Re: Prison records in Soviet union #russia

Sherri Bobish


Try searching:
Searching the Gulag Database in One Step
People who were Interned or Died in Soviet Gulags 1935-1955
Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

Re: Info on World War One Austrian medical service #galicia #general

Moshe Berman

On Sun, Mar 7, 2021 at 09:27 AM, Steven wrote:
My paternal grandmother always told us that her mother, Rivka GRUBER, née FEINGOLD, was killed during World War One as a member of the medical corps. I assume with the Austrian army as they lived in Galicia, although, I’m not sure exactly which town Rivka lived in. My grandmother was born in a town called Delatyn and when she immigrated to New York around New Years 1907/08, she listed Lemberg as her residence. She was 17, so I assume she lived with her mother but not positive. Apparently, my grandmother went back to Galicia and then came back to the US in July of 1912 and then listed Delatyn as her last residence and her mother the closest relative from where she came. 
I have done extensive searches to try to find more info on Rivka but have come up empty. Would anyone have any ideas, suggestions, advice, etc. as to where I might find medical corps service, death, burial, etc. records for her? Anything? I haven’t even ever found any birth or marriage records for her.
Thank you,
Steve Buzil

MODERATOR NOTE Please reply privately with family information


BUZILA and KILYAN from present day Moldova 

GRUBER and FEINGOLD from present day Ukraine


PORTNOY, GERSHON and OFSAIOF/OVSAIOVICH from present day Lithuania

MNUSHKIN and KOLVARACHIK from present day Belarus

EISENSTEIN and ZALIO from present day Romania



Hi Steve,

Can you share a link to the manifests?

My guess is that we may want to look at the second town in both cases, because Lemberg was a city and also a region.

Please pardon me if I’m repeating what you already know, but there are several gotchas with names of towns in American records of aliens, which apply here. 

1. A village may have been recorded as “near Larger City.” (In Polish, for example, you have “ad Dziewin” which means “near Dziewin.”)
2. Districts were named for their largest cities in many cases. (Lemberg, Kiev, Grodno, etc.)
3. Even besides this, various languages have their own names and spellings. For Galician towns this may be German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Yiddish and I’m sure others. 

3. Each government had the opportunity to rename a location, and many have. (Famously: Constantinople, Istanbul.) 
4. For most situations, the change would have been the language used to refer to a city  

5. On top of languages, borders, changing, there are factors such as and accents, memory which might influence the location on record. 

6. Finally, we have to contend with handwriting of officials. 

So your ancestor was from a town in Lemberg, for example, it could be recorded in Polish records as “bear Lwow” Austrian records as Lemberg, Russian Empire or Ukrainian records as L’viv’ska, etc. 

My advise is this:
1. Determine which government was ruling the Lemberg area around the time your grandmother was there. It may have changed, so check for this and If that’s the case, you need to do the later steps twice. 
2. Look at JewishGen Gazeteer for names similar to “
Delatyn” that are within that area. 
3. You can search on JewishGen, JRI-etc for those towns and/or names. 

4. On FamilySearch, do a keyword search of un-indexed records for the name of the town in the language of the governing power you’ve identified in step 1.

There are other options for research methods at step 4, but this should give you a start. 


Moshe Berman,

Re: Prison records in Soviet union #russia


Hi Val,
there is a list of the victims of political repressions:
What are the first/last names of your grandfathers? 

Elena Boldyreva,
Toronto, Canada.
Searching for Rogovins/Ragovins/Rogowins from Minsk guberniya

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation

Avi Bitron

I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much

Avi Chari

Re: Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk - an enquiry regarding the 1900 census conducted in the city by the Austro-Hungarians #galicia #ukraine

Avi Bitron

Regarding the 1939 census - please see :
As for the 1900 and 1857 censuses, they are not online yet. You can only see them at the Ivano-Frankivsk archives or at the CAHJP in Jerusalem ( At the latter, where I studied the material, it is all microfilmed. 
Avi Bitron

Re: Vilna Gordons with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)? #dna

Shelly Crane

Dear Jay,
Sorry to hear about the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the family. I hope you will consider meeting with a genetic counselor to discuss the family history. There are tests that can be done to identify specific gene alterations to explain your family history. This is different from the information you received from promethius Specific genetic testing can provide great benefit to you and the family.
You can locate a genetic counselor near you on the following website
Choose “find a genetic counselor” and take it from there. If you need assistance please reach out.
Best of luck
Shelly Levin, MS, LCGC
Genetic Counselor
Northern California

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Re: Visa Requirements #germany

