Re: Records from Ekaterinoslav, Dnipropetrovs'ka, Ukraine #ukraine


Hi everybody,

I am looking for the birth record of Khonon LEVINE (Хонон Левин) who was born in Ekaterinoslav on the 10th of February 1870 according to his naturalization file in France. I could not find it in the metric books that were scanned by Alex Krakovsky. I read that in 1870 they were around 8 synagogues in Ekaterinoslav. I would like to know if the scanned metric books are for one synagogue only or for all the synagogues of the town. If it is only for one synagogue, do you know if metric books exist for other synagogues in Ekaterinoslav ?

Paris area, France
Searching for LEVINE and LEBEN (or LEIBIN) in Ekaterinoslav, TSIREL (or SCHINDLER) and PLANKE (or KAPLAN) in Kremenchuk

Re: List of butcher shops below the Brooklyn Bridge c. 1915. #usa


Do you think "below" the bridge means literally on the street underneath it, or the more general meaning of "below", that is, anywhere south of it?

I have no butchers for you either way, but for those that do, this might narrow it down?
Robert Roth
Kingston, NY

Re: Was my father a Ritchie Boy? #general


I am no expert, but if he was in this somewhat secret enterprise, the engineering info might have been a cover. 

There was at least one book on the Ritchie Boys fairly recently, I imagine you have already gone there.

Robert Roth
Kingston, NY

Re: Was my father a Ritchie Boy? #general

Friedman, H George

The two statements are not incompatible. The army might have wanted his translation and interrogation activities to be obvious. So they assigned him to the engineering company, but then detailed him to the work they had trained him for. I am guessing, of course, but it seems to me that this is at least plausible.

George Friedman
Champaign, IL, USA

Re: Have you found using data from LitvakSIG useful? #lithuania #general

David Ellis

Harlan Levinson asked whether LitvakSIG has information that, and other sources do not have.


I can answer with a resounding YES.  With the resources on LitvakSIG, I can trace my ancestry back up to eight generations in Lithuania, compared to my grandfather, whose knowledge went back no further than his parents.


By all means do a search on the All Lithuania Database on  The names may not be exactly as you expect.  Be flexible and persistent, and you may get a whole new world of information about your family.



David  J  Ellis

Natick, MA 01760



Re: Translation Request Please - Romanian #romania #translation

Valentin Lupu

This postcard is not written in Romanian!

Valentin Lupu

Re: Jews of Tukum #courland


In addition to the sources that Sherri listed, there is a short memoir on Tukums on the Courland Research Group web site, translated from the records of the Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews.

Bramie Lenhoff

Re: Tulchyn, Vinnytsia, Ukraine #ukraine

Tammy Driver <110166tlj@...>

I heard back from Mikhail's nephew this morning. He's basing the theory that Sophia and/or her parents were Jewish/Hebrew on comments that his grandmother, Mikhail's mother, made when she was researching the family a number of years ago. 

Tammy Driver

Re: three-month Atlantic crossing by wooden sailing ship in 1880s? #poland #general

Jill Whitehead

Jebwabne was in Lomza Gubernia in NE Poland. This was close to Konigsberg in East Prussia on the Baltic, but other routes were possible e.g. via rail to Hamburg or via Latvian ports. It was common for sailing ships to go from this area to Hull in England and then a train was taken to Liverpool to go onto America. My ancestors came to UK in 1860s and 1870s from the Suwalki Lomza gubernias likely via Konigsberg. They came by sailing boat. But by the 1880s much faster steam ships had come into operation for both the Baltic and Atlantic routes, and this made travel cheaper as well as faster.. The University of Hull's website has a lot of info on the sailing routes. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Have you found using data from LitvakSIG useful? #lithuania #general

Russ Maurer


LitvakSIG has indexed well over 2 million records and made them freely available through our own website ( and via JewishGen. Among these are the extant birth records of Zasliai, which are somewhat spotty. For the decade of the 1870s, records exist for 1873, 1877, 1878, and 1879. Your grandfather's birth is likely in the missing years since you mentioned 1874 and you haven't found him.

You may have better luck looking at other kinds of records. There is a lengthy family list (similar to a census) from 1874-1875 which covers Zasliai and its associated small villages and settlements. You can browse the whole list using the search parameter shown in the attachment.

Is LitvakSIG's data useful? We certainly hope so!

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG

Re: Photograph from Alsbourg/Switzerland 1944 #photographs

Daniel Teichman

It's probably not Alsbourg but Olsberg.
Best regards
Daniel Teichman

Re: Have you found using data from LitvakSIG useful? #lithuania #general

Carol Hoffman

Harlan Shalom,

LitvakSIG uploaded the 1874-1875 Zasliai family list, and it is fully searchable on the ALD. Zasliai is in the Trakai District Research Group 

All the best and good luck with your research.
Carol Hoffman, PhD
LitvakSIG President

Re: Jews of Latvia: Names and Fates 1941-1945 - Using the New Website #latvia #holocaust

Carol Hoffman

Great news! Thank you - to all of the volunteers at LatviaSIG!

Carol Hoffman, PhD
LitvakSIG President

Re: Latvia Names and Fates updated #JewishGenUpdates #latvia #russia #courland

Carol Hoffman

Thank you for this important information, and thank you to all of the volunteers at LatviaSIG and the archivists who have been so helpful.

