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Lee Jaffe

As it happens, a friend just sent me an article, "Bureaucracy, Agents, and Swindlers: The Hardships of Jewish Emigration from the Pale of Settlement in the Early 20th Century" by Gur Alroey (Studies in Contemporary Jewry : Volume XIX (2004), which focuses on the work of the Jewish Colonization Association (ICA) founded by Baron Maurice de Hirsch to assist Jews trying to leave the Pale of Settlement.   One of the tools of the ICA was a series of informational booklets designed to aid emigres negotiating the journey out of Eastern Europe and then finding their way in their new countries.  With this thread on my mind, the following passage jumped out at me (emphasis is mine).  

The most comprehensive of these booklets was that dealing with the United States, which was updated annually in a 6,000-copy edition. It presented information on various cities (with an emphasis on employment opportunities). The ICA’s policy was to discourage immigrants from concentrating in large cities and to persuade them instead to settle further inland.

The ICA hasn't been mentioned elsewhere in this thread, so I hope hearing about their role in Jewish migration at the turn of the 20th c. will be useful and of interest.

I know that Baron de Hirsch sponsored a number of projects to help settle Jews departing the Pale. At least one of his projects, the New Jersey agricultural "colonies," were aimed toward getting Jews already established in the United States to leave slums in the big eastern cities and resettle in farm communities.  My great-grandfather Henry Jaffe initially settled in Memphis TN after leaving Poland in the late 1880s but moved the family to Philadelphia for a few years in the late 1890s before moving to Rosenhayn, one of a cluster of de Hirsch's New Jersey colonies.   I don't know what brought my ggf to Memphis in the first place, why he decided to move to Philadelphia or how he came to own a farm in New Jersey.  I did hear from my grandfather about the family's brief experience at farming.  After shipping their entire year's yield of beans to the nearby Birdseye plant, they received a check for 3 and a half cents in return.  That convinced them that farming was not for them and they returned to Phila. and entered the shmata business.

In another version, he author Calvin Trillin who was born in Kansas City, MO wrote that his family settled there because the established and assimilated German Jews of New York were embarrassed by the arrival of masses of Eastern European Jews.  They arranged (how?) for subsequent ships to dock at ports other than New York – including Galveston, where Trillin's ancestors disembarked – encouraging them to settle in other parts of the country.  I don't know whether this scheme to divert steamships has been documented but it is true that Jews arrived at other ports and points of entry where they did find opportunities and supportive communities nearer by.

One further narrative of Jewish settlement elsewhere than NYC comes from The Jew Store by Stella Suberman, who described a pattern of established businesses branching out by sending a relative to start a new outpost down the road.  In many cases, they were pioneers, the first Jews in their new towns, but they became magnets for other Jews who followed and built up vibrant viable communities.   An extensive network of Jewish communities, growing around these branch businesses, was planted across the rural southern US in this way.  

Lee David Jaffe

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Michele Lock

I'm not a photo expert, but here's my two cents - 

Her hair is bobbed, so definitely at least the 1920s. The headband she is wearing was popular in the 1920s as well. Here's a photo of a similar one:

It looks like the style of top she is wearing is what was called a 'middy blouse', probably named after 'midshipman'. Apparently it was in fashion by at least the early 1920s. 

But for a real expert opinion, I'd contact Ava 'Sherlock' Cohn  []

Michele Lock

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Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock in Plunge/Telsiai in Lithuania
Trisinsky/Trushinsky/Sturisky and Leybman in Dotnuva, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine/Lev/Lew in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Vilna gub., Belarus

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David Harrison <djh_119@...>

You may have a problem with records for Hannover.  Not many years ago I was searching for records for 17th Century in Emden and these were not kept centrally then but the Archivist in Hannover organised a meeting in Emden for me with an Archivist the following day.  Some of the individual Archives were not related to particular towns but to what had obviously been land holdings of a monastery or nobleman or similar.  I would suggest that you try Hannover first for possible information of any specific other archive.  As an example, Emden archive published several books (in German) on subjects such as Jewish family names going back.  It may now be possible to search such information in a single source.  If so, please let me know privately.
David Harrison
Birmingham, England
Searching VAN RYN in Netherland and German Friesland

