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rv Kaplan

In 2017, researcher Tomasz Jankowski found for me extracts from the 1897 Census for my ancestral town of Kaminets-Podolsk in Ukraine which list my grandparents and their families before they were married.  He estimates that 49% of the census records for this city have survived, but very few from other areas of Podolia.  This is the only time I have accessed the 1897 census - nothing doing for my ancestral towns in Lithuania and Poland.

Does anyone know if there are Austrian imperial census records which would cover Galicia?

Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland 

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Thank you, Peggy
It is unfortunate that a lot of records were destroyed in Russia/Ukraine. What is the best way to search for birth/marriage/death records in Kiev and Vinnitsa?

Ella Raber

Re: Brick Wall: Help Needed #ukraine



1. I think they most likely traveled under their original name.  
2. Try doing immigration searches at Steve Morse's one-step search site
He has the best search engine for this purpose (and many others as well).   City of origin may help in doing searches.
3. FYI.  I ran a search.  About 160 ships arrived in NY in April 1888.  None on the 15th.
4. He was 2 years old in 1888.  It would be usual for him to have traveled with his parents at that age.  If they immigrated in 1892, perhaps he did also.
5. Look for naturalization papers.  Census data may help finding this.
6. I would not put a lot of faith in immigration information about a small child.  He would have no memory of this, and would have to rely on stories told to him.

Good luck,

Rich Meyersburg
Laurel MD

Re: Ancestry Faces $250 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Auto-Renewals

Hank Mishkoff

I've found that Ancestry is actually better about this than some other companies are. They auto-renewed my subscriptions a couple of times when I forgot to cancel. When the charges appeared on my statement, I called them and they pleasantly reversed the charges, no argument, no sales pitch. Other companies have not been so accommodating. I think there are companies whose business plan is basically to charge you by surprise and then refuse to issue a refund, but that has not been my experience with Ancestry.

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Arthur Rosenthol

Ken is correct. Mt Jacob is across from Mt Lebanon which backs onto Har Zion. Mt Sharon is about a mile and a half away. I have relatives in all 4 cemeteries.

Arthur Rosenthol
Bala Cynwyd PA

Pereyaslav, Ukraine Cemetery Information #ukraine

Lawrence Fagan

Does anyone have information regarding getting access to the cemetery
in Pereyaslav, Ukraine.
I'm asking for: rabbiungvar@... Please respond directly to him.

Thank you,
Larry Fagan

Re: Is it possible to see NY Death Certificates (not indexes) and Naturalization Records (not indexes) online during Covid? #records

Sally Bruckheimer

If you are where LDS libraries are open, you can see old death certificates there. Check at to see if they have what you want available.
I intend to check to see if the closest library is open, so I can go there and access one that I want.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: The Jews of Panevezys and Kupiskis, Lithuania. #lithuania

Linda Cantor

Look at for more information on the fate of Kupiskis Jews. 

Linda Cantor, Kupiskis Kehilalinks webmaster

Levin family from Vinnitsa #ukraine


My Grandfather, Sender Levin, came through Ellis Island in 1913 with his daughter Chaya (Ida).  His wife and remaining children stayed with his brother, Aron Levin, in Vinnitsa until they left for the port in South Philadelphia in 1914.  I can find no information about Aron Levin, or any other Levin, and whether or not they emigrated to the US.

Partial solution found to transcribing audio or video memoirs / testimonies #translation

Peter Cherna

I have a handful of audio and video recordings of my parents and other relatives for which I would love to have transcriptions. In the spring I found a (not free) web site called to which you can upload audio or video files and it will attempt to auto-generate subtitles. The resulting quality varies, mostly between decent and shockingly good. I have only tried detecting English speech. (I have one recording where the sound quality is poor and that one totally failed to produce useful results.)

Rough steps after creating an account:
  • Click New Project
  • Upload your audio/video
  • In the left panel, click Subtitles
  • Click Auto Subtitles, select the language, and click Start
  • Wait a while (it seems to take a few minutes for every half-hour of source material)
  • The subtitles will eventually appear in the Subtitles panel
  • Click Options
  • Click Download .txt
  • Now you will download the a text file containing subtitles

So far I'm finding I need to spend between an hour and maybe four hours per hour of original recording doing cleanups, fixing transcription errors, formatting the result, etc.

