Re: Orphanage in Newark, NJ 1943 #usa #france


My mother was employed at the Jewish Children’s Home (also known as the Hebrew Orphan’s Assylum) at 534 Clinton Ave., in Newark in the early 1930’s. The Home sheltered both girls and boys. My mother was in charge of the girls. While working there she met my father who was a volunteer leader of the Home’s Boy Scout Troop.  They married in 1935, thus ending my mother’s employment at the Home.  Photos of the Home may be seen at:
Evidently the Home existed into the 1950’s.  See information at:

Re: military notbook #bessarabia


That's what I'd think about the Argentinian stamped document.  But what was a "military notebook"? What was its purpose and what organization issued it?

Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

Re: Is the first name Marx a shortened version of Mordecai #names

Jules Levin

Marks was an established English family name.  A Marks Virginia family
settled in the 17th Century was related to either Lewis or Clark, the
explorers of Louisiana Territory. I am too old and tired to check which
one now. They were not Jewish, despite my hopes. 8-)

Jules Levin

On 7/23/2020 5:28 AM, Jeffrey Knisbacher via wrote:
Marx occurs as a first name in Bedford, England records of my TISINBOM
family from Botosan, Romania. Presumably from an original Mordecai. 
Jeff Knisbacher, Bradenton, Florida

Re: Song - Why don't they give a Yiddisher Boy a Chance? #unitedkingdom


Bernard Kops is a 'Jewish Cockney', still living at age 94. In one of his autobiographical works, 'The World is a Wedding', he uses snatches of this song. You should try writing him, he might know all the words. His Wikipedia page gives more info.

Re: Is the first name Marx a shortened version of Mordecai #names


My grandfather Mordechai, called Mordchi on a passenger list, was known as Max in the USA.  My brother, named for him, is Mark.  As a result, I would think Marx would be another possible English-sounding name, especially for someone coming from a German-speaking area.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Family Tree Maker Exposes Data on 60,000 Users #announcements #general


This is why I prefer to use only personal computer-based software for my database.  I have no right to expose the information of living relatives to the public, let alone to hackers who may or may not be bad guys.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Emigration Routes to London UK 1890s #courland #latvia #russia #poland #general

June Genis

I found the manifest for my grandmother arriving in Montreal from Liverpool but have never found documentation of how she got to Liverpool.  Any suggestions? My grandfather came over before and I think arrived in New York although I can't find a manifest for his name, Simon or Solomon Okun, that I completely trust.  Her manifest says she and their two daughters were meeting her husband, "Solomon" in St.Albans, VT I have no idea how he got there.

Re: family name meanings #names


It means Pyrite, a metal in form of a stone that is used for jewelry.
Also, the color of pyrite is the same as the silver.
Alejandro Rubinstein
Mexico City

Re: Research individuals in France #france

Coblentz Northwestern Administrative Services

Can you research the last name COBLENTZ PLEASE.

Re: Please help me identify the people in this family Ferein photo in Cleveland, OH #usa

Elise Cundiff

Thank you Sherri and Sylvia.  
I will check the CJH catalog, and check the catalog again at the WRHS. (I have met Dr. Martin, he is indeed very helpful!)

Searching information about OSHEVEROV/HOSCHEVEROFF/OSHEVEROW from Kherson Gubernia #usa #ukraine #lithuania



I'm searching information about a brother of my paternal GM whose surname was OSHEVEROV/HOSCHEVEROFF/OSHEVEROW (correct spelling is unknown).
My GM Berta/Bassia (c1899-1982), her sister Aida (c1890-1933) and their brother Joseph (c1898-1961) migrated from Kherson Gubernia to Argentina between 1910-1920. One 4th sibling, whose name I don't know, remained back with their parents: Adolph/Wolf/זאב OSCHEVEROFF (c1865-?) and Rivka SILBERT (c1870-?). Joseph was a tailor, as well one of his sons, so it is possible that also my GGF Adolph was a tailor.
The 4th brother remained in the USSR (Lithuania was named sometime but I don't know exactly where). He married and had at least one child, they both perished during WWII (not clear if because nazi's persecution or because other reasons). It is not clear if he and his wife had more kids, or if his widow married again and when, but somehow she apparently migrated to the USA after WWII. 
After that there is no more information. May be someone has any idea or hint that should help to continue?
YEUDKIN/YUDKIN, SCHEIMAN from Gomel in Belarus

