Re: The Yiddish female name Yechil #yiddish #names #unitedkingdom


This was my first understanding of the record too but I don't think it is correct. If you look at the way the groom's name and patronymic are listed it's pretty clear that he is Abraham son of Aharon and likewise she is Yechil daughter of Shmuel, it's just recorded in a confusing way.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow

Re: German Jews incarcerated in England/Scotland during WW2 #holocaust #germany

Jan Meisels Allen

Diane Jacobs said she was looking for information about German-born Jews who were locked up in some kind of internment camps in Great Britain early in WW2.   I would look at this site:  The Isle of Mann Museum.  In the inquiry box I put in World War ll and came up with  21925 results for World War ll

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

Re: Help with 1910 census #usa #records

Ellen Barnett Cleary

A "Lodger" pays for use of a room only. A "Boarder" pays for a room and meals.
Ellen Barnett Cleary
San Francisco CA USA


Re: How to Aceess LDS results from JewishGen in FamilySearch #hungary #records #general

Wendy Kalman

Thank you. I was able to see with my account. Regarding restricted records, I think there are different levels. For some American ones, I was able to go to my library, which is I guess an affilaite center, and log in there and see on my own laptop. I do not know if international agreements vary or what.

If you have the URL of where the image should be, you may be able to put ina request. For the requests that I've put in and they've been able to honor (not all, due to agreements), they've been pretty quick sending the file. This is the link for the request form: 

Thank you again and good luck to you too, Michaele!

Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA

Re: Request for Old Photos from Dubno #photographs #ukraine #poland


Still seeking old photos (1880-1947) from Dubno, Ukraine (formerly Poland, earlier Russian Empire). I am looking for photos of:

1. Single portraits and family groups, 1-20 people (outdoors if possible). Photos showing girls or women preferred (I have already received photos showing men and boys).
2. Non-family groups, such as a class, Zionist group, factory workers, professional group, or just people at work or play. Photos showing girls or women preferred.
3. The Jewish part of town, with Jewish buildings such as synagogues, study houses, marketplace, shops, houses, schools, etc. Old postcards may be used. 
4. Modern photos of the old Jewish area, where some old structures remain. Or a panorama or aerial view of the town.

This book is a volunteer project, so I cannot offer payment, but for any images used, you will receive a prominent image credit. Images must be in good focus, but do not have to be in perfect condition. I may even be able to repair fading, rips, blotches and other problems, making your photo more useful to you. 

If you have old photos, please don’t send them yet. Write to me at artstop@... for instructions on how to scan them in high resolution, or re-photograph them. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks in advance for your kind help!
Nina Schwartz
NOTE: I have already researched, or gotten some good Creative Commons images from, sites like Wikipedia, Virtual Shtetl, Shtetl Routes, USHMM, Yad Vashem, National Museum of Poland, etc.—no need to recommend them.

Re: Help with 1910 census #usa #records

Joel Weintraub

For questions like definitions of terms seen on census forms, the first place to look is the “Instructions to Enumerators”.  You can find the 1910 instructions at:  Boarders are “persons eating and sleeping at the same place”.   “On the other hand, transient boarders or lodgers, at hotels or elsewhere, should not be enumerated at their temporary rooming or lodging place unless it is practically certain that they will not be enumerated anywhere else.  This refers to persons rooming or lodging for a short time at a hotel or boarding or lodging house or with a private family while temporarily absent from their usual places of abode.” ... “But transient boarders or lodgers who have no permanent home or usual place of abode should be enumerated where they happen to be stopping a the time of the census.”  (paragraphs 53, 54, 55 of instructions)   Joel Weintraub, Dana Point, CA

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Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA


Leslie Michelle Goldfarb- Guttenplan

Subject: ERRERA born in Salonika / Thessolonika
BORN- 14 August 1912 Thessaloniki, Greece
BORN-31 Aug 1914 Paris, France
DIED -1978
Leslie Michelle Goldfarb USA
I am on FB under Leslie Michelle Goldfarb-Guttenplan to contact me.