Joel Weintraub

Hi Karen,
When Visas were established in the U.S. starting in the early 1920s, many of the screening exams at the U.S. Immigration ports such as Ellis Island were taken over by the U.S. Consulates abroad.  The immigrant(s) may have filled out a "Declaration of Alien About To Depart For The United States".  They may have had to show an "Affidavit In Support Of Application For Visa" filled out by some person in the United States that was notarized that they swore they could maintain the person once they arrived in the U.S.  The consulate was also responsible for giving a literacy test to the potential immigrant that they had to pass unless they were going to a close relative (mother, father, etc.) already in U.S.  After the 1924 quotas, the number of immigrants allowed entry from southern and eastern Europe were drastically reduced.  The consulate was also responsible for the medical exam.  I'm not sure how extensive that was.  I have in my files as part of the visa documents and passport of one immigrant the result of a physical exam. I'm attaching it to my post as it's the only one I've ever seen.  As you will see, the concern was with infectious diseases, not physical ailments. But that's only a sample of one.  So there were a number of hurdles for immigrants to get Visas.  The U.S. did not welcome immigrants with open arms during this period of time from certain areas of the world.  
Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA

Re: Brody synagogue roof collapses #ukraine #galicia

Lori Barnett

Very sad.  When visiting a friend in Body around 4.5 years ago, we passed the synagogue.  It is very large and the roof was open to the elements.  My friend informed me that a wealthy philanthropist donated money to restore the synagogue but unfortunately a "corrupt" Ukrainian stole the money and did not restore the synagogue.   
Lori Eisen Barnett

connect with Sarah Feuerman #hungary

henry wellisch

I am trying to connect with Sarah Feuerman, who is the coordinator of the Hungarian SIG indexing project. I have sent numerous messages to her email address, but got no response. Has anyone be in touch with her lately?
Henry Wellisch

Re: Vital Records Photos #galicia #records

Robert Hanna

Try right clicking on the image.  You might get "Save image as".  Click on that and you can save it to your computer.

Robert Hanna

Volkovysk/Vawkavysk, Belarus pre-1900, surnames Henkowitz (Genkovich), Solodavnitz (Solodovnik) #belarus

Ron Henkoff

My paternal grandfather's family traces back to 19th century Volkovysk, Russia, which is now called Vawkavysk and is in Belarus. The family relocated to Grodek (Horodok), Poland in the 1880s or 1890s. I have found some census records on but nothing else. I have English versions of the three Volkovysk yizkor books but there is no mention of my ancestors. There are, however, mentions of a Solodovnik family, which may have been related to my great-grandmother, Deborah Solodavnitz Henkowitz, who was married to Isaac Henkowitz. Any information on any families living in 19th century Volkovysk would be much appreciated, also any suggestions on other places to search for records. Finally, does anyone know about any other families that migrated from Volkovysk to Grodek in the late 1800s?
Ron Henkoff
Westport, Connecticut, USA

Re: Abraham Silverman, Providence, RI #usa


Are you sure that two, (if not all three), of the Abraham Silvermans are not the same person? I discovered a grand-uncle, and his family, living in Brooklyn in the 1930 U.S. Census - taken in early June. Later that same month, in the same 1930 Census,  the family was living in upstate New York. Apparently they had relocated, and since the two recordings were taken on different dates, they were listed twice.  Families do move around for various reasons.

Neilan Stern       neilan1@...

searching:  Sterns, Pistrongs, Postrongs - Radomysl Wielki Poland;  Blacks, Schwarz - Nesvizh, Minsk Belarus;  Aronovsky, Cohen - Vilijampole Lithuania;

Tomorrow - JewishGen Talks: The fate of Holocaust victims in Yad Vashem's documentation and Projects #JewishGenUpdates

Avraham Groll

We invite you to attend a special presentation in our series of JewishGen Talks webinars:
The fate of Holocaust victims in Yad Vashem's documentation and Projects*
Speaker: Serafima Velkovich
Tuesday March 9, 2021 at 2:00 PM EST
Registration is free with a suggested donation.
About the Talk
Serafima Velkovich has been working at Yad Vashem for 15 years. She is a PhD Candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A researcher in the Reference and Information Department of the Yad Vashem Archives division, Velkovich was closely involved in the indexing and digitization of names material from Eastern Europe in Yad Vashem`s databases. She lectures on the use of Yad Vashem resources for genealogical and other research to various groups, as well as to visiting genealogists and organizations who make use of genealogical tools for their research. She participates in the international conferences and films on the Holocaust topics. *Presented in partnership with Yad Vashem.
Registration is free with a suggested donation.

