Re: Consanguinity and stillbirths #general

Jill Whitehead

I quote from Alice Reid in Population Studies (2001), an academic and learned British journal, "Infant mortality has been connected to nutrition, the environment, and levels of fertility, among other factors.....Neonatal mortality, occurring in the first month after birth, is dominated by endogenous causes - those influenced predominantly by genetic make-up or circumstances arising before or during birth.  Infants suffering from congenital malformations, low birth weight, and prematurity are at particular risk from neonatal mortality and vulnerable to any physical condition of their mothers that affects their capacity to provide adequate milk."

She goes on to say that infant mortality peaked in the late 17th century remaining at around 100 per thousand live births until a sustained fall in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She quotes Wrigley (1998) who argued that the fall in infant mortality was driven by a fall in endogenous mortality (e.g. death due to genetic factors). In the 19th century we had industrialization leading to a greater move to live in urban environments, and a lot more travel and migration when travel options widened. These in turn led to improvements in public health, and new scientific ways of dealing with pregnancy, maternity and child birth, which often involved better nutrition and education. 

In the case of my great grandparents in Edinburgh, the single most important improvement in their lives, and their children's lives, was the introduction of a proper sanitation system in the early 20th century. The birth rate decreased as prosperity, education and public health measures increased, and as the birth rate decreased the incidence of still births decreased. Awareness of the potential impacts of first cousin marriages meant that in the next generation born in Scotland, these greatly decreased and marriage partners were found from further afield. 

There is a lot of academic literature on still births and the impact of first cousin marriages - and these are mostly linked to environmental and health improvements in the general population. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Identifying name of town #belarus #names #translation

Sherri Bobish


Post-1906 naturalization papers usually contain the spouse's place of birth.  Did Rose's husband naturalize?  If so, his nat papers may give you a better spelling of the town of birth of Rose.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala, Lith.); LEFFENFELD / FINK / KALTER (Daliowa & Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BLEIWEISS (Tarnow & Tarnobrzeg, Pol.); WALTZMAN / WALZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.); SOLON / SOLAN / SOKOLSKY (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)
BOBISH / BLUMENKRANZ / APPEL / WEINER / ROSENBERG (Vysoko-Litovsk, Brest, Biala Podlaska)

Re: Consanguinity and stillbirths #general

Robert Weinberg <weinberg@...>

The post of Aviva Pinsky contains certain information that is not correct and might well be corrected. She writes that when two brothers married two sisters this was an example of endogamy.  In fact, this has nothing to do with endogamy, which only occurs when the two mates in a marriage (or pairs of mates in many marriages) are related genealogically to one another, which is unrelated to the case that she cites. She writes that Tay-Sachs disease has basically been eradicated.  In fact, newborns with Tay-Sachs disease are few in number because potential mates who both carry the Tay-Sachs gene are discouraged from marrying, and if they do marry, to undertake prenatal examination to ensure that the fetus will not emerge into the world with the disease. However, ironically, the practice of not allowing such couples to marry will stabilize the frequency of the disease gene in the Ashkenazi population (or slightly slow down the rate of its elimination), so the need will exist perpetually to monitor for the disease in those who are considering marriage. She writes that "Many of the genetic defects can now be successfully monitored and treated early, if needed. " . In fact, the great majority of inborn disease conditions cannot be effectively treated.  Bob Weinberg, biologist

Re: Help with gravestone translation #translation


 "Here is buried an unblemished (sinless) and honest man, Eliyahu the son of Moshe, died 22nd of Kislev 5686" (Dec 9, 1925)
May his soul be bound in the bundle of life
(A five letter abbreviation of a quote from the Prophets Samuel / Shmuel A, 25: 29, that is traditionally engraved on Jewish tombstones)
Both names rooted in the Torah: Eliyahu of course was the name of the High Priest Elijah in the Torah, whose presence is mentioned by every Bris till today.. 
Moshe is Moses.

"Here is buried Elka, the daughter of Hersch" 

(Hersh is a Yiddish derivative of the Hebrew name Tzvi mentioned in the Books of the Prophets, Yeshayahu, Yecheskel and Daniel)

Shimon Sporn of Beit Shemesh, Israel

Researcher # 57380

Perl, Margolies, Itzkowitz, Lehrer families from Kisvarda, Fenyeslitke, Ustilug,

Leher- Rozenberg families of Hrubieszów Galicia Edmondton, London

Sporn families of Marosorozfalu, Rusii Munti, Saszreghin, Kajla, Besztercze-Naszod

 Abraham & Stuhlman families from Pecsetszeg & Kozarvar

ViewMate Translation request - #yiddish #translation


I would be grateful to learn what a postcard to my great grandfather from his brother, Benjamin, says and if there is any specific family news within it.
Benjamin Gutstein and his son are pictured in the group photo from Karlsbad. The date is somewhere between 1909-1917.

It is posted on ViewMate at the following address
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you in advance, and thanks to all of the group members - I've learned so much from you!