German Jews incarcerated in England/Scotland during WW2 #holocaust #germany

Jake Jacobs

Looking for information about German-born Jews who were locked up in some kind of interrment camps in Great Britain early in WW2.  I've found cursory information online from Bnei Brith and wikipedia, but would like to know more. Would appreciate any information. Thank you!

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

Looking for Ickowski family #poland

Nil S <nijusa@...>

Dear, Nice to greet you.


My name is Sergio Korbenfeld, I live in Buenos Aires - Argentina.


I am trying to understand the family tree.


My grandparents on my mother's side were born in Poland:


Menachen Ickowski


Mindl Ladovics


They married in Asuncion Paraguay and as a result of that marriage, 4 daughters were born:




Lea==> My mother






I would appreciate to have contact with you to exchange those data that I don't know and other topics that will undoubtedly appear.


I look forward to your kind reply and I am very grateful for your help.


Best regards




Telsiai District Research Group BOF Program #lithuania

Ann Brody

LitvagSIG's Telsiai District Research Group held a virtual program on June 12.  The presentation provided background on Lithuania, the Telsiai District  and the LitvakSIG organization and its website.  There was also a case study in using the resources available through to make new discoveries about your Jewish ancestors in the Telsiai District and nearby towns.

A recording of the program, less than hour long, is available for 30 days.  You may access the recording at  The recording is on the home page.

Qualified contributors to the Telsiai District Research Group will have continued access to the session recording and to a PDF file with the PowerPoint slides of the presentation.

Ann Brody
Coordinator, LirvakSIG Telsiai District Research Group

Re: Looking for Julius SALM and Emma SATORSKI #germany

Sherri Bobish


They must have hoped that if they found Isaak and Helene that they would help them get U.S. visas to get out of Germany.  Julius SALM and Emma SALM SATORSKY died in the Shoa.  Their names are at Yad Vashem.  

There is a page of testimony for Julius by a surviving daughter.  It is in English and has names of parents, wife and children killed.

This is probably the same Julius (the birth year differs by 5 years.)  Note that Koeln is Cologne.
Julius Isidor Salm was born in Schweich, Germany in 1892. Prior to WWII he lived in Koeln, Germany. During the war he was in Minsk, Belorussia (USSR).

Julius Isidor was murdered in the Shoah. 

This information is based on the records/documents displayed below:
Last Name First Name Birth Year Place of Residence  Source
Julius Isidor
1892 Koeln, Germany
List of murdered Jews from Germany
A page of testimony for Emma SALM SATORSKY, also written in English.

Re: Machelson Sonya cemetery #latvia #usa

Sherri Bobish


Dr. Aaron Feldman's daughter Pauline married David Doynow. 
Her name is Mrs. 
Pauline F. Doynow.

Best regards,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Machelson Sonya cemetery #latvia #usa

Sherri Bobish


Here's your Dr. Feldman:
Name: Aaron Feldman MD
Residence Year: 1953
Street Address: 4841 Bway LO rrain 7-5262
Residence Place: New York, New York, USA
Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1953
On the 1940 census Aaron Feldman at 4841 Broadway.
age 47, born Russia, medical doctor in private practice.
Wife - Yonata, age 46, born Russia, social worker for charitable organization.
Daughter - Pauline, age 9, born NY
Servant - Ethel Lowenstein, age 52, born Russia

On the 1950 census at the same address is the same family, but Ethel Lowenstein is listed as sister-in-law to Aaron Feldman.

On the 1930 census Aaron Feldman gives his birthplace as Poland, and Yonata gives her birthplace as Estonia.

Have you seen Sonya's 1939 passenger manifest under the name Sona Machelsons?
She left behind her mother Estera Machelson, and was bound for her cousin Allan Horwitz in Hazelton, PA.

