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We had a greatuncle, Efraim Rosenbaum, who left the village of Pruzana in Poland as a teenager. This would have been around 1900, give or take a decade (one relative says he was born in 1890, but the other relative says 1879). He moved to Paris. The entire family story that I have is "There, he married and had a daughter. She changed her name and married a non-Jew." I am trying to find out what happened to him, so any information would be nice. I do not see him on camp records, but he could easily have died before WW2. If you happen to encounter him, I'd love the information! I do not know the name of the wife or daughter, but the marriage would presumably have been between 1900 or so and 1920. The presumption is that he stayed in Paris. His father was a miller, and his brother was a farmer, so he'd be likely to have a hands-on type of profession.

Marijke Bekken

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Linda Habenstreit

Hi David. I very much appreciate your offer to help anyone seeking information on family in France from the Fonds de Moscou in the French National Archives. I would very much appreciate your help in examining the files/dossiers/records to find information about my paternal grandmother's brother Leon STECKMAN. He was likely born in 1903 in either Liczkowce, Galicia, Austria, or Husiatyn, Galicia, Austria, which is now part of Ternopil, Ukraine. According to my grandmother, Leon STECKMAN married a woman, who was born in 1913, from Warsaw, Poland. Either Leon STECKMAN'S or his wife's cousins were Malche LINKER and Anna MELTZER. According to my grandmother, Leon STECKMAN was in a tuberculosis home. According to one of my grandmother's children, Leon STECKMAN wrote a letter to my grandmother in 1944 saying he was living in Paris, France. If you can help me access the Fonds de Moscou to search for my great-uncle, I would be grateful. Thank you so much!
Linda Habenstreit


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I found the original poem in Russian. The one on the card has some deviations from the original below. However, I tried and failed to find an author. I did a search on Google and Yandex, the Russian search engine, but nothing came up.
Любовь – мираж судьбы, дающий нам мученье,
Она от лучших чувств немое отраженье –
Любовь – минутный друг и долголетний враг.
Молю, не мучь меня своим страданьем скрытым,
Забудь и научись не плакать, не любить.
О, верь, отрадней быть обманутым, забытым,
Чем не любя, любимым быть!

Efraim Gavrilovich

Viewmate translation request - #translation


I'm working on the 1874 birth registrations for the town Warka, now Poland but previously Russian Empire.  Hence these registrations are Russian.  

There are five birth registrations for 1874 which do not follow the usual format eg rather than the birth father registering the birth, a widow is the informant.   Please refer to each viewmate as each has different circumstances/events/requirements for translation.

The birth registrations are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Malka Flekier
London, UK

Re: Online meeting CompGen "Jewish genealogy to support memorial sites and descendants in search of family roots" (in German) #germany #events #records



Here are some of the most important digital sources for Jewish genealogy researches in Baden-Württemberg.
(But first of all you should know in which places your ancestors lived, without knowing this you can't start your researches.)

Standesbücher Baden-Württemberg (Birth, Marriages, Deaths, Cemeteries, family registers)

Photos and Inscriptions of Headstones of all Jewish Cemeteries in Baden-Württemberg

Military Records of soldiers of the Württemberg Army in WWI (Militärische Bestände)
(You need to know which regiment and company your ancestor was a part of.)

Military Records of soldiers of the Baden Army in WWI and some
other digital documents of the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe

Jewish Comunities, Synagogues, Cemeteries (History, newspaper Clippings, Photos)

Many German Cities commemorate the Holocaust victims (not only the Jewish ones) with Stolpersteinen.
For most of the people mentionned on the Stolpersteine extensive researches about their life and family were done.

And I remember that DigiBaeck has some of the Deportation Lists from Baden to Gurs and reports of witnesses.

Corinne Iten

Chaja Hena Kon, nee Gurman, from Pultusk #poland

Moishe Miller

Dear Group,

As per the attached Lodz Registration Card from 1916-1921, Chaja Hena
KON (nee Gurman), was living in Lodz as a widow, originally from
Pultusk, born about 1855. There is a well known Gurman family from
Pultusk in that time period, but due to a fire in 1875, most early
records were lost.

In the family, there was already a child born in Lodz on 10 Mar 1922
named Chaja Hena ZAND (a great-granddaughter). So, I know that the
"original" Chaja Hena passed sometime between the census taking, dated
25 Jul 1919, and the birth in 1922.

Would anyone know of Chaja Hena KON? Given the common last name KON, I
have not been able to locate a death record or grave in Lodz for her.

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF #3391

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation #poland #russia

Darren Dalcher


I've posted two vital records in Russian for which I need a basic translation. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

If you are able to help, please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Darren Dalcher

archive newspapers #ukraine

mike yesnes


Main Group,

Looking for archive newspapers from Odessa, Ukraine from around 1900 -1913.
Odessa archives don't have.
Anyone have experience in locating older newspapers for Odessa?
Appreciate feedback.
Thank you.

Mike Yesnes


Re: Meaning of nickname Cuttie #names

Roger Browdy

I had a friend who had a scottish terrier named Cuttie.  It was short for Cutty Sark scotch whisky.  :o)


Roger Browdy

Washington, DC

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Michael Rubin

Does anyone know whether French archives have copies (or, maybe even, originals) of name adoption or other B,M,D records from the areas of Germany ruled by Napoleon?  Such records exist within German archives though not comprehensively.  

Thanks for your kind offer to help, David.