Naomi Kleitman


Re: Help with gravestone translation #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

Eliahu s/o Moshe
d. on of Kislev year (1925)

Elke daughter of Hersh

Josef Ash

book review by Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Nazi Hunter, Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem #general

Frank Szmulowicz

Those of you interested in the pogroms in Eastern Poland in such towns as Jedwabne and other towns of the area
(Radzilow, Wasasz, Szczuczyn, Skaje, Bzury, Lipnik, Danowo, Dziegiele, Goniadz, Rajgrod, Kolno, Suchowola, Bransk, Jasionowka) may be interested in a recent review of the book 

The Towns of Death: Pogroms Against Jews by Their Neighbors by Miroslaw Tryczyk (translated by Frank Szmulowicz)
by Efraim Zuroff (the Nazi Hunter, Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem) that appeared in July, 2022, in the Jerusalem Report.

Frank Szmulowicz


Gottlieb - Przemysl #poland


I am trying to trace Gottlieb/Gotlieb's from the Przemysl area in the 19th Century with no joy. The family migrated to England  by 1909.

Barnett Gottlieb (married to Jane) born Pryzemsyl 15 Feb 1868. His father was Samuel Moses Gottlieb (married to Rendel). Barnett's son was Joseph Leonard Gottlieb born 18 Apr 1897 (married to Jane). I assume all in Przmysl.

Anyone who recognises a name and/or could provide a link/info would be of great help.

Peter O'Brien

Re: Help with gravestone translation #translation


Left gravestone: "Here lies a flawless and honest man, Eliyahu the son of Moshe, died 22nd of Kislev 5686" (Dec 9, 1925)
Right Gravestone: "Here lies Elkeh, the daughter of Hersch"
Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel
Sagan/Shagan family from Veliuona (Velon), Lithuania
Goldberg family from Vidukle, Lithuania
Susselovitch/Zuselovitch family from Raseiniai (Rassein), Lithuania

Transcript please, German #translation #germany

Reuven Stern

Dear Fellow researchers,
I found these records and wish to have a transcript (translation is not required).
They are on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Reuven Stern, Kfar Vradim Israel

Moshe of Kletzk-#belarus

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I would appreciate if anyone has the history book of Kletzk could
tell me if there is material on a Rabbi Moshe of Kletzk who lived
there probably during the latter part of the 18th century. The only
thing I know about him is that he had a son David who served as the
Rabbi of Novarodok during the 19 cent. Family names for Moshe nor
David are known.


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: Assistance with inscription at the bottom of the tombstone #translation

Odeda Zlotnick

It's in Yiddish.
Honor his memory עהרע זיין אנדקענקונג
Member of the funeral self help department מיטגליד פון לויות /זעלסט הילף אבטיילונג 
At (or of) the Khevra Khesed shel Emet ביי דער חברה חסד של אמת 
In Warsaw  אין ווארשא
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Re: Identifying name of town #belarus #names #translation

Odeda Zlotnick

JewishGen Locality Page - Byerazino, Belarus
59 Miles E. of Minsk
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

Elirania ... near Shums'k #ukraine #yizkorbooks

Laurence Broun

We are completing translation of the Yizkor Book of Mizoch, including the story of a partisan, Izya Wasserman. His family fled from Mizoch (south of Rivne) was murdered in a village that transliterated from the Hebrew text as Elirania, where they hid in the basement of a Polish farmer. It would be in the vicinity of the Hurby forest, Shums'k, Kremenets or maybe Dubno. Our local Ukrainian team cannot locate this place. Any geography sleuths have a clue?

Larry (Itzik Leib) Broun
Washington, DC | USA
e-mail: Laurencebroun@...

Bodzanow Dorembus Holcenberg BenGurion #translation

Dz Calek

I've posted a number of postcards in Yiddish to share for more information. The last is on ViewMate at the following address ...
There are a few others at VM99441 VM99440 VM99439
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Duvid Zvi Calek

Assistance with inscription at the bottom of the tombstone #translation

Garri Regev

I am able to read that Mordechai Maron, son of Aaron died on February 24, 1935.
The inscription at the bottom, however, I cannot read (except the words Chesed Shel Emet). I would appreciate all assistance.
This tombstone is in the cemetery in Warsaw.
Thanks in advance.
Garri Regev

Re: USCIS records #records


If you are using form G-1041A  USCIS gives the following ways to request a file:

Filing Online
Please visit the USCIS Genealogy Program website for more information on how to file your genealogical request online and pay the associated fee.

Filing by Mail
Mail your request to our Chicago Lockbox facility:

Attn: Genealogy Program
P.O. Box 805925
Chicago, IL 60680-4188
If you are using a different form there should be a mailing address in the instructions for the form
Paula Paradise

ViewMate translation request - German #translation


I've posted a document from 1868 in German for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.


The document is a little blurry and as a result, it's hard for me to translate.  Thanks in advance for your time.


