Re: Bruchsteiner, Paris, 1900s #france


A tree on MyHeritage for the Brahinsky family says Rachel died Apr 9 1952 in Toulouse.  No source is given but this provides a path to pursue.  On Geneanet, there is at least one tree viewable with the free membership, and one tree owner  has the last name Brahinsky and may have more information.

Andra Marx
New Jersey, USA

Reconstructing of the lives of a Holocaust survivor and her family #poland #holocaust #germany #usa

Caroline Gurney <research@...>

The Journal of Genealogy and Family History has just published an article reconstructing the lives of a Holocaust survivor and her family, using documents from the International Tracing Service’s archive and other sources. The Journal is open access and a PDF copy of the article can be downloaded from
Caroline Gurney

Re: Need help translating city name in 1848 polish marriage record #translation #poland

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

I had a cousin who came to the US from Augustow, Suwalki gubernia, Russia, like the rest of the family. I knew a lot of the family as many kept in touch after they came to the US.
Imagine my surprise when I got his naturalization papers. He was born in Marseilles, now France.
Apparently they went to Marseilles during the rebellion/famine/cholera epidemic of the 1860s, then went back to Augustow.
So anywhere is possible, as my family in that time frame was from Augustow District, Kingdom of Poland.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ
"The family in that time frame was in the przytzk, gmina stara
blotnica, glowaczow area north of radom, poland."

Re: Use of Family Search for one's family tree #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Anybody can change anything on the profiles that FamilySearch has on their web site. Some people enter things in Spanish or another language, and I have to keep my fingers off the keyboard, as I want them in English, but they have as much right as I do to have things in whatever language. People also get things mixed up, and if I know that somebody is wrong about a person's birth or whatever, I will fix it. But births for immigrants can be different on different documents, so I would only fix an approximate date with a Social Security of JRI-PP (even better) birth date if I have it. FamilySearch does not take 'circa' or 'about' dates.

Everybody doing research needs to have records at home, on their own devices, where they can keep things safe (and backed up). A genealogy program can keep a lot of information that the web apps don't keep, and also the research notes along with them. I make 'Events' for documents I find, so I know what a document says and where I found it; I could identify a document's source in a Source, but the events are very handy and versatile. 

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

"Family search is a collaborative tree meaning anyone can see anything except living people.  AND it also means that anyone can add, change, attach and delete any document person or relationship"

Re: Ancestry’s new rules #general


Forgive my ignorance: how to you add watermarks to photo images?
Adela Weinstein 
Peoria, Arizona

Mohel Book for Augsburg Germany #germany

Richard Oppenheimer

Hello friends,

Does anyone know if a Mohel Book was kept and if it is available to search for Augsburg Germany circumcisions made between 1910 and 1920?


Richard Oppenheimer
Venice, Florida, USA

Re: Chestnut Street Cemetery, Cincinnati #usa

Elise Cundiff

There is a partial listing of the graves on Find -a - Grave (Chestnut Street Cemetery)  but none for her.  However, there are several headstones listed that are Hebrew only and have not been translated (on that site) so you might take a look at those photos.
The listing on Jewish Cemeteries of Cincinnati Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati - Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati ( seems more complete, but also has untranslated Hebrew inscriptions.  There is no Silverstone or Harris.  This site mentions that this cemetery was filled up during the epidemic.   You can search all of the area Jewish cemeteries on this site, including wild card searches of any variation of her first and last names that you can think of - such as possible yiddish or Hebrew variations.

Elise Cundiff

Re: I wish to hire a DNA analyst to interpret the results of a Big Y-700 FTDNA Sample #dna


Hi Jay,
Big Y is very unlikely to give you the answer that you seek. If you want to determine a possible surname, it's going to take paper trail research and potentially an autosomal DNA test. If the individual came in as Franklin according to records, my experience tells me someone came here before him and adopted that surname.

