Re: Please translate these headstones for me. #translation

Dubin, David M. MD

(Patelson w/ Menorah at top)

H(ere) L(ies)
Our dear mother
Chaya Sara daughter of Mr Yeshaya
Died 8 Adar
(5)694 May her soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life (a boilerplate abbrev.)

She died winter 1933-4. Yeshaya is equivalent to Isaiah

(Patelson w/ star at top)

H(ere) L(ies)
My dear husband & our
dear father, our rabbi & teacher (abbreviated & not necessarily literally true)
Yitzchak (= Isaac)
Son of Mr Baruch Meier
Died 22 Shevat
(5)691 May his soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life (a boilerplate abbrev.)  He died winter of 1930-1


Eliezer son of Zvi
died 26 Nisan (5)701 (That's early spring 1941)

David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ

David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ

David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ

Viewmate Translation Request - Russian or Polish (I think) back of picture #translation

Judith Sternberg

I request a translation of the Russian or Polish (I think) text on the back of a photo of German prisoner interrogation comments. It is on ViewMate at the following address

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you so much,

Judith Ellen Rapaport Sternberg
Boise, Idaho

Judith Sternberg
Boise, Idaho  USA

Re: Seeking tombstone translation for Meyer Siegel #translation #usa

Dubin, David M. MD

A poem in the form AABBCCDD...

H(ere) L(ies)
An upright man, who walked righteously
He feared God all his days
He studied God's Torah at all times
And kept His commandments with his whole heart
His soul will rest with the Eternal One forever
He will rest and rise to receive his reward at the end of days
Mr Meir Josef son of Mr. Nehemiah the Levite SEGAL
Died six days in the m(onth of) Adar
In the year 675 by the short count (ie, 5675 = 1915)
May his soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life (a boilerplate abbrev.)

David Dubin
Teaneck, NJ

ViewMate translation request - #translation #russia

Jeremy Lichtman

I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation.

It is a death record from Pulawy from 1881. I don't require a full translation, just interested in any names or places mentioned.

It is located at ViewMate at

Many thanks,

Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada

ViewMate translation request - Polish #translation #poland

Jeremy Lichtman

I've posted two vital records in Polish for which I need translations.

They're from the "civil" records from Kolo, both dated 1822. They're somewhat messy, and appear to not be fully following the Napoleonic format; my apologies in advance!

They're on ViewMate at:

Please respond via the forms provided on the ViewMate image pages.

Thank you very much.

Jeremy Lichtman
Toronto, Canada

Re: This week's Yizkor Book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks #ukraine

David Harrison <djh_119@...>

This delightful story is written as if the Cheder died in Eastern Europe and is an outmoded word.  Certainly within the congregation to which I belong Cheder is the word which we use for our Religion School.  We have different classes for children of different ages and at present run it at the time of the Sabbath morning service,  before 50 to 15 years ago it used to be on Sundays.  My understanding of the Yizkor Book is that the writer thinks of it as an outmoded word.  What is the normal title in the USA for the religion school within a congregation? Adult study is different.
David Harrison
Birmingham, England

From: main@... <main@...> on behalf of Bruce Drake <Bdrake100@...>
Sent: 18 June 2021 15:17
To: main@... Notification <main@...>
Subject: [] This week's Yizkor Book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks #ukraine
The cheder (or heder) was an institution of Jewish shtetls that you come across in just about every Yizkor book. Jewish children started learning the Hebrew alphabet at the age of three and then went on to the cheder where they would study the Torah and the Five Books of Moses.
The cheder experience could be inspirational and an indispensable part of Jewish education, not to mention where boys met, interacted, and made friends. But it could also be a terrifying and less-than-optimum learning experience. Much of that depended on the melamed, or instructor, who could be learned and skilled — or an ill-trained teacher who might also be eking out a living as a butcher or gravedigger.
In “My Educators” from the Yizkor book of Mikulince, Ukraine, Haim Preshel’s experience had a shaky start. How could he think otherwise when he heard his teacher mutter under his mustache that he had a “goyisher kop” (a Gentile's head). He would wonder as his lessons went on, why the teacher kept him in the cheder, and while he speculated on the Rebbe’s reason, he also thought, as he kept at his lessons, that “Perhaps I myself changed as I grew, and my head ‘opened’ suddenly.” As he later remembered his days in school, he wrote “Rebbe Yitzhak Moshe, what I have written here was written in your honor.”
There is some wonderful dialogue in the chapter.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

