Re: comparing two names מאניש and מזיש #names

Lee Jaffe

Thank you to everyone who answered my question.  I think I have the answer that the two names are probably the same, with some wiggle room for possible transcription error.  (I'm sorry for any confusion caused by my own transcription error, using zayin in the subject line instead of vav).   -- Lee Jaffe

Re: Looking for Vselyub Cemetery #belarus


Dear Mr Domeshek,

I am familiar with the cemetery in Vselyub.  Its restoration was organised in Belarus on behalf of Siena College by the East European Jewish Heritage Project  of which I am Director.  Mr Lozman acted as a liaison between ourselves and Siena.  Ralph Blasting, Dean of Students at Siena College, now retired, was in charge of the project and dealt with the financing and most of the Stateside organisational details.  I will send you his contact details privately as well as that as of another Siena College faculty participant.  While some headstone rubbings were made I do not believe that all headstones were so processed nor was the cemetery indexed.  Unfortunately the cemetery is now in disrepair owing to lack of funds for its maintenance.  Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.
Best regards,
Frank Swartz

Finding Leibe HOCHSTEIN-LIPSHUTZ father #germany #usa

The Becker's Email

Liebe HOCHSTEIN-LIPSHUTZ  b. 11 May 1933 (SSDI) arrived NY on 28 Mar. 1934 on the ship Champlain out of Le Havre.  She was 10 months old, born  Berlin and written on the manifest is "adopted".  Bringing her to the US were her new mother Lena LIPSHUTZ age 40 and her new sister Anne age 20.  Lena LIPSHUTZ was actually Leibe's aunt and Anne her cousin. The family story is that Leibe's mother also named Leibe, died in childbirth and Lena, Leibe's sister, ( and her husband) adopted the infant.  LIttle Leibe's mother was Leibe SANZEL (SCHINSEL and many other variations)  who, according to the family story, married an unknown postal service worker in Germany.  I am guessing that the man's surname was HOCHSTEIN since baby Liebe had a hyphenated surname on the manifest and there are no HOCHSTEIN's in the family tree.  The SANZEL's were from LIthuania, Kovno province, likely Saukenai.  Lieba LIIPSHUTZ ZAX died 21 April 1984 in Miami, FL.

Where might I find information on Liebe's biological father?  I'm assuming her marriage license and her Soc. Sec. app. may just have her adopted parents listed.  

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Translating/ identifying town origin of postcard #names #general

Family Genealogist

These two pictures were taken from the same postcard, can you please help me identify the town of origin and date it was sent? #poland #russia #photographs

Dov Scheiner

Looking for information on Wilder/Deutsch family members #galicia #holocaust


I am continuing research on the Deutsch/Wilder family from Lwow area. JewishGen members helped me with initial search for Yaakov Rotem, who reported the murders of his mother, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. I am still looking for information regarding other siblings of Yaakov's mother Hinde (Helena) Deutsch nee Wilder. The murders of Hinde (1884-1942), and her brothers that were reported on Yad Vashem by Rotem are Yosel Deutsch (b.1884) and Yulek (b.1901). Hinde's siblings that survived were my great-aunt Janina Distenfeld nee Wilder, Nussen Deutsch (b.1898) and Tadek Deutsch (b. 1913). Researcher Daniella Alyagon helped me find the names listed on JRI-Poland, of Hinde's four other siblings: Golde Pesie (b. 1890), Josef (b. 1893), Majer Efroim (b. 1895) and Israel (b. 1901).

I was told by my great-aunt Janina that of the ten children, four survived, four were murdered and two died before WWII.

Perhaps someone can assist me locate information regarding the four names listed above.

Thank you,
Nina Talbot


DISTENFELD and ADLER family--Kamionka Strumilowa (Kamyanka Buzka)
WILDER/DEUTSCH family --Lwow (Lviv), Kamionka Strumilowa (Kamyanka Buzka)

Re: Finding Out You Lost Your Citizenship #events

Mel Comisarow

            My grandfather emigrated from Ukraine to Canada in 1912 and was naturalized as a Canadian citizen in 1920. When my father came to Canada in 1922, he assumed, that as a dependent of my father, he automatically became a Canadian citizen. When he registered for the Canadian military draft in 1939, he was informed that he was not a Canadian citizen, so he applied for Canadian citizenship and as a 17-year resident in good standing, he received Canadian citizenship in due course.

            For many years up to the 1980s, transborder movement between Canada and the US was trivially easy for Canadian and American citizens, with only a verbal declaration of citizenship being required for entry into the non-citizenship country. Over the years my parents made many trips to the US, and never had any problem with entry into the US or re-entry into Canada.