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Subject: [] Kingdom of Hannover BMDs #germany #general
I would appreciate suggestions from the experts in this group on how to go about finding birth records from the Kingdom of Hanover dating to 1829. I do not have the name of the town where the birth took place. Are records from that era even available? I suspect that the person in question was born closer to Bremerhaven.
Richard Oppenheimer
Venice, Florida, USA

Re: Liba KONIGSBUCH GOTTFIERD From Oberhaid in the Czech Republic #usa #galicia #austria-czech

Sherri Bobish


Oberhaid may be one of these two towns (found by a phonetic search at:

Zbytiny, Ober-Haid populated place 48°56' N 13°59' E G Czech Republic 81.9 miles SSW of Praha 50°05' N 14°28' E
Horní Dvořiště, Ober-Haid populated place 48°36' N 14°24' E G Czech Republic 102.2 miles S of Praha 50°05' N 14°28' E

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Killings in Linkuva #holocaust #lithuania


To bring this up-to-date:  When visiting Linkuva few years ago, we were having difficulty locating the Jewish cemetery.  When we asked locals for assistance, we were repeated told that "there are no Jews here", "there is no Jewish cemetery" (with much derision on the word Jewish); and "there never were any Jews here".  


Susan Gray, Chicago

TEMKO and GOLDBERG from Linkuva

Re: Killings in Linkuva #holocaust #lithuania

Frank Szmulowicz

You may be interested in an English-language account of Lithuanian pogroms in  "Our People, Discovering Lithuania's Hidden Holocaust" by Ruta Vanagaite - a Lithuanian journalist, author, and descendant of the perpetrators -  and Efraim Zuroff - a Nazi hunter and descendant of victims.
Frank Szmulowicz

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Adam Cherson

I'm having the same problem. When I contacted JG support I was told the problem is arising from my end, but I've tried using two different computers with two different operating system's and two different browsers so I don't know what is really going on.
Adam Cherson

Re: Question on Ron Day Vo photograph #photographs

Bernard Miller

I don't think she has a brace.  It looks like a rolled up newspaper to me.

Here's a guide to the pronunciation (from India where the name is popular):

There seem to have been several Ron.Day.Voo cafes, bars, hotels and patisseries - including a nice-looking hotel, restaurant and café in present-day Udaipur in India and another in Australia (plus some Ron.D.Voos and Ron Da Voos).  This place in Camden New Jersey appears to fit the timing of the picture although I haven't found any pictures of the building only these ads.  60 cents looks pricey for dinner and floor show.


and this one in Scranton burned down 65 years ago

and here's one from Cleveland

I think a search would find several more.  Could any of those locations be useful?
Bernard Miller

Kingdom of Hannover BMDs #germany #general

Richard Oppenheimer

I would appreciate suggestions from the experts in this group on how to go about finding birth records from the Kingdom of Hanover dating to 1829. I do not have the name of the town where the birth took place. Are records from that era even available? I suspect that the person in question was born closer to Bremerhaven.
Richard Oppenheimer
Venice, Florida, USA

Re: Can Nazi forced labour records be found of Bohemia (Böhmen-Kamnitz) ? #holocaust


Thank you Rosibal and e l for informing me where I may find the records of holocaust victims.
The two perons I mentioned were still alive after the war and returned to Amsterdam. Sofar I have found conflicting information about them and am trying to find out what the situation was.
Ron Peeters(NL)

Re: Question on Ron Day Vo photograph #photographs

Alan Cohen

It's presumably a pun on the word Rendezvous -there are two Os not one.. The girl is leaning on a car bonnet so what looks like a brace might be the vehicle's mascot. Perhaps a classic car enthusiast could identify the make. So maybe the place is a garage or meeting place for racing car fans. 1920-30 I guess.

