or archived in some unknown location in Cuba. Although I'm sorry about that, I'm glad you pursued the matter with these experts.
Adam Cherson,NY, NY


Re: translation of death certificate from German to English #translation

Rodney Eisfelder

These document translations are best done using Jewishgen's Viewmate facility.
The death was reported by a representative of the Jewish Community hospital, and the place of death  is given as Gagernstrasse 36.
A quick search for Jewish Hospitals in Frankfurt finds:
which identifies this address as the "Hospital of the Jewish Frankfurt am Main Community".
If there is a cause of death, it is likely to be written at the bottom of the page which is not in the supplied image.
German death certificates after 1920 are lacking in useful information. Her parents are not named, her husband is not named. Her date of birth is not given, only her age (76) and place of birth (Herford in Westfalen), and that she was a widow.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

EINHORN, SPECHT, BRATSPITZ, FALGER, Husów (near Łańcut), Poland #poland

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners,


The September 19, 2022 edition of the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita carried a legal notice indicating that the Regional Court in Łańcut, First Civil Division, is currently processing a claim by several people (named Fajgier, Skomra and Gajda) to acquire legal title to parcels of land which are currently in their de facto possession.  


The land in question is designated as dz. nr 2013/2 and dz. nr 2641 in the village of Husów.


Before the claim can be adjudicated, the Court must make inquiries into who the owners of record (de jure) are.  The Court has established that the owners of record are still the pre-war owners.  For that reason, the Court is seeking the heirs to the following individuals:


For property LWH 614 gm. kat. Husów:



Bronisława (née FALGER) FALGEROWA; and



For property KW RZ1A/00002874/5:


Jakub EINHORN, son of Samuel & Róża.


The Court asks that anyone with knowledge of the heirs to those named above contact the Court directly within three months of publication of the notice, otherwise the property will be granted to the applicants.  Those contacting the Court in this matter should make reference to Docket No. I Ns 281/22.


Best wishes,


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

JGFF #913980








Well, Adam Cherson, it was worth a shot. Ruth Behar could not help. She referred to a historian in Israel, Margalit Beharano, who could not help either. At least they were kind enough to respond very promptly.

There are so many of us looking for Jewish immigration into Cuba that there's got to be a way. I'll continue looking at ports in Europe.... As I said previously, I wish some of the major Jewish organizations dedicated to preservation of information would jump in to help us! If any of you are on here, let me know what you think.

Eugenia Bachert

Rashi's relatives #rabbinic

Dan Rottenberg

In my continuing quest to track the family of Rashi (1040-1105), I came across this unsourced entry from a Rashi biography on the jewage,com site:

"His father was his main Torah teacher until his death when Rashi was still a youth. At the age of 17 he married and soon after went to learn in the yeshiva of Rabbi Yaakov ben Yakar in Worms, returning to his wife three times yearly, for the Days of Awe, Passover and Shavuot. When Rabbi Yaakov died in 1064, Rashi continued learning in Worms for another year in the yeshiva of his relative, Rabbi Isaac ben Eliezer Halevi, who was also chief rabbi of Worms. Then he moved to Mainz, where he studied under another of his relatives, Rabbi Isaac ben Judah, the rabbinic head of Mainz and one of the leading sages of the Lorraine region straddling France and Germany. He returned to Troyes at the age of 25, after which time his mother died,"
I haven't been able to find R. Isaac ben Elizer haLevi or R. Isaac ben Judah in the Jewish Encyclopedia or any other source. Does anyone know who they were and/or how they were related to Rashi (if indeed they were)? 
Many thanks.
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA USA


Re: Wedding Traditions? Photo of Wedding in Indura, ~1905 #poland #belarus #photographs


I don't know if there's any significance but it's interesting that the females greatly outnumber the male adults in the picture. Great picture!
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow

translation of death certificate from German to English #translation


I would very much appreciate a translation of the attached death certificate 441 of my great grandmother Johanna Hirsch (geb. Junkermann)  I am particularly interested in the circumstances of death or cause of death if that issue is discussed.

Thank you very much

Ronald Friedman
Menlo Park, California