Michael Rubin

Re: Locating NYC Butcher Shop Licenses and Records #records #usa

Rebecca Racer

So interesting you brought this up. I was looking through the NARA archives for citizenship records from the 40’s and within some of the holdings in the NY branch are USDA records for butcher shops. My GGF owned a butcher shop in NYC also so it was interesting for me. I know this isn’t the time period you’re looking for but do a search in the NARA archives

Rebecca Racer

Help - are there ever any notes to read after the Zoom talks/meetings? #belarus #germany #general



Help - are there ever any notes to read after the Zoom talks/meetings? For instance the latest one on the 24th is full and I can't get on, particularly interested in this one. In general are there even any notes to read after the talks, other than the book references?

thanks in advance
Mandy Molava 
Researching Belarus, Russia, Hungary & Galacia

former Odessa cemetery #ukraine

mike yesnes

Main Groups,
Former Jewish cemetery{2nd } in Odessa,Ukraine that is now  Artillery Park in Odessa,Ukraine.Apparently the communists had destroyed/vandalized the headstones.
Looking for burial records.plot maps.Who was responsible for the 2nd Jewish cemetery's burial records/plot maps?
Did a nearby synagogue have the information?
Have a Leyba - Volf  Duvidov  Yasnes { 1875 -1913 } who died on December 8 1913 and buried in Odessa.
Would appreciate your help.
Thank you.
Mike Yesnes

Re: Researching Marrianne Dinkel neé Neuberger #germany #general

Corinna Woehrl

Hello Moe,

please note, that Marianne will most likely be written with on "r" in German.
Via Ancestry I found the marriage of Manuel Dinkel and Röschen (Rosa) Nussbaum Frankfurt / Main 1893 No 605.
It says that his parents are Jacob Dinkel and Marianne geborene Neuburger, (says Neuburger, not Neuberger) both living in Unsleben.

Next step is the village of Unsleben
Unsleben has a website on the historical Jewish Life in the Community and you'll also find information on the cemetry via

Probably this is her tombstone:
Search Dinkel, - Stone E-19
died July 15th 1899, 68 yo - born about 1831
says she was born in Wüstensachsen,  about 26 km from Unsleben (Bavaria)

There should also be a civil record of her death - I don't know the region and where it is kept, probably at the the State Archives of Wuerzburg.
I would ask the local administration /community where the documents are kept:

More about the Jewish community in Wüstensachsen, Fulda (Hesse) - unfortunately not in English

Jewish registers in Wüstensachsen (Hesse has the still existing Jewish registers online)
you may find her birth registered there (yet doing a quick review I didn't find it)

Good luck with your further research and regards from Germany

Corinna Woehrl
Hoisdorf, Germany (between Hamburg and Luebeck)

Re: Locating NYC Butcher Shop Licenses and Records #records #usa

Carl Kaplan

There was a webinar recently about the meat strike, given by Scott D. Seligman, who wrote a book on the subject (the book came out in October). You might want to contact him.
Carl Kaplan

KAPLAN Minsk, Belarus
EDELSON, EDINBURG Kovno, Lithuania

Jewish Religious Life in Poland since 1750 - Conference 11 Jan 2021 #announcements

Tony Hausner

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain News Blog posted:=C2=A0

Jewish Religious Life in Poland since 1750 - Conference 11 Jan 2021=C2=A0

Tony Hausner Silver Spring, MD 20901 301--587-6943 (primary email address: =
Tony Hausner

Re: NEINKEN-other surnames? Other countries? #latvia #names

Arlene Beare

There were Nankin families from Birzai Lithuania who emigrated to South Africa and lived in Durban. I have ancestors from Birzai who went to Riga.  Some of their descendants also emigrated to South Africa.

Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia Research Division

Re: Help needed finding Mollie Schiff's immigration papers #records


Hallo Sue, 
Some observations regarding Mollie Schiff immigration :
A) It is possible that she was never naturalized. 
B) If her father was naturalized,  she didn't have to file papers herself. 
C) She married a US citizen so she  automatically became US citizen. 

Regarding the year she arrived, have in mind that census records are not a very reliable source.  Especially the 1900 census, which gives the arrival year as 1890, is full of inaccuracies. According to her death certificate she arrived in 1893. The Chiene  Schiff  that arrived on Aug 1st, 1895 is most likely the person you are looking for.  As you probably have noticed, her father and brother sailed,  also,  from Hamburg and arrived in late July 1895.  Although there is some distance between Slutzk and Schweksne, it is possible that Mollie had relatives living  there or it was a stop during her trip for the US. 

Another detail I have noticed is that her mother's name in her death certificate is given as Sofia Cohen while in her marriage record as Sophie Rosafsky. Any explanation for this? 

Giannis Daropoulos 


Researching Marrianne Dinkel neé Neuberger #germany #general

Moe D

I'm researching my family Genealogy and hit a dead end 
In relation to my ancestor by the name of Marrianne Dinkel
Neé Neuberger married to Jacob Dinkel. I have no clues as to where she was born as well as who her parents were,and if she had any siblings. I'm aware that there are Neubergers  who are leviites. Anyone with information regarding this please let me know. Greatly appreciated!
Moe Dinkel

Re: Town or village of Piotrkow #poland

Heidi Urich

There is a huge open pit coal mine near Piotrkow Trybunalski where one of my ancestral towns, Kucow, and several other towns used to exist.  It's known as the Belchatow Coal Mine.   Perhaps your town is among the vanished towns and might be found on a 19th century map.
Heidi Urich

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