Alan Cohen

Liba KONIGSBUCH GOTTFIERD From Oberhaid in the Czech Republic #usa #galicia #austria-czech

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners, 

Just discovered on Ancestry an entry from SSDI about Liba KONIGSBUCH GOTTFRIED who was born in 1914 in Oberhaid, Czech Republic. She died on Jul 1st 1998 and was also known as Libby Gottfried. Her father was Aaron and mother was Dobra Feilzut( all this is from Ancestry).
My maternal family is KOENIGSBUCH, a very rare surname all of whose bearers hail  from Brzesko, Galicia. Aron was quite a common name in the family and I am aware of one branch which
resided until 1940 in Michalovce, Slovakia. Oberhaid is totally new for me and I find a difficulty in tracing Liba/Libby.
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Jacob Rosen

Re: Why St. Louis? #usa

Emily Rosenberg

-- How nice to hear your "next generation " story and the effort the community made to help you and others resettle 
Emily Rosenberg
Oakland, California

KESNER in Amsterdam, London, Chicago
STODEL in Amsterdam, London, USA
KAWIN in Suwalki and Poland
RUBINSKY in Suwalki and Poland

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Steve Pickoltz


Yes, it looks like you found the marriage record for my aunt's first marriage.  All the name seem correct.  Now that I have a #1 husband's name---Edward McMahon, all I have to find out when he died and if there is an online death cert or notice.

Steve Pickholtz

Killings in Linkuva #holocaust #lithuania


Today, 23 July 2021 is the 80th anniversary of the day about 700 older men, women and children from the village on Linkuva were taken to the forest and shot/killed - including many members of our Blumzon family. I won't list their names here. 

The killings ended at about 1pm so by now they would all have been eliminated. As in most other Lithuanian villages the killers were not Germans but Lithuanians - in this case the brothers Jonais and Popilais Stumbris; and the brothers Tarashka, Jasaivitzios and others, and the three sons of the local chemist Jasukaitis (Sintauris, Januskais, and Simonatas).

Linkuva shtetl website is here : (now also eliminated from the list of links on

You can listen to and read the transcript of an interview with an elderly Lithuanian woman describing the killings here:

May they rest in peace

Dr Aubrey Blumsohn

Sheffield, UK

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Alan Kolnik

I am trying to upload a small GEDCOM file that includes new discoveries in my family and am unable to do so.


Every time I got to the FTJP page and click on the “I ACCEPT and wish to UPLOAD my Gedcom” I get redirected back to the “Login to JewishGen” page.


I successfully change my password to match the new requirements and have no trouble logging on.


Am I  doing something wrong?


Is this a temporary problem or is this function no longer available?




Alan Kolnik


North Bethesda, MD


Re: Can Nazi forced labour records be found of Bohemia (Böhmen-Kamnitz) ? #holocaust


You have to conduct a search at

If you don't find, they have many more records there not yet uploaded to the site so you can always ask them to send you what you need.

Good luck

Shosh Eizenshtein, Toronto

Re: Why St. Louis? #usa


I've enjoyed all the responses about Jewish history in St. Louis. One other prominent immigrant who got his start in St. Louis was Joseph Pulitzer.

Taking this discussion a century forward, my family immigrated to St. Louis from Kiev in 1979. We had no family in the United States and were randomly assigned to this unknown city in the middle of the country. The Jewish community did a fantastic job of resettling the refugees (although I really didn't enjoy the label New Americans). We were met at the airport and taken to a fully furnished apartment -- new furniture, linens, kitchen utensils. In addition to receiving financial assistance, the community provided ESL classes and employment services. Families who wanted to send their children to the private Jewish day school could do so free of charge. In addition, each family was assigned a volunteer sponsor family to help get further acculturated with holiday celebrations and outings. I grew up and lived in University City, where historic Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform congregations occupied the same block.


Mikhailina Karina

Alexandria, Virginia

Re: Need help to get a transcription off a death record for Max Koenig #usa #records

Peter Cohen

There is a very limited list of direct descendants that New York City considers eligible to receive copies of death certificates after 1948. Despite the fact that they are supposed to be released after 70 years, NYC still will not release the details of 1949-1951 records (although Reclaim the Records forced them to release indexes.)

Max Koenig is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Saddle Brook, New Jersey.  Some cemeteries do a better job than others of recording the information that was on the death certificate. And some are more cooperative than others in giving out the information.  Contact Riverside Cemetery and see if they can / will help you. 201-843-7600
Peter Cohen

Re: Records for town Nagyszőllős (Vynohradiv, Ukraine) #ukraine

Janet Furba

Hi ask the records in the State Archive of the Zakarpatskaya Region in Uzhgorod.
Janet Furba,