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I request a translation of the Yiddish text on this vital record. It is on ViewMate at the following address

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you so much; I appreciate all of you who take the time to help those of us who cannot read these languages.

Stay safe,

-- Joe Kraus

Joe Kraus

Re: Seeking Assistant to Determine if a Rabbi Moses Eichenstein of Schodnica (late 19th Century) is A Member of Galician Rabbinic Dynasties #rabbinic #ukraine #galicia


Most excellent information and thank you.  I will seek to refine the connections.  There is a very large family tree I've accessed through MyHeritage I've sought to use as a research source.  This information varies significantly.  
Indy Crowley
Redmond, Washington USA

Re: Hebrew Cemetery, Asbury Park NJ #usa

Paul Mayerowitz

Can you publish the obituary that you have or at least the names of other relatives mentioned. They may still be living in this area and I could query a Facebook page for Ocean Township and the Nextdoor page for Eatontown to Wall that I am a member of to see if any names ring any bells.

Paul Mayerowitz
Ocean, NJ

boats Constanta (Romania) - Jaffa (Palestine) #romania

Isak Gath

I am looking for the names of the boats that sailed regularly from the port of Constanta (Romania) to Jaffa (mandatory Palestine) during the period 1931-1932. Any information would be gratefully accepted.

Prof. Isak Gath
Haifa, Israel

Re: Tracing Family Members Conscripted into the Russian Imperial Army - Possible? #russia #records


Hello David,
Russian State War Historical Archive is offering genealogical and biographical research: 
They mention that the lists are not complete.
For the period from the XVIII century to 1917, they ask to proved full name, rank, year of service, location, and regimen or military unit.
Prices are here (you can use Google translate): http://xn--80adcv1b.xn--p1ai/polzovatelyam/preiskurant-platnykh-rabot-i-uslug.shtml
Their contact email: 

I have also read that there are Russia Military Records on FamilySearch, but I could not find this section.

Elena Boldyreva,
Toronto, Canada
Researching: Meer Rogovin from Volozhin, Minsk; Sarah Paley from Shatsk. 

Re: What is this: Signed Document with Names in Yiddish (Hebrew Characters) in1816 Russian Revision List #records #russia #translation


Hello David,
This is a power of attorney issued by the Jewish cahal to some members of the kagal for submission to the Minsk State Chamber (Kazjonnaya palata) in connection with the new russian census. If I understand correctly, the Cahal of the city of Nesvizh authorizes three members of the cahal to conduct a new russian census.

Ilya Limone

Russian translation #translation

Laufer, Shmuel

A need Russian translation for 5 certificates of families .

I don't need word-for-word but details such as names, dates, locations, occupations, and so on are very helpful.


A marriage certificate of Nosen Gersz Blenkitny and Baila Tova Nowogrod from Wyskow for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...


 A death certificate of Faiga Wiatrak from Przasnysz for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...


A birth certificate of Ester Malka Majufes  from Przasnysz for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ....


 A birth certificate of Michla Warszawski  from Sarnaki for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ....


A death certificate of Ruchla Rybak from Przasnysz for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ....

  Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

 Thanks in advance


Shmuel Laufer

Rehovot -Israel

 Research: Laufer (Przasnysz, Poland); Domb (Pultusk, Poland); Bruckman (Sarnaki, Poland); Zelazo (Sarnaki, Poland); Preschel (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine), Leder (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine); Schnap (Berhomet, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine); Mitelman (Chelm, Poland); Tenerman (Dubienka, Poland)

Re: Hebrew Cemetery, Asbury Park NJ #usa

Paul Mayerowitz

Meyer is not buried at either the Agudath Achim or Chesed Shel Emes Cemetery.  Both cemeteries are near me and I walked both of them.  The Burial Secretary at Agudath also has no record of him being buried there.  The Agudath Cemetery was first established in the 1950's. The Chesed Shel Emes is much older but he is not buried there either.  Congregation Sons of Israel, formerly of Asbury Park and now Ocean, is much older but to the best of my knowledge most of the members of this synagogue formed the core of the chartering members of the Chesed Shel Emes. I was a member of this synagogue and there was never a mention of a synagogue cemetery other than the Chesed Shel Emes..  My father was secretary of the Chevra for over forty years.  Temple Beth El, formerly of Asbury Park, now Ocean, has a cemetery in Farmingdale which predates the 1930's also.  The synagogue merged with Temple Beth Torah and is now called Torat El on Monmouth Road. You might call them to see if their burial records go that far back.  Congregation Brothers of Israel is in Long Branch but I doubt anyone from Bradley Beach would have been buried in their cemetery.

