Searching for David and Michael Treff-Tour #israel


I would appreciate any help in locating information/contact for David and Michael Treff-Tour. They live or lived in Israel and are descendants (sons?) of Josef Treff-Tour (b 1926 Berlin - d 1987 Israel).  Josef was a son of Isidore Treff and Lea Leonore Treff, husband of Hana Tour and formerly of Aviva Treff-Tour, brother of Hanna Palenker and Dora Treff.

Lynda Mandlawitz

Re: RADICZINER family in HERTNEK, HUNGARY, now SLOVAKIA #austria-czech

Geoffrey Sea

My haplogroup is a subgroup of A -- nothing to do with any usual Ashkenazi haplogroup but 90% of the living people who have it are Ashkenazi. It comes originally from East Asia.  My 3rd great grandparents were Ahron and Dvora Radicziner of Hertnik. They were listed on census reports. There is no doubt they lived there and that they were Jewish. Haplogroup A does not exist among non-Jeiwsh Hungarians or Slovaks.
Geoffrey Sea
Writer and Historian
Portsmouth, Ohio, USA

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation #poland #russia

Greg Tuckman

Hello  everyone,
I've posted 5 vital records in Russian for which I need a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

1.  Birth record of Estera Maryia ACHTMAN:

2.  Death record of Lejbus BLUMENSZTOK:

3.  Birth record of Chaja Frajda BLUMENSZTOK:

4.  Birth record of Zelda BLUMENSZTOK:

5.  Birth record of Izaak Wolf BLUMENSZTOK:
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Re: Beth Moses Cemetery in Bronx, NY #usa #photographs

Renee Steinig

Beth Moses Cemetery is in Suffolk County, Long Island, not in the
Bronx. See . In fact, the Bronx is the one New
York City borough that has no Jewish cemetery.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills (Long Island) NY

On Sun, Oct 17, 2021, Rebecca Parmet <drparmet@...> wrote:

Is anyone planning to be near or at Beth Moses Cemetery in the Bronx, NY anytime soon?

Re: Looking for info on towns: Bartfeld & Bardejov #austria-czech

Kathy Lorber

Check out the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee.

They are restoring many of the Jewish sites in Bardejov. I have Lorber ancestors who lived in Bardejov in the 1870's.

Kathy Lorber
Montville, NJ

LORBER: Poughkeepsie, Bardejev, Slovakia; FELDMAN: Varjufalu/Stulany, Slovakia; LIVINGSTON/LEVENSTEIN: Chicago, Davenport Iowa, Lithuania;
GOLDMAN/SZEYP: Davenport, Iowa, Mariampol, Lithuania; DAVIS: Chicago, Wales, UK; HERTZBERG: Chicago, Courland, Lithuania; GOLDBERG: Odessa, Ukraine

Re: Info on family of Fanny SCHWAB possibly of Hanau? #germany #general

Reuven Mohr

when looking at Hanau Schwab records, make sure to include in possible matches variations of Fanny, like
Frommet, Fradele, Feile, Veile, Veronica, Feigle, Feigele, Voegele, Vogel and so on. 
Names were used in large variations at this time - without considering them as different names.

good luck,
Reuven Mohr

Re: Any users of Mac Family Tree here? #general


Hello Jonathan:

I have used MacFamilyTree for several years and recommend it. We all have our way of doing research, and this is what works for me. I I do most of my research on Ancestry, but use other sites as well. I manage several trees and build them on Ancestry. Then I create a GEDCOM file and import each tree into MacFamilyTree. The latter has many more options, than Ancestry, for presenting, organizing, displaying, printing, and publishing trees. For printing the tree, I created a high resolution file on MacFamilyTree, and downloaded the file to a flash drive. Then I went to Staples with the flash drive, and had them print a large size of the tree on card stock. The person I worked with attached the sheet to foam board, and sealed a protective plastic layer on top--all for about $30.00. I attached the finished product to the wall using 3M Command Strips. It looks great, and the cost was so much less than going to a frame store for mounting, matting, and framing with glass and wood. Two other things to know about MacFamilyTree: it's integrated with FamilySearch, so you can do research in the app, and the app offers free hosting of a family tree Web site. I don't use FB, so I can't comment on the user group.

Good luck.

