Re: Proving that a man who died in Paris did not have children #france #general

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Lea,
The first and most important point is set by Robert Roth, such a certification is impossible to established by principe.

Nevertheless, what do we have according to French records ?
You must be aware that privacy is protected at a level understandable by US citizens.
Every data is protected, even vital records less than 70 years old...

Another point is the possibility to have a child without being married,  letting the child with the maiden name of the mother...

If we think about an "official" couple, where could a child be recorded in France :
  • in the naturalization file of the parents if they have been naturalized later than the child's birth : this situation has been very common for Polish Jews emigrating in the 20's or 30's, surviving Shoah in France and naturalized in 45's - 55's period. 
  • in the wedding act of the parents if the child was born previously. A family booklet is given on this day where further children have a place to be registered. I attach a page with the "place" for registering children.
  • concerning child's birth, it's registered in the city of birth which could be any place, Paris or suburbs. This birth isn't registered on parents vital records, only on the family booklet.  The "fiche familiale d'état civil", as said on previous post by my friend Michele Ackerberg, is filed according to this family booklet : the city hall administration can't fill today any document without this booklet. 
  • census of 1946 is available at Paris' city archives but not on line : someone must go there. Later census aren't available due to privacy rules.
  • Searching the cemetery where Simon is buried and asking administration of this cemetery could be a clue to any family relation.
  • In fact, there is only one French administration which have all our personal and family (including wife and declared children) history : this is our "Securite sociale", our "Medicare" which cover all our medical costs at a so high level you can't even dream about. But of course, nobody can access its records...
  • five "Shalit" appear on French white pages : 
That all folks !
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring of France ( Bund / Skif / Workmen Circle)

Re: Proving that a man who died in Paris did not have children #france #general

Martyn Woolf

It is not possible to prove that he was childless. My late wife had an uncle who was married and never had children. Long after he died I had a message asking me if I could suggest how to find a man who had been a musician and appeared on the stage. To cut short a long story I was able to prove that the lady in New Zealand who had been looking for her father for very many years, had finally traced him. The gentleman had fathered a child as the result of a fling with a hotel waitress whilst in Bournemouth one summer.



Martyn Woolf


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Re: Professionals who match individuals in photographs #photographs

Theo Rafael

Interestingly Google Photos is a simple tool that does something of that sort. After uploading the photos, just enable people tagging
I had varying results, sometimes it hits phenomenally, sometimes it misses obvious matches:)

Theo Rafael



Bonjour, Je suis en train de construire mon arbre généalogique, je recherche des renseignements sur des membres de la branche maternelle BAKALARSKI/BAKALARSKA de KIELCE. A la fin de la guerre en 1945 mon grand père Nusym David (Nathan) BAKALARSKI était le seul survivant de cette famille. Ci-joint la photo de la famille datant de 1919.
Merci d'avance

[Looking for information on the BAKALARSKI/BAKALARSKA family.]

Re: Proving that a man who died in Paris did not have children #france #general


Bonjour Léa,
En France il est possible de demander une fiche familiale d'état civil à la Mairie du 16e à Paris (service Etat Civil) qui mentionne toutes les informations concernant la personne.
Voici le lien ,

Michele Akerberg

Question about English index to the Ottoman census records for the Ashkenazi community #general #israel

Stanley Naides



I am looking for a male Feldman likely born in Odessa or nearby, who emigrated to Israel by 1880-1885. 


Does anyone know if there is available an English index to the Ottoman census records for the Ashkenazi community for censuses taken during the 1880 to 1920 period?




Stan Naides

Re: Proving that a man who died in Paris did not have children #france #general

Stephen Weinstein

On Mon, Jul 12, 2021 at 02:16 AM, Lea Haber Gedalia wrote:
prove that a man who died in Paris did not have any children born to him

 The only two ways to "prove" a man did not have children would be either
a) DNA test every child born during the time he lived there and for the next 9 months thereafter.  To be absolutely certain, this requires exhuming the bodies of children born in the time in question who have since died.  (DNA tests on their descendants are not absolute proof, because it's possible that the "descendants" aren't really theirs and their DNA is needed to confirm those relationships.)
b) Establish through medical records or medical tests that he could not have had children due to not having a body part needed or similar reasons.