I also sent to your email address a 1955 newspaper article about Sonya that includes a photo.

Re: Searching for grandfather #usa #records

Feige Stern

Hi Madelyn,

Since there won't be a paper trail, your best bet is by trying to see what you can learn from your DNA.
It's too much to explain here, but I recommend joining some of the DNA groups on FB to further explain how to go about it.
You'll need to get your DNA into the other commercial databases.  If you already have your DNA done at ancestry, you can upload it to MyHeritage and Familytreedna.
Then you'll need to test at 23andme (they don't upload from another database).  
On each database you'll need to look for names that you can eliminate from the other side of your tree and see if there are any names in common.  Then you need to construct family trees going back to before your Grandfather to find the MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor).

Best of luck!
Feige Kauvar Stern
Cleveland, OH

Re: Help with 1910 census #usa #records

Sherri Bobish

Hi Jill,

I just did a look up and a person listed with the family as a servant on one census was listed on the following census as sister-in-law.

So, yes sometimes a servant could be a relative, as could a lodger or boarder. Also consider that they could be a relative or possibly someone from the same shtetl.  In some of the shtetls everyone was a relative due to decades upon decades of inter-marriage between families in the shtetl.

Of course, a servant, lodger or boarder could also have no familial relation, but it can't hurt to look them up.  Try to find them on later census, naturalization records, passenger manifests.

Re: Help with 1910 census #usa #records


The simple answer is yes, you should research Servants, boarders, Lodgers, roomers or however else a person might be designated on a census form in connection to a particular family.  The reason for this is based on the census instructions. This link provides the instructions. If you search on this page for "lodg" you'll find all references pertaining to this question.

It is good information for anyone using the census as a genealogical tool.
David Belton

Re: The Yiddish female name Yechil #yiddish #names #unitedkingdom

J.R. Silver

I agree that the way to resolve this completely would be to view the original record.
However, I believe a very simple explanation has been overlooked.
The  transcription gives the 'BRIDE'S PATRONYMIC ' as 'Yechil b. Shmuel' .
This means that 'Yechil b. Shmuel' was the BRIDE's FATHER's name. i.e. that the bride's father's name for religious purposes was Yechil, son of Shmuel.
The bride's father's secular/ English name is given as Samuel BRANDEL.  
There is no rule that someone's English name must be an exact translation of their Hebrew or Yiddish/religious name.It is perfectly plausible that Samuel Brandel was named after HIS father Shmuel. ( You would not give the same Hebrew name to a son as his living father, but to give the English name Samuel would not break this rule/custom)
Be that as it ,may, there is no need to invoke complex conjectures about Yechil as a female name. Yechil(Yiddish) or maybe Yechiel ( Heb) was not the name of the bride. It was the name of her father.
To resolve this  beyond question, you now need to get sight , if possible,  of the original marriage authorisation document. 

From Judith Silver, London UK  - silverjr1@...

Re: Seeking opinions on name in 1908 document #names


Everyone assumes that this lady's original name was Nefs.
But it looks to me like the old way of writing a double ss, so the name should be Ness.

Alan Cohen

Russia's Duma Legislation Nullifies Lithuanian Sovereignty-Is Tabled #lithuania #russia

Jan Meisels Allen



On June 8, the Russian Duma floated a bill saying the USSR’s recognition of Lithuania’s sovereignty on September 7,1991 was null and void because it went against the Soviet constitution.  Fyodorov, a member of the ruling United Russia party,

said that under article 67.1 of the Russian constitution, the Russian Federation is the legal successor of the USSR on its territory. Therefore, in his view, this meant that the recognition of Lithuania's independence taken by the USSR State Council

was subject to cancellation. In an explanatory note on the bill, Fyodorov also said that "there was no referendum on secession" of Lithuania from the USSR and "no transitional period was established for consideration of all contentious issues."