Quality of the translation will vary based on a lot of factors, mostly audio recording quality, whether it's more of a narration than a multi-person overlappping conversation, how strong the speaker's accent is, etc. Naturally, foreign place names and proper names are more likely to be mangled.

Still, this is a great way to kickstart a quarantine-project. Based on some past transcribing I've done, this cuts the time/effort needed down to about a quarter of what would be needed without this, give or take. is $30/month and that gives you 4 hours of automatic subtitle generation. If you run out, you can top up the hours ($10 for 5 hours) or wait for the next month. (The top-up button is currently broken, but you can send them an email.)

(I found this web service in the spring helping some college students who needed transcriptions of some Zoom lectures.)

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Kenneth Ryesky

Dena and Hadar, I wish to borrow your map!
Because per the map I am using (GoogleMaps) and my personal ambulation experiences, Mt. Sharon is approximately 2.63 kilometers northwesterly from Mt. Lebanon (in the latter of which I have a grandmother, 2 great-grandmothers, and a g-g-grandmother).
Mount Jacob is across Oak Lane from Mount Lebanon (at least according to my map).  And on its other side (per my map, at least), Mt. Lebanon abuts Har Zion Cemetery (where I have a g-uncle); Mt. Lebanon and Har Zion have interconnecting driveways and apparently are maintained by the same maintenance crew.
Please apprise how I can access your map.
-- Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL

Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@...

Re: Housing Family Trees for FREE #general

Lisa Liel

Or, you know, don't, if you have any concerns about what the Mormon Church will do with records of your ancestors.

Re: given name "Slawa"? #names #poland


One of my great aunts was called Slawe on her manifest and other early documents. She came to the US from Belarus (Grodno gubernia) in the 1890s. Her English name was Celia.

Rich Meyersburg
Laurel, MD

Re: Inventory of 1834 Revision List for Vilna #lithuania


Is there a way to access the Malat records to peruse rather than doing various searches in ALD?

Re: Is it possible to see NY Death Certificates (not indexes) and Naturalization Records (not indexes) online during Covid? #records



It's been sometime since I've worked on my lines that came through New York City. If memory serves correctly, NYC buroughs' death certificates after 1949 are not available online. Certificates older than (50) years are considered public (genealogical) records and may be ordered from the Municipal Clerk's office, if you are a direct descendant, and require a notarized request. Records younger than (50) years are considered protected records, and are only available to immediate family members.

Kind regards,
David Passman
Dallas, TX
Researching: PASSMAN, GOLDBERG, SILVERMAN, FEIN; Minsk, Novyy Swezhen and Stowbtsy, Belarus
Researching: OBERMAN, HOFFMAN, SCHNEIDERMAN; Ostrog, Volhynia

Back and forth to Russia #records


Records show that my grandfather, Sender Levin, arrived at Ellis Island in 1911 and again in 1913.  I am unable to find any information on his return trip to Russia.  I have both Ancestry and My Heritage subscriptions.

Formal name for the nickname, SHIL #ukraine #names

Susan Miller

Would appreciate help in finding the legal name for what I assume is a nickname, "Shil".
My grandfather seems to appear in the 1897 Russian Census, Rozhiv, Radomysl, Kiev Guberniya as "Shil".
He was known to his children as Samuel/Shaul/Shevel. 

Thank you for any assistance.

Susan Miller
Philadelphia, PA

DORMAN- Ziezmaria/Rumsiskes, Lithuania & Obukhiv/Kiev City, Kiev Guberniya, Ukraine
PEKAR/BOROKOWSKI- Rozhiv Colona, Radomysl, Kiev Guberniya, Ukraine
PRITZKER- Steponika(?), Ukraine
BUKRINSKY- Kiev Guberniya(?)  Ukraine

Re: ProQuest #ciechanow #records #poland

Mark Shapiro

The Genealogy Institute at the Center for Jewish History in New York City has access to ProQuest.  They may be willing to look up the obituary for you.  See for a link to the inquiry form.