Realistically, the most you can do is to check records and show that there are no surviving birth or baptism records that list him as the father.  This may satisfy the court.  However, it would still be possible that he fathered a child that was recorded as being someone else's child or as a child whose father was unknown or that he fathered a child that doesn't show up in any records because the records were destroyed, because it was born while the mother was in a country that didn't keep records of births, etc.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, California, USA

JGS of Pittsburgh Presents: Mark Halpern "Understanding Your Galitzianer Family through Vital Records" #poland #ukraine #records #galicia #austria-czech

Steve Jaron

The next program from the Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh

A great many Galician researchers have acquired copies of family records from repositories in Poland and Ukraine or online images provided by the State Archive or Genealogical organizations. Over the last twenty years, the work of Jewish Records Indexing—Poland and Gesher Galicia has made these records more readily available to all Galician researchers.

This session offers an in-depth examination of vital records along with a strategic framework to help researchers in acquiring Galician records to further their research. We will provide a historical perspective covering the regulations that governed Jewish record keeping. We will make sense of the regulations covering civil marriages that impacted the legitimacy and surnames of children. Close examination of sample birth, marriage, and death records will reveal the information contained in the records, identify the records having the most genealogical value, and discover surprises found in many of these records.

This program is made possible by support from the William M. Lowenstein Genealogical Research Endowment Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation.

Click Here To Register

Date: July 21, 2021

Time:7:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Zoom

Cost: $5 for General Public

Free for members of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh

For information on becoming a member of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh please visit or for more information use the contact us form on our website.

Thank You

Steven Jaron
President, JGS of Pittsburgh

Re: Hebrew Headstone translation help needed #translation


Hello Marilyn,

Top –

Yitzhak Zvi son of

Reb Chaim Shlomo


Bottom –

Michle daughter of

Reb Matityahu


Shalom, Malka Chosnek


Re: Twins of Aushwitz #holocaust

Lewis, Megan

Dear Josef,

Please see  
You can contact the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center, resource-center@... for information about these lists.

Megan Lewis, reference librarian, USHMM

Hebrew Headstone translation help needed #translation

Marilyn Golden

Please translate these headstones for me.
Thank you very much in advance!
Thank you,

Marilyn Mazer Golden, Membership VP
Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society of Greater Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Re: Etymology of the Rudman surname #names


My uncle (who knows Yiddish) describes the 'Rudman" name as a wheel, rider, or something related to a road. I hope it helps.
Lev Klibanov

Re: Proving that a man who died in Paris did not have children #france #general


I believe that all you can prove is that no children were found, possibly through Paris records and maybe census data.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: moving from Family Tree Maker to a program for a Samsung galaxy Tablet #general


I have been using My Family Tree (free) on Chrome. I think it would work on Android.  It doesn't have the best instructions, but it works and it seems to have accepted Gedcom from my old program without a problem.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Etymology of the Rudman surname #names


Sorry for the off-topic question...Is someone by any chance building the "Rudman" family tree from Ukraine?
My Gfather Aron Lieb Rudman was a lone survivor from his family from Vyshgorodok, Ternopil district, Ukraine. All his family perished in WWII. He survived because he was drafted into Red Army. All his life, my Gfather tried to find his sisters and other relatives. So far, I found only his father's name Leib Moshe Rudman, but no other names. 
If somebody is interested in researching the "Rudman" family tree from  Vyshgorodok, Ternopil district, please let me know. Perhaps, we can cooperate.
Lev Klibanov

June 13: Genealogy Coffee Break webinar from Center for Jewish History #events

Moriah Amit

Tomorrow (7/13) at 3:30 pm Eastern Time, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for the next episode of Genealogy Coffee Break.  Join our librarian, J.D., and YIVO Sound Archivist, Lorin Sklamberg, to learn about and discuss music and cultural heritage in Jewish genealogy. We welcome you to pose your questions to Lorin and our librarians during the live broadcast. There is no registration or link. To join the live webinar, click "Follow" or "Like" on the top of the Center's Facebook page to be alerted when the video starts and return to this page at 3:30 pm ET. Note: If the alert doesn't appear or if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still watch the webinar on our Facebook videos page once it goes live. Catch up on the entire series here.
Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian, Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

Jews from Galicia at the Export Academy and the University of World Trade in Vienna (1898-1938) #galicia #announcements

Gesher Galicia SIG

Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce a joint research project with the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien). The project aims to create an inventory of Jewish students from Galicia who studied at the two predecessor institutions in Vienna, the Export Academy (k.k. Exportakademie, 1898–1918) and the University of World Trade (Hochschule für Welthandel, 1919–1938).

Johannes Koll (Head of University Archives and Project Lead, Vienna University of Economics and Business) commented: “The university’s archives contain many records of Jewish students from Galicia, though they have not been systematically examined. In this project, we will extract students’ biographical data to address historical and genealogical aims of the project. Importantly, the results will also contribute to the efforts to document and memorialize Jewish students whose education came to an abrupt halt with the rise of National Socialism in Austria.”

