ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation

Julia Levin

I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Julia Levin

ViewMate translation request - German #germany #translation

Alan Kolnik

I've posted a two page letter written in Germany  sent from Palestine in 1939 for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following addresses. The writer was one of the 13 Jews killed when the Italian Air Force bombed Tel Aviv on 12 June 1941

It is on ViewMate at the following addresses: 

Page 1:

Page 2:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you,

Alan Kolnik
North Bethesda MD

Viewmate translations request -- Russian #poland #records #translation

Ricki Hollander

I would like to ascertain if these 2 birth records and a death records are of my grandmother's siblings whom I just discovered existed.  I would appreciate any help in figuring out the name of the birth or death, the names and ages of the parents and the age of the deceased in the case of the death record.  The files are:

Thank you very much!

Ricki Hollander

Congratulations to Ron Arons being elected Secretary of the IAJGS #jgs-iajgs

jeremy frankel

The Board and 200+ members of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society applaud long-time member for being elected Secretary of the IAJGS. Many of us are very familiar with Ron’s wide-ranging experience in genealogy, as well as creating ‘systems’ that help people brainstorm and think creatively. I’m sure he will put all these (and other skills) to good use in his new ‘career.’


Jeremy Frankel

San Francisco Bay Area
Jewish Genealogical Society

Viewmate translation request --RUSSIAN #translation

Ricki Hollander

I would appreciate any help in figuring out who the parents are in this death record, as well as the exact date of death recorded and age of the deceased.  I believe it is a great-great uncle, but this would help me tremendously in fuguring out if I have the right person.

The file is:

Thank you very much.

Ricki Hollander

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation #poland #russia

Greg Tuckman

Hello everyone,
I've posted 5 vital records in Russian for which I need translations. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

1.  Death record of Icek BLUMENSZTOK:

2.  Marriage record of ROZENBAUM - BLUMENSZTOK:

3.  Birth Record of Szlema Zelman BLUMENSZTOK:

4.  Birth record of Malka Rajzla MICENMACHER:

5.  Marriage record of BLUMENSZTOK - MICENMACHER:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #ukraine #translation

Mary Ann

I've posted a revision list record in Russian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much!
Mary Ann Schaefer, Boulder, CO

SCHVARCZ & FABULA - Miskolc #hungary

Rony Golan

Dear all,

I am seeking contact with family members of the SCHVARCZ (FEKETE) family of Miskoc, Hungary:

Jozsef SCHVARCZ married Szeren FABULA in Miskolc in 1899. He was the son of Moszes SCHVARZ & Lina KREIS. She was the daughter of Jozsef FABULA & Fanny-Rebekka FRIEDMAN.

Seems that they had 13 children for whom I already have the vital records:

Juliana (b. 1899)
Bela (b. 1914)
Lajos (b. 1901)
Ignacz (b. 1890)
Dezso (David)
Geza (b. 1895)

For some members I found Pages of Testimony.

I am looking for people who are related to this very family, and wonder if anyone here recognizes this family.

Please reply privately.

Thank you!
Rony Golan
Ramat HaSharon, Israel

                        EISDORFER, Hungary
                        SLOMOVITS, Sighet, Romania

Novaky Records #records

Bernard Weill

Do records exist showing those who were sent to as wellas those who survived the Novaky labor camp in Slovakia?

Bernard Weill

Re: Looking for information Warnick/Vernik from Zvenigorod, Cherkassy Oblast, Ukraine #ukraine

Myrna Simon

My paternal family came from Zvenigorod (Zvengorotka, is it the same)? The surnames were Gudz and Koshevetsky. I believe some of the family is still there, although most left many years ago, and there are family members in Moscow.
Myrna Simon
Newport Beach, CA

Jewish Records from Gomel (Homel) Belarus #belarus

Michelle Sandler

I just found out my Husband's maternal Mebel family may have
originated in Gomel (Homel) Belarus and not Barysaw Belarus as I have
always thought for 37 years. I tried looking at Family Search,
JewishGen Family Finder and Routes to Roots and I have found nothing.
What is the availability of Jewish records from this town? JewishGen
seems to be broken at the moment.