            In the 1970s my parents planned a trip to Israel and since passports were required for travel to Israel, each applied for a Canadian passport.  My mother was was then informed that although she was born in Winnipeg and never lived outside of Canada, under the citizenship laws at the time, she lost her Canadian citizenship in 1938 when she married my father, a Russian citizen. As a non-Canadian, if she ever left Canada her entry into Canada was problematic. The only way she could get her own Canadian passport would be to leave Canada, apply to become an immigrant and after immigrating to and residing in Canada for three years, she could apply for and subsequently, in due course, become a naturalized Canadian citizen. However, she could leave and quickly re-enter Canada as a “wife of” entry in my father's passport. So, as the wife of a Canadian citizen my parents made their trip to Israel and returned to Canada. 

            In the 1980s, there was a newspaper item that mentioned that there were a few thousand elderly Canadian women, who, although born in Canada, each lost their citizenship by marrying a foreigner.  The husbands had since died and so the women couldn’t be “wife-of” entries on their husbands’ passports. These women could not travel outside the country for fear of having their re-entry denied.

Mel Comisarow


Re: Find immigration manifest and naturalization papers? #records #usa


The same card is on
The card  is explained on Ancestry:   Arrival Date is June 13, 1930. 
Another card on Ancestry indicates his naturalization took place at the Princeton Ill. Circuit Court, Bureau County Ill.

The records are not indexed on FamilySearch, but the images themselves have an alphabetical index on the first few pages

Jacob Brostoff's Declaration is record #1459, image #42 in this set.

His Petition is  record  #759, image #161 in this set.   This matches P-759 on the Ancestry Index card.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Re: Find immigration manifest and naturalization papers? #records #usa

David Oseas


I'm not familiar with the El Paso manifests.  However, it is curious that his arrival in 1921 was indexed in a collection that supposedly starts in 1924.  Also, a note within the introductory material of the collection states that the manifests may be filed "days, weeks or even months" after the true arrival date.  Complicating the issue, some manifests were given new numbers, which are not always indicated on the index cards.  Perhaps Marian can give you further advice on how to locate the manifest.  However, in examining the manifest cards, there isn't a lot of information contained on them; you can probably obtain the same info from other sources, such as the naturalization record.

Speaking of the naturalization, Princeton, Illinois is in Bureau County.  Fortunately, the naturalization records for Bureau County for that time period are available on FamilySearch.  I was able to find Jacob's documents, starting with Certificate of Arrival here:

David Oseas

HYMAN/HEYMAN/HEIMOWITS/CHAJMOVITS: Zemplen-Dobra, Hungary > New York;  KLEIN: Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely), Hungary > New York > Los Angeles
Hungary > New York;  OSEAS/OSIAS/OSIASI/OZIAS: Iasi, Romania > Chicago > Milwaukee > Los Angeles
SCHECHTER/SHEKTER: Kishinev, Bessarabia > New York;  SHERMAN: Iasi, Romania > New York > Los Angeles
STRUL:  Iasi, Romania > Haifa, Israel;  WICHMAN: Syczkowo (Bobruisk), Belarus > Milwaukee > Los Angeles

Are these the same person? #galicia #records #names


I guess I haven't been paying adequate attention.  If the original poster is looking for Kremer in Podolia or Volhynia, I'd like to correspond.
Kremer is how my paternal grandmother originally spelled her maiden name.  I have seen it as Kraymer, Kreymer, Krejmer, and in other forms. 
The name means "store-keeper," so is kind of generic, the exact English rendering may depend a lot on how ti was pronounced the first time it appeared in Roman letters.
Yale Zussman

comparing two names מאניש and מזיש #names


The second letter of the second name isn't a vav or a nun, but a zayin.  While I cannot rule out it's being an error, if it really is intended to be a zayin, the two names are unlikely to be the same.
Yale Zussman 

Re: Finding Out You Lost Your Citizenship #events

Marilyn Newman

My cousin presented me with her mother’s Naturalization certificate. “How can this be”she exclaimed. My mother was born in Pennsylvania. Shocking, she married an alien in 1919. Sad at the time, but thankfully, smarter minds prevailed with the Cable Act of Sept. 1922 (never knew it had an actual name).
Marilyn Newman

Re: City in a JewishGen Source #galicia

Mark Halpern

Hi Carl:

That Ancestry database came from JRI-Poland at a certain point in time. The indexes for eastern Galician towns (towns now in Ukraine) should only serve as a finding aid. Whether a match is found or not, researchers should immediately search the JRI-Poland database at to find the full index entry and most likely a link to the image of that record or a nearby record. Only the JRI-Poland database is complete and up to date. 

JRI-Poland also, as a convenience to researchers, shares the results of searches of the JRI-Poland database with JewishGen's Poland database. 

Bukaczowce is unusual as its Jewish vital records were registered in Bukaczowce up to 1876. From 1877 until about 1908, Bukaczowce Jewish vital records were registered in Bursztyn and will be found in the Bursztyn results table, not the Bukaczowce results table. After 1908, again they were registered in Bukaczowce. 