Andrew Zalewski (Vice President, Gesher Galicia) added: “This project complements Gesher Galicia’s ongoing work to create searchable information on Jewish university students. By expanding our efforts to include Galician students who enrolled at the two business schools in Vienna, we will make new resources available to family history researchers. Even a cursory look at the records in Vienna reveals the prospect of many fascinating discoveries (e.g., the fact that the first woman graduate at the Export Academy was from Galicia).”

The indexed information about Jewish students will be available through the open-access database of Gesher Galicia, linked to scans accessible to all.

The project is expected to be completed in 2022, when we will make a separate announcement. Until then, we kindly request that you do not inquire about the individual records.

Funding: we gratefully acknowledge research support provided by the Future Fund of the Republic of Austria (Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich) and the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism (Nationalfonds der Republik Österreich für Opfer des Nationalsozialismus).

Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia 

Send all inquiries to info@...

Re: Moses and Isaac OPPENHEIMER from Battenberg/Battenfeld/Berghofen #germany

Sherri Bobish


There is an Isaac OPPENHEIMER, age 70, merchant from Germany, arriving in New York on Aug. 13, 1872 aboard the ship Deutschland which sailed from Bremen.

With Isaac is 28 year old Fanny OPPENHEIMER.

No relationship status or marital status is given on the manifest for any passenger.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

SCJGS invites you- “The Changing Borders of Eastern Europe” with Hal Bookbinder .Sunday, July 18, 2021, 2 pm Pacific Zone Time #announcements #events #education #jgs-iajgs

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society  invites you to our next Zoom program on SundayJuly 18, 2021, 2 pm Pacific Zone Time
The Changing Borders of Eastern Europe” 
with Hal Bookbinder .


Program:  As Russia expanded west, it absorbed millions of Jews. This talk examines Russiaʼs efforts to limit the Jews in its territories and the associated border changes impacting our ancestors. With them, town names, record-keeping and archive locations might change. This overview may help researchers in determining where records might be located, their format and languages. The JewishGen Town Finder and the Encyclopedia Judaica are two excellent resources for determining in what country your town was located at specific times


SpeakerHal writes and lectures extensively on diverse genealogical topics, including border changes, migration, citizenship, safe computing, Jewish culture and Jewish history. He has identified over 4,000 relatives reaching back to the mid-1700s in modern Ukraine. Other roots reach into adjacent areas of Moldova, Poland, Belarus and Russia. He has served as president of the IAJGS and has been honored with its Lifetime Achievement Award. 


RSVP:  -Register Here to receive a Zoom link. This event is free for SCJGS members, $5 for non-members. 


To become a member of Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society, go to membership.scjgs@...  for more information.


Contact: Leah Kushner

 President, SCJGS
Santa Cruz, California


Announcing Book Talk "Those Who Remained" Aug 11, 2 pm EDT #announcements

Joel Alpert

Those Who Remained, a Novel of Post War Hungary with author Zsuzsa F.
Varkonyi and filmmaker Barnabás Toth
Wednesday, August 11, 2021 2:00 pm Eastern Time (NY)

Please join us for a conversation with author Zsuzsa F. Varkonyi and
filmmaker Barnabas Toth as they discuss,"Those Who Remained." We are
announcing this program now so that you have enough tim order and read the book
prior to the presentation.

Jews who remained in Eastern Europe after the Holocaust and World War
II bore successive and unimaginable scourges—loss of family and
community, followed by communist repression. In the novel Those Who
Remained, Budapest psychotherapist Zsuzsa Varkonyi captures the grief,
hope, and endurance of this generation through two survivors who meet
in 1948. The novel has sold over 14,000 copies in the original
Hungarian and has also sold well in a German translation. The English
translation is now available (See Below).

The film based on this novel, Akik Maradtak (Those Who Remained), won
huge accolades at the 2019 Telluride Film Festival, and was
shortlisted for the 2019 Oscars. The film was shown extensively at
Jewish Film Festivals this past year. Though the film is not yet
available in movie theaters or streaming in the US, we love the book
and we think you will, too.

Order the Book:
To get the most from this presentation, we strongly recommend that you
first read the book. You can order the English translation from the
JewishGen Press for about $20 or less from Amazon
Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Registration is free with a suggested donation. To register go to:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about how to
join the webinar.

Questions? Please send an email to YBIP@...

Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor Books in Print Project