Mike Levy

Re: How to Find a Name Change #poland #names

Kathryn Kanarek James

My great uncle (from Janow) changed his surname from Wang to Warren when he was naturalized in 1916 (last page of naturalization record). The children of my great grandparents came to EllisIsland under their mother’s maiden name, Singer, but became Kanarek (their father’s surname) in the US census. In Galicia, their parents had a religious marriage, but not a civil marriage. My mother’s father, grandfather and uncles changed their surname from Siduche/Seduch at Ellis Island to Sader. Some people changed their surnames at local courts.
Kathryn Kanarek James
Annandale, VA, USA
Names of interest: WEGODNER/WAGNER, SIDUCH  (Sokolievka/Justingrad Ukraine), GOLDSTEIN, LANDA (Shpikov, Ukraine), WANG (Janow Lubelski, Russia Poland), KANAREK, BROD (Tarnobrzeg, Tarnow, Galicia) SINGER/KATZENELLENBOGEN (Tarnow, Galicia)

Re: Info on family of Fanny SCHWAB possibly of Hanau? #germany #general

Karen Franklin


Re: To offer genealogy services in Ukraine #ukraine #general


Vladimir  Kreshchyshyn I was unable to find your email address.
I am looking for any information on my paternal GF, Louis (Leyzer) Faneuil. He lists several dates on records. I can't locate his birth records etc.
Dov Baer) Faneuil (Fayn, Fainer)

B:17 Apr 1888 Volhynia Province, Ukraine

D:27 Dec 1960 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

I have discovered that his parents were 
Dov Ber (Baer, Barnet) Fayn (Fainer)
B:abt 1855 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

Feiga (Fannie) Rottmen (Rottman, Roitman)
B:Abt. 1862 Kovel, Volyn, Ukraine 

Girsha (Yankel, Girsh, Girsz) Fayn 

B:abt 1829 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

Ester (Estera, Asne) Fayn

B:abt 1833 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania


Movsha (Jacob, Yankel) Fayn/Fain


B:abt 1808-1810 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

D:13 Jul 1892 Yasvoin Josvainiai, Kedainiai, Lithuania

Zelda (Zlata, Slatte) Fayn

B:abt 1808 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania


Zelda (Zlata, Slatte) Fayn



BIRTH ABT 1808  Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

DEATH Unknown


Zelman Salmen Fayn


BIRTH 1781  Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania

DEATH Unknown

Rivka Riwke Reba Fayn

B:abt 1790 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania


Louis Leyzer (Leyzor Eliezer Lazarus) Fayn


B:Abt 1755 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania




B:Abt 1758 Josvainiai, Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania


Any info would be appreciated.

Robert A. Faneuil
62 Noanett RD
Needham Heights, MA 02494
raf3838@..., raf3838@...

Re: Passenger Manifests #southafrica #usa #education

Bob Silverstein

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 10:42 AM, Esta Kawaoka wrote:

Bob Silverstein
Elk Grove Village, IL

Researching Kaplan (Krynki, Poland) Tzipershteyn (Logishin, Pinsk, Belarus), Friedson/Fridzon (Pinsk, Cuba, Massachusetts), Israel and Goodman (Mishnitz, Warsaw, Manchester).

Chiena? #names


In the Litvak SIG database, the 1829 Panemune Frentzela death record for my 3rd great grandfather Abram Werebey lists his wife, my 3rd great grandmother, as Chiena. 

What can you tell me about this name? Is it meant to be pronounced with a Hebrew/Yiddish Chet sound like a Chaya, Chava,  and Chana? Or is it a tsch should like Charna? Is it related to one of those names? Is it a mistake and really should have been one of those names?

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Susan Graber Slusky
Highland Park, NJ

Synagogues of the US #usa #announcements

Nurit Har-zvi

Thought this might be of interest. I don't think you need a library card to join the talk. Oct 19th at 6PM EDT.
Nurit Har-zvi



Explore the history of the United States vis-a-vis its synagogues. Jews have lived in the United States since 1654 and have built synagogues in all styles–from simple wood-frame structures to elaborate designs ranging from Moorish Revival to Classical to Romanesque and even Art Deco. We will explore the myriad synagogues designed by such noted architects as Frank Lloyd Wright, Adler and Sullivan, Louis Kahn, and Minoru Yamasaki (who also designed the World Trade Towers). Join the conversation: or call in +1-408-418-9388 Access code: 2349 533 5763


Tuesday, October 19


Re: Was Japanese righteous diplomat Chiune Sugihara honoured in Montreal? #poland #holocaust #lithuania #yiddish



Sugihara's son, Hiroki, was in Montreal in late 1998 to attend a memorial event.