Maybe the record you are searching for is in this JRI-Poland return searching for Wolf Steinberg. 

Mark Halpern

Bursztyn PSA AGAD Births 1849-51,55-73,77-1903, Deaths 1849-96, Marriages 1849,57,59-75,78-99

Last Updated December 2014

To support indexing 'Your Towns(s)' records, please donate to JRI-Poland here
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Stanisławów Wojewodztwo
(records in Fond 300 AGAD Archive)
Located at 49°16’ 24°38’
Click to View Surname Given Name Year Type Akta Page
House #
Age / Born
Date of:  Birth
Town of:  Birth
Cause of Death
Spouse Surname
Maiden Name
Other Surnames
Father Occupation
Father Age
Mother Age
Father Town
Mother Town
Father Father
Mother Father
Father Mother
Mother Mother
Extra Information
View Image STEINBERG  Elisza  1881  97   

          Wolf SZKULNIK
View Image STEINBERG  Szmil  1884  323   

          Wolf SZKULNIK
View Image STEINBERG  Szmil  1885  66   

          Wolf SZKULNIK
View Image STEINBERG  Elisza  1885  115   

4y, 2m
          Wolf SZKULNIK
View Image [ STEINBERG ]  Wolf  1895  87   

View Image BERGER R STEINBERG  Wolf  1896  52   

1y, 1m
      Mordko BERGER

On 2020-10-05 10:49 am, Carl Kaplan via wrote:

I found a database:

Source Information Galicia, Ukraine, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1789-1905 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.

Original data: JRI Galicia. New York, New York: JewishGen. Original data: Specific source information is provided with each record. This JRI-Poland data is provided in partnership with

in a search of the Ancestry card catalog. It says in the description it came from JewishGen. My family's town in Galicia, Bukaczowce, is not listed. I am wondering if it is considered part of one the cities listed in the red oval of the attached image. How would I figure out what is meant by city in this database? Thanks in advance.
Carl Kaplan

KAPLAN Minsk, Belarus
EDELSON, EDINBURG Kovno, Lithuania

Re: Find immigration manifest and naturalization papers for Jake Brostoff? #usa #records

The Becker's Email

The 1930 census for Princeton, IL for Jake Brostoff gives his year of immigration as 1921.  So, I believe the "ar. 4-6-21" on the index card is his date of arrival. The 1930 census records his citizenship status as  "Pa", meaning first papers.  Although the census was taken in April, 1930 possibly the "leg. 6-13-30" has to do w/ his declaration.
The naturalization index card (Ancestry:  Illinois, Federal Naturalization Records, 1840-1991) has that he was naturalized in the "Cir. Bureau Co. Princeton, IL".   That is the Circuit Court for Bureau County, IL.  The index has a vol/page number of P-759 and a naturalization date of Jan. 4, 1933.  I would suggest contacting the Clerk of the Circuit Court and give them the info you have and ask how to obtain a copy of the naturalization papers. It is possible the records have been transferred to the National Archives in Chicago.
Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

City in a JewishGen Source #galicia

Carl Kaplan

I found a database:

Source Information Galicia, Ukraine, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1789-1905 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.

Original data: JRI Galicia. New York, New York: JewishGen. Original data: Specific source information is provided with each record. This JRI-Poland data is provided in partnership with

in a search of the Ancestry card catalog. It says in the description it came from JewishGen. My family's town in Galicia, Bukaczowce, is not listed. I am wondering if it is considered part of one the cities listed in the red oval of the attached image. How would I figure out what is meant by city in this database? Thanks in advance.
Carl Kaplan

KAPLAN Minsk, Belarus
EDELSON, EDINBURG Kovno, Lithuania

Re: Ladyzhyn (was how to find birth and death records in Ukraine #russia #ukraine# #russia #records

Gary Pokrassa

First - are you sure you have the right town - there are two towns with similar names - the JG town page for the town you refer to has the warning:Not to be confused with Ladyzhinka, Kiev district, 14 miles S of Uman]
There are several revision lists for the other town in Uman district

The town you specify is in the Gaysin district in Vinnitsia / Poldolia.  

There are numerous revision lists and metric records for this area listed under Gaysinskiy county / Haisin district in Alex K's wikis.   If you use Chrome and go to his main wiki page at.

go to the top and find the index and click on 7.4 it will take you to the area where you can browse through the records

there are two revision lists which have town details specifically mentioning Ladyzyn F. 226. Op. 80. Ref. 1173 on p1651; and F. 226. Op. 80. Ref. 1174 on page 785 and 1092

I am not giving the separate links since they are all in the same section accessed per above

Hope this helps
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

Are these the same person - follow-up #galicia #records


Thanks to everyone who answered my previous post! I now have a follow-up question:

I know that men sometimes took the name "Chaim" after the death of their father, but did they ever do so after the death of a son/child? In the scenario I am researching, Kelman (the second child on the list) died prior to the birth of the third child, Henoch. If men did change their names after the death of a son/child could this explain the name difference?