Re: What happened to uncle Michel ROTMAN ? #poland

Lewis, Megan

According to the Virtual Shtetl article for Ostrow Mazowiecka
the majority of the Jews were killed in mass shootings in September or November 1939. This would explain the lack of paper records.  Another scenario is that he fled east into Soviet territory and died there ( for example many Polish Jewish refugees were sent to Siberia.)  

Megan Lewis, librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Re: Research individuals in France #france


Dear Fran,
I can't thank you enough.  This is amazing!  I have not known what happened to Pavel and Julia once they left Russia.  I can't read the details very well.  How could I get this enlarged?  Should I join Filae?  
Best Wishes and many Thanks again,

Re: Is the first name Marx a shortened version of Mordecai #names


My family, in England for a very long time have used the name Mark over many generations although the |Hebrew name has continued to be Mordecai.
As with names generally, the exact spelling does not really matter. Whether it is Marx or Mark or Markus etc, I am sure it is all the same name.

Re: ViewMate Translation Request - Russian #translation

Michael Turnbull

I have a related problem - I have found an official translation of a Birth Certificate in Russian for my Uncle in Warsaw in 1915. However, on the back of the facing side I can see the writing on the reverse! I know there is a method of flipping the image horizontally and then removing the top image to reveal the reverse. I believe someone once showed me how to do it in Photoshop but I have forgotten. Does anyone know how to do this to an image of writing on the reverse?

Re: Is the first name Marx a shortened version of Mordecai #names

Joan A. Baronberg

I have a similar outlook on the name “Mordecai” as in Amy’s message, which I add below* for the reader’s convenience. (BTW, Like other readers, I wish we would return to this list’s old ways and include the original question and other replies all together. Many of us found that both a more efficient way of approaching data, as well as a pleasanter style of reading Jewishgen postings.) My great grandfather’s name was Mordecai too and on various legal documents in Galicia, he is referred to as Markus, Marcus, Mordecai, or Mottel.
*My ggreat grandfather Mordechai Schoenberg was also known as “Max” on his children’s marriage certificates, etc. I don’t think it would be a stretch for someone to refer to him as Marx but I would think Markus/Marcus would be a better match. However, one never knows with diminutives. 
Joan Baronberg, Denver, CO

Re: family name meanings #names

Bob Silverstein

And have you thought about the origin of Silverstein?

Re: Help with Bessarabia Birth Index #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hello Fran,

Unfortunately it happens a lot.  

In your case, it is easy to find a correct image, and I would suggest that method to you and to everybody.  It tells that the Registration is M91, and that is correct...  you need to go a few images down... #649 has Khaim Bodner.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

Re: Seeking Fritz BUKOFZER, film producer- Paris > Switzerland #france


Hi David

If they married in Paris you should find their marriage record online on Paris archives (they put the marriage records until 1944 online).
If you don't know the date of their marriage or the arrondissement where they lived, you could look first at the tables annuelles.

There are also the census records 1926, 1931,1936 of Paris online, but you need to know their address or the arrondissement.

Do you know where in Switzerland he died? I didn't find a mention of his death or burial in the Swiss newspapers archives.

Corinne Iten

Re: Bessarabia region: new records found #bessarabia #ukraine

Yefim Kogan


there is no list yet, there is no records.  There are pages from the Archive, all written in Russian, and all that be transcribed.
I already have a volunteer to work on Khotin Cheders.  After we are done with translation/transcription,  verification, records are going to be loaded to JewishGen.
You will be able to search for your names in JewishGen.

Marcia,  can you help us in translating archive material?

All the best,
Yefim Kogan