John Epstein

Jupiter FL USA

TRICHTER from Czernowitz

July 2022 Summary of IAJGS Records Access Alert #general #jgs-iajgs #records

Jan Meisels Allen

As mentioned previously, every month I post a listing of the IAJGS Records Access Alert topics from the previous month for you to see the variety of issues…some were posted on this discussion group but most were not—all postings are included below.


The following are the summaries for the month of July, 2022.  In order not to miss out on important information it is worthwhile for you to be subscribed to the Records Access Alert.

Without records, genealogists cannot do genealogy –making certain that we retain access and gain access where it is impaired is every genealogists' responsibility.


•             Amazon Agrees to Buy 1 Healthcare Known as One Medical

•             Amazon Faces UK Probe Over Suspected Anti-Competitive Practices

•             Clarivate Acquired ProQuest

•             Meta May Pull Facebook from European Union


•             (Canada) Information from the 2021 Canadian Census


•             (European Union-Amazon) Amazon Proposed Settlement of EU Antitrust Charges on Seller Data

•             (European Union) EU Commission Being Sued Over Alleged Transatlantic Data Breach to the US

•             (European Union) EU Commission Welcomes Adoption by EU Parliament of Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act

•             (European Union) European Data Protection Board Guidelines 07/2022 on Certification as a Tool for Transfers

•             (European Union) Provisional Agreement Between EU Parliament and Council to Force Crypto Users to Provide Identifying Information on All Transactions

•             (Europe-Ireland) TikTok Pauses Privacy Policy Switch in Europe

•             (European Union-Spain) General Court of Justice Rules Against Recognition of Catalan MEPs


•             (France) Conseil d'État Validates Sanction against Google

•             (Ireland) Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland

•             (Ireland-Meta) Ireland's Data Protection Commission Decision Puts Facebook Back In Spotlight

•             (Italy) Italian Competition Authority, Investigation Opened Against Google for Abuse of Dominant Position in Data Portability

•             (Korea) Government to Push for Children and Teems Right to be Forgotten

•             (Latvia) Free Latvia Newspapers


•             (Russia) Russia fines Google $34 million for breaching competition rules

•             (Scotland) Scotland Sets Date in October 2023 for Referendum for Its Independence

•             (South Africa) University of Cape Town Library Archives Fire Update

•             (Spain) Spain's Data Protection Authority Issues 10 million euros Fine Against Google


•             (United Kingdom) Data Protection and Digital Information Act

•             (United Kingdom) Recommendation on Reforming Wedding Laws Including Where Weddings May Take Place

•             (United Kingdom) Technology Platforms Face UK Ban on Blocking News Providers Before Appeal


•             (Ukraine) UNESCO Report States 153 Cultural Sites Partly or Completely Destroyed Since War Began


•             (US) HR 8404 Respect for Marriage Act

•             (US) Copyright Clause Restoration Act of 2022 Introduced June 28, 2022

•             (US) CIA Proposes Public Access to Records Rules Under FOIA

•             (US) Ensuring a Fair and Accurate Census Act Introduced

•             (US-CA) Senate Constitutional Amendment No 10 Approved-Constitutional Right to Abortion

•             (US) CA AB 587 Passed Assembly in Senate Transparency in Social Media

•             (US-Louisiana) Adopted Persons over Age 24 Born in Louisiana May request Non0Certified Copies of Original Birth Certs

•             (US-NC) Court Rules Transgenders Can Change Sex on their Birth Certs W/O Surgery

•             (US-WA) Attorney General Press Release On Cold Cases Solved with Genetic Genealogy


The IAJGS Board of Directors approved opening the Records Access Alert to anyone who is interested in records access. This was announced previously.  We now have subscribers from many genealogical organizations not previously able to subscribe.

To be on top of what is happening you are encouraged to register for the Records Access Alerts to receive the information in a timely manner.  If you are interested in any of the above items, please register for the

IAJGS Records Access Alert and look at them in the archives.  To register for the IAJGS Records Access Alert go to: and follow the instructions to enter your email address, full name and which

genealogical organization you belong to a society, SIG  or a subscriber of JewishGen, Legal Genealogist  etc. You will receive an email response that you have to reply to, or the subscription will not be finalized.

The alerts are archived and once you register you may access the archives at:


The IAJGS Records Access Alert is not a daily announcement list. Depending on what happens worldwide, there may be no postings for several days and other times there may be several in one day.


These are listed alphabetically not chronologically.  Each month the locales covered differ.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee




Grand Duchy of Lithuania Records Project #lithuania


The town of Dolhinov (today called Daughinava) was in Vileika District (Uyezd) under the Tsars.  LitcakSIG has just posted data for Oshmiany District which includes Vileyka.  But I couldn't find any mention of the Shtetl Dolhinov.  Does anyone know which district under the Polish-Lithuanian kingdom Dolhinov might have been in? 
Harold Rhode 
website: (Please visit my website. Thanks,  Harold)