Re: Why the name "Sylvester"? #names

EdrieAnne Broughton

The name Sylvester is a Latin origin name meaning 'wooded' or 'wild' without a Christian origin which made it acceptable to languages short on neutral religious origin given names.
                                                                  EdrieAnne Broughton
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Trying to confirm marriage - SHAPIRO and ELSNER #belarus #austria-czech

Paul Shapiro

I'm trying to confirm the marriage between my Great Aunt Anna (Annie, Channa) SHAPIRO to Adolph ELSNER.  I'm unable to find this marriage in any searches and unfortunately, I forget where I even made the connection.  

Some additional facts.  In my searches, I've found that both Anna and Adolph were born round 1893, Anna arrived in the US in 1913 and Adolph in 1910.  I believe Anna is from Grodno, Russia, and Adolph from Austria

Finally, I'm searching for the following families; I've had very little success going past their US information.


Thank you
Paul Shapiro

Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates


@Rabbi Neil Kominsky:

I have Rothstein family from Poland (Kosow Lacki, to be specific); if that sounds at all familiar to you, please contact me directly.

Paul Weiss

San Antonio, Texas, USA




Researching:  MIGDAL, ROTSTEIN/ROTHSTEIN, TRACZ, PIORO - Kosow-Lacki, Poland;

MIGDAL - Zareby Koscielne, Poland;

GITELMAN - Orla, Poland; Slawatycze, Poland; Paris, France

DOLINSKY, PAVELSKY/PAWELSKY - Bialystok, Poland area;

TZEMACH/CEMAJ - Augustov, Poland and Czarny Brod, Poland;


VASHEVNIKOV/VASHEVNIK – Liubavas and Vilna, Lithuania;

WISE – Montreal, Canada

NAIZTAT – Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine;

YETNIKOFF – Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine;


Re: When were Jews in Galicia (Poland and now Ukraine) allowed to have passports? #galicia

Richard Stower

Thank you all for your responses. They give me some information and context. I do not have any passports of my ancestors so I am also looking for any archive in Ukraine or Poland that might have files of applications. Any suggestions?

Researching: SECHESTOWER, THAU, SPIERMAN (Kolomea, Stanislau)
KANNER, SMITZ or variations, WERNER (Dobrowa Tarnowska), GROSS  (Chortkiv)

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine

Re: Why the name "Sylvester"? #names

John Anderson

I have a Sylvester King COHEN (12 Jul 1882-08 Sep 1949) who was also born in St. common, I have no idea, but Sylvester combined with King! How about that?

John Anderson

Seeking Information About Grandmother’s Father and his ABRAMOWITZ Family. #hungary #romania

Sally Horn

Seeking Information About Grandmother’s Father and his ABRAMOWITZ Family.  My grandmother, Sura/Sarah Leah ABROMOWITZ KNEPLER was born around 1888 in Bivolari and emigrated to the United States in 1909 with her husband Gerson /George KNEPLER.  Her father (Avraham Halevi ABRAMOWITZ), mother (MAIDEN SURNAME UNKNOWN), and two sisters (NAMES UNKNOWN) remained in Romania, most likely in Bivolari.  My late mother’s memoir states that Sura's father owned what my mother described as a “large department store,” was robbed repeatedly by the Russians, was ill when my grandmother left Romania, and died sometime after my grandmother arrived in the United States.  It also states that Sura's mother also was ill when my grandmother left Romania and died sometime after my grandmother left Romania.  And, it states that after Sura left Romanian, one of her sisters was murdered by the Russians while hanging clothes outside.  I have no information about the other sister.   A late aunt told a cousin that she remembers hearing about family living in Cluj. If anyone has any information about my GGF and his ABRAMOWITZ family, I would be grateful to hear from you. #romania, #hungary

Sally Horn 

McLean, Virginia

Sally Horn

Translation needed Polish/Ukrainian #poland #ukraine #translation

Richard Stower

Could someone translate this for me.
Thank you.
Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine
Researching: SECHESTOWER, THAU, SPIERMAN (Kolomea, Stanislau)
KANNER, SMITZ or variations, WERNER (Dobrowa Tarnowska), GROSS  (Chortkiv

Re: Looking for family of Francis SOYKA #usa

Todd Leavitt

Helen: I knew a Francis Soyka who was an olympic level tennis player and fine artist. For many years he was the tennis counselor at the summer boys camp I attended (Camp Androscoggin).I have sent you an e-mail with more comprhensive information including a opotential descendant.
Todd Leavitt
Santa Monica, CA

Re: Informations about Jews from Jadow / Yadov / Yaduv [Poland] #poland

Jean Warwick

Hi Marek,

I am very interested to learn more about your project and any responses you may have had; is this an Official or a Private endeavour?

Sadly, I do not speak, read, or write Polish but do have a family member who may interest you.

I have emailed you some information privately and would be grateful for any response as to whether this will be useful to you or not.
Jean Warwick
United Kingdom
GROSS: Russia/Scotland/Canada/Sweden/Norway/America
KRIM/CRIM/CREAM/CREME/CRAM:  Russia/Lithuania/America/Scotland/Sweden/Norway/America
 PEKEL: ? 

Re: The male name Shapsei #names #lithuania


My great great uncle, from Suwalki (who emigrated to Sheffield) was named Shepsel Bloch. Shepsel means lamb, but I don't know an equivalent English name.  