Thanks again!

Jon Persons

Re: 1858 Jubarkas Revision List #lithuania

Russ Maurer

Jeremy Lichtman's tip is good. Even better, LitvakSIG translated that tax list long ago and it has 25 ZUNDEL/ZUNDELOVICH entries (all males). It's all available on the ALD ( by searching surname starts with zund combined with any field contains kra i 49 1 4166.

There is also an additional revision list for Jurbarkas for 1864, 1868, and 1869 which has one relevant entry, for Ber Zundel, son of Meier, age 16.

I'm not sure about any 1858 RL. The Historical archive catalog lists a file (LVIA/1262/1/80) that is supposedly the 1858 for Taurage and Jurbarkas. We DO have an 1858 list for Taurage which may be that file (in which case there probably was no Jurbarkas), but I can't be sure because the reference in the translation just says LVIA. There are no ZUNDELs in the Taurage list. Unfortunately, the original images are not online. We'll look into it, but it will take some time.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation



In Russian:



Гершель Шаульштик

и Миндля-Сурля Бекер


Состоялось в городе Сташов 23 марта (4 апреля) 1878 года в 10 часов утра.  Явился лично равин Борух Ротблат, равин Сташовского религиозного округа, совметно с Гршелем Шаульштиком, вдовцом, 40 лет, сыном умершего Лейзера и живущей Ханы-Миндли, урожденной Голдхарь, живущей в городе Сташов и Миндлей-Сурлей Бекер, девицей 25 лет, дочерью живущего Мошки и умершей Рухли, живущей при матери в городе Сташов, в присутсвии свидетелей Эйзыка Дунаец, 76 лет и Зелика Васерциера, 60 лет, оба - учители, живущие в городе Сташов и объявили, что вчерашнего числа, в час дня, заключен религиозный брачный союз между Гершлем Шаульштик и Миндлей-Сурлей Бекер.  Браку сему предшествовали 3 оглашения опубликованные в Сташевской синагоге 4, 11 и 18 марта в 11 часов утра.  Позволение присутствующих родителей высказано словестно.  Новобрачные объявляют, что брачный договор между ними заключен не был.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан а затем нами и свидетелем Эйзыком Дунаец подписан.  Остальные объявили, что не грамотны.


Бургомистр майор  Подпись

Эйзык Дунаец 


Translate into English:




Gershel Shaulshtik

and Mindlya-Surla Becker


It took place in the city of Stashov on March 23 (April 4), 1878 at 10 am. Rabbi Borukh Rotblat, the rabbi of the Stashov religious district, personally appeared, together with Gershel Shaulshtik, a widower, 40 years old, the son of the deceased Leizer and living Khana-Mindla, nee Goldhar, who lives in the city of Stashov and Mindyla-Surla Becker, a damsel of 25 years old, daughter and the deceased Rukhla, who lives with her mother in the city of Stashov, in the presence of witnesses Eizyk Dunaets, 76 years old and Zelik Vasertsier, 60 years old, both teachers living in the city of Stashov and announced that yesterday, at one o'clock in the afternoon, a religious marriage was concluded between Gershel Shaulshtik and Mindlya-Surla Becker. This marriage was preceded by 3 announcements published in the Stashov synagogue on March 4, 11 and 18 at 11 am. The permission of the parents present is expressed verbally. The newlyweds announce that the marriage contract has not been concluded between them. This act was read to those present and then we and the witness Eizik Dunajec signed it. The rest announced that they were not literate.


Burgomaster Major Signature

Eizik Dunajec
Translated by Michael Ryabinky

IGRA celebrates International Jewish Genealogy Month #events #israel #announcements

Garri Regev

As part of IGRAs recognition of Heshvan as International Jewish Genealogy Month ( we are sponsoring our Heshvan Event on November 8, 2020. The event is free. The theme this year is - "The Hidden Child in the Holocaust". The first three sessions are in Hebrew and the second three are in English. We will be honoring our volunteers in a ceremony during the day. There is one registration for the whole day: 
Here is the program:
Garri Regev
President, IGRA

Jewish vocational school in Pulin (Krasnoarmejsk/ Chervonoarmijsk), Ukraine #ukraine


A 1932 Group photo of the students of the Jewish professional vocational in Puliny, Ukraine (Chervonoarmiisk or Krasnoarmeisk during Soviet times) was submitted to ViewMate and can be viewed at

If anybody has seen this photo before, or can recognize anybody in the photo, it will be much appreciated. (I recognized or rather, sensed, only one person, my mother's aunt who I knew 30 years later).



Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

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