Michelle Sandler MLS
Westminster, California
President OCJGS
VP Programming OCJGS
Librarian OCJGS
Head of Libraries IAJGS

Re: Mogilev-Podolsky and Shargorod 2020 Updates #ukraine #records #translation #yizkorbooks

Wendy Kalman


I made a donaton but since Phyllis's email isn't complete on this page, I was unable to send the recept. I wanted to inquire if there is an update?
Those of my TEPLITKSY family who left M-P for the US left between 1906-1921, but I have not been able to find any vital records, voter or revision lists for them prior to their leaving( I don't think they were landowners but all tailors). Of those who stayed -- two brothers and their famiies -- one perished completely and the other almost in its entirety during the Holocaust. I was able to track descendents (in Israel and actually still living in M-P) from that latter famly, but very much want to give names to the faces in the pictures I have of the first family. In this case, vital records during the 1900s would be incredibly helpful. I was told my BERG family arrived in M-P during hte 1900s from Kamentz-Podolsky but again, have found no vital records to support their existence in M-P either. 

Anyway, thank you for the work you are doing. If you want to look up the donation, it is under Invoice #: 916103999. 

Thank you,
Wendy Kalman

Re: Vehicle registration query #romania #hungary #general

Theo Rafael

Interesting topic, I just read on the history of registration plates: and
You could try to inquire with The Romanian Automobile Club first. Otherwise you could try to inquire with this authority but good luck with it :) 

BTW, the expropriation and deportation of Jews from Romanian villages to the county capitals was done by the Romanian Government, not Garda de Fier (although the latter were part of the government for ~4 months earlier in 1940). And there were no Germans involved in this, it was the Romanians' doing in its entirety... 
My father touches briefly on this in a short album - book about our family which we published in Hebrew and Romanian Himself and his parents went through the same thing. If you read either language I could send you a pdf version... 

Theo Rafael

Re: Miami, FL - defunct Jewish funeral home - where are the records? #general #usa #records

Adam Turner

Some thoughts after some quick checking just now:

-while the Gordon funeral home is technically "defunct", it did not go out of business entirely. Rather, it went through various rounds of mergers. When I was last living in Miami in the early 2000s, it was called Riverside-Gordon Memorial Chapels. It appears that RGMC itself is now part of the gigantic Dignity Memorial network of funeral homes, which now manages Mount Nebo-Kendall.

-So it is possible that Gordon's records ended up somewhere at Dignity, and you just need to make contact with someone high enough on the Dignity totem pole to get them to haul those out from wherever they currently are. (I know - a salesperson at Mount Nebo-Kendall told you they don't have any records, but...1) all that probably means is that the onsite cemetery office where he/she is working may not have the records; 2) my experiences with customer-facing service employees in Miami have not exactly filled me with confidence that most of them ever know what they are talking about; half the time you have to go over their heads to get a truthful answer to even the simplest questions.)

-maybe someone at the Chevra Kadisha will have a better idea of whom you need to call to get a definitive answer?

Good luck!

Adam Turner

JGFF Success. (You could potentially do the same)

Lara Diamond

I've been registered on JewishGen's JGFF for years. And a distant
cousin who contacted me because of that listing may have given me a
hint to my family's origins. (If you haven't registered your own
ancestral names/towns, you should do so. And even if you have, check
if anyone else has registered common research interests.)

Here's the story:

Lara Diamond
Baltimore, MD

Re: Hebrew translation on gravestone #translation

Ittai Hershman

It is really wonderful to see so many people translating gravestones.  While it's true that the literal translation of Isha Ha'Chashuva (אשה החשובה) can be rendered as an important woman, that is a bit misleading as it probably means something closer to independent than important -- meaning a woman who had stature in her own right rather than just as a wife.  I don't know whether anyone has written on this regarding gravestones, but the classic discussion of the term is in Talmud Bavli 108a regarding ritual leaning at the Passover Seder.  If anyone has cites for its usage on gravestones, I would be interested.

And while I'm quibbling, there is no "eternal" or "everlasting" in תנצב״ה.  