If DNA is of interest, I'd recommend a test at Ancestry and then upload to FTDNA, MyHeritage, and Gedmatch.

Hope that helps.

Adina Newman
Sharon, MA

Re: Naturalization Documentation --Pennsylvania Eastern District--Please Advise #records


Many of the PA naturalization records can be found on Fold3.  Also I believe that there are some on Ancestry.  These are full declaration and application copies not indexes.

Katherine Block
Canton, GA

Re: Use of Family Search for one's family tree #general


Family search is a collaborative tree meaning anyone can see anything except living people.  AND it also means that anyone can add, change, attach and delete any document person or relationship.  You basically won't have any control of your research.  Myheritage will allow you to keep your own research.  My preference is Ancestry though I have used all the platforms.   I don't recommend researching on a phone.  

Katherine Block
Canton, GA

KT teenagers placed North in Thirlby England 1939-40 #unitedkingdom


Does anyone have any information on the following on the Journey of a Kinder (our late father)
We have done my own research but unable to find any details

After general KT arrival in Harwich ( in our case Jan. 1939), our father , Kurt Ehrmann (11.7.1922) age 16,  was
relocated from Dovercourt (holding area during harsh winter) to Thirlby/Grange in North York (approx. 8 hours north)?
We believe he was moved to a farm owned and operated by a "Mrs. Hebden" (this is an artifact I was able to recover-see attached) which we believe is in the Spring of 1939.  
I would be grateful if anyone knows of this area or any other details pertaining to these events.
Thank you in advance.

Paul and David Ehrmann

Re: I wish to hire a DNA analyst to interpret the results of a Big Y-700 FTDNA Sample #dna

Jeffrey Herrmann

The Big Y tests (500 and then 700) place the tester’s Y-DNA at the end of a twig on a small branch of a larger branch of a still larger branch etc of the Y-DNA tree.  Some lucky testers will discover that there are other testers on their tiny twig, and those other testers may be relatives within genealogical time (or not).  For most of us, I suspect, we will just find ourselves alone on our own little twig.  For me, Big Y has been genealogically useless, but for others it has been helpful.  For all of us, it would be nice if FTDNA provided a plain language explanation for how to interpret the data, which FTDNA displays in a quirky manner.  We shouldn’t have to hire experts to tell us what it means.
Jeffrey Herrmann
New Rochelle, NY

Need help translating city name in 1848 polish marriage record #translation #poland

arnold friedman <afriedman21@...>


attached is a 1848 wedding record for LEJZOR FRYDMAN second marriage.
Appreciate if someone could help me translate and locate his birth
city mentioned in the record.

I do not need the whole record translated, just the birth city
information for lejzor.

The family in that time frame was in the przytzk, gmina stara
blotnica, glowaczow area north of radom, poland.

it is possible lejzor could have been born in this area, or elsewhere
and moved here with his parents when he was young. At 18 years old,
at the time of his first marriage, he lived in village bobrek.

Thank you for your help.


arnold friedman
redwood city, california

Re: Naturalization Documentation --Pennsylvania Eastern District--Please Advise #records

David Oseas

The naturalization doc images for Jacob Weiss can be found here:

David Oseas

HYMAN/HEYMAN/HEIMOWITS/CHAJMOVITS: Zemplen-Dobra, Hungary > New York;  KLEIN: Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely), Hungary > New York > Los Angeles
Hungary > New York;  OSEAS/OSIAS/OSIASI/OZIAS: Iasi, Romania > Chicago > Milwaukee > Los Angeles
SCHECHTER/SHEKTER: Kishinev, Bessarabia > New York;  SHERMAN: Iasi, Romania > New York > Los Angeles
STRUL:  Iasi, Romania > Haifa, Israel;  WICHMAN: Syczkowo (Bobruisk), Belarus > Milwaukee > Los Angeles

Re: German address matching--Max KNISBACHER and the Adass Jisroel school #germany