Mark Shapiro
New York, NY

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Max Heffler

I finally have my pending records matches at MyHeritage down to 631, while the number of my pending hints to records at Ancestry is 23,254


Web sites I manage - Personal home page, Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society, Woodside Civic Club, Skala, Ukraine KehilalLink, Joniskelis, Lithuania KehilaLink, and pet volunteer project - Yizkor book project:

Re: The Jews of Panevezys and Kupiskis, Lithuania. #lithuania

Max Heffler

The JewishGen Yizkor Book Translation Project,, has stores about these town. One book I coordinate, Lite (Lithuania),, has translated and untranslated chapters, Donations are welcome:


These are untranslated:


1.      Rabbi Isaac of Panevczhys

2.      The Kibutz of Panevezhys

3.      The Destruction of the Jews in the Ghetto of Shauliai and of the Adjacent Towns

The First Massacres – The Tanneries – The Jews Forced into the Ghetto – The “Aktionen” – Aerodrome – The Hospital – The Public School – The “Werkstuben” (Workhouses) – The Reduction of the Ghetto Area – The Turf-Decree – August 20, 1942 – The List of the 27 – The Winter-Camps – Working Places Outside of the Ghetto – The Abolishing of the Currency System – Camps of 1943 – The Gallows – Reopening of the School – - The “Kasernierung” (Transfer to Barracks) – Children “Aktion” – The Rescued Children – Change in the Ghetto Administration – Camp A. B. A. – Evacuation from the Camps – Evacuation from the Ghetto of Shauliai – Foreign Camps of Panevezhys and Jonishkis – Extermination of the Jews of Tytuvenai – The Perishing Jews of Telshiai and Adjacent Alsedzhiai, Vevirzhenai, Varnel, Zharenai, Tverai, Luoke, Navarenai, Plunge, Plateliai, Rietava – Why No Renstance? – Our Annihilation and the Lithuanian Attitude.


4.       To the History of the Destruction of the Lithuanian Jewry

Introductory – How the Jews Were Tortured to Death in Panevzhys – Atrocious Killings of the Jews in Mariampole – The Perishing of the Jews in Garleva, Pakonys, Veiveriai, Mavruchiai and Other Communities Near Kaunas – A Lithuanian Professor Repents.


These are translated:


1.      From Pumpenai to Kaunas


Pumpenai – Pasvalys – Panevezhys – Keidan [Kedainiai] – In Janova [Jonuva] – in Shirvint [Shirvintai] – In Tavrig [Taurage] – In Kovno (Kaunas).


2.      The Jewish Panevezhys

Social Activities – The Old Mode of Living – The Rabbi of Panevezhys – Maskilim and Revolutionaries – Deputy of the Duma (Parliament of Russia).


3.      Panevezhys in 1906

4.      The Jewish Common Folk of Panevezhys

5.      Panevezhys After the First World War

6.      A Visit to Panevezhys in 1938

7.      Through Lithuania (Cities and Towns)

Mariampole – Vilkavishkis by Berl London – Telshai – Raseiniai by N. Ben-Chaim – Utena – Jonuva by Peisach Janever – Taurage – Birzhai by I. R. – Kedainiai by Ben-Alexander – Mazheikiai by Josephus – Rokishkis by Yudel Gapanovitch – Plunge by N. Rill – Jurbarkas – Lazdijai by I Dan – Anykshchiai – Zarasai – Kupishkis – Prienai – Zhagare – Kudirkos-Naumiestis by Z. Tumpovsky – Pandelis – Seredzhius by G-n – Seta – Balbierishkis – Chekishkis by R. K. – Gelvonai – Pushalotas – Veliuona – Shiaulenai by Ben-Daniel – Onushkis by L. B. E. – Rudamynas by Daniel Riback – Kuliai – Taujenai by A. Walt.



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Does anyone know what happened to the majority of the Jews in these towns during WWll?


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Re: Russia census 1897 #records #russia


Thank you, Peggy
It is unfortunate that a lot of records were destroyed in Russia/Ukraine. What is the best way to search for birth/marriage/death records in Kiev and Vinnitsa?

Ella Raber