Re: Seeking tombstone translation for Meyer Siegel #translation #usa

Yitschok Margareten

Here lies
A straightforward man who went with integrity
Fearful of God he was all his days
In God's Torah he toiled all his times
And with his whole heart he kept all his commandments
His soul will shelter in the shadow of God forever
And he will rest and raise for his destiny at the end of days
Reb Meyer Yosef son of Reb Nechemya the Levit Segal
Died six days of the month Adar 
Year 5675
May his soul be bound in the bond of everlasting life
Yitschok Margareten

Re: Please translate these headstones for me. #translation

Yitschok Margareten

Here lies
Our dear mother Mrs.
Chaya Sarah daughter of Yeshaya
Died 8 Adar (maybe it's 5 Adar) 5696 [Mar. 2 1936 - or Feb. 28]
May her soul be bound in the bone of everlasting life

Here lies 
My dear husband Baruch dayan ha'emet (Blessing on Death)
Yitzchok son of Baruch Mayer
Died 22 Shevat 5691 [Feb. 9 1931]
May his soul be bound in the bone of everlasting life

Eliezer son of Tzvi
Died 26 Nissan 5701
[this date is April 23 1941 - 1 day after the civil date on the tombstone]

Yitschok Margareten

Re: I´m looking for a genealogist expert in Sephardic lineage #sephardic


My name is Alejandro T. Rubinstein and I am a profesional genealogist based in Mexico City. I have filed various cases of Mexicans who got their EU Spanish passport and some are in the process with the Lisbon Jewish Community.
If interested, please contact me at alejandro@...

Re: tracking a single female immigrant relative #usa


You might try resources that trace graves, such as Dead Fred or Find-a-Grave. may also have mention of her.  It's amazing what a friend found for me there.  Social Security started in the 1930s so assuming she lived past that time, she may also be listed in the death indexes.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Abram Zilberminc #holocaust #poland #usa

Michael Danziger

Nikki, I suggest that you take the photograph you have and the information of his name, along with his parents/grandparents and post it on several Facebook groups. 

One FB group is specifically related to this area of Poland (my family is from Bedzin, so I belong). Bedzin-Sosnowiec-Zawiercie Area Research Society. I would also try the Zaglembie Group ( It has many international members so if Abram went to Israel, ultimately, he might be known by that group. Others worth trying, though the focus is broader, the audience is larger and you never know: Jewish Genealogy Portal; Jewish Ancestry in Poland; Children of Holocaust Survivors.

Good luck to you!

Michael Danziger

MNJGS Zoom Event: June 27, 1PM CDT Phil Goldfarb will speak on The Power of Community - JewishGen Discussion Groups #events #education


Phil Goldfarb, President of JGS of Tulsa, will be speaking on The Power of Community—JewishGen Discussion Groups on June 27 from 1:00-2:30 CDT. Free to members, $5.00 donation requested from non-members.
For registration and more information:


Liba Casson-Nudell
Minneapolis, MN

Re: tracking a single female immigrant relative #usa

Molly Staub

My great-aunt Yenta Groffman Needleman went by the name “Anna“ In inPhiladelphia. For further information, contact staubmolly@....

Molly Staub

Boca Raton, FL

Krasnoye, Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine; London, England, South Philadelphia.

Looking for a reference, for help in free translation, for an archival document, written in the Polish language. #poland #translation

haim segal

I have a notarized document about my grandfather, which I received from the National Archives in Poland,
The document is from 1937, 6 pages long, and is written in Polish clearly and legibly.
I do not know how to read Polish,
Therefore I would be happy to receive a referral, to a person who knows Polish who can translate the document for me,
"Free translation" into English / Hebrew, voluntarily or for a nominal fee.
Haim Segal

Looking for a reference, for help in free translation, for an archival document, written in the Polish language. #poland

haim segal

יש לי מסמך נוטריוני על סבי שקיבלתי מהארכיון הלאומי בפולין,
המסמך הוא משנת 1937, באורך 6 עמודים, והוא כתוב בפולנית בצורה ברורה וקריאה.
אני לא יודע לקרוא פולנית,
לכן אשמח לקבל הפניה לאדם שיודע פולנית שיכול לתרגם את המסמך עבורי,
"תרגום חופשי" לאנגלית / עברית, בהתנדבות או בתשלום סמלי.
חיים סגל