Andreas Schwab

Number 19 Prenzlauer Strasse is between Hirtenstrasse and Alexanderstrasse and is the location of today's Pressehaus am Alexanderplatz at 29 Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse. It's a 20 min walk from there to the school at Artilleriestrasse. 24 Grenadierstrasse was at the corner of Münzstrasse, today Almstadtstrasse 1, 4 min walk from 19 Prenzlauer Strasse. All these addresses are in Berlin-Mitte near Alexanderplatz. Chralottenburg is far more west. 
The numbering of street adresses in Belin have often changed. One can find the numbering of the street addresses at the address section of the Berliner Adressbuch, usually labeled "Strassen und Häuser von Berlin". At the beginning of this section there is a list of all Berlin streets with the page where the street appears. Here is an example for Grenadierstrasse 1914:
Prenzlauer Strasse 1928 ie here:
See also this page on the history of the Adass Jisroel schools:

Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

Re: Ancestry’s new rules #general

Kathleen Craine

For anyone interested in a simple language interpretation of Ancestry's newest legalese, I would recommend Judy G. Russell's blog The Legal Genealogist.

Judy originally responded to Ancestry's changes in this blog post: "One Big Change at Ancestry"

She revised it a couple of days later, based on updated information from Ancestry: "Ancestry Retreats"

Kathleen Craine

ViewMate: Budapest prison records #hungary #translation

Adam Turner

I've posted three records (in Hungarian, dated 1902-1907) from the Royal Criminal Court of Budapest Prison for which I'd like a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Re: Removing Picture From a Find A Grave Page. #general

Ralph Baer

I wish to thank all of the people who responded here or privately to my question of how I could have a picture of my aunt removed from my mother's Find a Grave page  The most common answer was to ask to have a page transferred to me which I could do since I am a son. However since a couple of people said that would only give me the right to rearrange the pictures, I decided not to go that route. Instead I went through the Find A Grave help function (writing to support@findagrave) and asking to have it removed. Someone named Jacobo has now removed the picture for me.

The picture originated from my aunt's US citizenship application. The page of the application on Family Search with the picture is here .
Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Use of Family Search for one's family tree #general


I am looking for a family tree program that will replace my Family Tree Maker and run on the android platform (I will no longer have a computer that runs on Windows or IOS).  I have been a member of Family Search for years, but have never posted my tree there because of the issue with the Mormons baptizing one's dead ancestors.  I believe that this was resolved a few years ago, but am not sure that the resolution was successful and will be lasting.  I am also a member of Ancestry and of My Heritage, but have hesitated to use them for the complete family tree for privacy reasons.  I tried Familygtg, but the version is too old to be fully compatible with my version of android.  I would like some guidance.  I am not necessarily looking for a free program.

Geri Mund

Re: I wish to hire a DNA analyst to interpret the results of a Big Y-700 FTDNA Sample #dna

Mary D. Taffet

It * IS * possible to limit the number of Y-DNA markers that you look
for matches on, even if 700 were tested.  You can limit it to 35
markers, 67 markers, or 111 markers, and have a much better chance of
finding surname matches.

And yes, it is a good idea to also use the Family Finder test as well,
along with the Y-DNA test.

-- Mary D. Taffet
    Syracuse, NY

On 8/13/21 11:54 AM, Raina Accardi wrote:
The Big-Y is for granular assignment of your particular Y mutations
place in the Y-tree. It can tell you general migrations and locations
of the populations who had those same mutations or derivations of
same. If you are trying to identify the subject's original surname,
the Big Y test may not help. Ashkenazi only took surnames in the last
200 years or so. The Y-DNA tests, including the Big Y, look back at
DNA from 2000 years ago and more... Finding a match in a more recent
time frame is a huge long shot since the database of samples is pretty
small. You should use the at-DNA (Family Finder) test which will give
you matches who may be able to shed light on related surnames and
locations within a genealogical time frame of about 6 generations.