Bodine Funeral Home was in Asbury Park.  It was bought out by Bloomfield Copper Chapels in Ocean.  It also was bought out by a large funeral chain but still operates under the name of Bloomfield-Cooper.  They did not have any details on a Hebrew Cemetery as per the press obit.

Paul Mayerowitz
Ocean, New Jersey

Jewish Genealogical Society New York May 23 Meeting #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Phyllis Rosner

Jewish Genealogical Society NY Meeting
Sunday May 23, 2020 at 2 p.m. EDT
Zoom Webinar

Researching US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Records

Speaker: Marian Smith

Marian Smith will present an overview of three historical eras (1820-Present) of US immigration and naturalization records, illustrated with documents of Jewish immigrants. Using a timeline tool (included in the handout), she will demonstrate how plotting an immigrant’s life events can pinpoint which records may exist for that particular immigrant and where these records can be found. A question and answer session will follow the presentation.    

Marian Smith retired in 2018 after thirty years as a historian for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), later US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). She now speaks to groups on US immigration and nationality records and leads the I&N Records fortnightly study group.

All are welcome; attendance is free, but registration is required:

Click here to register at our website

Submitted by:
Phyllis Rosner
JGSNY VP Communications
New York, NY

Re: Hebrew Cemetery, Asbury Park NJ #usa

Laurie Sosna

The odd thing is, I can't find a legit death record for him, only the newspaper notice.
I've searched all the usual indexes, he's not there.
I got his naturalization papers from the Monmouth County Archive, they don't have death records.

FamilySearch has some steps to take, but he's not there.
The NJ State Archives is missing the index for 1930-1948
The NJ State Archives is my next step, but the website doesn't seem to have clear instructions how to request a search.
Anyone have tips for how to get a search request?

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA

Transport VI on 29.8.1942 from Antwerp to Auschwitz #holocaust #poland


From research, I have now discovered the fate of one branch of my family.

The family were Icek Josek Berenholc, his wife Hena (nee Epsztejn) and their daughter Gela Rajzla.  They were all born in Warka, Poland.

I am related to this branch via my grandmother Malka (nee Berenholc).  

In or around 1922, the family left Warka, Poland and settled in Antwerp, Belgium.

Icek Josek Berenholc, Hena and Gela Rajzla were all deported from Antwerp on Transport VI on 29.8.1942.

It appears from records they were murdered almost immediately on arrival at Auschwitz.

Kazerne Dossin informed me there were some survivors of Transport VI, all men.

I would like to make contact with descendants of the:
(1)  survivors of this Transport; and

(2)  Berenholc and Epsztejn families of Warka.    

Please contact me privately.

Malka Flekier
London, England

(Searching: Flekier, Berenholc and Epsztejn of Warka, Poland)

Re: Hebrew Cemetery, Asbury Park NJ #usa


Laurie -

I forgot to add to my earlier reply that you might want to contact the Ely Funeral Home in Neptune, NJ.  Harry Bodine had a funeral home in Asbury Park.  I believe that the Bodine Funeral Home was bought by the founder of the Ely Funeral Home.  Perhaps they have records going back to the Bodine Funeral Home era. Phone: 732-918-6650. 

Len Oppenheim
Dummerston, VT

Searching Werner ZACHARIAS Berlin- Bolivia and Helmut ZACAHRIAS Berlin - Argentina #germany

George Fogelson

Searching Werner ZACHARIAS Berlin- Bolivia and Helmut ZACHARIAS Berlin
- Argentina

Searching for information about Werner ZACHARIAS born 1909 fled from
Berlin to Bolivia and his brother Helmut born 1914 from Berlin to

Redondo Beach, CA

Re: Hebrew Cemetery, Asbury Park NJ #usa

Phil Goldfarb

You might also try the Congregation Sons of Israel cemetery in Lakewood, NJ on 7th street. The congregation has been around since 1904. If anyone had relatives from Lakewood, I have the 90 year History of the Congregation that was published in 1994 and written by Dorothy Zagorin (a relative). If you would like a copy, please e-mail me and I would be happy to send it to you.