Carol Hoffman, PhD
LitvakSIG President

Re: Have you found using data from LitvakSIG useful? #lithuania #general


Records from Astryna/Ostryna have been translated through the LitvakSIG Lida District Research Group (DRG) and may be searched in the All Lithuania Database If you want more details about how to join the LitvakSIG Lida District DRG where you will have access to Excel files of all translations for Astryna and other nearby towns, please write me privately at jrbaston@...
Judy Baston, Coordinator
LitvakSIG Lida District Research Group

The United Kingdom Announced It is Making All its Holocaust Records Available for Research and Study #announcements #holocaust #records #unitedkingdom

Jan Meisels Allen




The government of the United Kingdom announced it will be making all its records related to the Holocaust available to the public for research and study.  This includes the collection of 787 books in the St. Lambrecht collection, once looted by the Nazis, which will be accessible to the public for the first time.


The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) plans to move them to the Wiener Holocaust Library subject to legal agreement


In addition, the governments of Guernsey and Jersey have committed to making their Holocaust records publicly available as well.


The Wiener Holocaust Library is one of the world’s leading and most extensive archives on the Holocaust, the Nazi era and genocide.


To read the UK government announcement see;


Thank you to Hal Bookbinder, past president of the IAJGS and member of JGSCV for informing us about this.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Have you found using data from LitvakSIG useful? #lithuania #general

Harlan Levinson

First time poster. I have been researching for a long time for records of my grandparents and family. I have searched stevemorse, statue of liberty, jewishgen, contacted the Lithuanian Archives and have found nothing. I am wondering if LitvakSIG will have info, that the others do not. 
It has been frustrating to find nothing on stevemorse. I found a record of my grandfather's stepmother and step siblings arriving in 1899, but nothing before that. I very much want to find a birth certificate for my grandfather, born in Zasliai (Zosle) in 1874.
My grandmother was born in Astryna, I think, which is now in Belarus. But mostly looking for detail on my grandfather's side.
The total lack of evidence pre-arrival in the US has been very frustrating. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
Harlan Levinson

Place of birth given as Rymska, Poland (possibly near Warsaw, Poland) #poland #general

angel kosfiszer

I am researching relatives that went to Buenos Aires, Argentina on February of 1931 from the port of Danzig. The family name was Kestenbaum. The birth place of the father and 4 children is given as Warsaw, Poland. The mother place of birth is given as Rymska, Poland. I need help in finding Rymska. My guess is Rymska is close to Warsaw, Poland. Thank you in advance for your help.


Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

Re: Max Bruch. Who wrote the music for Kol Nidre was NOT Jewish #general


I don't know about Bruch, but I know that Naftaii Hertz Imber, who wrote the words to our treasured  Hatikvah, although Jewish, was an unkempt drunk.   

After my grandmother was widowed in 1900, at first she supported herself and three little boys by serving Kosher  dinners  in the parlor of the Lower East Side tenement the rented to single men who arrived before their families.  She served Imber every night, gratis, of course.  My father remembered that when he was a very young boy, Imber, not in very good shape, would wander around  the room reciting Yiddish poems, his or others.  He thought  that would pay for his meal.    He died young from liver ailments.

Estelle Guttman #7805
Reston, VA

Milestone for Hungarian Vital Records #hungary #slovakia #romania

Vivian Kahn

JewishGen’s Hungarian Vital Records database has reached a new milestone with the addition of 10,008 new records from places as diverse as Bartfa (Bardejov), Saros megye; Postyen (Piestany) in Nyitra; and Szombathely, the 10th largest city in Hungary. This brings the total number of birth records in the database to more than .5 million with a total of almost 834,000 vital records.

Thanks to Sarah Feuerstein, the Hungarian Research Division’s Vital Records Coordinator, and her team of volunteers. Thanks also to Alex Kotovsky and Avraham Groll for uploading the records to the marvelous JewishGen Hungary Database.

If you’d like to help the Division to acquire records from archives in Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania, please go to to make your donation to the Hungary General Fund or one of our focused accounts.

Thanks to all of the donors and volunteers who have helped to make our database one of JewishGen’s best!

Vivian Kahn, Director
JewishGen Hungary Research Division
Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California
Researching families including:
BERKOVICS/BERKOWITZ/ROTH/GROSZ. Avas Ujvaros, Hungary/Orasu Nou, Romania
KAHAN/JOSIPOVITS/DUB, Sziget, Kabolacsarda, Nagyvarad, Hungary/Sighet, Ciarda, Oradea, Romania
KOHN/Zbegnyo/ Zbehnov, Tarnoka/Trnavka, Slovakia; Cleveland  LEFKOVITS/Kolbasa/Brezina, Slovakia
MOSKOVITS/Honkocz, Szobranc, Osztro, Kassa, Hungary/Chonkovce, Sobrance, Ostrov, Kosice, Slov., Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
ELOVITS/Hornya, Hungary/Horna, Slovakia
NEUMANN/Szeretva, Kereszt, Nagymihaly, Miskolc, Hung./Sobrance, Kristy, Stretavka, Michalovce, Slov. 
POLACSEK/Hunfalu, Hungary/Huncovce, Slovakia
SPITZ/Nikolsburg/Mikulov, Prosnitz/Prostejov, Moravia/Czech Republic; Kismarton/Eisenstadt, Hungary/Austria; Hunfalu,Hungary//Huncovce, Slovakia

9401 - 9420 of 675063