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Carol Sage-Silverstein

I reached out to one person with a strong DNA connection (both CentiMorgans and longest block)  who doesn't seem interested in connecting.  For some reason he has his great grandmother's maiden name as different than me (I have documentation however).  The DNA is irrefutable yet he still won't believe it.  Go figure

Re: Help with Amsterdam marriage records 1796/5556 #general


Hi Yoav, 

I briefly looked at this collection of scanned documents. In  their title is says Tnaim Rishonim meaning it is financial agreement between both families at the engagement party. In most Jewish communities this would happen some time before the actual wedding. 
From this, I believe that you should change the time bracket of your search for a pertinent document.

Best regards, 
Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet, Israel 

Webinar this Sunday: Women of Sefarad #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

JewishGen is proud to invite you to attend a special presentation, in partnership with the Jewish Heritage Alliance:
Women of Sefarad
Speaker: Prof. Renée Levine Melammed
Sunday, March 7, 2021
2:00 pm Eastern Time (New York)
About the Talk
Jewish Heritage Alliance, in cooperation with our distinguished global partners, invite you to participate in a multi-part educational webinar series celebrating the courage and determination of the Women of Sefarad. The forced conversions of the Jews in Spain changed the face of Spanish Jewry. The dismantling of Jewish institutions by the Inquisition rendered the home as the gatekeeper of Jewish traditions. The role of the woman as wife and in charge of children and household, made her the transmitter of family traditions and culture.
We are honored to have Prof. Renée Levine Melammed as Guest Speaker for our launch event on March 7, 2021. Widely considered the leading academic authority on this subject, her presentation will focus on the challenges faced by the conversos (Jews or their descendants who were baptized between 1391 and 1492) who opted to continue observing Jewish practices in secret. An emphasis will be placed on the role of the Spanish Inquisition established in 1478, as well as on the changes that occurred following the expulsion of the Jews in 1492.

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Karen Gwynn

I've been reading the responses to Joe's post and find them very interesting. I'd like to offer an observation from "the other side."

I've been research my family on and off for over 30 years (yikes!). There are times I am deeply into the hunt and spend hours and hours on nothing except genealogy. Then I have down times, where I lurk on message boards but not much else.

In my own research, I have very specific goals: I am interested mainly in direct line ancestry and branches that do not go too deep. So, I while I have information on my grandparent's siblings I have even less on their descendants. That is a choice I made long ago and feel that I have plenty of work to do to keep me busy. Given those parameters, if a 3rd or 4th cousin from one of these distant branches were to contact me, I would respond with whatever I might or might not know about how we are related, but I am not apt to engage beyond the initial back and forth emails to understand our potential connection. I understand that searching a learning about far distant relatives, while interesting and can, I know, lead to discoveries about "closer" relations, that is not my primary interest.

Another example. I have a distant connection to a gentleman who is related to some of my second cousins not by our shared ancestor, but though theirs. In speaking with this individual several months ago, I was kind of interested in trying to prove our relationship (he actually has two connections to my tree: one possibly to my 2nd great grandfather, the other is through marriage to a branch from a different great grandfather -- that is the branch I am not researching). So, I setup a "research tree" in Ancestry with just enough names, etc. to start searching for hints and documents to prove this connection and I shared this tree with this "cousin." While he did give me good information, he also keeps telling me about relatives that are beyond the scope of my research (spouses, their parents and their children and children's spouses, etc.). I listen to/read his feedback and thank him for the information, and leave it at that.

I am offering this to this thread only to shed some light on why you may not hear back from your supposed 3rd cousin twice removed. They may be wonderful people who are dedicated to their research. However, their research goals and interests may not (currently) intersect with yours.

So, please write to everyone you want to connect with. Take the wonderful advise given here about how to craft your emails. Just be aware that if you are casting a wide net, you may reach folks who do not share your research interests even if you do share some distant ancestor.
Karen Weinstock Gwynn


Re: Rabbi Kwiat family in Brooklyn #usa

Shelley Mitchell

Try working with Red Buttons real surname - Chwatt. 

Shelley Mitchell, NYC

Looking for people born in Belgium in 1931 or earlier #general



For a research project  I am interested to get in contact with anyone who was born in Belgium in or before 1931. 
Please contact me at heinsmanreinier@...
Thank you very much!

Reinier Heinsman
The Netherlands

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You write about the downside of all the family lore about interesting characters. I think you're so fortunate to attach stories to people, to see their role (large or small) in history. If you can substantiate these tales with archival documents, then you'll leave your family a valuable document. I envy you. My own interest started because I heard a few stories about Bosheviks and I wanted to know more and more and more. The rest is history.

Mikhailina Karina
Shrifteilik (Starokonstantinov, Odessa, everywhere)
Boyarskiy (Kiev, Lida)
Raikher (Kiev)

Re: Bohuss Neamta, Romania & Canada to US border crossing question #romania #canada #usa


Regarding « Leon Hu under "Departure Contact Name" and  Jacob So under "Accompanied by Name. ».
Hu and So are most certainly short for family names.
My hunch is that they are abbreviated because they refer to names mentioned in the same document. 

I suggest you search for a person named Jacob Soxxx who crossed the border at the same place and date. Chances are that you will find the complete name of « So » and that « Hu » might be referred under his full name as the departure contact of « So ».
If possible, scroll the border crossing documents in both directions, starting from your 
great-aunt Sarah. 

Daniel Ewenczyk
Paris, France

Researching: Ewenczyk, Evenchik (Minsk), Receptor, Retsepter (Luboml).