Ittai Hershman,
New York City


Finding grave Ada/Ida/Aida Mager/Rosencoff #usa


My great-grandmother Ada (Ida/Aida) Mager Rosencoff died on March 11, 1937 and according to her Philadelphia death certificate was buried in Har Jehuda Cemetery in Upper Darby (just outside Philadelphia) PA. I cannot find any record of her there. I did find her husband, Samuel Rosencoff, who died a couple of years later and was buried in the same cemetery (he was not my great-grandfather, but the 5th of her 5 husbands- 4 of whom predeceased her). If anyone has any idea as to how I might find her grave I would appreciate it. I have read that the cemetery is barely maintained and there is no one there to talk to.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Rona Michelson, Modiin Israel

Looking for any info on Berel Litvac, Vinnytsia, Ukraine #ukraine #romania

Lainie Levick

Hi, does anyone have any information on Berel LITVAC and his wife Goldie (YUZVINSKY), who left for Phila., PA, in 1921. They had lived in Vinnytsia, and traveled through Romania, where their son Chaim Felwich was born in Bucharest. They had a Romanian passport, and their documents list friends from Romania as Zeilik Kertsman, and Jankel Weitman, both from Bels, Romania. Any information on Berel and Goldie would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Lainie Levick, Tucson, Arizona


Upcoming Programs from the Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh #dna #events #jgs-iajgs #announcements #sephardic

Steve Jaron

Mark your calendars! Upcoming Programs from the Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh.
On August 29th at 1pm Eastern Michael Waas will be presenting his talk “Muestro Yerusha: Jewish Heritage and Identity in the Ottoman Empire”

Sephardic heritage and history can be presented in radically different ways in different places. Michael Waas, co-administrator of the Sephardic Diaspora group on Facebook, will discuss three heritage projects in the former Ottoman Empire—Salonika, Izmir and Tire—which have each taken a different approach to the task. Each of these cities has vibrant and active Jewish heritage projects. However, their shared history as Ottoman Jewish communities and the fact that they each have ongoing projects is where their similarities end. Learn about these historic communities and how others see us.

To Register For This Program Please Click Here

On September 19th at 1pm Eastern Adina Newman will be presenting her talk “Practical Genetic Genealogy & Endogamy: Making Sense of Your Ashkenazi Jewish DNA Matches”

Does your family tree look like tumbleweed? Do you have thousands upon thousands of DNA matches that make no sense? DNA matches that don’t show up for your parents, or matches that seem to all match each other? Don’t give up! Learn tips and techniques to mitigate the effects of endogamy in your DNA family search.

To Register For This Program Please Click Here

To celebrate the intersection of Family History Month and International Jewish Genealogy Month, The Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh will be hosting an Ask The Experts Panel with Tammy Hepps, Caitlin Hollander, Jarrett Ross, and Michael Waas on October 31, 2021 at 1pm Eastern. These experts come from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and areas of expertise. For more information please download the flyer. Please register by September 30 for a chance to submit your questions in advance to one or all of our panelists. Download the flyer to learn about each of our experts.

Registration Link Coming Soon - Flyer for this program is attached
On November 14 at 11am Eastern we will be hosting our first hybrid program with Author Jessica Weible.

On assignment for a small-town newspaper in rural Pennsylvania, rookie reporter, Jessica Weible, meets Joan Swigart, a creative fireball and “pioneer in print.” As the two women forge a relationship based on their passion for storytelling, Joan reveals a mystery that she had discovered years ago, but had never solved—a pile of dead letters found in an abandoned general store, just before it was torn down. Joan gives Jessica the letters, each stamped and dated over a hundred years ago, and encourages Jessica to investigate the untold stories of the people and places contained in each one.

What begins as yet another assignment for the reporter, a young millennial who relies happily on email and texting as the primary means of communication, develops into a heartfelt mission to tell the story of the people and places in the letters. The young reporter’s journey takes unexpected twists and turns through the quiet lumber towns of Pennsylvania, the early American settlements in Massachusetts, the bustling crowds at Ellis Island, the violent strikes at the Passaic textile mills, the world of immigrant Jewish families, and beyond.

Registration Link Coming Soon

Cost for Ask The Experts is $10 USD, All other programs are $5 USD. All programs are free for members of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh.

For just $18/yr you can become a member of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh. Membership include free admission to all programs, subscription to our newsletter (click button for our most recent issue), access to our members only portal and access to our private Facebook Group. Click Here To Join

Whether or not you are a member if you wish to support our efforts please consider donating to our organization via Square or PayPal. Donations allow us pay for speaker fees and related items as well as administrative costs.

For more information please contact us via our website.

Thank You
Steven Jaron
President - JGS of Pittsburgh
@pghjgs on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

Re: Belarus #belarus

Gerry Posner

Is there a plan to also do the following shtetls? Propoisk, now Slavgorod, Krichev, Mstislavl?

Gerry Posner, Toronto, formerly of Winnipeg.