Phil Goldfarb
President, JGS of Tulsa

Searching for descendants of Martha and Georg ZACHARIAS and Lena and Moritz ZACHARIAS #israel

George Fogelson

Searching for the descendants of Martha and Georg ZACHARIAS whose
children are Erwin and Gitta. Erwin married Erika Druck and immigrated
to Palestine. Their son Elon was born 13.12.1939.

Martha's sister Lena married Moritz ZACHARIAS: children Friedel,
Werner and Helmut. Werner ZACHARIAS born 1909 fled from Berlin to
Bolivia and Helmut, born 1914 from Berlin to Argentina.


Redondo Beach, CA

Re: Jewish ‘home’ or orphanage in 1940s England #unitedkingdom

JoAnne Goldberg

I don't think anyone has mentioned World Jewish Relief --
-- they have volunteers who research English records from that era.

Because they are volunteers, turnaround time is not fast, but they sent
me information on my mother that she didn't know existed, including the
headmistress's very unsympathetic reports. Way more than I expected. As
I recall, the only information I had to give them was her name and

JoAnne Goldberg - Menlo Park, California; GEDmatch M131535


Re: Hebrew Cemetery, Asbury Park NJ #usa


Laurie -

You ought to try contacting Congregation Torat El in Ocean, NJ.  It is the successor to 3 congregations including Temple Beth El, a conservative congregation which originally was located in Asbury Park.  Beth El, including its cemetery, was organized in the 1920’s and the cemetery still exists.  The synagogue’s phone no.:  732-531-4410.
There was also was/is an orthodox synagogue in Belmar, NJ, close to Bradley Beach, known as Congregation Sons of Israel.  It was organized even earlier than Beth El.  I don’t know whether they had/have their own cemetery.  Phone no. 732-681-3200.
Good luck.

Len Oppenheim
Dummerston, VT 

Re: does anyone know this Yiddish expression? #yiddish

Neil Kominsky

I recall this expression in common usage in English in my grandparents' (b. 1895-1899) generation.

Neil Kominsky
Brookline, MA

Re: Jewish ‘home’ or orphanage in 1940s England #unitedkingdom


Thank you so much Susan, Naomi, Sherri, and others who wrote privately,

Sherri's kind advice suggests another idea. You mention schools. I think education became compulsory in 1918. So, is there a way to search school records?

I assume schooling was done outside an orphanage. Or, am I wrong?

Thanks again.


Paul St George (London)

Looking for Kaufmann, Schimmelpfennig, Jewish families from Marburg

Re: does anyone know this Yiddish expression? #yiddish

Yitschok Margareten

This phrase expresses the mercy and love of parents towards their children vs. the mercy and love of children towards their parents. 

This expression is from the work of Rabbi Yeshayahu [Isaiah] Horowitz (c. 1500 - 1630) known as the Shelah Hakaddosh, in his book Shenei Luchos Habris (Shaar HaOsiyos, Derech Eretz)
He writes there about parents supporting their children and giving them large amounts of money. He then mentiones this expression as a folks parable, "אמרו במשל הדיוט, אב אחד מפרנס עשרה בניו באהבה וברצון, ועשרה בנים לא מפרנסים באהבה וברצון אב אחד שלהם" [one father provides for his ten sons with love and will, and ten sons do not support with love and will for their one father]. 

This expression is apparently based on the words of the Talmud (tractate Sotah page 49A) "היינו דאמרי אינשי רחמי דאבא אבני, רחמי דבני אבני דהוי ליה" [the mercy of a father is for his sons, the mercy of the son is for the sons he will have]. 

This idea is also mentioned another place in Talmud (tractate Sanhedrin page 72A-B) in the discussion of home invasion in the Jewish law, that when a father invades his son's home, it's obvious that the father will not kill his son, but in the opposite case this is not certain. 

Yitschok Margareten