The State Council of the USSR, chaired by its last president, Mikhail Gorbachev, eventually adopted Lithuania's independence decree on September 6, 1991, by which time the Baltic republic's new status had already been recognized by 50 countries.


"We are the successors of the USSR. We person the close to annul the decisions of the Soviet Union which are indispensable for America present and now," Yevgeny Fyodorov, the Russian MP who tabled the bill, told Russian regular Komsomolskaya

pravda astatine the time. "Just another day in the State Duma... United Russia MP Yevgeny Fyodorov has tabled a bill to revoke recognition of Lithuania's independence," tweeted Russia watcher Francis Scarr from BBC Monitoring.


“De-recognition would besides springiness Lithuania ineligible grounds for exiting NATO, Fyodorov added.


And for their part, Lithuanian defense curate Arvydas Anušauskas and Lithuanian MP Matas Maldeikis mocked Fyodorov's initiative.


Kyiv City Council had already revoked Moscow's instauration successful 1147 anyway, Anušauskas joked connected Twitter. If Russia de-recognized Lithuania, Vilnius would revoke the 1634 Treaty of Polyanovka and instrumentality

backmost lands from Russia, Maldeikis said.


The main extremity of the Russian inaugural was a propaganda onslaught to "publicly belittle" Lithuania by questioning it’s close to exist, Valentinas Beržiūnas, a prof astatine the Vilnius University Institute of International

Relations and Political Science, besides said.


For Grigory Amnuel, a Russian exile successful Poland who worked for 12 years successful the Duma, Fyodorov, the Russian MP, is simply a known provocateur.


Fyodorov expects the Duma to ballot connected his connection successful the autumn session.


But if it fell by the wayside, the Kremlin could easy lavation its hands of it, adjacent though helium hails from Russia's president Vladimir Putin's United Russia party.”


“Lithuania, a staunch protagonist of Ukraine, has already been taking occurrence from Russian accusation attacks and Fyodorov has said that if Estonia and Latvia "do not reconstruct their bully relations" with Russia,

past it ought to de-recognize them too.”


A spokesperson for the Lithuanian foreign ministry told Newsweek, "One should not be too surprised at such absurd statements," adding, "let's not make a mountain out of a molehill."


"Nevertheless, we have to understand the Russian regime with which the world is dealing. This is the way the regime functions, behaves, talks, tries to scare us and wages its war," the spokesperson said in a statement.

A week ago Newsweek reported about the proposed legislation.


Lithuania shares a border with Russia's enclave of Kaliningrad and along with its Baltic neighbors, has been the scene of alliance drills to prepare for any Russian aggression. Last month, Lithuanian citizens raised nearly

$5 million to purchase an advanced military drone for Ukraine.


To read the entire article see:; and


Note: The English is not “great” but I copied what was included in EU News.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee





New and Updated Databases on IGRA’s Website #israel

Elena Bazes

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) has just released new and updated databases on its website. There are now over 2,000,000 records available in our databases. With each release we provide a variety of records to our collection.

A preview of the databases is available at

New Databases
Citizens – Palestine   1922-1939
777 listings
Israel State Archives

Kenya Detainees   1948
1,287 listings
Israel State Archives

Updated Databases
Notrim – Jewish Police Force British Mandate   1940-1948
5,897 listings
Israel State Archives

British Army   1945 913 listings
The National Archives (British)

Israel Defense Forces   1948-1949 2,778 listings
Israel State Archives

Immigrants in Communal Settlements  1948-1952    4,007 listings
Yad Yaari Archives

Before viewing and searching the databases, please register for free on the IGRA website:

To view/search the databases, go to the database tab on the website.

Please note, the IGRA databases are now searchable to all registrants. The search results page is also available to all registrants. Additional details regarding most databases are available only to paid IGRA members. Certain exceptions exist due to requests of the specific archives.

Elena Biegel Bazes
IGRA Publicity Chair

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