Seek the peace of Jerusalem
Abe Lebowitz

Yiddish Translation on Viewmate #translation

Rachelle Litt

Please help me break down a brickwall!  I have posted 2 items that need PARTIAL translations
This is page 2 of a letter of a letter to my grandfather on VIEWMATE  It is in yiddish.  I am looking for who the letter is signed from ie. who wrote it?? Is there a first and a surname?? please respond to viewmate AND my personal email rlittrph@....

The Viwmate link is:

This letter also only requires a partial translation. A
t the end of the letter there is a statement "Best regards from mama and the children. Best regards from Chaim." Then it says "Best regards to....... and his wife Sura." I need to know who the best regards go to. Is it a name or family member designation.

Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Re: Spanish translation help requested #translation


Record number 1837 one thousand eight hundred thirty seven. In the city of San Luis Potosi, at 12 twelve o'clock of the 15th fifteenth of November of 1938 one thousand nine hundred thirty eight before mi, Hector Fernandez Alvarez, 2nd judge of the Civil court of this Capital, appears Mr.  Miguel Luvinoff , married, boiler maker (or person that works in a boiler room), 27 years old, native of Vakum, Russia and from this area and said: that on number 37 thirty seven of Guajardo street was born first time the 4th fourth of the current month at 7 seven o'clock, a baby girl  that was given the name Margarita Luvinoff; legitimate daughter of the appearing party and his wife Aida Basques,  married 17 seventeen years old, native of Cuba and from this area. Granddaughter on the father's side of Jorge Luvinoff and Ana Kuik, deceased; and on the mother side of Juan Basques, 40 forty years old and Ana Basques, 35 thirty five years old. Witnesses are, Moises Rodriguez M and Guillermo de la Vega, single, employed, of age, from this area and not family of the baby. After the reading of this record they approved and signed. I attest.- Hector Fernandez.- Miguel Luvinoff.- M. Rodriguez M..- G. de la Vega.- "Signatures. _

                                                                                                            Hector Fernandez

Re: Why the name "Sylvester"? #names


New Year's Eve is referred to as Sylvesterabend in German.  You said that your great grandmother died at the end of 1905. Perhaps the children's names refer to the date.

Re: Looking for family of Francis SOYKA #usa


Who were Francis' parents? If they were Josef Soyka and Anna, née Pick, then there was a nephew Georg/Jiří/George, draughtsman and engraver, who was born on January 17, 1913 in Vienna, who fled to the USA in 1938 and who died in February 1970 (SSN 138-16-9301). He had probably married in the USA, but I have not yet found his family. If you find his family, please let me know because he is related to me through his mother Marie, née Geduldiger.
Srdečně zdraví
Hanuš Grab

Witkin family from Mogilev #belarus


Hi: I'm new to this process and hope my first text works!  I am researching my maternal grandfather and his family from Cherikof, Mogilev.  His name was Louis (Lazer) Witkin born in 1890.  His father was Yitzhak.  There seem to be a number of Witkins from Mogilev but I haven't yet figured out who might be related.  I don't know the name of Yitzhak's father or the name of my grandfather's mother. Thank you and hoping to get some help!
Judy Cannon

Re: Why the name "Sylvester"? #names

Lee Hover

I had an uncle, born c. 1900, named Sylvan, probably after his GF, Simon.


Replies to Queries Sent from the JGFF #general

Ralph Baer

Has anyone else who uses Microsoft Outlook to read their E-mail had problems replying to messages received from people who have seen your entries in the Jewish Genealogy Family Finder? Several replies to such messages have bounced recently, but when I go to my on-line mail website, there is no problem replying.
Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Re: The male name Shapsei #names #lithuania

C Chaykin

Perhaps I should mention that the family was Ashkenazi, from Russia, and my father was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1917

Vetting family tree submissions to genealogy sites for data soundness #general


I've been following this thread with interest and some bemusement.  Whether the online genealogy sites are useful depends a lot on what you're trying to get from them.  Those that post images of original documents are of clear use since the best anyone can do is find those original documents.  Those that use OCR to "read" documents and then post what has been 'read," are also useful, as long as you understand the limits of OCR technology.
Family trees posted to any online site must be taken with a grain of salt since there is essentially no way to know the skill level of the person posting it.  But we also need to recognize that skill level and accuracy don't mean the same thing: a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.  I have used these posted trees to great positive effect -- they can be very useful for identifying people who might otherwise be unidentifiable -- but make a point of back-checking anything I find in one.  I don't expect the site to back-check data, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't do so.  Use of these trees has enabled me to find half a dozen previously lost "trunks" of my various family trees.
I started using Geni many years ago, but quickly realized it was a kind of tar-baby, once you got involved there, you didn't know what would happen.  Geni has sent me about a dozen "matches" over the years.  They are of two types: people I already knew about, but hadn't listed with them, and people who couldn't possibly be related to me for various reasons, but who had some connection to a person who shared a name in my tree.  No competent person would make such errors, but a computer algorithm doesn't know any better.
Conclusion: Know what each site is good for and use it for that, only.  If there are sites that are good for nothing, don't go back to them.
Yale Zussman
FIZYK, THORNER, both Poland, possibly plus USA

Re: The male name Shapsei #names #lithuania



Hello Jill,


It sounds like it may be the Sephardic version of the Hebrew name Shabtai.

Shalom, Malka Chosnek