This week's featured collections in Miriam Weiner's new Surname Database at the Routes to Roots Foundation website ( include documents from the towns of: Bolekhov, Ukraine and Chodel, Poland. #holocaust #ukraine #poland

Miriam Weiner

The Routes to Roots Foundation is offering Weekly Featured Collections from the new Surname Databases on its website at


This week, we are highlighting the following: 



1.     Bolekhov, Ukraine

·         1853/1923   Birth Records

·         1840/1938   Death Records

·         1890/1938   Marriage Records


2.     Chodel, Poland

·         Jews Deported from Lublin to Chodel, March 10, 1941



Also check the Image Database for:

             13 images of Bolekhov, Ukraine


Also check the Map Database for:

              2 maps of the town of Bolekhov (1850 and 1888)



Miriam Weiner

Secaucus, NJ


seeking Kornianski lived in Berlin born in Poland #germany #poland

Richard Oppenheimer

I am seeking information on grandparents who married in Berlin in 1926 and fled to USA in 1934 with their children Rudi and Moritz. Grandfather Hirsch Kornianski was born in Suprasl Poland in 1896, grandmother Henni nee Weiberg was born in Ciechanoweic Poland in 1902. Receipt of any pertinent information would be appreciated.
Richard Oppenheimer
Venice, Florida, USA

Re: Jewish nannies from Europe #general


A considerable amount of research into the lives of Jewish women who came to the UK to work as 'domestic servants' has been carried out by Prof Tony Kushner (The Parkes Institute for the study of Jewish/non-Jewish relations, University of Southampton) and Dr Jennifer Craig-Norton. Both have several relevant publications which you can search for online. Several articles have also been written on Bloomsbury House (London), which for many of these young women was the place where they were 'registered' and, if they did not already have a job offer, were allocated to a specific employment. My mother arrived in London in August 1939 and went to work as a nanny in Buckinghamshire. In my research into her life I have met with both authors, who were extremely helpful, and their writings provide a deep insight - often quite shocking - to the experiences of the refugees.
Sohail Husain

Re: I´m looking for a genealogist expert in Sephardic lineage #sephardic

David Lewin

At 15:57 22/06/2021, Julio César Herrera González wrote:
My name is Julio C. Herrera. I was recently approved for Spanish nationality due to Sephardic-Jewish ancestry (I am a Venezuelan residing in Ecuador). I did all the processing myself so I'm pretty familiar with the procedure. Obviously, I know that the Spanish route to obtaining the European Union passport has already been closed, but the Portuguese route is still open. The fact is that I am evaluating the possibility of offering my advisory services to those interested in Portuguese nationality of Sephardic lineage. Although I'm not a lawyer (I'm an economist), for this I have the experience of my Spanish processing and some relatives. In addition to having worked in the Venezuelan diplomatic service for 17 years (so I know the subject of nationalities very well), I am fluent in Portuguese and am well informed about Portuguese procedure. That said, PLEASE, could someone please tell me if knows of any recognized genealogist I can work with? In this regard, remember that most reports would be from Venezuelans, Ecuadorians and other Latin American countries. The aim is to investigate and locate the applicants' Sephardic ancestors so that they can later obtain the Sephardic certificate in the Israeli Community of Lisbon and finally the Portuguese nationality.
Best regards,
Julio C. Herrera
My email: jcesarherrera@...


Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry Databases Gady.Gronich@...
Sephardic Genealogy Research
Sephardic tombstones
Sephardi site, B'Nei Shaare Zion, USA

David Lewin

Search & Unite attempt to help locate people who, despite the passage of so many years since World War II, may still exist "out there".
We also assist in the process of re-possession of property in the Czech Republic and Israel.
See our Web pages at

Request for translation from Polish‏‏ #subcarpathia #poland #translation

Shimy Karni

I found in JewishGen a short description of my grandfather's brother, Leib Horn.

Unfortunately it is written in Polish and I do not understand it.
Attached please find the text, and I will be very happy and thankful
to whom who will translate it for me to English or Hebrew.

thanks in advanced,
Shimi Karni

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