Re: How Weird Are We? #general

Jill Whitehead

I once tracked down the descendants of a great uncle who had emigrated a 2nd time from Liverpool to USA in 1904-5, with his four grown up Liverpool born children and 2nd wife. This particular one had moved from USA to Canada. I was told by this person he and his family were not interested in their ancestry (I am not sure they realised they were Jewish). Then low and behold several years later his brother had posted the research I sent him on Ancestry, without informing me and without acknowledging the research was mine.   I was astonished at the (pretty negative) lack of interest at first, and then the free use of info they said they were not interested in.    It takes all sorts.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: How Weird Are We? #general


I spent the first year wondering why some replied, some didn't and then I thought about it again and realised that I'd evolved into this at a speed I wasn't able to fathom myself! After getting a DNA test to see where my ancestors came from. I had no idea I'd be messaging people nor be 'a dog with a bone' English phrase not sure about anywhere else. I think I read somewhere that 1 in 5 were into Genealogy?

I have given a lot of my life to my hobby and quest. At RootsTech a speaker made me laugh out loud and actually everyone else in the room when he said 'stalk them', to get results, he was magical. All I can say is, keep trying, sit and think about how to write the best message you can to get results - anything rushed can sound a bit too desperate, anything too wordy and full on can also be a put off for the person trying to read it and understand what you are saying. Sometimes you have to leave someone alone for a while, you don't know their journeys they may be frantically going through records and actually in contact with many leads that you don't know about. Sometimes they may work 24/7 and just using it when they can. Some may have just got their DNA test taken for a reason other than trees and Ancestry work. I have spent a lot time analysing the rude ones who read your message and never reply 😃, but relax and let it happen and just put out as many as you can and pray at least one juicy one will come back.

Mandy Molava 
Researching Brest Belarus Galacia.... and now Kyiv   

Re: looking for any relatives. Listed on my birth certificate is George White and Irene Arrow from San Francisco, California. I was adopted #usa


To make things more complicated, try searching for Irene Aaron.  Your mother might be the Jewish side.
Fred Millner, Trenton, NJ

Re: Bohuss Neamta, Romania & Canada to US border crossing question #romania #canada #usa

Avrohom Krauss

You are looking for Buhuşi, Romania: 46°43' N, 26°42' E which was in the district of Neamt
Avrohom Krauss
Kiryat Yearim (Telz-Stone) ISRAEL
Researching: KRAUS, GOTTFRIED, MONAT from PRZEMYSL (Galicia) Poland/ KINSTLICH, GREENBERG, SCHMIDT from Tarnobrzeg, Rozwadow, Ulanow (Galicia) Poland
KLOTZ from Telsiai, Lithuania/ ROGOZIN, KAPLOWITZ, from Vyazyn, Ilya, Vilyayka, Belarus /LAPIDUS, SOKOLSKY, ROGOZIN, Maladzyechna, Belarus

Translation from Polish please. Rakower-Erynbarck marriage 1827 #translation #poland

Helen Gardner

Hi all

I would be most grateful if someone could please translate the record at the link below. I can’t save it or reduce it in size, so all I could do was bookmark it.

It is for the marriage of Hersz Rakower to Sora Erynbarck on 15 Feb 1827, Akta 20 (registered in 1832).

The record is in Polish.


Thanks in advance

Helen Gardner


Helen Gardner

ancestral names, all from Poland, mostly Warsaw


Re: Bohuss Neamta, Romania & Canada to US border crossing question #romania #canada #usa



I believe the town is Buhusi, it belongs today to the Bacau county by it's near the Neamt county which borders changed over the century.

My paternal family was from this town.
Kind regards,
Francois Chetreanu

Re: Translation from Hungarian to English #translation


Could be
kézi munka után él
Lives by manual labour

Beth Jones

Re: Genealogical Revelations of Hungarian Jewish Families - First Volume Editor - Munkatchi #hungary

Glazer Family

I too would be interested in knowing when the book is out.

Stephen Glazer, Jerusalem

Help with details of a known grave at Weissensee Cemetery #germany #general

Helene Bergman

My great grandfather Israel BERGMANN b. 03 Apr 1860 in 'Tultscha', Romania;
d. 21 Apr 1917 / 3 p.m. in Berlin  death certificate # 795/1917  was buried Thursday, 26 Apr 1917 / 1 p.m. at  Grave # 50576; field T IV, row 2.
I am trying to determine his father's name, and I am hoping that it appears on the gravestone. Is there a photograph of that grave or a database that would give more burial details? I remember that Bert de Jong was working on a catalogue at one point.
Thanks in advance.

Helene Bergman

The Jewish Genealogy SIG meeting in Tues March 9 10AM ET on Zoom RSVP #announcements #education #events

Arthur Sissman

Don't forget: The Jewish Genealogy SIG meeting in Tues March 9  10AM ET on Zoom RSVP

RSVP to genresearch13@... for a Zoom Link and more info about the group.
Thanks for the correction - Karen Schwartz - you were/are the first!   Are you coming?!
Arthur Sissman
Jewish Genealogy SIG of Naples/Collier Co FL

Re: Holocaust Symbolism on Matzevot (Tombstones) #holocaust

Mike Coleman

Hillside Cemetery in Los Angeles offers (free) such an additional marker for interments in the walls of their mausoleum.

I don't have a clear enough photo I'm afraid.

Mike Coleman  London U.K.

Rabbi Kwiat family in Brooklyn #usa

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the family of Rabbi Dovid Kwitz who died
in 2009 and was Rosh Yeshiva Mir in Brooklyn. A son was married to the
daughter of Baruch Avraham Friedman who owned a grocery store in Boro
Neil Rosenstein

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