Rabbi Leib Baron is quoted in the article.

David Kimmel
Montreal, Canada

Beth Moses Cemetery in Bronx, NY #usa #photographs

Rebecca Parmet

Is anyone planning to be near or at Beth Moses Cemetery in the Bronx, NY anytime soon?

I need photos taken of a couple of gravestones.  

Rebecca Parmet
Researching surnames: Lachman, Lakhman, Buchdrucker, Hirschmann, Milgendler/Milander,
MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately

Re: How to Find a Name Change #poland #names

Jill Whitehead

I think you need to look at the name Grossman. It does not seem very Lomza like, more an anglicised name, although as this area was on the borders with East Prussia, there were many German names . Also it is helpful to look at patronyms, as a number of my families reverted to their family patronyms on emigrating to the UK from the Suwalki Lomza areas during 1865-1875 e.g. Ceglarski became Abrahams, some of my Serwianskis/Servians (who went to USA) became Max or Marks.  As some Polish names were difficult, they were often simplified to something more understandable. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: NORDHEIMER Family of Memmelsdorf in Unterfranken #germany

Stefan Rohrbacher

Until 1835 the Jews of Memmelsdorf buried their dead in the old Jewish cemetery near Ebern. This is where I found the headstone for Wolf Schmay Nordheimer's first wife. The epitaph is badly worn but readable:

אשת חיל כשרהו [!] כאביגיל
'ושמה נודע בשערים מ
'שינלה עטרת בעלה פו
'כמהור"ר בנימן המכונ
וואלף מ"ד הנפטרת בשם
טוב ליל שביעי ונקברת
'אחרון של פסח תק"ע ל
עליה נאמר אשה בכל
'אלה לא מצאת [!] ת'נ'צ'ב'ה

From the epitaph it appears that Scheinle died on April 25, 1810. Here is a photo of her headstone:

Best wishes,
Stefan ROHRBACHER, Duesseldorf

Re: translation of Hebrew on tombstone #translation

Miriam Deutscher

Here lies Hinda, daughter of Reb Shmuel (Samuel) Nachum
Passed away 12 Sivan (5)709

Miriam Deutscher

Info on SCHWARZSCHILD family of Rückingen Hessen Germany? #germany #general

Melody Schloss

I would like to connect with anyone who might possibly have information on or suggestions for finding information on one of my husband's lines in the late 1700s and early 1800s.
SCHWARZSCHILD family of Rückingen Hessen Germany
Hona Herz SCHWARZSCHILD  Possible death in Rückingen 
was the father of:  
Naftali Herz SCHWARZSCHILD   Birth ca1802 Possibly Rückingen    Death 26 Sep1872 Hanau Hessen Germany
  m#1  Fanny SCHWAB on 26 Oct 1836 at Hanau Hessen    Child: Moritz
            (Fanny died 15 Jul 1845 in Frankfürt on Main at age 32)
  m#2  Sara GLAUBERG on after 1845    Known children: Mathilde, Bertha, a son  (Sara was widow of FÜRTH at time of marr)
Naftali and Fanny were my husband's 3great grandparents.
I found a listing in Kelly's Directory of Merchants Manufacturers and Shippers of a MH Schwab & Schwarzschild, Liebfranenberg 29.
Apparently they were wholesalers in clothing materials and their building was called 'Braunfels'.  Wondering if this is the same Schwab and Schwarzschild?
At the time of his first wife Fanny's death in 1845 the record states she was 'the 32 year old wife of the Jewish merchant Herz Schwarzschild of Rückingen in Kurhessen'. 
Naftali Herz is buried in the Jewish cemetery in Hanau.  
I have been unable to find any information on Naftali's siblings or parents, with the exception of his father's name.  I can find no early records for Rückingen except for a list of surname adoptions in 1811, where Hona Herz chose SCHWARZSCHILD.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Melody Schloss
Santa Barbara CA USA

Re: I'm trying to locate a Jewish twin brother who came to New York from Shanghai via Japan in 1938. #usa

Hilary Osofsky

I would check Ancestry's California Passenger Lists. My son-in-law's g-g-grandparents had been living in Japan before emigrating to the U.S. in 1906. I found the record of their voyage from Yokohama to San Francisco among those lists, as well as the record of his g-g-grandfather's initial 1902 exploratory voyage, which departed from Hong Kong for San Francisco.

Hilary Osofsky