Please contact me, FETELL in America #poland #ukraine #galicia


I want to contact my relatives in America, who are the descendants of ABRAM /AVRUM LEJB FERTEL from LABUN (Poland, Ukraine) in the 1920th. In September 1921 they have taken a ship from Danzig/Gdansk and came to America.
Their names are: Moize/MOISHE (born 3.07.1912, changed his name to MILTON FETELL), JANKIEL (changed name Jack FETELL, born 1.04.1908), CHAIM ( changed name HENRY IRVING FETELL, born 09.03.1912?),  MANIA (MIRIAM FETELL/ TALMADGE, born 22.03.1903) and USLA (ADELL FETELL/ NORFLUS, born 24.05.1905). Her second husband was William ZARROW.   The children of Jack have names KAUFMANN und LAKS.
The children of Milton are Arthur and Howard. 
I am the grandchild of Shmuel Abramovitch FERTEL, who was born in the second marriage. Later we all lived in BIROBIDSHAN (Russia).

Jana Tegel

Re: Looking for possible relatives in Israel for 91-year-old Holocaust survivor #holocaust

ירוחם צבי קינסטליך

My father survived from holocaust  from Poland 

Re: Help in translating a German document dated 1939 #translation


Hi There
I would have translated the sentence: Der Überlebende von uns soll über den Nachlaß vollständig frei verfügen, as follows: The survivor of us shall have the estate freely at his/her disposal.
And the sentence: Wir setzen uns hierdurch gegenseitig als alleinige Erben ein, as: We hereby name ourselves mutually as the sole heirs.
A German-born person may wish to comment!
Regards, Nick Lambrechtsen NZ

KIEVSKY family from Kiev #ukraine

neta kushmaro

HI.I have a relative his exwife  is named KIEVSKY .
Her cousin DINITRY  KEIVSKY  lieves  in  N.Y.
My relative named IGOR can find him in FACEBOOK.
All  so at U.S.

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

Eleanor Richmond

In Toronto a Cutter was a person who worked in a clothing manufacturing factory and cut the fabric using a pattern for the manufacture of the clothing.
Eleanor Richmond 

Re: Reaching Out to Budapest City Archives for Resident Information (late 1800's to early 1900's) #galicia #hungary


Hi, Did you try  or
These contain useful info. Some of it can be accessed only locally.

Re: Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia


My ancestor is also from the Dumbravena area, Soroca. His surname is Goichberg. Have you met?

Re: Index files - ODESSA #ukraine

Alan Shuchat

The 1908 Odessa births are visible in the index posted at  

but some haven't been uploaded yet. As Alyssa wrote, the order in which the names appear is strange. Some of it looks like English alphabetical order, but not throughout. For 1908 there are no birthdates but the records for each letter are arranged by month, and sometimes the months don't appear consecutively but are in separate parts of the PDF file. That accounts for duplicates when we list the initial letters in the order in which they appear.

For 1908, the order is neither purely English nor purely Russian, even if we delete duplicate letters:
(A B V B D F Kh G D G Zh G I K Ya E Yu K M L M N O P R S R S Sh Shch Sh E T U Ts Ch V G Kh Z I)
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

BLUMSTEIN from Goworowo, Poland #poland #yizkorbooks


Looking for any information on the family of Velvel BLUMSTEIN and wife Fiege, formerly of Goworowo, Poland.  Per the Yizkor book, the town was burned to include all the historical and vital records in 1939 and several people with the name BLUMSTEIN were lost in the Holocaust.  Pages of testimony on Yad Vashem are not posted for most of them and only source for the names is the necrology list in the Goworowo Yizkor book.  One of their children, Avram emigrated to the US via Canada in 1921, but did not share any family details with his children or grandchildren.  Velvel BLUMSTEIN was a watchmaker and jeweler. 

Fred Kolbrener

KOLBRENER / BOHRER/ Lezajsk, Poland
SCHWARTZ/  Glogow Malopolski, Poland
BLUMSTEIN / Goworowo, Poland

Re: family name meanings #names


If it accurately translates to a fortune teller or soothsayer as an ancestor's profession it could be that the family wasn't very knowledgeable or observant of Jewish law. An opposing possibility could be that it refers to a mystic Rabbi. There have been many rabbis and kabbalists (especially amongst sefardim and Chassidim) in the past and possibly some today who are said to have mystic abilities that do not violate these prohibitions.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Re: Looking for possible relatives in Israel for 91-year-old Holocaust survivor #holocaust

I suggest that you contact the Israel Genealogy Society - someone there may be able to helop you. 
Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe #general

This is a long shot, but some of the boat records include the name and address of where the person was going.   You would have to look
through a lot of records, but you might find your family name and address listed in the destination column of the boat manifest. 

Good luck!

Avivah Pinski
near Philadelphia

Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

Barbara Singer

A cutter is a person in the garment factory that uses a large cutting
machine of a large, stacked fabric.

Viewmate 83148: 1906 Death of Ruchel Leie Seidenfeld nee Reiter (not URI), in Munkacz (Mukachevo), Ukraine #translation

Moishe Miller

Hello Fellow Researchers,

I have posted Viewmate 83148.

This is the 1906 Death of Ruchel Leie Seidenfeld nee Reiter, in Munkacz
(Mukachevo), Ukraine. This is going to be of interest to anyone that
believed Ruchel Leie was part of the URI family. The death certificate
lists her father as Jenkel Leizer Reiter, of Munkács, and not Yakov
URI of Turka.

To see what the record looks like, you can view it at:

If you have additional comments, please respond via the form provided in
the ViewMate application. You can also respond to my email.

Thank you!

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

Re: Hit a roadblock finding death certificate for NYC: names, certificate number, but no death year #general #usa #belarus


Thanks to all of you! I had the child’s death certificate information but never considered that the parents’ information would seem to be presented as the subjects of the death certificate rather than referenced in another death certificate. I should have realized it, but thank you all for wasting yet more time on it. Thanks much also to those of you who offered other fixes or to help me directly. 



Belarus: Grodno (Ratman, Bendeson, Ciemnolis, Farbarovitch), Brisk (Tarman), Turov (Shifman)
Poland: Bialystok/Czyzewo (Dveiras, Goldberg)

Re: Other names for Yitzchak? #names


Itzhak, Yitzhaq, Yitshak, Jitzhak

Re: Hatschek (Hungary), Schwartz from Herend, Hungary, Valdhauser (Waldhauser) Hungary #hungary


Do you have a gedmatch # ?

Re: Public School 25 Brooklyn photos from ca. 1913 #photographs


Unfortunately, when I contacted them not long ago, they seemed to have little knowledge of the history of their school, let alone any historical records.  Thank you for your suggestion.

DNA match /Ged /Looking for my grandfather Rupert Lipot #dna


Looking for my grandfather Born 1902 in Vienna Austria his name   Rupert Lipot  don't have birth certificate .His mother put him to hungary's border and left him their, grow up in Debrecen orphanage     Anyone match with my ged  A490637 ??? Help

Re: Lithuania - Soloveitchik Brothers with Same Given Name #lithuania


I am trying to understand the situation. Are you saying that there are two men, who you think are brothers, one of whom has the last name Shames and the other Soloveichik? This seems very unusual, although there are situations in which this may be true. I have considered several situations according to the information you already presented, but my thoughts are mostly conjecture, because I think there is very little information presented, and it would help to know all the details available to you, including the specific names, dates, places, events, documents that mentions these data, and the exact quotations made in the available documents that present the information.