Re: The JGSWS is inviting you to a free Zoom genealogical meeting on Monday evening, 3/8/21, at 7 p.m. Pacific Time--"The Alex Krakovsky Project: Navigating the Wiki to Locate Town Records/Hidden Data" #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Ellen Trencher

The link provided was not for registration but to the webinar itself

Ellen Trencher

Re: Help! Hitting brick walls due to NYC record restrictions #records #usa


My original post: "Hitting brick walls with my NY family ancestors. Does anyone know if there is any way to get NYC vital records of ancestors without paying for them? I hate to pay for records if I'm not even sure I have the right person. Transcriptions are sometimes inaccurate and it helps to view the actual record. It used to be that you could view the images at a Family History Center but I noticed that now that  is saying "no image available" for the same record that used to say "to view these images do one of the following: Access the site at a family history center." Some of the death record indexes are only giving name, death date and place which is not too helpful. Any other suggestions for resources?  I've been able to obtain some photos of headstones which have helped with some ancestors but lately have not had any responses from findagrave requests."

Thanks for responding.  Thank goodness for Mr. Google. I had to look up RAOGK. For those other fairly newbie genealogists I will share

Sue Kahn

Re: Help! Hitting brick walls due to NYC record restrictions #records #usa

Phil Karlin

Yes, the parking lot. I've spent hours sitting in my car. 
A lot of the images that say No Image can be found, they just aren't indexed. The record can tell you which film to look in and you can find it by date. 

If it's a just a couple, PM me. 

If you have your own parking lot, "Liahona" is a good word to know.

Phil Karlin
Hartford, CT USA

Re: Abraham Silverman, Providence, RI #usa

The Becker's Email

I have identified at least 6 foreign born Abraham Silvermans on the 1910 census for Providence.  Only 3 list Russia as their place of birth; the others  list Romania and Austria.  Of the three Russian born, all immigrated in the 1903-1905 timeframe per the census.  Without more info such as Abraham's approx. DOB, parents, occupation etc. I do not know which one to explore. is free and you can find lots of records to explore yourself and identify which Abraham is the right one.
Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Re: Subj: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation



In Russian:


1007 : Лейба Модрисович Маверман : 39

         : Его сын Мендель                       : 10 (возможно)

         : Лейбы родственник Шая           : 

         : Срулевич Ангре                         :  22


Translated into English:


1007  : Leiba Modrisovich Maverman         : 39

          : His son Mendel                                 : 10 (possibly)

          : Leiba's relative of Shya                     :

          : Srulevich Angre                                 : 22






Shaya Elchumovich Shirman


Died in 1849



His son Mishko





Mishko son's: Gdal





                     Ruvim (possible)





Shaya Elchumovich second son







Assigned to recruits 1836



Third son Yudka




Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Columbus, OH

Re: NYC record restrictions #records #usa

Family and DNA

Apparently the WIFI info is the same everywhere in the US, so this can
be tried by anybody living near to a center & is not restricted to New
York records (a Chicago Facebook group I'm in also has people doing
look-ups, for instance). Some people sit in their cars or even on a
folding chair (even in the winter!) while they browse on a laptop.

I personally stopped asking for copies as the few I got were sent by
Messenger, and the low-res files got even worse as they are
pre-processed by that program to save space. Since the service is so
fantastic, and the volunteers very dedicated & generous, I hated
sounding grouchy & asking for better files by email. But I will be back,
the folks are really doing a great job & it makes things quite easy.

Juliana Berland

On 3/8/2021 2:42 PM, sharonrf18@... wrote:
I too, was having the same issue with Family History Center records
since the lockdown. I joined the Facebook group New York City
Genealogy and solved the problem. They have “parking lot angels” who
will go to FHC parking lots and get the records and they will be
messaged to you. You can request up to two at a time. Also according
to the group some FHC’s wifi is available in their parking lots.


Re: Help! Hitting brick walls due to NYC record restrictions #records #usa


I too, was having the same issue with Family History Center records since the lockdown. I joined the Facebook group New York City Genealogy and solved the problem. They have “parking lot angels” who will go to FHC parking lots and get the records and they will be messaged to you. You can request up to two at a time. Also according to the group some FHC’s wifi is available in their parking lots. I haven’t tried it at my FHC yet. Ordering records from NYC is a long process now taking months according to the group. Before the pandemic it took 2 months for them to send me a 1989 death certificate so I can only imagine it’s gotten worse.

Atlanta, Georgia